Vicky’s Night Out

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Vicky was always told how well she worked that mouth of hers. Men would get an erection by just looking at her beautiful full lips. Her mouth was so wide that she looked like she was related to Steven Tyler. Her tongue was so long that she worked magic with it. Vicky was an experienced cock sucker and she just loved the way that she could make a man squirm. With a sultry smile or a provocative pout she could even make a man’s cock drip pre-cum before she even touched him. Vicky found great pleasure in doing this.

One Friday night when Vicky found herself with no date and nothing to do, she lit up a joint that she had been saving for just such an occasion. Inhaling deeply, she let the smoke linger within her system. The buzz started to kick in and with it a heady arousal.

“Mmmm,” Vicky sighed. She always got so horny when she smoked pot.

As she relaxed, a thought came to Vicky’s mind that put a wicked smile on her face. A new swingers club had just opened in town. Now she knew exactly what to do with her Friday night. Vicky went into her bedroom to get dressed. “What to wear?” she mused while looking through the clothes in her closet. The first thing that came to mind was “very little!” It was sizzling July and Vicky wanted to look just as scorching hot as she felt. She reached for a slinky dress in a golden color that would complement her tan and cling to her great body. Vicky was tall and slim, and her bountiful 38D breasts were barely contained by the sexy little dress. She found a pair of strappy sandals that would show off her long legs. A fine ass finished up her package. She decided to skip panties, too. Less was definitely more tonight! As soon as she was dressed, Vicky was ready to start her night of fun.

When Vicky arrived at the club, she was gratified to see so many people checking her out. It was quite erotic to feel that many bahis firmaları eyes on her body. She went to the bar so she could people-watch. There were cocks and tits and people fucking and sucking everywhere she looked. Her body tingled in anticipation of the wild night ahead of her. She was hungry for cock… or cocks!

As Vicky tried to decide just where she would start, a great looking guy approached her with a drink in his hand. He was tall, well-built, and looked like he had a hefty package. He stopped in front of her with a naughty look in his eyes.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked.

She did indeed, but she was feeling pretty naughty herself. “I’ll tell you in a minute,” she answered.

Vicky reached out and pulled down his zipper. Sinking gracefully to her knees, she pulled out his cock. It was massive! Not only was it 10 inches long, it also had girth.

“Oh…” she moaned as she ran her tongue up and down his cock. “My…” she mouthed just before she began licking around the head while she stroked and caressed his balls with her hands. “God!” she finished exclaiming just before taking his gorgeous piece of meat into her mouth and sucking him hard.

Suddenly a woman’s voice intruded on Vicky’s pleasure.

“What the hell is going on here?” A petite bombshell was standing next to the guy whose cock was in Vicky’s mouth, her hand wrapped possessively around his arm.

Without stopping, Vicky reached for the petite bombshell and ran her hand up between the woman’s bare legs. Vicky found the other woman’s clit and fingered it. God, her pussy was hot and dripping wet! The petite bombshell spread her legs a bit and Vicky pushed her fingers deep into the woman’s pussy. She never stopped working her mouth over the luscious cock in front of her. She could feel it pulsating in her mouth and she knew he wanted more by the kaçak iddaa way he held her head and pumped his large cock back and forth between her plump lips.

The woman enjoying Vicky’s fingers backed away to catch her breath. “What is it that you want?”

Vicky stopped sucking, and stood up. “I want your man to fuck me. Do you have a problem with that?”

The other woman gave Vicky a long look. “As long as I can watch and join in, he’s all yours!”

Vicky lifted her dress, turned her back to the couple, and bent over to expose her beautiful ass. She looked over her shoulder and commanded the hung stud, “Fuck me now, and make me scream.”

The hung stud guy grabbed his cock and started running it up and down the crack of Vicky’s ass. His cock was oozing and ready for action. So was Vicky’s hot, throbbing pussy. She spread her ass cheeks so he could get a better view. He shoved his cock into her and made her scream, just like she wanted.

“Yeah, fuck me hard! Ram your cock into me!!” Vicky encouraged. He grabbed her by the hips, shoved his cock deeper into her pussy, and started pumping. Vicky couldn’t believe the force of his cock. He was almost knocking her off her feet. In and out, his cock worked her pussy and they both moaned with pleasure. Vicky grabbed hold of the bar before her, to brace against the assault of his massive piece of meat.

The petite bombshell slipped down underneath Vicky. She watched as the petite bombshell began biting, licking and sucking on her clit. Vicky’s legs trembled and her juices dripped all over the woman’s face.

Vicky looked up as she felt a hand touching her tits and pulling them out of her dress. Another man was sitting on the bar next to her. He was wild and aggressive, and he already had his hard cock out. He swung his legs over so he could get closer and put his huge black cock right in front kaçak bahis of her face. Vicky couldn’t resist. She slurped him into her mouth and started sucking. Oh my God! This was like dying and going to heaven!

The wild man on the bar cried, “Work it baby!” and Vicky wrapped both her hands around his cock. She pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, moving in time with the pounding she was getting from the stud behind her. She heard him panting, “Oh yeah, suck me good baby!” and she loved knowing that she was milking two cocks at once.

Vicky had no idea how long the intense fucking went on — all she knew was that she was getting it from all ends. The grunting and moaning grew louder as Vicky reached the point of no return. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm and she could barely hold on as the guy fucking her from behind emptied his load into her with several short, savage thrusts. She felt his hot cum overflow and start running down her legs. The petite bombshell eating Vicky’s pussy licked up every bit of her man’s cum as it dribbled out. The wild guy on the bar shot his hot, creamy cum all over Vicky’s swollen lips and her voluptuous tits.

The hung stud and his petite bombshell girlfriend recovered first, and they slipped away on their own. Vicky recognized the hungry look in the other woman’s eyes as she led her man away to a darkened corner of the club. As she straightened her dress, the wild guy whose cock she had sucked dry excused himself as well. Vicky blew him a flirty kiss as he left.

Vicky went to the ladies room to clean up where she freshened up her make-up and fixed her hair. Then she took the rest of her joint from her purse and lit it. She drew the smoke deep into her lungs and held it, enjoying the way the smooth high mingled with her post-orgasmic buzz. Her body felt well-used but she wasn’t ready for the night to end. It was still a bit too early to go home, wasn’t it? She opened the bathroom door and took a look at the bar.

A wide smile came across Vicky’s face, for at the bar there was fresh meat to be handled.

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