Wanda’s Story Ch. 29

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Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert was in the throes of orgasm. Her little sister, Wendy Catron, was between her legs, licking Wanda-Rose’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Wanda had cum once already, but that had only stimulated Wendy to lick her older sister harder and faster. One hand was pulling Wanda’s pussy lips apart, the other was pulling on Wanda’s breasts, stimulating the nipples.

It was President’s Day weekend. Wanda-Rose had planned to spend it with her family instead of her wife, Donna Mettert. What Wanda-Rose didn’t expect was that she would spend the weekend making love with her sister, her brother and sister-in-law, and her mother. But make lobe they had. What had started as an erotic instant message session with her wife turned into an incestuous fivesome with her family. Now, two days later, the family was still making love together, exploring each other’s sexuality.

So her little sister was between her legs, driving Wanda-Rose towards another orgasm. The tongue licked up and down inside Wanda’s pussy, matching the finger Wendy also had inside her sister. Wanda-Rose hung on, letting her feelings grow and grow. She could cum at any time, but wanted a harder orgasm to make her sister happy.

Finally Wanda-Rose could hold off no longer. with a mighty scream she let go, flooding her sister’s face with cum. Wanda’s hips rose higher, trying to get a perfect contact with her sister’s mouth. Dribbles of cum escaped Wendy’s mouth and dripped down the side of her cheeks.

As the orgasm ended, both women became aware of their surroundings. They were on Wanda’s bed, and their mother, Lorraine Catron, was moving towards the bed from the chair in the bedroom she had been in watching her daughters make love together. She kissed both girls, tasting Wanda on wendy’s moth, and Wendy’s dried cum on Wanda’s lips, because Wanda had eaten Wendy before the women traded places. Like her daughters, Lorraine was also naked. the family had decided not to wear clothes in the house for the weekend, to more easily allow a sexual union. Nothing was taboo this weekend.

Wanda turned her head and looked at the clock. She then got out of bed and started getting dressed.

“Where are you going?” Lorraine casually remarked. She had hoped to take Wendy’s place between Wanda’s legs.

“Mom, I told you I’m meeting someone today, then meeting you for dinner tonight,” Wanda said. “Six o’clock at Magelby’s, OK?”

“You’re right, I remember now. I’ll see you then.” Lorraine rose and pulled her daughter close, kissing her deeply. Wanda’s kiss was just as deep and just as lustful. Reluctantly she broke from her mom and went off.

Wanda-Rose was setting her mother up on a blind date. She had called the first man who ever fucked her, a man known as Bob, to come meet his mother. Wanda-Rose had met Bob over Christmas when she was with Donna. Bob was in his mid-40s, about the same age as Lorraine. He had slowly won Wanda-Rose over and made her realize that there was some good in making love with a man.

Bob’s plane landed in Salt Lake City an hour after Wanda left the house. She was there to meet him. They made small talk, greetings and “how ya been’s?” while Bob got his bags and they made their way to Wanda’s car.

Once in the Mustang, Bob turned to Wanda-Rose. “I thought you would not call for me unless Donna approved and was there,” he said.

“Bob, do you enjoy being at Donna’s beck and call?” Wanda-Rose replied.

“She’s a good lover, and so are you,” he answered.

Donna aimed her car south towards Provo as the conversation continued. “Would you like a steady woman in your life again?” Donna asked.

“Yes, but I’ve not met the right woman,” Bob admitted. “Since long before my divorce, my love life has been sporadic. My ex stopped looking at me sexually several years before we finally got divorced. Since then, I go to Donna when I’m called, but I can only afford a couple trips a year. I wouldn’t even be here now if you hadn’t paid for the ticket.”

“I know, but I really need you to meet someone,” Wanda said.


“My mother.”

“What?” Bob was suddenly outraged. “What are you trying to do?”

“Calm down, Bob,” Wanda said. “There is no obligation here at all. Here’s what I’d like you to do, though. Meet my mom, have dinner with her, go out wherever you like, do anything you want. you don’t have to sleep with her if you don’t want, and you don’t have to ever see her again if you don’t want. I will not think any differently of you if you leave tomorrow.

“But, Bob, I think you’ll like my mom. She’s your age, and still very pretty. She’s also one off the most sensual women I’ve ever known.”

“But what if she doesn’t like me?” Bob asked.

“Like I said, no obligations,” Wanda replied. “If you do get her into your room, though, there will be a TV and a DVD waiting for you. Play it, and I can assure you she’ll sleep with you.”

