Up Late

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I was up late, driving around the countryside. I would need to get home before daybreak. It’d been an interesting night, and it might get more interesting before it was over.

We’d arrived home at around midnight. Our babysitter, Aubry, was waiting for us. She was an eighteen year-old Senior in high school. This was the first time she’d sat for us. With just our five year-old it couldn’t have been too much of a job because my daughter loved to sleep and she was put to bed by 8:00 o’clock every night.

I knew Aubry could drive. We made a point of only hiring young girls at least old enough to drive. You never knew when a driver’s license would come in handy. But this night she hadn’t driven her own car. Her father had dropped her off with the understanding that we would get her home when the job was done.

“Hi, Aubry. You ready to get going home? Any problems with the young ‘un?”

“No, sir, Mr Jarvis. I’m a little tired. I was studying a lot tonight. Goodnight Mrs Jarvis.”

“‘Night, Aubry. George, you get her home. I’ll go up and check on Cindy.”

Aubry picked up her coat and bag and we left out the front door. My minivan was waiting in the drive. Her home was across town, about fifteen minutes away.

She was cute as hell. That’s one reason why I hired her. I always made sure of that bahis firmaları when we found a new babysitter. Just over five feet tall, with her hair cut in a page boy. Brown wavy hair, with deep, brown eyes. She was not thin. Oh no. She was a curvy little wench, and her titties were tempting. Just right, I was thinking, and the ass so sweet, as we walked down the path to the vehicle.

“So how much do I owe you now, Aubry?”

“You know, Mr Jarvis. I was here for about five hours, so that would be fifty dollars.”

We were driving down an empty road. We passed a few houses along the way until we came to the nearest little park. It was empty I could see as I pulled off and into the graveled parking area.

“What’s this place, sir?”

“This is Whipoorwill Park. I was going to get out your money so I could give it to you as soon as I drop you off at home. So, fifty dollars?” I brought out my wallet and counted out the cash. “You know, I could make this a hundred and fifty. Wanna know how?”

“Don’t tease me, sir. You know I’m saving for college this fall.”

I smiled at her and her smile back was a little tentative, but not frightened at all. Oh no, not scared at all.

“Tell you what. Here’s one hundred and fifty dollars. Right here on the dash. I’m gonna get out, climb in the back, and kaçak iddaa you can join me. But only if you really want the money. Okay?”

Now I grinned as I opened the door, went around to the side, and got into the back where the seats were all lowered to form a makeshift bed. I was on my knees and starting to take my pants down. Aubry turned around, saw my hard on pop up, and giggled. I knew it was all good now. She just scrunched around the front seat and was touching me in about ten seconds.

“Quick, little girl. Lemme take down the panties. Oh shit, such a pretty pussy. All those curls. Lie down now, I wanna taste it. Can I sweetie?”

“Yessir. Please, sir. Oh, oh, oh. God!” I was licking her little slit and making it juicy for what was coming next. I couldn’t see her clit, but I could feel it with my tongue, and she began grinding her hips up into my face. One finger was ticking inside her tight cunny while I nipped at her hood. She was moaning now. My lucky night.

I spread her legs wider now, picked them up, and wrapped them around me. My prick was pointing at the treasure. I held my cock and pushed the mushroom head, pop, into that tight pussy. She whimpered.

Now I thrust hard and she cried out. “Fuck…Mr Jarvis…oh fuck…” I was moving my hips now, working that dick into some hot, young kaçak bahis pussy. Damned good pussy. I could tell from the smell. Sweet pussy smell, and sweet honey cum around my cock, pounding her harder now. I wouldn’t stop until she got off. Never let them leave you without cumming for you. My lesson for life. Oh, fuck it was good pussy. My hands gripped that round ass and I fucked her. Now it was my turn.

“Don’t cum in me…oh shit…sir, don’t cum inside me.”

“Baby girl…no worries…I’m…I’m…oh shit…I’m fixed…ahhhhhhh…cumming.”

I shot my load, once, twice, then more, and leaned down to kiss her kewpie doll lips, still pumping. So sweet. Best babysitter fuck in a while. Hah!

I let her off at her house. She had the moolah and she wasn’t too late. Not suspiciously late. Now it was my turn to drive home. But first a little drive around town and around the countryside. I arrived home just when dawn was breaking, feeling rejuvenated. I could see the silhouette of my wife in the living room window.

“George. Come into the bedroom.”

“Of course, honey. Right there.”

She was sitting on the bed in her nightgown. She looked up at me. I bent down and kissed her. I could hear her sniffing my lips. Then she undid my pants and her nose was taking whiffs of my cock. She smiled up at me.

“Good job, Daddy. Now let me taste it too.” I kissed her, and watched as she began sucking on my replenished prick. I should be able to give her a good load here pretty soon.

I moaned in happiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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