The Surprised Attraction Ch. 06

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Note from the Author: Things are heating up, many people are getting involved or… not yet. I would like to thank a fellow reader of this series for really giving a lot to them and helping me with most of these chapters. Thank you Paul for your edits on this one before I released it as well as the edits on the ones before. I hope you guys enjoy.

-Milo The Great

* * * * * * * *

Chapter 6 – The Painting Job

“Sam. Sam, sweetheart wake up.” A voice whispered.

Sam started to get out of his slumber. He opened his eyes and was immediately blinded by the light. Before he shut his eyes from blindness, he saw a familiar face.

‘Leah?’ He thought.

He rubbed his eyes to get them used to the light and opened them once more. To the side of his bed, Sam’s mother was standing waiting for him to awake. He sat up and looked around for his phone.

“What time is it?” He asked.

“5 pm.” His mother answered. “Have you been asleep all day?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I got back really late last night.”

“I know, I heard you come in.”

“Oh shit, did I wake you? I’m sorry.”

“No, no. I went back to sleep quick. You need to get out of bed dear. Dinner is going to be here soon. I ordered pizza.”

“OK. I’ll be down in a bit.”

His mother left the room and headed downstairs. Sam turned his body so he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. He put his face in his palms for a few seconds and then wiped his eyes to fully wake himself up. He looked around once more and finally found his phone on the ground next to his feet. He picked it up and clicked it on. Three texts popped up: one from Jack, one from Kelly, and one from a random number. He swiped across Kelly’s text to read the full message:

‘Hey, thanks for this weekend. It was really fun even though some things got kind of crazy. I love you so much. I miss you already and want to see your face next to me in bed. I am painting my room this Wednesday. If you want to help me, I am sure my mom wouldn’t mind rewarding you with food!’

Sam replied back with the typical boyfriend answer accompanied by a “sure thing!” to answer her question about the painting. He pressed the send button and went back to look at Jack’s message. He was inviting him over to his house for a bonfire and some drinks with their old high school friends. He replied back to him, informing him that he would be there. He clicked the send button and then moved on to the unknown numbers text.

‘Thank’s for last night, hope we can do that again soon.’

It was finished with a kissing emoticon. Sam sat there with his eyes wide and just stared at his phone. He sat in that same position thinking about the previous night and reread that whole text message again. His fingers hesitated to text back. He typed in a few words but immediately went back on it and deleted it. He closed his phone and put it on the night stand. He sat on the side of his bed pondering what he had done but also what he was going to do. He couldn’t let it keep happening. It was against what Kelly told him but it felt so good to him even though the whole time he knew it was wrong. Leah just had a different spark than her sister.

He picked up his phone once more and clicked it on. He unlocked it and went back to the text. He trembled for a second but decided the same as the first time. He clicked it back off and then got up from his bed. He made his way downstairs in perfect timing because the pizza man had arrived. He grabbed the pies from his mom while she paid the man at the door. He put the boxes in the kitchen and took two slices for himself. He got a drink out of the fridge and took his food to the living room. He clicked on the TV and a couple making out was on the screen. He flipped through the channels and every other one had some romance involved with it. Sam became nervous for a second thinking that this was a sign for something but ignored it and flipped to CNN, a channel he could trust to not have any romance.

He ate his pizza and relaxed on the couch with his mom and dad who ate with him. They conversed about how school was going for Sam and how his internships were coming along. He informed them that he had an interview in a week and a half that he had high hopes for. The conversation eventually reached to his weekend and how the wedding was. He cringed in his seat for a second but told them only about the actual wedding. The rest of the time, his parents conversed to each other while Sam devoured more of the pizza. As he finished he excused himself and went to go get dressed for Jack’s bonfire.

He threw on a sweatshirt to keep him warm and a comfortable pair of jeans. He put on his shoes and headed downstairs. Quickly he told his parents that he would be at Jack’s and left the house. The parents just nodded and went back to their pizza and conversation. Sam got in his car and drove the short distance to Jack’s house which he saw smoke coming from the back. He got out of his car and walked through the gate that lead to the backyard. A fire was pendik escort going, accompanied by several people around it. As Sam got closer to the burning fire he made out who was there. A couple of his old buddies from the football team were there plus some of the girls that hung out with them as well. A surprise to him was that his first girlfriend, Taylor, was also there, sitting next to Jack. What made it even more awkward was that the only seat free was the one next to her.

