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I have a lot of terrific sex. Two or three times a week anyway and sometimes more. Always with good looking, well built, young women. And always they initiate it. Oh, I let them know I’m interested, too, but they start things. Unless they’re married. Then they have to actually proposition me. I’m not interested in breaking up a marriage. The married ones, though, usually are married to money and have no interest in ending the marriage, just having some good sex. In fact, that’s what all of us are interested in, good sex. At times, we’ll see each other often for awhile but none of us are interested in permanency.

I’m 26 years old, decent looking but no movie star. I’m fit, in good shape. My package is a little bigger than average but not one of those 10-inch salami’s some guys have in porn films. I have learned how to please a woman, though. So I use what I have to good effect. Since the women always have to be at least a little the aggressor to start, we usually meet at my apartment. Not always but most often.

I live in a fairly old, sprawling apartment complex, sort of Spanish Colonial design, roughly three miles west of downtown Los Angeles. The reason I’m there is the pool. Swimming is a big part of my life. Many places have small pools, oval or kidney shaped, designed to splash in. This place has a serious pool. 25 yards by eight lanes wide. I can do laps and get a terrific workout.

Swimming is likely behind all of this, even the sex. I started young, belonged to a swim club. In high school I was excellent, the star, won lots of competitions. I went to college, a small one, not a huge major one, on a swimming scholarship. I was still good, winning often. But it depended on who we were meeting. I wasn’t world class.

Back in high school and college we wore little Speedo suits. They barely covered our package. These high tech things that are famous now didn’t exist back then and still haven’t made it down to high schools and small colleges. If you’ve seen pictures of Michael Phelps or other top swimmers now, you get an idea of how we looked. Long, slim bodies with big shoulders and well developed chests. I’ve had girls tell me that when they looked at us swimmers, with almost naked bodies, their eyes automatically went to the little suit and our packages. Since I’ve got slightly more than some, a little longer and a little thicker, my package always was noticeable.

My first fuck was in high school. A girl swimmer, ahead of me in school, pulled me aside when I was going from the pool after practice to our locker room. She got me in the empty nurse’s office and had my suit down and her hand wrapped around my cock as she told me, “Ryan, I’ve wanted this ever since you first showed up here.” Whatever, in a minute she’s sitting on the desk, bare-ass naked, and I’m pushing my cock into her and I get my first fuck. It ends up that we do it fairly often. Always with a condom that she supplies.

Then a friend of hers, who she must have told about us, asks me to her house and we end up in her bedroom. She gives me my first blow job and we fuck. She had me back regularly. Again, she supplies the condoms. This was in the afternoons after school. I know her mother had to know what was happening and the girl always told me that her father couldn’t find out or there would be trouble. Since then, as I think back, I think the father was fucking her. I remember her commenting on what a clean, smooth cock I had, which meant she had seen at least one that wasn’t.

So, I was fucking. But then, one afternoon as I left the girl’s house, her neighbor stopped me and got me to come into her house. I’ll never forget her. Diane. She was probably early thirties, gorgeous. Her husband traveled a lot so she was left alone a lot. And she taught me all about women and sex and what worked best and how to do everything. It was like a post-grad course in sex and I’m still in high school. I learned to take things slow, get a girl excited and worked up some before moving on. I learned to eat pussy. Really eat pussy, either to make it last or to bring on an orgasm. I also learned that I love all of it. I still love eating pussy. Diane told me I was a natural. I learned every position that’s humanly possible, including anal. She taught me so well that, according to her, I became even better than her husband and she had married him because he was so good. She was black. And I’m not. I shouldn’t say was, I’m sure she still is, I just haven’t seen her in several years. But I’ll never forget her. Sexiest thing alive.

Through high school, I got used to a lot of sex. I had to keep a couple girls happy while spending every moment I could with Diane. Then I’m off to college. I think there must be some recognizable look about someone that’s just been fucked and is feeling very fulfilled. Because I never had more girls come on to me than right after I had just finished with one. I also think girls, or women, that are physically active are hornier than girls who aren’t. canlı bahis I had a lot of sex with other swimmers. And I think because I happened to meet one of them, also with a lot of soccer players. Maybe that one spread the word.

