The Southern Belle

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It started innocently enough – as stories of serendipitous sex often do – and I must confess to not having any idea that the day would turn out as it did – but perhaps I should fill you in a little before launching off on to my adventure with the Southern Belle.

As hot and steamy is the South is, things are much more prim and proper than one might expect – at least to the outsider, which as a “Southern transplant” for only five years – I still was. “Damn Yankee” many might say in fun(?) but I was fitting in well as someone who went with the flow and respected my adopted state in the old Confederacy.

Betsy was a proper Southern Belle. Never brash or loud, always restrained and demure. She was rarely seen without a hat and even when she was carrying a piglet in her arms, her hair was magnificent. I couldn’t even guess how old the woman was – and asking would be inexcusable. For the sake of argument, I’d say she was a very well-maintained 65 years old. Tall and slim, 5’8″ I’d guess, and in very good shape. She was a woman of many talents and a rancher’s wife. (Yes, she was very married.)

I was attending an adult class on a new and interesting massage technique that centered on the use of essential oils to cure and treat a myriad of aliments. Three others and I were the students and Betsy was our instructor. Four volunteers were our guinea pigs for the massage class, but they were all good sports and most of them even enjoyed the free massage. Being a “new age” kind of technique, the essential oils were coupled with reflexology – where pressure applied to very specific locations on the soles of the feet was supposed to aid various organs and areas throughout the body. Skipping past the believability of this theory completely, we learned these locations and massage techniques and moved on to a massage of the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone.

Betsy moved among the students observing, making suggestions, and often correcting the student’s technique as they massaged their almost-all willing subjects. The smell of varied essential oils was heavy in the air and the low murmur of coaching, instructions and the occasional moan of pleasure(?) along with the classical music made for an interesting background noise. Betsy gave me a few pointers and complimented my technique a few times – though without ever saying anything one could construe as forward or suggestive.

As our massaged volunteers dressed and gathered their belongings, Betsy debriefed the students, complimenting and thanking them all for attending, and gently moved then towards the door. She seemed to be ignoring me as I gathered my supplies and packed up my things. “Bye, see you next time!” she called to them cheerfully as the last of them walked down the front walk to their waiting cars, and closed the door.

“Val” she asked, “I wonder if you would mind terribly doing me a huge favor.”

“Sure, no problem, what can I help you with”? I asked, more than willing to be neighborly.

She blushed a tad and sheepishly said, “I run these classes all the time – showing people, teaching people, observing – but never getting a massage *myself*. Since you’ve got this all figured out, I was hoping you would be willing to massage my aching back – I’ve been on my feet entirely too much and I’m dying for a good massage. Bobby just isn’t into this and I’m sure he’d be relieved if he didn’t have to massage my back later today.”

“Sure, I think I can manage that!” I smiled and said.

“Good, tell you what, you wait here and I’ll get ready, I’ll call you in when I’m on the table.”

People being massaged are often largely naked, but draped with towels to preserve their modesty and keep them from getting chilled, so that Betsy would want to disrobe in private came as absolutely no surprise to me. When she called “I’m ready Val, you can come in” I was fully expecting what I saw – her lying face-down on the table covered with a towels from the nape of her neck to her knees. Her calves and feet were exposed.

I found her CD player and punched “Play” to get the relaxing music going. “You may as well get the full treatment – after all – this is what you taught us, right?”

“Yes” she said, “I’m glad you learned well.”

I started by dripping the appropriate essential oils onto the soles illegal bahis of her feet and carefully massaging all of the reflexology point in our textbooks. My oily and fragrant fingers and thumbs worked over her feet for at least fifteen minutes and I was rewarded with the occasional “Ummm” or “that’s good” as she relaxed under my ministrations. When I had covered every inch of both feet – some areas several times over -I announced that I would be moving to her spine. “Please, gawd yes” she moaned, “I’m so sore and fatigued”.

Gingerly peeling the upper towel hack to expose he shoulders, I anointed my hands and started by massaging Betsy’s neck, using firm pressure on either side of her spine starting at the base of her skill and moving down one vertebrae at a time. It really is amazing how you can feel tension in people’s muscles and using gentle but firm pressure from your thumbs to massage this tension away. Betsy practically melted into the table as I slowly and methodically worked over her back muscles, then out over her shoulders, around her shoulder blades, and started down her thoracic vertebrae. “This is heaven” she purred as I gave her my full attention and dutifully eased every bit of tension from her back, the scent of peppermint and basil and sage filled the air along with Pachelbel’s Canon in D softly played.

As the towel moved down, I saw more and more of her nakedness. Even though it was primarily “non-erotic” areas of her back, it was still new and exciting to be “undressing her”. Her breasts were pressed between her body and the padded table, so I could really only see a modest round bulge from the side, even this gave me a bit of a thrill. Though my fingers trailed over her ribs as I worked from the spine outwards, I didn’t dare allow them to come close to feeling her breasts – as much as I was tempted to do just that.

