Truck Ride With A Twist

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Dean loved spring break. Now in his first year of college, he was starting to branch away from his family, but he still spent his break with them, enjoying the week of respite at their private lake in North Carolina. His parents had been renting a 3 room cabin near the small lake for almost 20 years now. Dean had gone to the quaint house every year since, and always had a good time. There was so much to do; he could fish in the lake for catfish, drive to the drive-in theater down the road and get fro-yo from Giovanni’s stand on the way back, take the motorboat down the tributary and relax in the overhanging trees on the bank, letting the breeze wash across the water and over his muscled body. Now that he was older, he would bring a case of beer with him, and even invite his younger sister Carla on occasion, just to have someone to talk to. Dean was a Marine for 6 years, and when he returned from Afghanistan the first thing he did was rent the shore house for a month, just to calm his tattered nerves from his 3rd deployment.

The best thing about the lake house, though, was Shannon. Shannon Corolla was the daughter of the family that rented the only other home on the lake. The home was a mirror image of theirs, but on the opposite bank. Unless Dean wanted to walk the half mile around the water, the only way to the other home was by boat. Dean had first met Shannon when he was 13, and her family began renting the home for the same break. She was from Michigan, which was hundreds of miles from his home in Maine, but the one week they spent together each year soon became the best week ever. Then he joined the Corps, and he was gone every Spring Break week for the next 6 years. Now 24, he was going back for his first break since. Coincidentally, his College break was the same as his high school break, and he hoped that Shannon, now 22 and a college senior, would also be so fortunate. It turned out she was.

The first thing Dean saw when he stepped out of his truck was a beautiful redhead standing stark against the dark water. She was on the pier of their lake house, pitching pebbles into the lake. The motorboat from the other house was docked next to her. She turned swiftly when she heard the door of his truck slam. From the expression on her face, she was as surprised as Dean was about how much they had changed. She was now at least 5’10”, with ginger hair falling well fast her shoulders. Her button nose was still covered with freckles, and her jade eyes were still as piercing as ever, but they emanated a different feeling now. She was definitely a woman now, and her well-developed body showed it. Her legs were long and slim, terminating in a gorgeous round butt. Her waist was firmly muscled, leading up to a pair of perky breasts that were just about a handful for Dean’s massive hands. Her lips parted into a smile after a long pause. He expected she was sizing up him as well.

Dean had changed in the Corps. He went in weighing 180, and now was almost 200. He had replaced his slim 6 foot runner’s frame with a massive linebacker body. His shoulders and back were broad, and his waist had expanded almost 4 inches just because of muscle. He could no longer pull of the skinny jeans and skate shoes look, and now wore more conservative t-shirts and boot cut classic fits which hung off his hips. From Shannon’s response to his change, he had definitely changed for the better. However, he was no longer the flawless model he had been before the Corps. He limped slightly from healing shrapnel wound to his ankle. The doctors at Bethesda assured him that he would walk normal within a couple months, and he swore that he would. The ankle didn’t bother him as much as the jagged hole in his chest from the SVD round that almost ended his life on his first tour. The sniper had shot him right through the soft part of his IOTV body armor, and he spent 6 months in and out of the hospital, alongside a year recovering the strength in his chest.

“Hey stranger” said Shannon, flipping her hair behind her with a deft swoop of her head

“It’s been a while.” Dean replied with a confident grin.

He watched her eyes travel across his body. “Too long D.” She returned his smile with one of her own, adding a little sass to it.

He stuttered a bit at her bold attitude. She’s changed a lot more than he thought.

“Yea… just glad to be back.”

“I heard from your parents about it. Are you doing ok?”

“Yea yea. I wish I could run, but this ankle’s giving me trouble. I’m just glad that part of my life is over with.”

“Are you done with the Marines for good?”

He thought for a minute. He wasn’t really sure. Dean loved the Corps, but he thought somewhere that the pints of blood and ounces of flesh he gave was enough for him. However the career opportunities for re-upping were very attractive.

“I’m considering staying in. I might go the officer route, but I’m done fighting.”

She smiled broadly, placing her hands on her hips and cocking her butt to the side like an anime character.

“That’s great. I always knew you’d be illegal bahis great in the military. I think it’s kinda hot.” She tousled her hair nervously.

