The Therapist’s Journey Ch. 15

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Thirty minutes later Jimmy was driving the SUV home; Jenny, still dressed like a teen-aged tramp, sat beside him, gently stroking his thigh. When they passed their first truck, Jimmy thought he saw the driver check out his Mom. He slowed down when they passed the next truck and his suspicions were confirmed; the driver was definitely taking a gander at Jenny. When the driver grabbed his radio Jimmy wondered whether he was telling his fellows about the hot scantily-clad chick in the SUV.

As they approached another eighteen wheeler Jimmy thought of Dr. Stone’s advice. So far she had been dead on: the more his Mom exposed herself, the crazier, the hotter she became. It was time to stretch the envelope. “Mom, put your big sunglasses on.”

Jenny looked at him. “Why?”

“You’ll see. Just do it.”

Jenny put on the sunglasses just as Jimmy pulled astride the driver. “Hey Mom, that trucker’s checkin’ you out. Why don’t you blow him a kiss.”

Jenny looked to her right. There was a fat face, stubbly with beard, staring at her. She turned to her son. Surely he wasn’t serious. But Jimmy’s face was calm; it brooked no dissent. As she realized she was going to follow her son’s instructions Jenny felt a warm pang between her legs; this spur of the moment direction to flirt with a stranger was turning her on. The last twenty-four hours had left little of the good girl mask she’d been spent the past decade wearing. Jimmy was right. There could be no harm in one little kiss and the thought of doing it stoked the heat in her groin. She looked at the trucker, smiled, and threw him a kiss. He tooted his horn in appreciation.

Jenny’s quick compliance bolstered Jimmy’s confidence. He looked in the rear view mirror. There was no one behind them. Keeping the SUV abreast of the truck, he said, “Mom, let’s give this hard-workin’ boy a show. Flash ‘im.”

Jenny’s weak meandering protest, “Honey, I don’t know, I mean, you don’t know anything about this guy, I mean, he could be anyone, be reasonable, he could be a crazy druggie, anything…,” was undercut by her uncertain tone of voice. She wasn’t putting up much resistance, inviting her son to override her.

Jimmy laughed. “Mom, don’t worry about him, we can get away any time we want and you’ve got your sunglasses on. So sit back and show the guy what he wants. Heck, I’ll enjoy it too.”

Jenny glanced in the side mirror. The sunglasses, she thought, should keep her identity a secret. Slightly reassured, and more than a little bit aroused by the prospect of flashing a stranger, Jenny pulled down one side of her blouse, exposing a breast. Her nipple was hard and erect. The trucker’s face showed a broad grin. She closed her eyes and leaned back, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her flesh.

Jimmy grinned triumphantly. Lauren Stone was right. His mother an exhibitionist. A fact, he was learning, he could definitely take advantage of.

“Lift that shirt up. Show him both your fine tits and pull the seatbelt down so it doesn’t cut between them.” Jenny again looked at her son. Had she lost the ability to say no? She lifted the shirt, baring her braless tits. Despite her concerns, she was increasingly turned on; both nipples were at full attention.

“Now touch them.” Jenny reached over to her son’s crotch. He was erect; he was responding to her display. She imagined that the truck driver’s cock was nice and hard. She imagined him picking up a lot lizard that night and thinking about her tits while the whore sucked him off. Jenny cupped her breasts, making a show of teasing and pulling on her nipples.

Jimmy noticed another truck fast approaching from behind. He allowed his speed to drift down and the first truck pulled ahead. Jimmy stuck his arm out the window and waved; the driver gave an appreciative toot of his horn.

When the next truck pulled astride them Jenny, without instruction, waved at the driver, her breasts still exposed. He whooped and sounded his air horn. Her hesitation of a few minutes ago seemed ancient history; she was fully immersed in the moment.

“Mom, me and these guys really love your tits and nipples.”

Jenny turned back to her son and flashed a sexy smile before giving her breasts a quick squeeze and again waving at the driver.

“Mom, pull down your shorts.”

Although part of her wanted to object, Jenny, hands shaking, unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down until they sat at her ankles. As her son knew, she was not wearing any underwear; her wet pussy glistened in the sunlight.

Matching his speed to that of the truck, Jimmy said, “Spread your legs as wide as you can.”

