You Claim Your Prize

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Aj Applegate

I have hesitantly, but excitedly come to your place. I know it’s dangerous going to the house of someone who I only know from online interactions, but curiosity is getting the best of me. I haven’t told anyone where I’m going, because I didn’t want to feel judged. For some reason, I feel safe going to your house.

You have been lusting after me from afar for quite some time, and now we finally meet. My almond Asian skin and wavy dark long hair drive you wild from the moment you open your door to me. You’ve never been with an Asian lady, but you have desperately wanted one for a long time. Your love everything about them: dark hair, dainty hands, color of their skin, and general small size. You are a white alpha male, big and strong – much larger than Asian, and you love to dominate.

I am extremely nervous. I know what I want, and what you want too, but I’ve never done anything like this before. Plus, with our size difference, I wouldn’t be able to escape unless you let me go.

I stopped at the store on my way over as I had offered to make lunch for us. As I’m trying to find my way in a new kitchen, you come up from behind and slide your big, strong arms around me, pressing your hard white cock into me. I gasp at the feeling, gently push my ass back. I want this as much as you do, but I want to make you work for it. I spin around, still trapped by you as your hands are now on the counter, blocking any escape. I am greeted with a broad, warm smile on your face, but I can see the desire in your eyes. I remind you that I still have to make you lunch. You start to pout, and say you’re not hungry.

As I turn my back to you to work on the food in front eryaman escort of me, you suddenly grab my arms and move me to the wall next to the counter. I try to resist, but my small frame is no match for you. You pin my arms, and smother my body with yours. You grab a fistful of my dark hair, and take a moment to inhale its scent before you pull back on it, taking my head with it. As I try to squirm away, I inadvertently push my body upwards, and now I’m trapped. My feet are off the floor, and I no longer have any leverage. You force me to wrap my legs around your waist, and I can feel your hardness between my legs. You slowly buck upwards while I moan in approval. I hold onto your strong shoulders taking every thrust.

Now you know you have me. I’m still want to put up a fight, but my resistance is fading. You let my feet come back to the ground and you spin my around. You grab me by the hair again and pull, arching my back. At the same time, you fumble with your zipper. You are struggling to get it open with one hand, and I hear you moan in frustration. Hearing you moan floods my pussy with juice. I try to reach back to help you, but you swat my hand away. You are in control and will do what you want.

You finally free your cock and start rubbing it along my ass crack. I push back and grind against you, and we dry hump in your kitchen like teenagers. You reach around to slip a hand down my pants and are greeted with a full muff of hair to which you grunt with satisfaction. You find my button and slip a finger over it, but quickly move it away and start tracing my lips with your finger. I pant with frustration, trying esat escort to grind on your fingers and move them back where I want them.

You pick me up and take me to the living room where you lay me down in the floor. I spread my legs wide, and reach for my clit. You push my hand away again. You are the one to give me pleasure. You hold your cock, and run the underside of it along my wet snatch. Back and forth for what seems to be hours. I try to change the angle to take you in, but you do not relinquish control. Suddenly you stop. I look up at you puzzled. You are just staring down at me, not saying a word. I start to get nervous and wonder what I did wrong. You have realized you still haven’t kissed this beautiful woman. You lower your lips to mine with your cock still nestled on top of my slit. It’s a bold, but tender kiss, and it sends electric jolts down my spine. My body starts to shake, and you reach for your cock with your lips still on mine. You raise your head slightly and break our kiss. Your eyes stare into mine as you thrust your hips and fuck your hand. I stare back, not wanting to break our gaze.

I have longed and waited for this moment for what seems to be an eternity. I want to see the look on your face when you push into me for the first time. Slowly but purposefully, you start to move your hips forward. The tip slides in, and my back arches instinctively and my head is thrown back. My eyes start to roll back, but I force them open to look at you. You slide in all the way and we cry out together, finally satisfied with our union. The look in your eye tells me your soul now feels complete, and your mouth is open ankara escort as you gasp for air and try to keep control. You hold us there for quite some time as our tongues dance.

You begin to grind your hips and I respond by pushing upwards to meet your movement. Even though you desperately want to hold out, you know you won’t last long after all the time you spent waiting for this moment. Playing it over in your head, jerking your hard cock more times than you can count.

I sense your impending release. I firmly demand that you satisfy my needs. After all, if you don’t keep me happy, some other hard white cock is waiting in the wings for a vulnerable, unsatisfied Asian. I remind you of this, and you moan with passion. You know it’s your job to keep me satisfied and protected.

You reluctantly pull out, and then flip me on my knees. With one swift move you sink into me and push my knees farther apart. You again pull my hair back, and remind me that I belong to you and not anyone else. You spank my ass and I moan with approval. You reach around and gently rub my button while slowly pumping in and out. I’m so excited I already at the edge. You push all the way in and stay there while you play with my clit. I feel that wonderful sensation bubbling up and my body goes rigid. You continue to work my button into I cry out and you feel my pussy contract around your cock. You start to jackhammer into me, furiously fucking me with everything you have. I am still riding my wave as you scream my name and tell me you’re going to cum. You pull out and push me on the floor. You sit on top of me as the first spurt of your cream comes up. It lands on my cheek and you continue to jerk your cock until you’ve cum all over my face.

You have officially claimed me as yours. I am now your Asian. You must constantly be on your guard from the vultures who will try to steal me from you, and you are up for the challenge.

To be continued…

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