The Temptation

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Hmm, it was morning again. Ohhh.. how I wished the night continued to stay for some more time. As I look besides me, to see her just so charming. Beautiful as she lay in my arms.

I felt a flock of her hair under my fingers as I just pushed them behind her ear. As I did, I felt the smooth skin of her cheek. Smiling as I recollected the wonderful moments we shared last night. As I sat up straight gently moving her arm from my chest so I could sit up and also make sure I do not wake her up. Not yet at least.

As I stood up besides my bed, I marveled at the beautiful creature that had entered my life, giving it a new meaning all together. She was just stunning as she lay there to her side, completely naked, her legs folded, her arms resting at her head. All you could see was her legs, her smooth belly and a hint of cleavage hidden behind her arms and her angelic face. I stood in awe as her skin glowed to the first rays of sunlight.

But how did this all happen, it seems to be just like a dream, a bubble that could just burst if you hold it too tightly.

But like every story, this one has a beginning aswell.

Part 1: The Temptation

It was late. A little too late if you ask me. She usually came back home by this time. I was sitting in the living room watching TV not really sure what’s going on anymore. I was about to call her up again when I heard a car stop by my house. As I walked towards the door, I herd the door bell ring.

It was her alright. Opening the door, I was about to ask her for an explanation but as soon as the door opened, she just jumped right in on me hugging me a little more than a regular father daughter hug. I could smell the beer from all over her. As I let her in and closed the door I realized no point yelling at her, specially when she was soo drunk.

Looking at me with half opened eyes, she greeted me almost trying to stand straight. “Go in and clean up, ill get something for you to eat.” I said knowing she would be starving. “Oh thank you daddy,.. I .. I am really starrvvedd..” She replied. as she started walking to her room. At 19 Jenifer was 5’6″ weighing about 110 lbs. She had her mom’s golden blonde hair and big brown eyes. She had the perfect body that most girls her age dreamed of with a busty frame, long slender legs and a cute face that could never do anything wrong.

As she stumbled to walk to her room, I followed her in case she needed help, she stopped at her door and looked back at me smiling “Thank you daddy, I think ill make it to my roommm..” I didn’t bother responding, but yes, I did have a response. It was the black latex pants that she was wearing that caught my eye. She had one of those tight latex pants that stuck to her legs.

When she turned to walk, my eyes just followed her. When she reached her bed, she bent down to rid her high heels. God that was a lovely scene, her ass really showed off behind those pants. I was staring at her, opened mouth when I got to see her wiggle her ass a little as she started teasing me, knowing or unknowingly.

I felt like just going there right now right this instance … and just grab that … grab her ass right there and squeeze it … pat it … just feel my hands soo full of it.

What the hell… what am I thinking … Its jeni there, my own daughter. I cant have such thoughts about her … not these ones… I said to myself. I looked at her as she struggled to get her other heel off her foot.

I turned around and walked right to the kitchen leaning against the dining table. Man was that something I thought to myself. It was then that I realized that I had a raging hard güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on under my boxers. It was reality. No point fighting it … I was getting sexually attracted to my very own daughter. Aroused by her sight and wanting to do things …. Things I would never dream of doing … up until now.

This s exactly why I shouldn’t be watching too much porn I said to myself as I re-heated our dinner – some pasta. With the “Cling” of the micro wave, I began looking for jeni expecting her to come to the table. She must be starving I thought. Then after a few minutes, I went looking for her to her room. The door was opened, so I let myself in. She was lying on the floor passed out if I had to guess.

On the floor next her was her jacket, a leather one that matched her pants. She was lying on the floor in her tank top and her pants still on. She looked soo vulnerable in there lying like that. I went to her and tried lifting up.

Now at 42 I wasn’t that old of a fart. Workouts and some regular cycling kept me in a pretty good shape. I lifted her one arm under her knees and the other supporting her back as her neck felt aback. I took her to her bed and lay her there. Even though she was drunk, there was this alluring effect she had on me.

She then murmured something as she turned sideways to slumber in comfort.