Goose-pimples erupting over her skin, Jenny spread her legs. The distracted trucker swerved, nearly hitting the SUV, as he stared at the beautiful all-but-naked red-head. Jenny, thrilled at the attention, ran her hand across her son’s thighs and the outline of his hard dick. Jimmy opened his pants and Jenny pulled his cock free, softly caressing his erection. bahis firmaları With her other hand she pulled a breast to her mouth and licked the nipple.

Jimmy suppressed a broad smile as he contemplated his mother’s transformation. When he noticed the trucker check his rear view mirror Jimmy did the same and saw another truck pulling up behind. Apparently the act the crazy red-haired chick was putting on was being passed around among the drivers. Could he up the ante? It was, Jimmy decided, worth a try. He slowed down, drifting back to the truck behind them. Jenny, fully focused on sucking her own tits, didn’t initially notice. When she was alerted by a toot of the horn of the truck that was pulling away in front, she turned to her son in confusion. He gestured out the window as another truck pulled up beside them.

The driver was, unexpectedly, a woman, with short black hair. Her face featured several tattoos and piercings.

“Hey, she’s cute. Let’s give her a show. Mom, put your fingers between your legs.”

Jenny hesitated. She had dug performing for the men, but there were limits.

“Just do it,” he said firmly.

Jenny, secretly thrilled by her son’s new commanding attitude, ran her right hand up her leg and slipped a finger into her wet cunt. The SUV continued to pace the heavy truck as Jenny moved this finger, and then several, in and out of her pussy. The truck driver was visibly delighted. Jenny couldn’t believe it. She felt her cunt get wetter and wetter.

“That’s great Mom. Now lick those sticky fingers.” Jenny sucked the juice from her fingers. The trucker stared open-mouthed. Jenny imagined the driver, sinking her fingers into her lover’s pussy later that night and licking off the cream. She jammed her right hand back between her legs while continuing to fondle her son’s cock with her left. Her cunt was on-fire; she needed to cum; she started working on her clit. She looked at the truck driver and ran her tongue over her lips, wondering what her cunt tasted like. And then the woman started drifting away. Jimmy was slowing down. Jenny frantically turned to Jimmy. What was going on; she was not done. The SUV veered to the left and Jenny noted the scenery behind her son. They were pulling off the highway; they were home; this was their exit.

When they reached the bottom of the exit Jimmy looked at his Mom. She was sprawled across her seat, exhibiting her wares to anyone who cared to look.

“You better cover up Mom.”

Jenny, her tone distracted, her mind focused on the steaming swamp between her legs, said, “Yes son.” However, as they drove through their home town, windows down, waving to friends and neighbors, Jenny’s hand continued to frig her son’s enormous erection.

* * * *

As the garage door closed behind them Jenny knew one thing; she needed to be fucked, fucked soon, and her husband was definitely not in the running. After she got out of the SUV another thought intruded. She couldn’t possibly let her husband she her dressed like this. That’s when she realized that they had not reclaimed her clothes or the day’s shopping from Nasty Girl.

“Baby, we left our shopping behind.”

Jimmy had realized it, but the last thing he wanted to do when he hurried his horny mother to the family car for their first fuck was to detour back to Nasty Girl.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call the store.” Then, as if he had been doing it for years, he placed a hand on her ass and kissed her, unashamedly slipping his tongue into her mouth. As they continued their long lingering sexy french kiss she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body to his. After several minutes of hot necking Jenny broke the kiss and said, “We better get inside. Your dad’s going to start wondering what we’re doing out here.”

As Jimmy went to call the store, Jenny stopped to pull one of her son’s tee-shirts from the dryer. She put it on. It covered the shirt and cut-offs. It was Sunday and that meant hubby was watching football. She found him in the den in his recliner. The beer cans stacked on the table showed he was well on his way to a happy drunk. She stood behind their high-back couch, which was positioned to the side of and behind his chair, and they exchanged pleasantries. She heard her son approaching, whistling a happy tune.

Both mother and son were wondering if the other would be as brazen at home as they had been out of it. The answer came almost immediately. Jimmy stood behind his Mom and rubbed his rock hard erection against her ass while sliding his hands underneath the tee shirt to fondle her tits. Jenny moaned, pushing her ass back against him while pretending to pay attention to something her husband was saying. One of Jimmy’s hands moved across her stomach, pushed inside her shorts, and cupped her naked wet cunt, slipping a finger inside and rocking her back against his hard dick. She placed both hands on the top of the couch and shimmied her ass against his erection. Jenny then leaned forward and slipped kaçak iddaa her hand between them, tracing the outline of his prick. He loved the touch of her fingers on his cock while his father sat a few feet away. As if she could read his mind she slipped her hand inside his shorts and closed her fingers around the stiff shaft. She began stroking him gently.

