The Test

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Daisy sits on the toilet with a pregnancy test in her hand, reeling through her mind the events that have led up to this moment. At the moment she is not sure who the father is or how excited she should be. Tapping the side of her leg she looks up at her best friend and smiles.

“So let’s work through it,” Mariette says looking down at her. “Who have you been with lately?”

Daisy grins. “Are you sure this will help?”

Mariette laughs, “I want to know all the juicy details.”

“Well okay…”

About four weeks ago I was with Tommy on the beach. We had spent the day swimming and just being with each other and then it got crazy. He convinced me to strip naked and go skinny dipping with him. I have to tell you it was pretty fun.

When we did get out of the water, he started tickling me. I got up and ran, but my giggling made it easy for him to get me. As he tackled me into the sand he rolled between my thighs. I could feel his hard cock brushing against my leg and I knew I wanted him. I leaned into him and kissed him hard and deep. He ran his cock along my slit until it slipped in. I could feel my pussy stretch to accommodate him.

His cock slid in deep, as far as it could go. Then he started to rhythmically thrust, penetrating my depths. I encircled my legs around his hips and began to rise to meet each thrust. “Oh fuck Tommy, this is so fucking good,’ I moaned.

I felt my pussy walls constricting around his cock as he stretched me out. The width of his cock was just crazy and I strained to accommodate him.

Eventually I sped up thrusting against him. I wrapped my legs tighter around him as my hips pushed forward harder and harder. I felt my body tremble and I knew I was close to cumming. He kept thrusting vigorously as I exploded. My pussy contracted around his cock, just as his cock swelled up. Then like a gush I felt his cum spew into me, filling me up. Throb after throb I could feel his hot cum hit the back of my pussy. Oh my god it felt so good. The feeling of warm cum in you is just amazing.

When it was over, we lay there basking in the evening sun. He kissed my breasts and up my neck to my lips. It was one of my most memorable times with Tommy.

“He sure didn’t last very long,” Mariette says.

“He didn’t have to,” Daisy counters. “Though it was quick, it was amazing.

“So who else?” Mariette prompts. “Come on and don’t leave güvenilir bahis anything out.”

“Alright,” Daisy says laughing. “Three weeks ago I had Kevin over to fix my garbage disposal.”

“Kevin?” she asks shocked. “Kevin from high school?”

“Yeah after graduation he started working over at old man Higgins’ appliance store.”

So anyway, he had just got done with the repairs when I offered him some iced tea. He gulped it down and said, ‘It’s pretty hot in here.’

I winked at him. Yeah it was hot. That’s because I turned the air conditioner off. But I told him something different. “Yeah it is. The air has been acting kind of funny.’

‘Would you like me to look at it?’ he asked.

I said, ‘No. I’m having Sears bring out a new one this week.’

‘Oh okay,’ he said. He bent down to collect his tools and quickly I threw off my t-shirt. When he came back up, he was more than just shocked. ‘Uh,’ was all he could say.

I lifted my hand to play with my green laced bra strap. Slowly I unstrapped both side and pulled it down to expose my breasts to him. ‘What are you waiting for?’ I asked him

He is a quick learner let me tell you. I don’t think I have ever seen a man move that fast. By the time he was undressed, so was I. He swiftly moved over to me and lifted me up onto the counter. His cock was already hard and long. It was thick, but not as thick as Tommy’s.

He gently kissed me on my neck before moving up to my lips. As he is kissing me, I reached down to grab his cock and I began stroking it. I must have been jacking him off pretty hard because before I knew it, he spurted all over my pussy.

I didn’t give him time to consider anything as I grabbed him and pulled him into me. For a brief second I felt his hardness pressed against me and then it was pushing past the folds of my pussy and in deep into me. I nearly screamed when he hit the back of my pussy. When I looked down he still had a couple inches left to go. I don’t know how it happened, but I had an orgasm already. My juices spurt all over his cock. I was going wild.

He smiled and started thrusting in and out of me. His hands worked my breasts, massaging them and occasionally I felt a pinch of my nipples. After a few minutes of sensuality he starts fucking me harder and harder, until he’s like a wild animal. In, out, in, out, his cock thrusts. Harder and harder with each thrust and türkçe bahis soon I feel my pussy contract and my juices spraying out all over his stomach.

