We Finally Meet Ch. 01

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I watch you as you look around your quiet office. You have been working so hard but something catches your senses and you cannot figure out where it’s coming from. You feel a tingling on the nape of your neck as if a cool breeze has passed through an open window. The hairs on your arms start to prickle up, you feel as if you are being watched and don’t know where the feeling is coming from.

You press your intercom and hear your secretary’s voice and ask if she had come in unannounced a little bit ago and slipped out. She negates that fact and your mind starts to spin as you get a slight whiff of perfume and cinnamon.

You hang up with your secretary and glance about frantically…maybe you have been working too hard, you are delirious…were you really working or were you thinking of me?

You stand up to pace your office, thankful that it is private as your pants are tented out in front of you. This feeling, whatever it is, is wildly erotic and you can’t explain it away.

Again, there’s the tingle on your neck and a hint of cinnamon and perfume in the air. You whip your head around trying to catch a glimpse of me because you know that I must be there.

You whisper my name, just barely audibly, “Kiki, is that you?”

There is no answer to your inquiry and you laugh at yourself for being so childish and losing yourself in your fantasies. You cross the room to your desk and pick up the case file you had been staring at earlier. It’s time to get back to work, you tell yourself sternly. But, just one more time, you inhale the air around you to see if my scent will assault your senses once again.

I am quietly creeping up behind your overstuffed, black leather office chair. I know from the stiffness of your back that you feel my presence. I also know from the stiffness in your pants that you are aroused by the scent of me in your nostrils.

I took great care in getting ready for you today. I am perfectly shaved in just the right spots, there’s not a hair on my head that is flat or out of place. I made sure I used my blackberry sparkle lotion just to add a little glitter to my silky body for you. That’s the “perfume” you smell, it’s light and smells of spring. My makeup is done to perfection, my eyes and lips over accentuated for your viewing pleasure. Black, thigh-high stockings with a line straight down the back in perfect position envelope my muscular legs and taper down into my black 4″ high pumps. My red leather mini skirt is just barely long enough to cover the bottom curve of my ass. You can see the garter I am wearing peeking out from under the front hem. And my black leather bustier is pushing my triple d’s into heaving peaks of pleasure.

You still have not seen me yet, I think you are afraid to turn around for fear that the ghost fantasy of me will disappear again and leave you in a whirlwind of desire.

The smell of me was overpowering your senses and you started to turn around for one last look, but shook off the temptation and tried to focus on your brief in front of you. If you were going to be able to perform in court, you needed this time to get everything in order.

“Get a grip canlı bahis Mac,” you tell yourself out loud. “She’s not here, it’s impossible. She doesn’t even know where you live, let alone where you work!”

I stifled a little giggle…never underestimate the powers of a criminal investigative student. When I want something bad enough, I can usually get it.

I wait quietly behind you, listening to you deeply inhale what you believe to be the scent of a ghost and my desire for you is increasing with each breath you take. I am trying to breathe through my nose so that you can’t smell the cinnamon so heavily on my breath. That would certainly make you turn around and discover me.

A small moan escapes you and I see the hair rise on your arms. I see you shiver involuntarily as you take another deep breath of me. Still, I cannot believe my good fortune of keeping you at bay and guessing for so long already. I can tell that you are deep into your case brief and absentmindedly you move one hand to your crotch. You lazily stroke your steely cock through your pants as you read.

Tell me, is your mind on your case or on me?

I so badly want to reach up under my skirt and touch my aching pussy but fear of giving myself away to you keeps me from moving…watching you, I moan inwardly and want to take you right then and there.

I watch you just a little bit longer and the folder that you are supposedly studying starts to tip toward your stomach as you lean back in your chair to unbutton your pants and pull your huge, throbbing cock out.

“I sure wish you were here baby,” you speak to the air…hoping that your fantasy spreads across the miles to me without the use of a computer.

That’s it, I can’t take it anymore…I take the final 3 steps to the back of your chair and wrap the silk blindfold I have been holding around your eyes.

You gasp in surprise…

“W-wh-whose there?” your voice trembles with excitement.

I lean close and breathe in your scent, licking slightly at your earlobe.

“One guess my Santa,” I whisper my secret term of endearment to you.

Without a word, your hands shoot up and grab me hard and pull me onto your lap.

“Tell Santa what you want sweet thing,” you drawl as I just know that behind that blindfold, your eyes are sparkling with fire and desire.

“I would rather just show you,” is my reply as I slowly unhook the beginnings of my bustier to let my large tits spill from the top.

Your moan is deep inside your throat as I slide down the length of you and lean forward to take your electrifying rod into my hungry mouth. The sexual tension between us for the past 2 years has been overwhelming and I want to make your 60th birthday one to remember.

“I hope your ticker is in good condition my love, you’re going to need it to sustain you over the next 48 hours!”

Again, you just moan as I lower my mouth to your shaft. I am surprised that you haven’t yet taken off the blindfold since I know how badly you have wanted to see me…the real me.

I guess the pleasure I am giving you with my tongue makes up for what can wait. Your hands are running through bahis siteleri my hair, you pull my head closer to your body as your cock plunges wildly into my throat. I know it won’t be long before you cum, and I am so ready for it. Faster and faster I work my tongue, harder and harder I close my luscious lips around your love wand, sucking you deep into my mouth, willing you to cum soon so we can move on from here.