I remember going to a swimming meet with three other schools. We were checking into a hotel at the same time as another school. I looked at one of their girl swimmers, a very good looking girl, and some how both of our eyes seemed to connect and she grinned at me so I went over to talk to her. Fairly quickly we established that we both had room mates and that our room mates were as horny as we were and we arranged that she would stay with me in my room and my room mate would stay with her room mate in their room. It was only two nights but they were very active nights. We never missed a practice or event. In fact, I did very well, won my events, and so did she. I think the sex actually helped us. At least helped us not feel unwanted or in a strange place.

It turns out that through high school and college, I never had to hit on a girl. They always came to me. I had almost more sex than I could handle. I also used a lot of condoms. Most of the girls eventually were on the pill but it seemed safer to make sure and besides anyone can get almost any disease so damn easy, it’s scary. I know for sure that not all the girls were always that careful in the heat of the moment. But I always was. I’ve had two come to me to warn me that they discovered they had something but, after a check-up, I made sure that I hadn’t caught it. I have no idea how many knew but didn’t tell me. I never had sex with a virgin. I never seduced anyone, at least not against their will. I hope that I never will, I never intend to.

I work for an advertising agency. Marketing consultants, officially. Because of my job, this day I’m at a photo shoot for one of the products of a company we work with. I’ve been to a few of these and have learned that they take much, much longer than the longest you could think it could possibly take. This one is for a breakfast cereal. The model involved is absolutely gorgeous. Thin body, almost no waist line. Really noticeable breasts. Perhaps enhanced, certainly by a push-up bra of a sort but maybe even surgery. Beautiful face. Hair that’s perfectly coifed, a hairdresser constantly on hand. She’ll be here even longer than I am as it all gets set up and then finally shot. I’m here to represent our client but I essentially have nothing to do because the photographer knows his job and will do everything a lot better than I ever could. According to the material I have her name is Kevin. A girl named Kevin. So it may or may not be the name she was born with, just like those might not be the tits she was born with. But she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her face and cleavage should sell a lot of cereal.

I’m sure she can see that I think she’s gorgeous. We’re all in this one studio. It’s not cramped but there are nine of us total, stuck together for about four hours. So she knows I’m there. I can tell she’s looked me over, too. As we get near the end, in fact, the shot we’ll use has already been taken, she sidles near me and quietly, so no one else will hear, says, “You look like you’d like to eat me.”

To me, that’s an opening, saying she’d like me to eat her. “I would. I think I would enjoy it almost as much as you would.” I answer her, also quietly. She gives me a big, dirty grin. This beauty is also horny.

“What are you doing when this is over?” she asks.

“I have to go back to my company for at least an hour to report on this” I reply, “but after about 4:30 I can pick you up anywhere you want so we can go back to my apartment.”

She writes down an address and hands it to me and goes back over near the camera. We probably talked for half a minute the entire shoot. Later, when I get to the address, it’s a dress shop. A high end shop. I thought it would be an apartment but it’s not. I park and go in and she’s there, behind a little counter or cashier stand. She sees me and grins and comes over. She’s got on the ubiquitous little black dress and she’s as gorgeous as ever. “I’m sort of new at modeling,” she says, “so I’ve kept my job. Let me check with the owner and see if it’s o.k. for me to leave.” She’s back in just a minute and reaches for my hand, smiling, and we head out the door.

I wondered if she was a real blonde almost as much as I wondered if her tits were real. Well, I don’t know about blonde. She’s clean shaven but it looks like she might be, her coloring is right. And the tits? Either they’re really hers or she had an amazing surgeon. On her back, they flatten out just as they should and when she’s leaning over me, riding my cock, I suck and feel them and they’re perfect.

She starts by making love to my cock and telling me over and over how great it is and then sucks me dry using such great technique that she might have majored in this in college. And when I eat her, she has a perfect bahis siteleri pussy, firm and lovely and juicy and she cums twice and screams her head off as I suck up all she puts out. She’s very tasty, I’m willing to do that again and tell her so. Then she rides me and after she cums again, I do her doggy, then turn her over so we can face one another as I finally cum as she does for the umpteenth time, her legs wrapped up around me. Then we shower and start over.