I have to admit that I was getting a little nervous and even embarrassed as I worked my way down her lumbar spine to her sacral vertebrae – as I was approaching the area where she had a towel wrapped around her waist. My fingers were starting to push against the towel and I was contemplating stopping entirely when she lifted her hips slightly, then reached back and loosened the towel without comment. It was when I saw her narrow waist swell to her slim hips that I started to feel a tingle of excitement and arousal and I started seeing this Southern Belle in a slightly different light. I pushed those thoughts from my mind though; as such fantasies were completely out of line.

“You have wonderfully strong hands Val” Betsy softly moaned as my thumbs rolled over her sacrum, and worked their way outward to her pelvic wings. My hands pushed the towel further down to the very top curve of her buttocks as I applied pressure with my thumbs to the muscles either side of her tailbone. I thought it was my imagination at first, but I was sure that I felt her pushing her hips up to meet the pressure of my hands. “Mmmmm, that’s good, don’t stop” she whispered as she gently rocked her hips up and increased the pressure against my hands. “Those muscles are so sore” she meekly whispered as my thumbs continued their downward circles, moving from the center out and back again rolling the muscles of her upper glutes.

Her bottom moved visibly upward now, pushing firmly against my hands, raising up off the table and causing the towel to slip completely from the lower half of her body. For a moment I naively thought it was an unintentional or involuntary reflex to the massage she was receiving, but even I had to admit it was a bit much when she started drawing her knees up and raising her bottom well into the air. “Yes, keep going please” she whispered hoarsely as I continued to work her oiled skin with my hands.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect as I continued to massage her now-bare bottom. I was surprised and aroused as I discovered that her now exposed labia were completely hairless and looking lovely for a mature woman. I realized I was rock-hard as I stared and tried to act nonchalant. With her bottom now high off the table, continuing a “massage” was getting difficult and I either needed to disengage or take things to the next level. I allowed my hands – softer and gentler now – to stray down her bottom and towards those bare labia. I illegal bahis siteleri would know shortly what her desires were.

To my relief – and pleasure – she moaned and pressed gently back against my caressing fingers as I explored the soft inner curves of her bottom and slim thighs. Encouraging me (maybe demanding?) she spread her knees further apart on the table and arched her back, presenting her bare pussy for my attention. I spied the beginnings of a trickle of her personal moisture beginning to form, so I considered myself invited to explore at will. I toyed with her for a few more moments – allowing my fingers to stray close – but not quite touching her most private area. I enjoyed the velvety softness the firm inner curves of her well-formed thighs – just a fraction of an inch from her pussy. She continued to press back against my hands, telling me that she had waited long enough.

I finally allowed my fingers to gently graze over her labia, and Betsy sighed and moaned “yes, yes”. She was wet with desire and my fingers glistened with her juices. I gently slid them up and down her labia, first one side, then the other, then allowed them to dip between those swollen folds. She purred with arousal and pushed back, seeking more and deeper touching. I traced down her now-dripping pussy until I reached her sensitive clit. She quivered as I gently allowed my fingers to tease it, and then slowly slid up and back – bumping against it with every return. She arched her back further, and spread her knees still further – opening herself to my touch and my gaze. Her pink inner lips were swollen and glistening. I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish what I was seeing from that of a woman many years younger. My cock throbbed and strained against the thin fabric of the scrubs I was wearing.

Straightening two fingers, I slowly slid them into her wet pussy. Her slick moisture made the insertion effortless and my fingers slid fully into her snug vagina. “Ahhhhhhhh” she moaned as her head lowered to the table in pleasure as she pushed back again, welcoming the entrance into her pussy. I turned my hand to allow my thumb to graze over her clit as I slowly started to slide my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. “Mmmmm, Mmmmm” she moaned with each gentle thrust into her – encouraging me to push my fingers deeper into her and with more intensity. My unoccupied left hand slid under her, cupping her mons and teasing her clit, then sliding up her taut belly and ribs to find her breasts and erect nipples. I enjoyed the weight of them and feeling the hard nub of her eraserlike nipples. She moaned as I gently rolled each one between my thumb and forefinger, then I heard her draw sharp intakes of breath as I pinched them more forcefully.

“Too hard?” I asked, worried that I had hurt her.