Bob reluctantly agreed. Wanda-Rose took him to a hotel close to the restaurant. She spent an hour bahis firmaları or so driving Bob around the city, showing him some of the places he might consider taking Lorraine. She did not notice a green Ford Focus start to follow her Mustang.

Finally, at 5:45, Wanda-Rose and Bob arrived at Magelby’s. They got a table and waited.

At precisely 6 pm, Lorraine entered the restaurant. She saw her daughter, who had chosen a chair facing the door, and headed over. Bob was sitting on a side, but could see Lorraine as she walked towards them.

Lorraine, 44, had 34c breasts that had not started sagging yet. Her hips showed the spread that came from childbirth but still swayed as she walked. She worked out daily to keep her stomach area firm. She had chosen a deep red dress that had a slit up one leg, almost to her hip. The neckline plunged just enough to show off her cleavage, but not enough to make her look like she would fall out of the dress. Her brown hair was swept back, highlighting her face. Bob was entranced.

Lorraine got to the table and gave her daughter a hug. Then she noticed Bob sitting there, and shrank back a bit.

“Who’s that?” Lorraine said.

“Mom, this is Bob, a friend of mine and Donna’s. He’s in town, and I thought he might like meeting you, since you’re both the same age. Bob, this in my mother, Lorraine.”

Bob stood and extended his hand towards Lorraine. The older woman quickly assessed him. He looked a little older than she was (he was 46), with brown hair and a gray beard, neatly trimmed. He was a bit overweight, but that didn’t upset her. He wore a gray blazer over a white turtleneck, with gray slacks. Lorraine took his hand, intending to shake it. Instead, Bob raised it to his lips and gently kissed the back of her hand.

“So, you’re setting me up?” Lorraine said to Wanda-Rose.

“Call it a blind date, Mom,” Wanda replied. “You’ve talked about wanting to meet someone, so I arranged this. I’ve told Bob, and I’ll tell you. This night is for the two of you, and whatever you do is up to you. Call me on my cell if you need to, Mom.”

With that, Wanda slipped out of the booth, offering her chair to her mother, and left.

Lorraine sat down and looked at Bob. “Do you really want to do this?” she said.

“I’ve never been on a blind date,” Bob said. “But seeing you, my answer is ‘yes.’ You’re a very beautiful woman, Lorraine.”

They decided to stay. Dinner was superb, and afterwards they walked alone the nearby river, chatting and getting to know each other better. Both of them felt comfortable with the other.

Finally, Bob said “What would you like to do now?”

“Let’s go to a movie,” Lorraine said. “I know the perfect place.”

They got into Lorraine’s car and she drove them to the outskirts of town. She had not been here for almost two years, and the last time was with her late lover J.L. “Lou” Spillington. But she came here on an impulse.

“Here” was a porn theater. They bought their tickets and sat near the back. The screen showed a couple eating at a restaurant. As they ate, the woman ran her hand up the thigh of the man, until she reached his zipper. One quick pull later, his cock was out and in her hand. She steadily stroked it as she teased the man by eating a banana like it was a cock.

After a couple of minutes, the woman disappeared under the table. The camera followed her and showed her taking his cock into her mouth and sucking hard. The man’s facial expression showed his obvious pleasure.

While she was working on his cock, Lorraine’s hand was rubbing Bob’s leg, moving closer and closer to his cock. They watched the screen as the waiter came by and asked where the man’s date was.

“She had something in her throat, and needed to take care of it,” the actor said. Bob and Lorraine giggled, then turned serious as Lorraine found Bob’s cock ,semi-hard inside his pants. She undid his belt and slid her hand inside his shorts, feeling his cock. Bob moaned softly, luckily having it drowned by the actor’s moan onscreen.

At length the actress got out from under the table. The man immediately slid under the tablecloth and spread her legs wide apart, licking her pussy with the exaggerated movements common to porn movies.

While this happened, Bob moved his hand up Lorraine’s skirt to feel her pussy through her panties. He could feel her wetness, and he rubbed softly at her covered pussy. When the woman onscreen had her orgasm, Bob pulled the panties aside and rubbed directly on Lorraine’s wet labia. Lorraine moaned softly and leaned over to bite Bob’s neck.

On-screen, all pretense of hiding was forgotten. The man had the woman on her hands and knees in the booth, and he was plunging his cock in and out of her. Both were naked now, and the other patrons in the restaurant slowly turned to see what they were doing. Then the others also coupled off, causing a massive orgy in the restaurant.

In the theater, Lorraine had leaned over and was slowly sucking Bob’s cock, kaçak iddaa reveling in the hardness, and remembering the nights she had done just this exact thing with Lou present. Lorraine was excited, and wanted Bob more than ever.