As I let her be, I could not help but notice how her pants would show the perfect shape of her legs. How her ass would seem soo inviting to me. Ohh wish I could just put my hands on her… just this once … I could feel my hand soo close to her hips just inches from her waist, where her beautiful white skin was in contrast to the black skinny pants.

I then gathered all my will and stood up away from her. Then realizing it was cold, decided to cover her up with her bed sheets. I looked up one and started spreading it over her to cover her as comfortably as I can get it to be.

As I covered her up, the silky covers of the sheets created a perfect mould of her body. Her shape was perfectly replicated by the sheets. She looked ever so gorgeous under the white wraps.

The long slender valley between her legs, as they joined by her hips, creating a beautiful mountain of her ass, to the very terrain of her body, hillocks moving up, and down slowly with every breath she takes. It was a delightful sight, as the moonlight shone on her, elevating her lustful shape only gods would create for themselves.

Finally I gave in to my desires, I could not fight it anymore… as I reached out my right hand and gently laid it on her right thy. Nervous was I and ever soo excited as I felt her warm body under my hand. Slowly and steadily my hand rose up to her ass. God how magnificent that felt to just lay my hand on her ass like that

I kept it there for what seemed to be for ever, just feeling her as I slowly increased pressure as I now grabbed a feel of her, hand squeezing her ass as my mouth opened and let out a small moan, I could feel myself drained off of emotions. There was an obvious tent in my boxers that needed some attention.

I had never felt this aroused in a really long time. But this was enough before it went out of hand. No one knows what courage and will power it took me to remove my hand off of her and get out of that room.

Closing the door silently behind me I rushed down to my room. I could feel myself breathing heavily as I could hear my heart pounding real hard. This was a lot like the first sexual experience that I had almost over 25 years ago. Even though I didn’t remember what it was, I sure was going through the same emotional güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cycle all over again.

But what was more important then was the sudden feel of pain and pressure under my boxers which needed some serious attention.

Within seconds, I had my throbbing 8 inches cock in my hand just stroking it. I wanted this moment to last for as long as it could. I lay on my bed, eyes closed, all I could hear was the sound of the cooler and my heart pounding in my chest.

I could now clearly see her. Jeni, she was standing there right in front of me now. Licking her upper lip as she looked with her lustful eyes, running her hands all over her body. Her hands were now holding her golden blonde hair over her head as she pushed her chest allowing her breasts to push up forward.

What a sight as I saw her nipples harden under the material of her tank. She then dropped her hair and started running her hands on her neck, fingers teasing her clavicle as they now lowered to her breasts. Just teasing them …fingernails just brushing against the material of her tank as she would just run them on them and then, lower… lower… lower to her flat belly, purring as she would do it … teasing her daddy as hotly as she could…

Just teasing her naval with her fingers, running her fingers in circles on her belly. Then with one hand running the length of her waist band of her pants … she started teasing the buckle … teasing me … licking her lips while looking into my eyes … gently moaning as she does it … and poof… off comes the button of her pants … then with the other hand … down goes the zipper …I could swear I never saw a zipper move this slow as she just sways there giving me the strip tease of the lifetime …

I had to do something now … I couldn’t just sit there watching this, I had to act. I sat up and saw my hands reach for her… as I felt my hand nearing her belly .. when slap, she slaps my hand and her index finger swaying a no-no to me as she teases me …

Now her hand goes to her tank top as she gets it off in just one go.. I almost coughed at her act. She seemed like a pro at this, and was she hot. She covered her breasts as soon as the top was off her. She looked ever soo lovely like that. Hands covering her naked breasts, black latex pants fit tight to her legs, doing all the right justice to her legs as she smiled at me and turned…

with her hands she cupped her ass and started swaying her hips for me. As she bent a little swayed a little more as she squeezed her ass for me as she did it… and with every move she made, she lowered her pants inch by inch… as her panty straps were now visible. And as she went on … she started lowering her pants .. as more and more of her ass was now visible to me … was she hot or what!!