“Oh no, it feels wonderful. Please, don’t stop.” She moaned, looking at me with dreamy eyes. I obliged, moving from one breast to the other, caressing, gently tugging and rolling her nipples between my fingers, and giving them sharp pinches occasionally. Meanwhile, my fingers continued to thrust into her warm wetness and retreat. Advancing again, pushing deep into her sopping pussy, her juices coating my hand and my knuckles pressing deep between her labia. I took in the view of this slim sophisticated lady surrendering to her carnal desires as my fingers pleasured her pussy and toyed with her breasts. I grinned to see her body responding to my attention, seeing her push her hips back seeking deeper penetration. I very nearly climbed up onto the table behind her to drive my now aching cock deep into her needy pussy. Had I thought about it more at the time, I would have done just that. (note to self…)

The force and urgency of her hips thrusting against my hand indicated her need and desire to cum, so I accommodated her by thrusting my fingers deeply into her more rapidly now. I could hear her excited breathing and feel her chest heaving as her juices tickled down her inner thighs. “yes, yes, yes” she moaned as he hips started to move erratically. I saw her hands grip the edge of the massage table and I knew she was on the verge of orgasm. I pinched her nipples hard now, drawing sharp cries of passion as I thrust my fingers deeply into her. I felt her vaginal muscles clamp down surprisingly canlı bahis siteleri hard on my fingers as her body stiffened and her mouth opened, emitting a low, sexual growl. Several surges of her hot juices washed over my now-captive hand as her orgasm overcame her. Her back reversed its arch several times as her body reacted to the powerful orgasm before finally relaxing. She slowly sank down onto the table with a blissful look on her face and a long, satisfied sigh escaped her smiling lips. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her now relaxed pussy and instinctively licked her juices from them. Delicious.

“Mmmmmmmm, that was wonderful Val…” she moaned softly, eyes closed and looking like she melted onto the massage table, I softly stroked her bottom and back as she enjoyed the afterglow of a much-needed orgasm. Her breathing gradually returned to normal and I was sure she had fallen asleep as I gently covered her with the towels and started to withdraw from her side. “Please wait” she softly said, eyes still closed, “would you rub my shoulders just a few more minutes Val?” She asked softly.

“Of course” I replied, sliding the towel back down and laying my hands on her very relaxed shoulders.

“No,” she softly said, do it from up here, she indicated the head of the table.

She slid herself forward on the table as I moved to the position she indicated and again started to massage her shoulders. “Mmmmm, so good” she cooed as I leaned forward and massaged her. I didn’t initially see her arms as she reached forward to untie the drawstring holding my scrub pants on. She untied the bow knot and quickly loosened them, causing them to slip down my hips, exposing me fully. “Mmmmmm, so good” she said again smiling, as she gently took my cock in her right hand and cupped my balls with her left. “Mmmmmm” she said once again, before sliding forward and taking the swollen head of my cock in her warm wet mouth. Now it was my turn to moan.

All thoughts of massaging her shoulders left my mind as I felt the practiced mouth of an accomplished fellatrix demonstrating her talent on my overheated cock. Her lips were as soft as velvet as they slid wetly up and down my throbbing shaft. My hands moved to the back of her head – tangling my fingers in her hair – not forcing or rushing – as I was enjoying her technique quite thoroughly – and not in any way anxious to rush what this talented cocksucker was doing. I felt her hands reach behind me, sliding up my thighs, and cupping the cheeks of my ass in her hands. She pulled my hips forward, causing me to slide my cock fully into her pleasing mouth and for her nose to lodge in my pubic curls.

“Oh gawd” I moaned as her lips wrapped around the very base of my cock. Alas, the excitement of bringing this classy lady to an orgasm had already brought me near to cumming in my pants without stimulation, so in just a few minutes I felt my balls tighten and groaned as my cock exploded into her pleasing mouth. With complete expertise, she took every spurt my pulsing cock and spasming prostate could ejaculate and swallowed it neatly down without spilling a single drop of my semen.

Dizzy, I staggered back from her and her wonderful mouth and all but collapsed onto the floor in a sitting position. I looked into her deviously smiling eyes.

“Was that good?” she coyly asked, licking her lips.

“It was incredible.” I replied weakly.

“Nice to know I haven’t lost my touch” she said, winking. Not knowing how to finish this most unpredictable afternoon, I just sat there dazed for a few moments. This gave her the chance to rise from the table – not bothering to cover herself or feign any modesty – she walked fully naked and exposed over to where I was sitting – still recovering from my orgasm.

“Not bad for an older gal, huh?” she asked.

Not sure if she meant the sex or her body – I answered both questions affirmatively. “Not bad? Hell no. Great!”

She stood inches in front of me. Naked, proud, sexy as hell. She stepped forward still more, put her hand behind my head, and pulled my face against her dripping pussy, giving me a quick taste of her juices.

“I have appointments this afternoon, so you’ll have to let yourself out while I shower,” she said as she started to turn, displaying her slim legs, firm bottom, and sleek back. “But if you’re available next Tuesday, maybe we can have an advanced massage class.” She winked at me and strode out of the room, leaving me to stand, pull up my pants, and gather my supplies – wondering what happens at an advanced class.

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