She finally tells me that a girl she met told her about me and that she’s glad she did because she’d love to be with me some more. Well, I’d like to be with her some more, too, and we arrange the next meeting. I drive her home, stopping on the way for a Pink’s hot dog and chili.

I don’t want to seem blasé but I have something similar happen several times a week. I love it. Kevin may be a slight nudge better than some others but they’re all terrific.

I start a lot of days doing laps in the pool. Early in the morning before many people are up happens to fit my schedule best. I really work at it to let my muscles know they’ve been tested. Every once in a while I manage to spend a little time at the pool in the evenings or weekends when others in neighboring apartments are also there. So, I’ve become friendly with a few of them and at least recognize most of the others. A couple even kid me about all the girls I have and how they all seem to scream so much. I mostly just smile and accept the comments as praise.

One of the neighbors is a black woman. A very attractive woman, not old at all but not young, I’d guess forty or early forties. She has a daughter. No husband that I’ve ever seen. The daughter looks about ready to finish high school. A very pretty girl with a terrific, healthy body. Kathryn is her name. I’ve heard her mother call her that. I assume the father was white because she’s lighter than her mother and her features are a little sharper, less rounded. Her lips are full but not as full as some blacks. Very pretty girl and definitely a black girl even though her coloring is no darker than many hispanics. Black hair but either straightened or naturally only slightly curly. Both mother and daughter are friendly in a neighbor kind of way. Smiles and “hellos” and perhaps light conversation about the weather or something. Certainly nothing like they’re trying to get to know me or become serious friends. I have had passing sexy thoughts about the mother, she looks good for her age. And I’m aware the daughter is pretty but she’s too young for me to give her a second thought.

This night I’m very late getting home. I took a client to dinner and it’s almost ten pm by the time I get back. I get undressed and take a shower. As I come out of the shower, I hear my doorbell. Still wet, I wrap a towel around my waist and go to the door. Looking out the peep hole I realize it’s Kathryn. It’s the first time she’s ever been at my door. I open it slightly and sort of peer around it.

“Can I come in?” she asks. She’s wearing a robe, bathrobe it looks like. Her feet are bare.

“Well, I’m not really . .” I manage to get out and she just pushes the door a little and comes inside, into my living room. I close the door.” Why are you here?”

“I want to have sex with you.” she says.

“What?” is my immediate response, then, almost without thinking, “Why me?”

“My first time should be really good,” she says, “it will make me enjoy sex and be happy with it the rest of my life. And from what I can tell, you must be about as good at it as anyone in the world. You get beautiful women and they come back often.”

I can tell she’s trying to spew out something she came up with earlier and is actually embarrassed or hesitant. “But why have sex at all? Why now all of a sudden?”

“I’ve been going out of my mind turned on and playing with myself all the time. I can’t wait any longer. And I sure don’t want some jock football player raping me and making me hate it. I want some really good sex.”

“Well, I can’t have sex with you.”

“Why not? Is it because of my color?”

“No, not at all. I’ve had very good experiences with some black girls. Maybe the best fuck of my life was a black girl back in high school.”

“Is it because I’m not pretty enough?” she asks and then scares me by dropping her robe and standing there completely naked. Almost in the same movement, she reaches toward me and grabs my towel and leaves me standing there naked, too.

“No, Kathryn, in fact you’re extremely pretty and your body is terrific.” I just leave her robe and my towel on the floor. “You would probably be a really great fuck.” I sort of hope to fend her off a little by talking about fucking instead of using the word sex as she did. ‘The reason is, you’re a nice girl and I’m not a nice man.”

She’s staring at me. I think I’m the first naked man she’s ever seen, the first actual live cock she’s ever seen. “What does that mean?”

“Look, the whole world says that a boy bahis şirketleri and girl should get together and fall in love and get married and have babies. Sex should be part of love. That’s what nice people do. Like my parents, married for years and years. That’s not me. And that’s not the women I end up with. We’re all selfish, looking for the moment’s pleasure and not what’s right or for the best. You should keep up your studies, go to college, learn more about yourself, learn enough to make sure you can earn a good living, and then think about doing something permanent with some nice guy.”