We will have time later for lazy sex; right now I just want you to fuck me everywhere. It’s been 2 very long years of cyber-sex and I am ready for the real thing.

I feel your balls tighten and know it won’t be long until I can taste you, a dessert I have been craving from the first night we met online. You arch your back and moan loudly, “Gawd Kiki, I am gonna cum and it’s going to be more than your hot, luscious little mouth can handle!”

‘Bring it on big boy’ I think to myself while still sucking you hard and long…I know I can take it…and I also know from all of our talks that it’s ok if I don’t consume all of your love cream, you like me to share with you and let some drip out of the corners of my mouth onto my taut nipples.

Your repeated climaxes surprise me, just when I think there can’t be anything left in you, you cum again. Your creamy juice coats my throat and seeps from my lips, running down my chin and neck, onto my chest and over my rock hard nipples. I slowly slide back up the length of you and take your tongue into my mouth. Me tasting you and you tasting you on me…holy hell, what a rush.

Your hands move to my tits as you smear your cum all over my tits and face, exploring me as if you are blind and not just merely blindfolded. I know you want to memorize each and every part of me.

“May I finally feast my eyes upon my deliciously delectable dessert?” you are begging and pleading with me to take your blindfold off.

It’s been long enough; I can’t wait to see the twinkle in your eyes when you are finally able to see me in the flesh and not as just some image that has traveled to you through cyberspace.

But first, a few more kisses. I trail them down the right side of your neck, across the hollow of your collarbone and under your chin. I stop long enough to lick your Adam’s apple as if it were your swollen cockhead. Then I continue my trail of kisses up the left side of your neck and onto your cheek. The roughness of your beard excites me and I slowly lick my way through an invisible maze on your check to flick my tongue at the corner of your mouth.

Your hungry mouth opens and your tongue darts out to graze mine, but I pull away.

“Sit still babe, this is my seduction,” I tell you softly. You groan with agony and anticipation.

Again my tongue darts to the corner of your mouth, savoring it as if I were only a tongue, making love to your lips. Ever so gently, I slide my tongue across the junction of your lips. You gasp and part them to welcome me in. Again, I pull away.

“Patience my horny Santa, wait your turn!”

As much as I want a hard fuck with you, I am quite enjoying this little game. You still haven’t seen me yet and if I could read bahis şirketleri your mind, how accurate would your image of me truly be?

I continue to make love to your mouth with my tongue. You are not allowed to open your mouth though and my tongue has yet to pass over your teeth into your famished opening.

This whole time, I have been straining to hold your arms down to keep them from roaming my highly electrified body. I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises I have in store for you. But just how will I get your blindfold off when my hands are occupied??

I come up with a perfect solution…I kiss the tip of your nose and then slide my tongue up the apple of your cheek and under the edge of the blindfold. I take it between my teeth and pull until you are free of all visual restrictions.

I am pleased by the widening of your Paul Newman-like blue eyes as you feast them upon me for the first time. The sparkle dancing in your eyes excites me; I think you are pleased by what you see. As your erection reaches Eiffel Tower status, I am definitely sure that you approve.

Your electric blue eyes drink me in as if they have suffered an unseasonably long drought and I am a welcoming rain. Your hands are now free and you begin with my auburn hair. I had thought that the lazy sex could wait, but I was wrong…taking this slow from here would be so much more interesting. Anyway, your fingers wrap themselves in the ringlets of my hair as they fall around my face and cascade down my shoulders and past the middle of my back.

“Do you remember telling me how much you relish long hair, my love? I grew it out just for this moment with you.”

You still haven’t spoken a word, but I can see that you are pleased, very pleased.

Then you reach up and cup my face with your soft hands and look deep into my dark, chocolate brown eyes as if you can see straight into the depths of my soul.

“Dear Lord Kiki, I have never in my life seen such lush, long lashes! Your eyes are utterly mesmerizing.”

I playfully wink at you and smile, revealing my straight, gleaming white teeth. You appear to be dazzled by my smile. I revel in the adoration I am seeing in your eyes. I can feel the wetness between my legs intensifying and I desperately want you to stop this torture and just fuck me. “Not yet!” you command as if you can read my mind.

Your hands caress my face and your gaze travels to the soft fullness of of my lips. “Made specifically for hours of kissing” I believe you once wrote to me.

Your soft fingertips slide over my lips and I part them ever so slightly and one of them slips past my teeth into the warm oven of my mouth. I cannot help myself as I begin sucking you finger with the fervent passion I had with your magnificent cock earlier.

Your eyes close just briefly and then your brilliant blues focus on my face once more. Your dynamic smile gets my stomach all tied up in knots, fluttering as if a million butterflies have just emerged from their cocoons. You drag your finger out of my mouth so your hands and eyes can continue their exploration of me. But first, your hands go to my hair again as you forcefully pull my head toward yours and grind your lips against mine in a fierce assault. Your tongue is very talented; I cannot wait until it is used on every other part of me. Reluctantly and with a small moan, you pull away.

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