Wait, he thought, Is she flirting with me? Dean had always been attracted to her. Actually, there was a good year when he believed he was in love with her. He convinced himself it would never actually happen, especially after she ranted to him about all of her boyfriends and lovers. He was actually scared off, being very unexperienced at the time, and not wanting to listen to her casual exploits.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“I’ve been good. I’m a Biology major at Columbia. Aren’t you going to Colorado State?”

“Colorado School of Mines.” He replied “I’m a Civil Engineering major.”

“What do you want to do with that?” she asked, but she seemed distracted, as if the conversation bored her.

“I’m not really setting any goals outside the Corps. I’d rather just stay in and get a nice pension. How about you?” He tried to turn the conversation on her, to keep her interested.

“I want to get my masters in Bio Engineering. I want to study the implementation of pharmacological effects on human diseases. In lay terms, I want to find natural cures to ailments.”

“That’s so cool.” Now Dean had nothing to say. Shit, he thought, It’s gonna be awkward.

“So” she stated, digging her bare toes nervously into the ground, which was half sand and half grass. “Got any plans tonight?”

“No!” he said, a little too enthusiastically.

Her face brightened, cheeks flushing red. “Great!” Dean noted the matching enthusiasm in her voice.

“Did you have plans?” He asked, attempting to distract her from her obvious embarrassment.

“I was going to go see a movie at the drive in. But…” her voice trailed off

“You want some company?” He finished her sentence.

“Would you go with me?”

“Yep.” He smiled.

“Can we take your truck though?” She asked


“Because trucks are… hot.” She almost whispered the last word.

“Definitely!” He almost shouted “But” he added, trying to act cool “don’t you want to put on some clothes first?”

She giggled “I thought a big bad Marine like you would want me to wear less!” she toyed at him.

What’s going on? He was seriously confused. Did she really want him, or was she playing? Dean had no idea, and he ran his fingertips across his crew-cut scalp. All he wanted was for her to strip down and mount him, but he knew that they were too close as friends for that. Or were they? He shook the idea from his mind. Dean began to realize he was standing there awkwardly silent, but Shannon saved him by picking up the silence.

“I’m gonna motor back. I’ll boat over here in an hour, and I’ll put on my best church clothes for ya!” she winked in sarcasm.

He laughed. “OK. Don’t dress too nice, I only wear t-shirts.”

“Unghh” she replied, moaning through her teeth.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing!” she barked. Her cheeks turned red again. “I gotta go. See ya soon!” she flipped him an erratic peace sign and bugged out to her boat.

He studied her perfect ass as she got into the boat. All he was considering was burying his manhood inside of her, every way he could. Dean, you’re a bitch, he thought. What was happening to him? He couldn’t control his impulse to touch her, to tear her clothes off, to pin her down. Dean knew he couldn’t, because if anything went wrong between them, the lake house would be ruined for both of them. But something stirred inside of him, something he hadn’t felt before. All Dean knew was that he couldn’t wait for the movie.

Shannon slammed the door to her room and spun in a circle. She was ecstatic. She couldn’t control her passion for Dean Matterson, and now she was going to get serious cuddle time in his truck tonight. Shannon couldn’t believe how hot he had gotten. He used to be cute, but now… She could barely think straight. His eyes were so much more serious, his mysterious personality made her crumble inside, and OMG his body. She begged to tear his t-shirt off his body and bite at his rock hard chest. She could hardly control herself as she stripped off the turquoise bikini she had picked out special. It was tied at the hips and back, and hung barely above her special parts below, and she had grabbed the smallest top she would fit in, so she could pour out of it just for him.

Shannon hadn’t stopped thinking about Dean since she had first met him. They had always engaged in awkward encounters that were semi-sensual and confusing to both parties. For years she had fought with the concept of being with Dean, and eventually she had ultimately decided they wouldn’t work because of the distance. Now she was about to graduate and move to Colorado for her masters (something she had neglected to tell Dean), and he had grown up so much, she couldn’t even think about her semi-boyfriend Charles back home.

OK, she thought, I need to compose myself. Still ridiculously excited, she dressed quickly, throwing on a cute lace bra and panties illegal bahis siteleri in royal blue, covering it with a low cut V-neck t-shirt, some casual bell-bottom jeans and a pair of Pumas. She remembered that he was always hot for jeans and a t-shirt, and she wouldn’t let him down. Satisfied, she put her hair up into a pony tail, sprayed some Ed Hardy on her frame, and bolted to the boat.