He reached the group and his old friends, as well as Jack, got up and all greeted him after a long time of not seeing each other. When Sam and Jack exchanged their handshake, he gave him the stink eye which Jack knew exactly why he got it. Jack motioned for Sam’s ex-girlfriend to move over, which she did, but also gave Sam a quick smile. He returned it while taking Jack’s seat which placed him next to Jack and not next to her.

The conversation of the group was about the upcoming summer and what everybody had planned. Everybody contributed with comments like taking a trip or an internship, which Sam also had planned. Along this group conversation, Sam and Jack started to converse amongst themselves as well.

“How was the wedding? Did Kelly catch the bouquet and now you guys are getting married too?” Jack jokingly asked.

Sam thought back to the wedding which made his heart jump. He calmed himself down and answered.

“Nope, not this time. It slipped right out of her fingers and into the girl behind her. I might have had some role to play in that with a gentle little nudge,” He joked. “But the wedding was nice. The hotel was even better.”

“Oh, did you and Kelly have your own room?”

“No, Leah also stayed in there.”

“Aw that’s no fun. Or was it?” Jack winked and nudged his elbow into Sam’s arm a couple times.

Sam didn’t know how to deal with that question. He knew he was joking but he was actually right. He decided to go with keeping it hidden. He didn’t want to have him think ill of the situation even though he probably would have high-fived him right there.

“No, we just drank in the room with these two other siblings, who actually stole a whole bottle of vodka from the bar.”

“Ay.At least you got your buzz on.”

“Yeah. It was a better time than I expected it to be. What did you do over the weekend?”

“Um, well I went to a party and…” He paused but Sam knew where it was going.

“You fucked her didn’t you. Your ex dude come on.”

As Sam said this he got a glimpse of Taylor and noticed that she was listening in on the conversation. She was blushing bright red and looking down into the fire. Sam realized that he was making fun of sleeping with ex’s while his sat 2 feet away from him. He felt the need to say sorry but snapped himself back to the conversation he was having. He was about to say something to Jack but was interrupted.

“What? What’s so wrong with sleeping with an ex?” Taylor said quietly.

Jack stared at Sam with his eyes wide open, while Sam returned the gaze. He was stunned and had no idea how to answer this question. He wasn’t expecting her to say anything.

“Well, this just got awkward.” Jack said. “I’m going to get some more drinks, anybody want anything?”

“I’ll come with you.” Sam said trying to get out of the situation.

Sam got up and walked with Jack inside. He looked back for a second and caught Taylor looking in their direction. She immediately went back to staring into the fire. When they got inside Jack went straight to the fridge and started to take beers out and lay them on the counter.

“Why? Why did I say that.” Sam said. “But then again, why did she chime in!”

“That had to be one of the most awkward situations I have witnessed. Oh wait, no, it was my throwing up incident.”

“What do I even say back to that?”

“Nothing. Just go about everything like it never even happened.”

“Why did you even invite her?”

“I didn’t. She tagged along with Vanessa and Kate. I wasn’t going to be like, ‘No you have to leave, my boy is coming and he don’t want none of that.'”

“I think I’m gonna head out. This just got too awkward and I don’t want to deal with it. I have a girlfriend who I love and I don’t need to be arguing with an ex.”

“Dude, you just got here!”

“I know but this just got really awkward real quick.”

“Don’t let her win man. If you leave now she will know it was because of that and that it was too awkward for you to stick around.”

“I know, I know. I shouldn’t run away from this but I really don’t want to deal with an ex that’s mad at me.”

“Fine. Up to you man. Just help me with these beers and you can go escape from the awkwardness.”

Sam grabbed as many beers as he could and started to head outside. Jack followed right behind with his hands full as well. As Sam made his way back to the fire, his heart pounded faster and faster. He did not know what would come from his ex’s mouth again before he left. He got to the fire pit and set the beers down. Jack came right maltepe escort after and started to disperse the beers. All Sam had to do was say goodbye to everyone and he was free.

