The Sweetest Kiss

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From the moment I first saw him, I had to be with him. His bright blue eyes. His athletic build. His lock of dirty blond hair that brushed across his brow. I wanted to know how he tasted.

He put his arm around me as we laid in his bed for an afternoon nap. The sun peeked through the small opening in the curtains. His roommate was gone. We were alone for only a few hours. His hand began to softly stroke my upper arm. It slowly drifted across my chest and down to my abdomen. A sigh escaped my lips as my hips pushed back towards him. His hand continued to explore my body over my clothes. The heat from his hand burned through the thin fabric. I wanted him to peel off my clothes and leave his fingerprints imprinted on my bare flesh.

My pussy got wet as his hand reached under my tank top. He propped himself on his other arm as he kissed my neck and pressed his aroused member into the small of my back. My hips responded, gyrating and pressing my ass against him. He gently traced his rough fingertips under the swell of my chest. He moved his hand to cup bedava bahis my breast. My erect nipples ached to be pinched and rolled between his long fingers.

He flipped me onto my back and straddled me. His bugling cock pressed against the front of his plaid boxers. I tried to reach for him, but he grabbed my hands. He kissed my fingertips and ran his tongue down the length of my fingers. He placed them in his mouth and sucked on them. My cheeks flushed. He placed my hands over my head and pinned them down into the pillow. He bent over and kissed my neck. He lifted my shirt with his teeth to expose my fleshy mounds. My large rosebuds felt the cool air for a moment before he placed his warm moist lips over one then the other. He alternated between the two, flicking them with his tongue and nipping them with his teeth. I shuttered and closed my eyes. “Yes, it is finally happening,” I thought. My hips continued to grind against his thigh. My white panties were soaked in anticipation. He released my hands.

He reached over to the nightstand bedava bonus and grabbed a soda bottle. He poured the dark sweet liquid over my stomach. The tiny bubbles danced across my skin. He lowered his head down to slowly stroke my sticky flesh with his tongue as the liquid slid down the sides of my body.

His hands reached for the button on my jeans. Within seconds, I heard the zipper and closed my eyes as he stripped off my pants. I heard them hit the floor. His hair tickled my stomach as his tongue flicked my belly ring. “Go lower,” I thought, “please go lower.” He slipped his hand into my delicate lace panties and plunged his fingers into my pulsating pink pussy. Hot fluid flowed from my loins. His fingers explored the engorged folds of my flesh as he continued to kiss the curves of my hips and inner thighs. My fingers clawed at the blue sheets, needing to grasp onto something. My hips thrusted to meet his penetrating digits. He lustfully stared into my green eyes as his mouth found my nether mouth. He watched my face as deneme bonusu it twisted in pure pleasure as his tongue and hands manipulated my pussy. Moans escaped from my mouth as I continue to pant in ecstasy. My head whipped from side to side. I was mad with the overwhelming sense of desire as he indulged himself.

Hot tingling sensations spread across my body. I held my breath. My skin glistened with sweat as he hungrily fed upon my juices. I wanted his big purple cock to plunge deep inside me and explode in my pussy. But he wouldn’t. He continued to feast upon my body. My hips bucked and my eyes rolled back as multiple waves of orgasmic energy washed over me.

He kissed me. I tasted my nectar on his lips. He smiled. There was nothing to say.

As I rose from the bed and got dressed, I felt his wicked eyes watching me. Tracing the curves of my body with his stare. I could smell the essence of our encounter in the air. I walked to the door without turning around and stopped for a brief moment with my hand on the knob. I heard the metal bedsprings release. Before I could turn around, he was behind me. His hand reached from behind to squeeze my breast. His other hand reached down to rub me between my legs. His embrace trapped me. He nibbled on my ear and whispered, “Come back later. I have more to show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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