“Shanz” Her mom called.

“Where are you going?”

“Out with Dean mom. He’s back from the military!”

“That’s nice. I heard he got messed up over there.” She replied.

“He’s fine mom, just a little more mature.”

“Just be careful.” Typical mom, she thought, always worrying.

“Mom, I’m just going to a movie. It’s not a big deal.”

“Remember darling,” her mom shouted as she walked out the door “movies lead to hell!”

“Moommmmmm.” She groaned. Her mom was joking. She and Shannon got along great, mostly because her mom was a free spirit inside. Shannon had grown up sharing wine coolers and stories about boys with her. Shannon even caught her mom smoking weed in the backyard on occasion, a pastime Shannon didn’t enjoy herself. She knew her mom’s character was the reason her dad left, but she didn’t seem shaken up by losing her husband. In fact, her mom was more sexually active than she was. It kind of grossed Shannon out.

When Shannon hurdled herself into his F-250, Dean couldn’t believe his eyes. She was wearing exactly what he dreamed her wearing: A Navy v neck, bell bottoms and a pair of sneakers. He wondered if she had done it just for him, but decided it must be a coincidence and shrugged it off. Damn, he thought, she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

“So” Shannon asked “What movie?”

“Can we please not see Lone Survivor?” Dean asked.

“Awwww!” She cried. ” I really wanted to see that with you! I thought you’d point out all of the inaccuracies! Why not?”

“Because” Dean said, “It hits a little close to home.” He pulled his shirt down to expose the scar from the SVD round.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed. She lifted an arm to trace the outline of the

scar with her finger. Dean gasped in surprise.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yes,” He replied “It doesn’t bother me anymore.”

“Well that’s good. How did it happen?”

“I mean…” he diverted “wait what are we going to watch?”

“Ok.” She stated “Seeing as you don’t want to see Lone Survivor, let’s watch Frozen!”

Dean looked puzzled.

“What’s Frozen?” he asked.

“It’s an animated film about two sisters and a snowman. I love it!”

Dean groaned. “Frozen it is.”

The rest of the ride was awkwardly quiet. Dean decided to break the silence with an innocent question about Shannon’s plans. She was going to get her masters and study something about plants and their effect on some diseases. He couldn’t really wrap his head around it, even though she had told him twice, but he feigned interest for her sake. All Dean really wanted was to study her anatomy with his hands.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” The annoying lyrics reverberated through Dean’s head as he watched the movie. All he could really think about was her body naked in front of him. He started to bulge in his pants at the thought of it. Thank God we’re in the truck. Dean took advantage of the layout and coolly lifted the armrest that divided them, cuddling closer to his longtime friend. She responded by leaning her head into the crook of his neck, her hair cascading down his shoulder. They sat like this for a few minutes, until he felt a stirring on his jeans. He looked down to see her finger absent-mindedly drawing patterns on the fabric, slowly creeping closer and closer to his growing erection, which was now pushing painfully against the seams of his denim.

“So,” she said after they had asked ‘do you want to build a snowman?’ in sing-song for the tenth time. “What’s up cutie?” Dean was surprised. He looked down to see her gazing back with gorgeous green eyes, a smile playing on the edge of her lips.

“Uhhhh” he mumbled. Dean couldn’t even think straight with her staring into him like this. Thankfully he didn’t need to say anything because she reached up and kissed him softly on the mouth.

“What was that?” he asked after his head cleared from the dizzying effects of her soft lips.

“A long time overdue.” She said, but her smile faded. “Did I do something wrong?” worry and embarrassment filled her face.

Dean’s response was grabbing her by the neck and pulling her up to his lips for another kiss. Their saliva mixed and she opened her mouth, allowing Dean’s tongue to snake in. Dean’s bulge was now aching to be free of the pants. I’m finally kissing her he thought wildly. Stars danced in his eyes, he was so excited, and she was so good at kissing.

Their lips parted. “Wow.” She breathed, touching her lips softly with her fingertips.

“Wow is right.” Dean smiled at her.

She stared back, biting her lip as she began to fail at controlling her lust. The drive in was dark and canlı bahis siteleri she knew exactly what she wanted after kissing this beautiful man.

