What I Would Do To You

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This is an explicit account of what I would do to you, ladies I would love to leave your replies.


I walk up to you, staring into your eyes, as I grab your chin and start kissing you. I let my hand reach for your hair from behind and pull on it to lift your chin up, as I lean in towards your neck and start kissing and a little while in, I start licking too. I start undressing you, taking your top and bra off as I make my way further down to your chest, kissing and licking. As you push my head in towards your chest I begin kissing all around your nipples, switching from one side to the other as my hands squeeze your breasts together. A few teasing rounds later, I finally put my whole mouth on your nipple, sucking it and giving it a few not so gentle nibbles as I feel your nipples getting hard in my mouth. I finally make my way further down, kissing and licking all around your stomach till I reach your panties and pause.

I push you onto your bed and grab your legs from behind the knees, spreading them apart slowly and lean down till I’m close enough for you to feel my breath on your pussy. A few long teasing seconds later, I begin to devour you. Dragging my tongue from the very bottom of your pussy to the very top, pressing hard against your pussy lips, as my tongue cleans you out, moving up and down between those lips, rubbing against your clit every single time before it finally decides on focusing on it. I start flicking your clit slowly at first, as I go faster and faster with every lick making your body flinch as you grab your own breasts, with one hand uncontrollably reaching for my yenimahalle escort head, asking for more.

I put my whole mouth on your clit and start sucking it hard, as I insert one finger inside your pussy, shoving it in and out repeatedly as I suck on your clit. I then insert a second finger as I feel the first getting wetter and carry on finger fucking you. I feel my cock getting harder and harder as I taste you and keep sucking your clit before finally taking my fingers out and putting my whole mouth on your pussy and inserting my tongue all the way in, twirling it around, moving it up and down, side to side, back out and back in and I repeat this for a while before taking my tongue out and resume eating your pussy like a starving savage, making it so sloppy wet that my saliva becomes indistinguishable from your pussy juice.

My cock having gotten harder, I take it out of my boxers and rub the tip against your pussy lips a few times to get it wet, as you lie there aching for it. I finally insert it inside you, slowly but all the way in till your hungry little pussy swallows it whole. I place my hands to the sides of you as I start to fuck you slow, my cock sliding in and out of your tight little pussy as I lean in towards you and kiss you hard. I start going faster and faster with every thrust rocking your bed more and more as my balls begin to bang against your asshole, while you hear the sound of the skin smack against you. I speed up even more, as you raise your head up, moaning and gasping for air, I put my head down and kiss and lick on your neck as I fuck you eryaman escort hard. I get up slightly with my dick still penetrating you and grab hold of your waist just so I can fuck you even harder… and I do. you bend your legs as Im standing at the edge of your bed, fucking you, pushing every inch of my cock inside you, as it rubs against every inch of your pussy, hitting all its walls.

I pause for a second and flip you over on your stomach, pull you closer to me by your waist and lift your ass up while my hand runs down your back, making you arch it, as it keeps running down till it reaches your hair and I pull on it as I place my cock back inside you and pick up where we left off as I fuck you silly, pulling on that messy hair with one hand and holding on to your waist with the other, eventually letting it slap that ass hard enough to leave an imprint and hear you moan. I start penetrating you so fast and hard that I barely breathe anymore so I let go of your hair and grab your waist with both hands pushing your head and body down as I mount you and fuck you down against your bed, wetting your sheets with sweat and other juices.

I turn you back over on your back and drag you by your legs towards me as I help you up in my arms, holding you by your things as you put your arms around me and start kissing. We move around your room as I look for a wall to pin you and fuck you against, knocking things over till I finally find the wall and hold you against it, putting my cock back inside and proceeding with your pussy’s destruction. I push my cock inside you as your back rubs ankara escort against the cold wall behind it and my tongue cools down your neck. you start moaning in my ear and breathing hard as I take no break from fucking you hard against the wall with your arms around me, beginning to scratch my back involuntarily. As we start sweating once more, I let you down on your feet and turn you over with your hands placed against the wall and I spread your legs like I’m about to frisk you.

I crouch down and grab your leg from the front by the knee while my tongue reaches for the back of your knee, licking slowly as it moves upwards, rubbing against your thigh and reaching for your ass cheek. I then move over to your pussy, licking and when I reach it, I plant a kiss and stand up to insert my cock back inside that hungry little pussy. I grab your hair in one hand and push your face and body against the wall while my other hand hold your hand behind the back like I’m about to arrest you and begin fucking your hard against the wall, with your hard tasty nipples rubbing against it as my cock slides in and up and down, almost out of you repeatedly as I switch up pace every little while to keep your body guessing.

I let go of your hair and reach for your pussy from the front to rub those cute little lips, continuing to fuck you. my other hand lets go of yours as I start rubbing on your asshole, slowly at first but eventually as it opens up to it, I stick my finger inside and start finger fucking it, soon I’m two fingers in, fucking it deeply before my cock decides to switch up and I take my fingers out as your asshole still gapes for air, I insert my cock in it slowly, as it very tightly squeezes me, harder and harder the deeper I go, although opening up the more I fuck it. I start fucking you in the ass slowly with both hands spreading that ass apart, while you push yourself against the wall, bent over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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