Onscreen, the couple had changed positions. Now the man was on the booth’s seat, and the woman was strattling him, while also sucking the waiter’s cock. Despite the scene onscreen, people in the theater finally noticed what was going on near the back. In ones, twos and threes, they turned to watch Bob and Lorraine. Lorraine had now seen the scene onscreen, and decided to duplicate it. She strattled Bob and impaled herself on his cock.

Despite the fact they were both clothed versus the actors onscreen that were naked, the eyes of the audience were on Bob and Lorraine. He held her waist as she ground on his cock, plunging up and down on it with lustful needs. The couples onscreen started cumming, and Lorraine was close, too. With a scream that matched the ones on the loudspeakers, Lorraine came, flooding Bob’s groin with her internal juices.

Slowly Lorraine stopped grinding. She leaned down and kissed Bob deeply, and he kissed back. He gently lifted her off his hard cock and whispered “Let’s get out of here.”

“I’ll do anywhere you want,” she said.

Bob guided Lorraine to his hotel room. They entered and fell into each other’s arms again. This time, there was no need to hold back. Each pulled the other’s clothes off, letting them fall in a heap. Bob marveled at the near perfection of Lorraine’s body, while Lorraine needed Bob’s cock in her body again.

They fell into bed and were about to make love when Bob remembered the video Wanda wanted them to watch. He whispered to Lorraine, “We have to watch something first. Wanda’s orders.”

Lorraine grabbed the TV remote and tossed it to Bob. Then she got on her hands and knees facing the TV. “Slide it in me, and fuck me as we watch,” she begged him.

Bob positioned himself behind Lorraine and pushed his cock into her. She cried out in joy as she felt him fill her again. She had not realized how much she needed a cock inside her until she had fucked her son, and she knew this cock in her was better than Roger’s because it belonged to someone not her family.

Bob stroked steadily inside Lorraine, then remembered the TV remote. He pushed “PLAY” and they both watched as they fucked.

Wanda’s face came on the screen. She said “Mom, Bob, I’ve set you up because I think you both need each other. In fact, if I was to bet, you’re both naked now, or close to naked.

“Mom, you need him, and he’s available. He’s also great in bed, as you’ll see. Bob, my mother needs everything you have. Not just your cock, but your love and your devotion. Think about it.

“Finally, Mom, you’re not allowed home until morning. Don’t try coming home, we’ve bolted the doors from the inside. So stay with Bob tonight. See you both in the morning.”

The camera pulled back, and it revealed Wanda, Wendy, Astrid and Roger, all naked. Wendy was licking Wanda’s pussy, while Roger was fucking his wife Astrid Martin-Catron. The camera faded to black.

Bob shoved his cock deep into Lorraine, then leaned over her back. “Shall we take her up on her suggestion we make love?” he said.

Lorraine laughed. “A bit late, don’t you think?” she replied. “Turn me over now. I want to watch you as you fuck me.”

They switched positions, Lorraine on her back, Bob looming above her. She took his wet cock and guided it into her body. Her hips raised, her legs locked on Bob’s butt, and they started moving in unison, finding a compatible rhythm and matching each other stroke for stroke, hip movement to hip movement.

Lorraine pulled Bob’s head down and kissed him deeply as her orgasm hit. To Lorraine, this was the sign of complete comfort. She felt instinctively that Bob didn’t need to hear her scream or wail or cry that she was cumming to know she was cumming. Also, she was feeling a growing desire and caring for Bob that she couldn’t explain.

Bob knew Lorraine had cum from her body’s stiffening under him, and the fresh flow of juices in her pussy. Still he stroked on inside her. Bob remembered the days when he could cum quickly, then cum again and even the night he had three orgasms. Now, though, he was usually good for one strong orgasm a night, with a second after a couple hours of rest. Also, his orgasms took longer to achieve.

Lorraine loved the feeling of the hard cock sliding in and out of her body. She held him tight, rubbing her entire body onto his, trying to touch all his skin at once. Her hard nipples scraped his chest hairs, her legs pulled tight on his body, and her nails dug into his back as she closed in on yet another orgasm. Still he moved inside her, slowing, then going faster. She could feel his weight pressing down, but it was a weight she wanted.

Bob knew it was time to cum. He softly moaned into Lorraine’s ear, “I’m about to cum.”

“Cum in me,” Lorraine urged.