“I have to get going guys, I have something to do early in the morning.” He lied.

“Aw man, you just got here.” The man next to Sam said while getting up. “Come on have another beer. Stay a little bit longer.”

“I can’t I have to get going, sorry. We will hang out soon though.” Sam said shaking his hand.

“Do you think I could get a ride, I have to get up pretty early as well?” Taylor asked.

Sam’s heart stopped at this point. His whole body was locked and couldn’t move. He snapped out of his paralysis and looked towards his ex.

“Sure.” He said.

‘What the fuck! Why the fuck did you just say that.’ He screamed in his head.

“Thanks.” Taylor said getting up.

She said her goodbyes to her friends as Sam finished his as well.

The drive home was filled with silence. All that was heard was the roar of Sam’s engine. To Sam’s luck, her house wasn’t that far from Jack’s. It was only five minutes away but the awkwardness persisted and got strong in that time. Taylor just stared out of the window and never looked in his direction.

When he finally reached her house, he pulled into the driveway and put his car in park. No movement occurred. She just sat there, still looking out of the window as Sam waited for her to get out of the car. He saw her grip get stronger on her clutch.


“You never answered my question.” She interrupted.

“I was joking around with Jack. It’s a guy thing. It had nothing to do with you.”

“It didn’t sound like a joke. You sounded pretty serious about it being a bad thing.”

“Why is this even bothering you so much?”

“Because, Sam, I AM your ex. Do you think I like to hear that stuff? It’s like you’re saying that the whole relationship didn’t mean anything when you say something like that.”

“Ok, first of all, I didn’t mean for you to hear that. Like I said it was just a joke. And I don’t even know why we are even discussing relationships meaning anything. It was just sleeping with an ex.”

“Yes and that means something. Have you ever thought about doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“You know, sleeping with your ex.”

“This is not the conversation I want to be having right now while I currently have a girlfriend that I love.”

“Fine Sam, I’ll leave.” She said as a tear started to roll down her cheek from hearing that he had a girlfriend.

She got out of the car and made her way inside. Sam put his head on the back of his seat and gave one big sigh of relief. He pulled out his phone and texted Jack informing him of what just happened. He put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway. Once he got home, he went straight to his room and fell face first right on his bed. He checked his phone and saw that Jack replied. He looked at his message but didn’t reply. He put his phone down and closed his eyes. Before fully falling asleep, he picked his phone back up and scrolled through his messages and clicked on the one without a contact. He just stared at the seductive text and still didn’t have anything to reply with. He closed his phone again and shut his eyes to fall into a deep sleep.

* * * * * *

Tuesday went by quickly. Sam slept until the afternoon and woke up from his mom nudging him again. He got up and joined them for dinner which he ate quickly. The rest of the night he just relaxed on the couch and watched MTV for a change of scenery. By 10 o clock he got himself back to bed so he could wake up early the next morning to make the drive to Kelly’s house to help her paint her room. He set his alarm for 9 and put his phone on the night stand. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, which took a while since he slept most of the day already.

The next morning he beat his alarm by half an hour. He got up and did his normal morning routine. Since he woke up early he could even enjoy a long breakfast instead of something on the go. He sat down and ate eggs and bacon accompanied with toast and cereal on the side. By 10 o clock he was out of the house and in his car. He turned on the GPS on his phone as well as the music playlist he had for long drives. He backed the car out of the driveway and made his way to his girlfriends house.

He arrived around 1pm due to traffic and parked his car in his normal spot alongside the house. He got his belongings, got out of the car, and walked towards the house while checking his phone. A text from Kelly came in and informed Sam that she had to run some errands and that Leah was home to let him in if he arrived before she got back. He looked over to the driveway and didn’t see any cars. Her parents were gone too. His heart started to pound just thinking that him and Leah would be alone together in the house.

He got to the front door and paused for a second. He took a deep breath and knocked three times. He waited at the door for someone to open but no one did. kartal escort He knocked a few more times, but no one answered. He put his hand on the door knob and started to turn it slowly. It was unlocked. He opened the door slowly and tried to hear if anyone was home. The noise of water running from upstairs was the only thing that was heard.