“I cant take this any more Jeni” I said to her as I went closer and closer… and just lay my hand on her waist, this time it was her who moaned out loud.

I ran my hands over her hips as they soon rested on her ass. With one push I lowered her pants some more .. and then with some more effort, it came down. Within a second, she hopped to the wall pushed herself against the wall, with her head turned back she smiled at me and without wasting a single second, I was at her now.

As I pushed myself onto her hands on her shoulders, as I felt her warm skin under my fingers. “Oohh daddy… ” was all she managed to moan out, as I pushed hard against her as I knew she could feel my hardness against her against her panty covered ass…

“Like what you feel princess?” I ask her to which güvenilir bahis şirketleri she reaches her hand behind and just feels my hard one under her fingers moaning.

“Ohh girl I want you… I want you right now baby” I moan out into her ears, “Yess daddy, take me … take me now” I hear her reply as she turns there facing me pinned between me and the wall as I look into her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes as she looks into my eyes, my lustful eyes.

As I move my face towards her to kiss her … she anticipates my very next move and closes her eyes, as she moves her face close to me. Eyes closed I move closer as I feel her presence ever soo close, hear her heart beating ever so loudly, feel her warm breath against me…

As I come close to her, lips almost meeting hers, I feel her hand on my chest, almost as if pushing me as if pulling me as I open my eyes she stands in front of me smiling as she holds me in her arms, her arms around my head as she whispers into my ear, “not soo soon daddy”

As I feel her hand squeezing my hard cock not knowing when she got her hand under my boxers, biting her lower lip she holds my cock and starts stroking it for me. “Hmm… im gonna make you soo happy daddy…” she purrs out to me and within seconds my body stiffens as I hear nothing, eyes shut as I feel only the pleasure in my loins… as I start to cumm… moaning out loud, I start to shoot globs after globs of my cream onto her fingers, and the insides of my boxers wetting myself completely. As she continues to stroke till he goes down completely limp.

Giving it one last stroke, she oozes out the remaining of the cumm from me .. and moans out in a cute way saying “Hmm… daddy, looks like you wet yourself now…”

Giggling at me as I move myself close to her, wanting to kiss her softly on her lips, as her other hand rises, finger stopping my lips, she comes close to me and whispers into my ears, in a deep soothing voice … “next time daddy, hang on to this till then” she says as her hand takes one long squeeze at my cock as she withdraws her hand from my boxers smiling as she does it.

Not knowing what exactly she meant by that, I open my mouth to ask her when she puts her finger on my lips and “Ssshhhh… pay attention now, some one is calling out to you…” she says

Not knowing what she meant, I feel a sudden jerk as if some one were to be pushing, or pulling me. Standing there not knowing what to do I looked at jeni, she was just smiling at me, gently laughing too, when I felt that happen again, with little more force than before as I fell on the bed and suddenly the lights were turned on all so brightly than I could remember, covering my eyes, I looked to see the ceiling of my room as I heard jeni call out to me again, “Daddy wake up… please wake up its morning now…”

Covering my eyes to shield against the sunlight, I had to clear my head to know what was going on. I remember me and jeni right here, I remember getting private with her, I remember my boxers getting wet, well they still were wet, but it wasn’t jeni who did it, well it was, but it was the jeni in my mind that did this…

I had to quickly cover myself before I made a real fool off myself. “Yeah, i.. im awake … ” I replied back. “Thanks daddy,… thanks for covering me up last night, she said as she smiled at me, “Now quickly get cleaned up and ill make you some lovely breakfast like you like it” she chirped as she left for the kitchen.

“Yeah, fine, ill do that, I can do that” I murmured… as I stand up, “get cleaned up” what did he mean by that … I wondered…

It must just be my imagination I said to myself, as I took a step to the bathroom to clean myself … Ouchh… I almost screamed as I stepped onto something. “what the …” I said out loud as I got a closer look, it was some kind of a metallic pin, or some kind of a stopper, it was …. It was a button… a Pant button.

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