Bob kaçak bahis thrust deeply into Lorraine, and he let go. His cock spurted in Lorraine’s pussy, and as she felt the first spurt slam into her diaphragm, she let go also, cumming with Bob. The couple soared to the top of the mountain, saw fireworks, and slowly dropped back to earth, landing in the bed they started in.

Bob rolled off Lorraine and turned on his side. Lorraine turned also, and they kissed deeply, reveling in the afterglow of a great lovemaking session. They held each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


As Wanda-Rose left the restaurant where her mother and Bob were, she had a specific location in mind. She drove with a purpose, and a few minutes later entered the parking lot of the hotel room she had rented for Bob. Again, she did not notice the Focus following her, parking a few cars away from hers. Instead, Wanda was intent on setting up the TV and DVD that she had promised Bob would be waiting for him.

As she exited the hotel, a woman got out of the Focus. Moving quickly, she intersected Wanda as Wanda got to her car. “Wanda,” she said.

Wanda turned at the voice, shock spreading through her entire body. Standing before her was Anne Franklin, her former Mistress.

“Wanda, I’m so sorry to bother you,” Anne said. “I really need to talk to you.”

“What would you have to say to me?” Wanda said. She remembered her time with Anne as a series of lies and cheating, all from Anne’s side of the bed.

“I need you back,” Anne said, coming right to the point.

“You need me?” Wanda repeated. “What about your made-over girl Amber?” Amber Anderson, once Wanda’s best friend, had replaced Wanda in Anne’s heart. Anne and Amber had a baby together, and Anne had used some of the money Wanda had won in her lawsuit to give Amber enhanced breasts.

“She left me,” Anne said. “She went back to Erich, taking their child with her. They plan to get married. I’m all alone. Please come back to me.”

Wanda didn’t even have to think about this one. “No, Anne,” Wanda said. “I’ve found someone else, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. We got married.”

“You met a man?”

“No, Anne. I met another woman. We got married in Vermont. She has two children, and I’m moving in with her as soon as I finish school. You’re my past, and I’ll never let you into my future.”

Wanda pulled her door open, and felt Anne grab her wrist. Anne turned Wanda around and planted a kiss on her lips. Anne, taller than Wanda by a couple inches, put all her emotions into the kiss.

But Wanda pulled her wrist from Anne’s grasp and shoved the older woman away. As Anne approached again, Wanda balled her right fist, swung from the hip and pounded Anne right on the nose. Anne staggered back and sat down, stunned, holding a nose that was profusely bleeding.

“Leave me alone, you sadistic bitch,” Wanda screamed. “And if you ever say anything about this, I’ll claim you assaulted me, and I thought you were a rapist. Now get the fuck out of my life, right now!” Wanda slammed the car door, locking it. She started her car and pulled quickly from the parking lot. Anne remained on the ground, her eyes now flooding with tears.

Wanda headed to the Provo airport, getting there just in time to meet her rented Lear Jet. The jet rolled to a stop, and a surprised Cindy Robinson exited the plane. She saw Wanda waiting for her, and walked over to her.

“Wow,” Cindy said. “How could you do this? A private plane? What’s going on, Wanda?”

“I’m glad you came,” Wanda said. “Get in, I’ll explain as we drive.”

Cindy got in the passenger seat, and listened as Wanda drove and explained how she got to become a multi-millionaire. Then the serious questions started, as Wanda probed into Cindy’s history.

Cindy slowly told her apprentice about her history. She was a bisexual woman, having loved both men and women since her first experience at 16. She was between both boyfriend and girlfriend, and finally admitted having looked at Wanda as a possible partner. Wanda smiled, looking over Cindy as she did so.

Cindy Robinson was 32, and had spent her life keeping in shape. Her breasts were small, maybe 34b, her stomach, showing now because Cindy was wearing a midriff-showing blouse, was taut, and her buttocks was small and also rock-hard.

“Let’s go somewhere and have some fun,” Cindy suggested.

Wanda took Cindy to the outskirts of town, to a small, out-of-the-way bar. When Cindy entered, she immediately approved. The bar was filled with nothing but women, and Cindy knew that this was a lesbian bar. A slow k.d. lang song was playing on the jukebox. Both women ordered beers, then Cindy took Wanda’s hand and led her onto the small dance floor.

They closed together and started dancing. Each woman took a turn leading, but both women let their hands roam over the other’s body. After a couple songs had passed, their mouths closed together and they softly kissed. Wanda took the initiative here, as her tongue went into Cindy’s first. Wanda’s tongue slid over Cindy’s, and as the two danced, Cindy sucked on Wanda’s tongue, drawing a small moan from Wanda’s lips.

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