“Shannon?” he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re too far from me is what’s wrong.” She grabbed him and pulled with all her might. He helped along, sliding him into the center of the bench seat away from the steering column. He was shocked when she flung her leg over and straddled him, her crotch pressing against his erection. She looked down, acknowledging it’s presence, and Dean turned red with embarrassment. Instead of her grossing out, she sighed sensually and pressed her hips deeper into his crotch, smiling. This new pressure made his cock stir even more, and he grabbed her forcefully and kissed her hard, the soft sensual tongue action giving way to exploring her mouth as deeply as possible. Shannon moaned as they pressed their bodies together, kissing fervently.

“Take it off.” She said, tugging at his tee. He pulled it up over his head and tossed it aside. Shannon attacked his chest, kissing the bullet hole first, and then moving across to his globe and anchor tattoo, attacking his exposed skin more violently biting and sucking. Dean dug his fingernails into her back, and started tugging at her shirt. She broke contact and pulled it off, exposing her lacey bra.

Dean was done. He couldn’t play nice anymore. Deftly, he reached behind her and unsnapped the bra with one hand. Shannon shrugged her shoulders and let it fall away, exposing her soft pale breasts. Dean marveled at her perfect breasts, and placed his hands on them, kneading and pinching her perky nipples. “Unghhh.” She moaned. His previous assessment was right; they were exactly one handful each. They also fit perfectly in his mouth, which he did next, sucking on each for a long moment.

Now Shannon lost control. “Drive.” She moaned, dismounting. Dean needed no further convincing and turned over his diesel engine and pulled out of the movie theater. Fuck Frozen he thought. Shannon was riding shotgun, still topless, cuddled up against his arm. Her cute tits earned them a surprised stare from the parking attendant as they left the lot.

About 5 minutes down the road there was a pull off, an overlook of the lake. Dean stopped the truck there and Shannon was on him before he could cut the engine. She slammed into him, causing the horn to honk, rocking the truck. “Backseat.” he breathed through kisses “Now.” She climber over the center console to reach the back but he grabbed her by the waist, her butt hanging in the middle of the truck. “Wait.”

Dean reached around and unbuttoned her jeans. She deftly kicked off her sneakers as he grabbed and pulled both jean and underwear down to her knees. She now sat in perfect doggystyle, knees on the armrest hands in the backseat, pale ass and bare pink pussy sticking out. She moaned as Dean ran his tongue along the back of her leg and slowly found her cunt. He centered himself and grabbed a handful of butt cheek with each hand and spread them, licking her moist pussy up and down, burying his tongue inside of her.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed, but Dean was still holding back. After he got his fill of her tasty pussy, he moved his tongue down towards her clit. The tip of his tongue coaxed it out and he began to suck and lick it rhythmically, earning a squeal from Shannon. She arched her back so he could get a better angle, and she soon was dancing on the edge of an orgasm. She felt it rising inside of her, and she let out an uncontrollable “Unk” as the first spasm of pleasure hit her. Dean kept licking her as her brain shut down and she convulsed in ecstasy. As the last wave passed, she collapsed back on her knees, staying bent over so Dean could lick up her juices. When he was done, he drew his tongue up across her pussy and beyond, slowly dancing it around her asshole. She shuddered in surprise and pleasure. “GAWD!” she exclaimed. Nobody had ever done that before, and she loved it!

He grinned naughtily and pushed her forcefully so she fell into the back seat. “Thank god this is a crew cab.” She said. “You need the room for activities.” Dean replied.

“Come here” she pulled him by the waist band to her face. She was laying on her back across the seat, and kicked off her pants as she worked the zipper and button of his. His member fell out, completely hard, and she grabbed it quickly, squeezing it lightly and working the shaft with her hands. Dean grabbed the headrest with one hand and her tit with the other and began squeezing it as she jerked him.

Shannon rolled on her side and guided his cock into her mouth, licking the head then swirling her tongue around it as she sucked. “Fucking hell” Dean exclaimed. She released her grip on his dick and sucked it harder, pushing it deep into her mouth. It tasted so good, and it felt so warm in her mouth. Shannon wasn’t content with Dean’s reaction, and wanted to give him the same surprise he gave her. She reached around and grabbed his firm ass cheek and squeezed. He hipped into her and she almost choked on his dick, but kept sucking. Then she made her move. She slowly wiggled her fingers down between his ass cheeks, and cupped his balls with her other hand. Instead of surprise, Dean responded by threading his fingers through her hair and exclaiming “Yes!”

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