Three Isn’t Always a Crowd

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Dating someone who lives miles away may seem to some like a bad decision. Not to me. I’ve been seeing the most gorgeous, smart, funny and caring man. It’s been 8 months since things first got hot and steamy in texts with R and 4 months since things got hot and steamy in person.

The first time we got round to spending a weekend together, he had already spent ages convincing me that it would be a let down in person. He insisted that online is a different beast. I, however, was confident from the phone calls, the video chats, and the messaging that I was making the right decision. It turns out I was right, and he had lower self-confidence than his outward extrovert character suggested.

I’ve never been so happy to be correct, and I don’t think he’s ever been so glad to be wrong. Overall this time, R has gently pushed me to explore more and more things. He’s made it feel natural, fun and safe.

We live a couple of hours drive apart, so right now, mostly I just see him a couple of long weekends a month. My body appreciates the break, and my brain enjoys thinking about all the exploring we’ve done. It’s safe to say in the past 8 months, I’ve gone from barely experienced to trying so many new things I don’t know where to begin.

One weekend, when we were taking a break from exploring, we went out to a bar. We sat outside drinking, enjoying the warm summer atmosphere. R was in his home town, and being someone who appears confident and friendly, he seemed to know and be liked by everyone. This meant there was no such thing as a quiet, intimate time with him at places like this. He had to be shared.

At first, I was worried that would bother me, but sharing R was OK. In fact, it was pretty sexy because no matter who had his attention and what was happening, eventually, he’d come back to me. Then I’d get to go home with him. So I felt like the luckiest woman because I had his heart and his body. As the mix of people interacted with R, I got involved where pushed.

I was naturally a lot more introverted, and as much as I tried to be more confident, I struggled with the groups. It was getting more manageable, and I was sure I’d get there. Well, I’d have to, as I doubted his popularity would decline, and I didn’t want to deprive him of fun.

On this occasion, a woman appeared. I guessed she was a bit younger than me, so probably around 7-8 years younger than R. Instantly, you could feel her confidence. Her dip-dyed hair, bouncing breasts, and perfectly curved figure clearly gave her empowerment and attention. She wasn’t stick thin, but still, you could tell the men enjoyed having her around.

As soon as she spotted R, she walked straight over and hugged him. He hugged back. I sat there watching. If this was someone he fancied, what chance did I stand? R introduced me to his friend. Her name was Ezri. As I became involved in the conversation, she seemed a very confident, bubbly, friendly woman. Perfect for R, really.

Trust him to have such a hot friend. She didn’t stay and chat for very long but watching them flirt was a curious experience. I’m not sure how to describe how I felt, just this mix of emotions, culminating in a desire to get him home quickly.

OK, yes, I said it she was hot. It was no secret to R that I was open to the idea of women. It was, however, a secret I kept from the rest of the world. Given a choice, I’d always pick R, but R and others … yes, I was open to that. I was open to it, as long as I got to take R home, and he was mine. After all, he’d taught me there’s a vast difference between love and mischief.

When we finally left the pub to walk back to his, he brought up the topic of Ezri. It was clear he was watching my reaction. I thought he just wanted to know if I was jealous or secure enough with him that I was OK. I told him she seemed lovely, and it was good to know he had so many friends around him while we were apart.

For him, as a more social creature, our distance means he gets all that fun, while I get some introvert space. For now, it’s perfect how it is, the future … well, what happens happens. As we laid trying to sleep that night, I found myself unable to sleep, daydreaming about sharing R with Ezri.

Like all thoughts about R, the images were so vivid that I found myself getting hotter and hotter. erotik film izle I didn’t get much sleep that night and couldn’t wait for R to wake up so I could feel him inside me. I needed him to satisfy my heat.

The following day, we laid on the bed, kissing. The kissing started very sensually and loving. Still, as we only get a couple of weekends together a month, we are both always so in need of each other. Things quickly move from romantic to lustful and sensual.

As we start removing the tiny amount of nightwear we are both wearing, we quickly end up naked and very in need of more. As he reached over to his bedside cabinet and grabbed the cuffs. I just smiled and willingly held out my wrists. By now, the feel of the cuffs as he fastened the velcro was so natural. By the time the ankle cuffs were on, I was smiling widely and excited for his attention.

As we kissed again, I felt that familiar feeling of him leaning over me. I was in pure bliss. As he gently reached for each hand and secured them in place, I didn’t put up any resistance. Instead of enjoying the feeling as my control was slowly being removed. He moved down and took each ankle, securing it, so I was spread wide open on the bed.

My body felt so relaxed and ready for him as I stared at his naked body. His cheeky smile and sparkling eyes were making me giggle as I watched the gorgeous view. As he sat down on the bed, I felt his fingers running up and down my body. It was such a turn on, but still sensitive to being touched was making me squirm.