I grabbed his ass, pulling him in each time he pulled away. My body was trembling, but I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to feel his hot cum fill me up. Then like a tense eruption, his cock bursts, flooding my insides. He had so much cum that it filled me up and a bit pushed out past his cock. I was amazed by just how much he had.

“Well there’s the problem Daisy, you don’t use protection and you have them all cum in you.”

Daisy smiles, “Well I can’t help that I like the feeling of being cummed in, can I?”

“I guess you’re right,” Mariette says. “I like the way it feels too.”

“See you are a dirty girl to,” she accuses.

Mariette laughs. “So I am. Is that all of them?”

Daisy grins. “No there is also my boss.”

“You’re boss Rudy? How?”

“Well I was leaving work a couple weeks ago when Rudy came over to my desk…”

‘That was an excellent presentation you gave,’ he said.

He stood right over me, so close I could smell his aftershave. Rudy is so fucking hot, I’ve thought about banging him since I started working there.

‘You keep this up and there is a promotion waiting for you,’ he said. ‘Well I got to get home to the wife. Will you wrap things up here?’

As an answer I reached up and grabbed his jacket and pulled him down for a kiss. He broke away and said, ‘I don’t think I should do this. I am a married man after all.’

‘Rudy,’ I said. ‘You’re going to take me here and now.’ I wasn’t giving him an option. I wanted this man and I was going to get him.

I could see him thinking it over. It didn’t take long and quickly he was reaching under my shirt to unclasp my bra. The straps went slack and he pushed my shirt and bra up and over my breasts. He stepped back to take a look at them and quickly pulled off his shirt. I tossed my shirt and bra to the side.

Rudy’ hands explored my breasts while mine felt the hardness of his body. They moved lower, reaching the waist of his pants. I twisted my body slightly to allow my hands to unfasten his pants button. He helped push his pants down after I unzipped him.

Rudy pressed his cock, which was growing pretty quickly into me. I felt it through my jeans. I ran my hands up and down his gorgeous body as his cock continued to güvenilir bahis siteleri press into me. I lifted my body up slightly and he went to work unzipping them and pulling them off, panties and all. When he settled back against me, I felt his cock against my stomach. It felt so hot and hard and ready. I wanted it more than anything.

‘Take me Rudy,’ I ordered him.

His hands reach around, grabbing my hips and he guided his cock over my pussy. I spread my legs open wider for him. Looking into my eyes, he reached a hand between us to guide his cock into my pussy. I groaned when his cockhead brushed against my lips before slipping into me.

I grabbed onto his shoulders and his hands returned to my hips. He leaned forward, forcing me back onto my desk. With a slow rhythm, he began thrusting in and out. Each time he thrust in, I could feel him go deeper and more easily than the last. His cock felt so good in me.

I could feel my insides slowly part as his cock inched its way deeper inside me. I was opening wider and wider with each push. His cock made me feel so full. The feelings flowing over me caused my tension to subside and I felt him suddenly slide all of the way into me.

He lifted his head up to give my lips a kiss. His hands lifted my hips up slightly to slide out of me. I felt almost sad for a brief moment. I wanted him in me and not out. Then he slipped his cock back in slowly, burying it deep into my depths and I let out a long moan.

With every stroke out I felt loss, but when he entered again I felt so full. My body began moving on its own rhythm as he had his. It’s like my body wanted him deeper inside. Each thrust made my pussy feel tighter and tighter and I could feel my orgasm building inside me.

I knew when he was ready to cum. I felt him squeeze tightly to me, forcing his cock in as deep as it could go. Then it twitched and burst his hot cum deep into me. I squirmed in pleasure, grinding my pussy against him, encouraging his cock to pumps all it could into me. The feeling of being filled up and the grinding of my clit against his pelvis was enough to make me erupt. My pussy forced its juices out past his cock to spray his balls and legs, even the carpet beneath us.

“Have you done him since?” Mariette asks.

Daisy frowns and says, “Unfortunately no. He said his wife was a little too curious when he went home. Apparently he smelled like my pussy.”

Mariette laughs causing Daisy to follow suit. After a good long minute of laughter Mariette looks down at Daisy’s hand and says pointing, “Look.”

Daisy looks down at the test, the line had turned positive.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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