“You sound like a preacher, or my Mom. I want to experience it, I want to have orgasms. I don’t want to end up messed up like my Mom.”

“Kathryn, that’s not fair. Your Mom isn’t messed up. If you have sex now and love it and then decide to have it more often, over and over, you’ll end up pregnant. You’ll be a single Mom with no education and no way to earn a decent living. That’ll mean you’re messed up like your Mom. I don’t know your story but it sure looks like that’s what happened to her and you’re anxious to repeat it. But not with me. I’m not going to help you ruin your life.”

She starts to cry. A beautiful, well built, naked young girl crying. I put my arms around her and hug her. I realize quickly that I can’t do this, I’m getting a hard on, pressing my naked body against hers. I step back and grab my towel and wrap it around me and then pick up her robe and help her get it on again. “Please, go home, Kathryn.” Sniffling she turns and heads out and I close the door behind her.

I’m a little baffled. Why did she come to me? Why didn’t I go ahead and fuck her? She’s sure attractive and she’s the one that asked for it. Terrific tits and strong looking ass. Whatever. I went to bed. It seemed like two minutes but probably was more and I hear banging on my door. Doorbell ringing and banging. I’m naked so I grab the first thing I can, swim trunks, and go to the door. It’s Kathryn’s Mom. I open the door.

“Was my daughter just here?” she yells at me.

“Come in,” I say.

“No, you lousy predator, taking advantage of my daughter!”

“Do you want to tell all the neighbors? Come in.” She does and I close the door. She starts in again telling me how horrible I am and trying to turn her dear little girl into one of my bimbos, etc., etc. I just let her yell. When she takes a momentary break I ask, “Did you talk to your daughter?”

“No, I was too mad at you, you bastard.”

“Well talk to her. She came in a virgin and she left a virgin. Which wasn’t what she wanted. That’s why she’s crying and that’s why she needs you.”

She just stares at me a moment. Red-eyed angry, then sort of surprised looking. She turns and storms out, slamming the door behind her.

What do you do in a situation like this? I went back to bed. It had been a tough day and I hadn’t got fucked.

The next late afternoon I was with Kevin again in my apartment. She starts by giving me an even wilder blow job that the time before. She’s got to be the absolute best cock sucker in the world. She really seems to like it. Then I maul her luscious breasts a little and get my tongue into her vagina and start working away at her. Her shaved pussy, while delicious and sexy as ever, has stubble. Later, after she cums and then we fuck in several positions while she cums a couple more times and then I do, I mentioned to her that she hadn’t shaved.

She gives me a grin but sort of an evil grin. “I met a guy,” she says. “A nice guy. I think there might be a future there. Maybe. Anyway, I’m not fucking him yet and I want him to think that maybe I’m a little less, well, experienced, than I am and so maybe I shouldn’t be shaved down there. So I’m going to let it grow out. Why, does that bother you?”

“No, You’ll be just as sexy and tasty with hair as without as far as I’m concerned. And you’re probably right about not having sex with him right away. You know, you’re too good at cock sucking. Don’t do that to him until you’ve got the marriage license or Mercedes or whatever it is you’re after or he’ll know you’re far from innocent.”

“Oh, if the time comes and that’s still a big if, I’ll tell him I’m not a virgin. Certainly never how much. I’m not for all the details, I might have to make something up. Or maybe not, probably describing my real first time would probably do it.”

“Is he rich?”

“Oh, sloppy rich. More money that anyone can think of. If we go on, I know his Dad will have me checked out, have me followed. So I probably will have to quit seeing you for awhile. But he’s really a nice guy. I think I’ll really like being with him. But I don’t want to get my hopes up yet. I’m sort of leaking a little, can we take a shower?”

She’s got a beautiful face, striking. She has those gorgeous tits. Every man that sees her wants her, I’m sure. So if he truly is a nice guy, she’ll probably land him if she wants to. Hell, I think she could land me if she wanted to and I don’t even believe in marriage and fidelity and all that. So we shower and pretty much start over and go through some more orgasms and I take her home. Her pussy does itch my face a little, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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