After it was clear I was going crazy wanting him, he reached for the blindfold and gently covered my eyes. He didn’t always use the blindfold, but I presumed this meant he was in a teasing mood. I was not complaining either way. As long as I get to play with him, I’m always happy.

At that point, the doorbell went. I felt a little flustered like we’d been caught. R said he had to go as it would be the post. He kissed me, and I heard him leave the room. Knowing he was heading to the door while I lay here, unable to see or move, was a scary turn on.

I knew I was safe, but it didn’t stop my head from thinking about what-ifs. What if it was someone he knew and we had to stop? What if we had been caught. The one thought that never crossed my mind was, what if he forgot me. I knew he’d be back.

As I heard the door close, I smiled, waiting for him to come back and play with me.

It seemed longer than expected until I could hear him moving. Still, it can be challenging for me to judge how long anything is in the blindfold tied down. My body was open, desperate and on display.

I could feel cool air pass over me, making my body feel even more sensitive and in need. I could not wait for him to get back. After what felt like ages, I heard movement. I heard him enter the room and felt him come over and kiss me. Yay, he’s back, I thought. He got off the bed, and I could hear some movement. I wondered what we were going to try this time.

I felt him get on the bed between my legs and could feel him lowering down. Something felt different, but I couldn’t figure out what. As I felt his tongue hit my body, I realised what was wrong. That wasn’t R. I bolted in shock. I couldn’t move much, but the tongue stopped.

R moved quickly and kissed my lips. He said he was there and asked if I was OK. Knowing he was there and it was someone he knew took the fear away. As suddenly as the fear had come, the heat replaced it. I wanted to play. My body suddenly on fire. I had R and his mystery friend.

I was so excited and curious as to what was going on. I just felt on fire. I felt my body starting to almost pant with desperation to make the play begin again.

“Don’t stop,” I gasped.

With that, the tongue restarted on my clit. This time though, R stayed nearby and kissed me. His kissing was so passionate I felt like I was melting. Between the feel of him and the tongue on my body, I was going wild. His hands started exploring my breasts as he kept his mouth on mine.

My head was trying to focus on him, but thoughts of the mystery tongue drove me crazy. Who had he invited? Had he fucked them before? What else was going to happen?

Once it was clear I was on fire, and my hips were moving involuntarily, desperate to orgasm, film izle he gently pushed the blindfold up. I opened my eyes and could see him staring at me. His lips felt so good. As my breathing got more desperate, he moved away. He kept his eyes on mine as of reassuring me I was safe.

I hadn’t yet looked at who was between my legs, and part of me didn’t care who it was. They clearly knew what they were doing. As I was seconds away from losing control, I lost eye contact with R. I saw him watching whoever was between my legs, and he was smiling that cheeky smile.

I looked down, and there was Ezri. Before I had a chance to think anything about my situation, a wave of pleasure took over as I orgasmed. I could see R smiling and his hand on his cock. I was smiling back at him. He kissed me again. For some reason, it felt like he was almost saying, good girl. As he moved away, I stayed where I was, still feeling from the orgasm.

As I felt Ezri’s tongue restart on my swollen clit I found myself enjoying the attention. I watched R move around and get behind Ezri. As she let out a massive moan without really stopping, the vibration was amazing. I realised that noise meant R was likely inside her.

I watched him as his eyes were on her. His hands were holding her steady as he thrust away. She was clearly enjoying his cock. I was enjoying her tongue. It was this weird mix of feelings, but overwhelmingly, I was turned on. That was my R. I get to keep him. She just gets his body for a few hours. As I laid watching the man of my dreams fuck this other woman, I was enjoying the pressure on my clit.

It didn’t take me long to get so hot; I was just lying watching what was essentially my own private porn show. As I reached my second orgasm, I enjoyed the jelly feeling that went with it. Ezri slowly lifted her head and focused on R.

As they separated for a moment, she turned over and laid down, resting her head on my stomach.

She lifted her legs, and R put them on his shoulders and reentered her. They continued thrusting. His hands were exploring her body as I laid slowly panting, watching. I wanted him so badly right now. Watching him with that gorgeous woman just made me want him more.

As they got more and more heated, you could see the focus in them on their own pleasure. I couldn’t put my finger on the difference, but something about R felt different to what he’s like when he’s fucking me. Ezri looked close to the edge, her hand playing with her clit as R thrust hard into her.

I’d never played with myself with R in me, but it certainly looked like she was enjoying it. I could see she was close. I became fascinated by watching the effect R was having on her. Watching him thrusting and looking so turned on. As Ezri orgasmed, I saw something I didn’t expect.

R looked over at me. His smile grew even more prominent. Moments later, he looked lost in his own pleasure as he moaned and thrust deep and stayed inside her. As I watched him cum he looked so turned on. Ezri seemed equally as satisfied and was laying her legs still on his shoulders. The lucky woman being filled by R. I laid there watching as they both caught their breath.