“Leah.” Sam yelled.

No response. He started to head up the stairs towards the noise of the running water. Halfway up, the water stopped which made Sam also stop dead in his tracks. He started up again soon after and reached the top of the stairs. He made his way to the bathroom door and just stood there. Once he made the decision to knock, he held up his fist to the door. He stood there though for a few seconds before he finally decided that he would actually knock. Right as he started to swing his hand forward a little bit, the door flew open.

When Leah saw Sam standing there, she jumped a little in slight terror from something she wasn’t expecting. This jump made her release her grip on the towel that was covering her and let it fall to the ground. She was completely naked, allowing Sam to see her whole body. He stood there, with his fist still up in a knocking position, completely shocked. The two of them just stared at each other for a few seconds.

“Um…” Sam started. “You dropped this.”

He picked up her towel off the ground and handed it to her. She grabbed it and wrapped it around herself again covering her up.

“You fucking scared the shit out of me.” She said punching him in the arm.

“I’m sorry. I knocked a bunch of times downstairs but nobody answered and the door was opened so I let myself in.”

“I had no idea you were even coming. What are you doing here?” She said walking passed him to her room. “Is it because you couldn’t get the other night out of your head? Because I sure can’t.”

“No, that’s not why. I am here to help Kelly paint her room.”

“Oh that’s boring. She isn’t even here right now. She’s out getting the paint and supplies and bringing my mom to her doctors appointment.”

“Yeah, I know she told me.”

“So, what are you going to do in the mean time while she’s out?”

“I don’t know. I guess chill downstairs and watch TV or something, since I can’t get started on the room.”

“You could do that. Or…” Leah came out of her room only wearing a thong and a bra. “We can have a little fun.”

“No. Leah this can’t be a thing. I told your sister that I wasn’t going to do anything else with you, and I already fucked that up.”

“Yes, you already fucked, it up.” She said moving closer to Sam. “So, might as well keep going with it. Right?”

She kissed him hard which he accepted for a second but pulled back. He grabbed her by the shoulders and looked at her sternly.

“Look, I am not going to lie. The other night was fun but it can’t happen again. It shouldn’t have ever happen just like the night of the wedding. I hope you can accept that.”

She stared at him with sadness on her face.

“OK, I understand.” She said turning around and going into her room.

Sam couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she walked away. It was like as soon as it was there, his eyes would be glued. When she got out of sight, he made his way downstairs and plopped himself on the couch. He picked up the remote and turned the TV on. He started to flip through the channels for something to watch but nothing picked up his attention. All that was really going through his head was Leah naked. He couldn’t shake the image.

After 5 minutes of channel surfing he just stuck to whatever he landed on. It happened to be an oldies black and white movie that was playing. He just sat back and tried to enjoy it without thinking of Leah, but that proved to be very difficult. He closed his eyes for a second to see if just imagining it would make it stop, giving his brain what it wanted. He thought of her standing there in her panties and bra, which made his dick rise slightly. This was interrupted though by something wet on his neck that shot fire all throughout his body. It didn’t stop and only got wetter. He didn’t open his eyes and just stayed there enjoying it. It felt good and he didn’t want it to stop.

The wetness moved up and down his neck. It eventually moved up to his jaw which is when he couldn’t take it anymore. He reached back and grabbed the head of who was creating the wetness and tilted his head. He locked lips with her without opening his eyes and kissed her passionately. He opened her mouth with his lips and slithered his tongue inside feeling something familiar. Kelly? No, he didn’t hear the door open. It had to be Leah which at this point he didn’t care.

He tilted his whole body placing him in a kneeling position on the couch. He grabbed her face with both hands and continued to kiss her hard. Carefully he got up, all while their lips were locked, and climbed over the couch. He reached around her and grabbed her ass. Firm, big, and had ridges which was new. Leah. He got a good grip on it and lifted her up. Simultaneously her legs wrapped around his body for support. He started to walk blindly through the house. He avoided most obstacles but once he got to the stairs he slammed her back into the wall. They finally broke the kiss and their eyes flew open.

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