His father spoke, “Instead of standing there why don’t you two sit down and watch the game.”

Jenny replied, her tone positive and friendly as she worked her son’s penis. “Actually I got a few things I need Jim to move upstairs. I’ll need him to squeeze into some tight places. After that I’m going to take a shower and lay down, I’m a bit tired. Jim, you don’t mind helping your Mom, do you?”

No ma’am,” he replied. “I’m kinda bushed too. I may take a nap myself.”

“Thank you honey,” Jenny said while rotating her hand on the head of her son’s meat. Then she said to her husband, “We’ll join you for the next game, dear.”

“Sure,” Roger replied, half-listening. He thought, in passing, that Jimmy was abnormally happy to help his Mom, he usually ran from chores, but Roger was soon fully absorbed in the game. Jenny, seeing that her husband has stopped paying attention, said good-bye, knelt behind the couch, undid her son’s jeans, and recalling the ice cream cone at the mall, took hold of his cock and slowly licked it from base to tip, applying as much pressure as she could manage with her tongue. She then kissed each of his heavy testicles.

Jimmy loved it, but wanted more. Taking her head in his hands, he lowered it over his erection. When it bumped the back of his mouth he shifted the angle until his prick lodged at the opening of her throat. When his mother offered no resistance, he held her steady and moved his hips into her face. After a moment he felt a pop as his cock entered her throat. He let go of her head and moved her hair to the side so he could watch her beautiful face descend over his tool. Jenny worked her lips and tongue on the shaft while she bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of his cock into her face as she could manage. She rolled his testicles with her fingertips and looked up at her son, locking her eyes on his.

That’s when the commercials started. His eyes on the screen, Roger said, “I thought you were gonna help your Mom.”

Despite an attempt to control his voice, Jimmy’s “Sure Dad,” exhibited an unnatural excitement.

Roger looked at his son, noting his flushed face. Something odd was happening. “You okay? You two have fun shopping?”

“Yeah, Dad. I’m sure we’ll want to do it again.”

That his son enjoyed shopping with his mother was odd, but the commercial ended. He grumbled, “Better you than me,” and turned his attention back to the game as the conversation faded from his mind. Jenny took the opportunity to slip away. Jimmy fetched his Dad another beer and headed upstairs.

He heard the shower running in his parents’ bedroom. He stopped, taking a moment to study his mother’s sublime form through the shower’s glass door. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. He stripped and stepped inside. Jenny was naked; soap and water dripped from her body. She took his erect cock in her hand, soaping it up as they exchanged spirited kisses. Jenny then sat on the shower’s chair and let her son wash her hair, after which they scrubbed each others bodies. When done, Jenny, thinking of Emily’s bald pussy, asked Jimmy, her voice coy, if he wouldn’t mind helping her shave her pubes. Jimmy agreed although in the end Jenny did the shaving. Jimmy’s hands were shaking in lust and Jen thought it best to keep him away from a razor. When done Jimmy turned her around, directed the shower nozzle to spray on his Mom’s pussy, and fucked her from behind while she whimpered and begged in delight.

They piled out of the shower, dried each other off, and Jimmy helped blow dry and comb Jenny’s hair. As they dressed – Jimmy in loose fitting gym shorts and a tee-shirt, Jenny in a short blue skirt and a baggy blouse – both sans underwear, Jimmy’s phone beeped.

He picked it up. “It’s from Emily. When I called the store they said she was gone, but that she’d mentioned a customer had left some bags behind. She was taking them home for safe-keeping. If the customer called she asked the manager to give him her phone number. I sent her a text. This is her reply. She said she’s out of pocket now, but will get back to us later about returning our stuff. My battery’s about to die so I texted her the home phone number.”

“What did you think of Emily?’ Jenny asked.

“She seemed very nice,” Jimmy responded cautiously.

Jenny understood the reason for Jimmy’s circumspection. “Well, I thought she was drop dead gorgeous,” Jenny said. “She also showed me her pussy. It was completely bald. It’s what inspired me to shave mine.”

Jimmy grinned. Jealously was not going to be an issue.