As they got up and moved, R whispered something in her ear. I watched a mix of turned on and anxious. What was he whispering? What was going on? Ezri’s face lit up, and she nodded. Ezri moved towards me, and I wondered what was going on. As she got close to my head, I became nervous. I had no idea what to do. I looked at R, but he was just smiling.

Ezri mounted my face. Suddenly my face felt-covered. She’d placed herself over my mouth. Her legs wrapped around my face. I didn’t really have an option, not that I wanted one. I had wondered for a while what a woman would taste like. As my tongue went to meet her body, I felt a hot spark through my body as it met her wet skin. I move my tongue to lick.

The taste was terrific. A cross between R and something so different. The taste of Rs cum was something I always enjoyed. I wanted to lick it all from her. As my tongue explored her cleaning up R’s cum and her own heat, my tongue found her clit. I heard her moan and the vibrations through it.

At that point, I felt R between my legs. His fingers were entering me with no resistance. I was so hot and desperate to be seks filmi izle filled. His fingers thrust a little making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. My body clearly desperate for him. His touch was driving me wild.

Tasting him and feeling him playing with me is just too much to handle. My tongue was playing with Ezri’s clit and enjoying his cum. I felt his fingers leave, and a vibrator entered me. As R thrust at the perfect pace, my body was struggling to meet him. I continued licking.

The hotter she got, and the more I licked, the less it tasted of R, and the more it tasted of her. That didn’t stop me, though. My gorgeous man was fucking me with the vibrator, and I could feel her heat and her body responding.

I felt her start to grind against my tongue and mouth. I did what I could to satisfy her while she grinded. My own body was beginning to go wild from Rs touch and the vibrator. As Ezri’s breathing got heavier and her grinding more desperate, it felt like she was close.

I tried to continue licking despite my own growing desperation to orgasm. I felt Ezri lose control. Her body went crazy; she groaned away. I kept licking just like I know R would have done to me. I know how much that drives me wild. As she came down from the orgasm, she stopped and slowly lifted herself off me.

She went down to R and kissed him. That was the first time id really seen them kiss, and it felt like the most intimate thing id seen. I thought I’d struggle with that more than anything but instead, this feeling of knowing he was mine. This was mischief, and this was pleasure; this wasn’t his heart. As she let go of him, R continued playing with the vibrator. I felt so close.

I watched him as Ezri moved around, looking for entertainment. Her hands over R then me. I watched them enjoying my body. I was too hot to do anything but let their hands and the vibrator use me. I felt so hot my body was so desperate for the attention, for the vibrator to continue fucking me and to orgasm. So hot I didn’t want then to stop. As my body lost control, I felt myself orgasming hard. They didn’t stop until my breathing calmed down.

Ezri headed off to clean off. R moved to kiss me. This kiss felt so different to the one I witnessed. He cares about me a lot that’s obvious from how he handles me. If anything, it enhances the lust. I didn’t want the kissing to stop. He slowly moved away and undid each cuff. I lay now free, on the bed. I presumed we’re off to clean up, but instead, he climbed over and got on top of me. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him as we kissed again.

He moved me slightly to mount me. His cock felt amazing. I groaned as he thrust into me. Stopping often to kiss me. It felt both lustful and so sexual and loving. This truly was making love. I adored him and wanted this not to stop forever. As he continued taking me, my body, begging for more.

Out the corner of my eye, I could see movement. Ezri had reentered the room. My eyes were focused on R, I wonder what she’s up to, but it’s hard to concentrate when he’s taking me. She sat on a chair and just appeared to be watching. Her hand was between her legs. Knowing she was watching, enjoying, and R is happy managed to make me so hot I lost any brain function.

My body focused on the sole task of fucking R, of enjoying his cock as it thrusts inside my body. Of feeling his body on top of mine and enjoying rubbing my hands over his chest and back. I wanted him so bad, and knowing we were being watched was really turning me on. He was with me, he wanted me, and she could see it.

His body felt so good I didn’t want him to stop, but I felt us both getting close to climax, and I was in such desperate need of relief. The heat was rising. I was gasping for breath, watching his beautiful body. His cheeky smile was no longer there, as he too appeared to be in a very sensual, happy space, desperate to cum.

As my body shook, giving in to the pleasure, I felt him speed up thrusting, and he filled me with his cum. Instead of pulling out, he laid still kissing me. My legs wrapped tightly around him, enjoying being with the man of my dreams. If this is how sharing him ends, I can’t wait to do it again.

As the enjoyment of the orgasms subsided and the kissing slowed down, he slowly moved away and joked with Ezri. We got up and decided to all go for a drink. I was in such a happy space, so satisfied with the mornings fun. I don’t think that’s the last time we will be joined in play … at least I hope not.

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