Holding hands the incestuous mother and son headed downstairs. When kaçak bahis they entered the den Roger, his voice slurred, said “Do you guys mind grabbing me another beer?” They headed for the kitchen, where Jimmy pushed his mother against the refrigerator and kissed her passionately while pawing her braless breasts through her blouse. They didn’t hear the phone ring. Roger’s stumbling gait alerted them only a moment before he stepped into the kitchen. They had time to break their kiss, but their arms were still wrapped around each other.

Too drunk to notice how quickly Jen and Jimmy jumped apart or their bright red faces, Roger said, a happy grin on his face, “You two are sure getting along. There’s a woman on the phone for you son, named Emmy I think. New girlfriend? She sounded pretty.”

“Thanks Dad. I’ll take it in the study and catch up with you guys in the den.”

Emily told Jimmy she had their stuff. While Jimmy offered to pick it up, Emily said she and her Dad were driving their way the following weekend and could drop it off. Perhaps Jimmy and his Mom could join them for dinner? Jimmy thanked her and said that wouldn’t be a problem; in fact he’d like to treat as a way to say thanks.

Distracted by the close call with his father and his throbbing dick, it would not be until the following morning that Jimmy realized that Emily had not only known that Jenny was his mother, but that he had acknowledged that fact.

Jimmy hung up the phone, grabbed a blanket from the hall closet, and headed for the den. His Mom was sitting on the couch; his Dad in his chair. Jimmy sat next to Jenny, covered both of them with the blanket, and joined in his parents’ conversation. When the game came back on Jenny felt a hand on her bare thigh. Still spooked by the close call in the kitchen she whispered “Not now,” and pushed Jimmy’s hand away. Jimmy moved her hand aside and put his back on her thigh. When she pushed it away again, he did the same. She gave him her best stern parental look, but he was looking at the game. She continued pushing his hand away, but her son was simply too strong and determined.

A commercial interrupted the game and Roger, noticing his wife squirming on the couch, said “You okay babe?”

She placed both hands on top of the blanket and smiled at her husband, thinking as well as I can be with your son fondling my leg. She didn’t say that. She said, “Yes honey, I’m fine. Just a little cramp or something, that’s all.”

Jimmy, taking advantage of the interruption, slowly, almost teasingly, slid his hand up her smooth sleek thigh. Jenny kept her hands on her lap as her husband continued the conversation. She wanted to tell Jimmy to stop, but interrupting Roger would only raise suspicion. When Jimmy’s hand was within inches of her pussy she clamped her legs tightly, put on her best smile and continued talking to her husband. Jimmy tried to push his fingers closer to her pussy which was juicing up in response to her son’s insolent disregard for his father’s presence. Jimmy, when it became apparent he could not force his hand between his mother’s thighs, suddenly changed course and ran his hand up the outside of her thigh under her skirt.

Jenny looked at her son. He smiled, outwardly calm. Her eyes flared, trying to warn him, but he settled his fingers above her pussy. Jenny shivered in involuntary delight as he explored the newly shaven zone, but still crossed her legs denying him further access. He kept his hand resting on the top of her bare thigh under her dress, gently stroking her as they watched the game.

They continued this way for several minutes. During the next commercial Roger said, “Need me another beer,” and tried standing, but fell back into his chair. He turned to Jenny, “I guess I’ve had a lot, but another won’t kill me. Honey, would you mind?”

Jenny jumped at the opportunity to escape Jimmy’s hand. Roger, happy to have a wife so wonderful that she didn’t mind if he spent the day watching football and didn’t carp while he worked his way though a refrigerator full of Budweiser, said, “Thanks dear.”

When she returned Jimmy was telling his father about their shopping trip. She handed Roger the beer and sat down, making sure Jimmy excised the carnal details. Distracted, she realized she had not crossed her legs until she felt her son’s hand racing up her thigh. He was fast and before she could react his hand was resting on her crotch, his fingers pressing against her pussy. She crossed her legs, trapping his hand. That left them at a stand-off: he couldn’t do anything because Jen’s legs had closed on his hand; she couldn’t release her grip for fear of what he’d do to her pussy, which was growing hotter by the moment.

It was quite a pickle; she was sitting in a room next to her husband with her son’s hand pressed against her naked sex. She had to keep Jimmy from getting inside her while trying to suppress her burgeoning arousal. Thank god for football and beer, she thought, which at the moment were consuming Roger’s attention. She recalled her concern when they got home: that Jimmy would not be aggressive enough. Be careful what you wish for, she thought; this would be funny if it had been someone else.

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