The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 08

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Chapter 8 – Kayleigh

I’m sitting in the kitchen and he’s staring at my tits more than usual. It must be his dried piss that draws his green eyes. It could be my nipples are a little harder than usual, but it doesn’t fucking matter one bit to me. As long as I draw his eyes, then I’m happy.

Dillon was so cute the way he fumbled around asking me to do this, but he didn’t need to be nervous. He should know I’m willing to try anything at least once. That’s fucking bullshit, since it’s always a hell of a lot more than one time.

Nineteen years that I’ve been lead down this path and I’ve loved every moment of it. Things like morality don’t matter to us, since we have each other and I don’t mean just me and Dillon. It seems as if every taboo we break brings us closer together and I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

I can still smell his piss, but it’s not as strong as it was and my ass still hurts a little from this morning. Not from being hammered by his dick, but his hands that left their marks long after we left Caoimhe’s bedroom. There’s something almost seductive about the way he feels on my tits and I enjoyed his gold stream more than I thought I would.

I can still feel the power as he hit my nipples and wish it would have lasted a little longer. It felt weird to fill my hands and rub it in, but the look in his eyes means I’ll get used to it. Just like I’ll get used to the taste, which was far more salty than his cum.

How can I get Tara to join in? I have no idea, but I’ll find a way. It has to be without Caoimhe, at first, but maybe she’s got a bit of Aunt Kayleigh in her. Guess we’ll find out soon enough just how adventurous she is.

I’m on my third cup of juice and my bladder is a little painful, but I can hold it a little while longer. If he wants to see me piss, then I might as well give him something to watch. I just wish I could taste something of his in the juice, but there’s time for that later.

I set the empty cup down with a grin and start to move quickly to the bathroom. He’s right behind me, since his hands are now grabbing my ass. It feels good, despite the tenderness of my cheeks and I wish I could slow down. There’s no fucking way I’m slowing down, since I don’t want to start pissing myself.

He’s in the tub and I spread my legs over his face with no time to spare. I let out a sigh as my bladder empties over his chest and his fingers reach out to spread my lips. The smell of my piss is stronger than his was and I can feel some running down my legs from where his hands are placed. His green eyes are fixated on my pussy and I wonder if he likes this more than staring at my ass.

I start to drip as his tongue starts to clean my thighs and slowly works his way up my body. It feels amazing as he seeks out every drop he can find and forces his tongue inside my pussy far quicker than I was expecting. The way he’s rooting around makes me wonder if I should have had him lie on his back and piss on his face.

Is it the excitement of the moment or does he really enjoy the taste. It doesn’t fucking matter, since there’s no going back. I start to moan as his tongue sends shivers down my spine and I try to get his tongue inside of me a little deeper.

His tongue pulls back and I can’t stop myself. I press my body down onto his and feel my piss add to his. My mouth presses down and I can barely taste anything from all the juice I drank. My hard nipples find a wet spot on his body and I press myself hard against his flesh.

I pull back from him, but not because the passion has died down. I’m taking him by the hand and helping him up, which causes some of my piss to drip down his body. The smell is still quite strong and I wish it were his filling my nostril.

All seven inches of his dick are ready to go as I lay on the bed and spread my legs. We’ll have to wash everything later, but we’re used to doing that already. Some of my piss drips down from his body as his hard dick starts enter me. My moans are even more intense than usual as I press my body against his.

Our lips meet and his tongue enters, but I’m still denied the flavor. Every inch slowly enters me and I moan into his mouth. His tongue presses against mine and I lose myself to the passion of the moment. My hands grip his ass and I squeeze tightly to pull him in even further, but there’s no more inches to give me.

I feel myself swept away with his perfect rhythm and my hands grip with all their might. Our coated flesh brings us even closer together and the scent that’s starting to build is greater than I ever imagined possible. There’s no wondering about what Tara’s doing right now with Caoimhe, since it’s just the two of us.

He’s reaching things inside of me that only he can reach and his pace is starting to quicken. My eyes close as my body begins to tighten and I feel my fingers grip a little harder. I give a powerful muffled moan as he brings to the edge.

I’m across now and there’s nothing except the pleasure of the waves. ataşehir escort bayan His perfectly timed movement inside of me and my pressing across his shaft. It’s his tongue that sends shivers across my body as his dick sends one wave after another.

He’s starting to grunt into my mouth as my body loosens and I pull him in deep. Every twitch feels wonderful as he gives himself over to me. I softly moan into his mouth as I feel our sweat add to what’s already on our flesh.

I feel him start to pull out and our lips part. My body moves for him and I press my lips around his softening shaft. The sweetness is there and so is the saltiness of his cum. There’s another flavor I search for, but it’s not to be found.

I gag a little as my throat opens and feel him press all the way inside of me. My lips close and my tongue continues the search as he slowly pulls his soft shaft out of my mouth. The scent of my piss is still there, but it’s much weaker now and know I’ll find a solution eventually. Right now, it’s about enjoying what I have and I’ll worry about the rest at another time.

He lies next to me with a grin on his face and his eyes search mine. “That was fun.”

I grin at his words. “Yes, Dillon, it was. Don’t suppose you have to piss now?”

His head shakes and his red hair is caked to his forehead. “Sorry, Kayleigh, all tapped out for now. Seeing you piss was so fucking hot.”

I grin a little wider. “You weren’t so bad yourself. I think we found a way to kill some time until they get back.”

His green eyes dance a little. “I love you. You’re a little crazy, but I love you.”

I laugh softly at his words. “I’m crazy. This was your fucking idea. And what an idea it was. Holy shit, that was fun.”

His grin dies to a warm smile. “I’m glad you liked it, because I don’t want to stop.”

My smile matches his and his eyes are filled with love. “Neither do I, Dillon. It’s exciting, you know. Pissing on each other is like a whole new world for us to explore. I want Tara to join us, of course, but for now I’m glad it’s just the two of us.”

He’s about to speak when it hits me and his lips close. Dillon knows me very well and won’t press just yet. Plastic. That’s the answer to everything. All we need is to lay plastic on the mattress and we don’t have to worry about new stains. Holy shit, I’m too excited to speak clearly and my body no longer needs to recover.

I sit up and grin down at him. “Strip the bed. I’ll be right back.”

I don’t wait for him to say anything and hope he heard me clearly. The only plastic I know of is the trash bags, but they aren’t anywhere near big enough. My hands throw open the pantry in search of something and there they are. Black bags that we’ve never used. They’re much bigger than the white ones and I don’t think they’ll be missed at all.

I take the box with me as I open it on the run. The white mattress is bereft of everything and I smile at the stains that the three of us have made over the years. It takes a moment before he registers what’s in my hand, but joins my side soon enough.

Several bags are pulled from the box and we start to cover everything. There’s something so fucking hot about this and I can’t wait to try it. The covers go back on and we sit to test it out. There’s a crinkling sound, which I think will add greatly to our fun. Being fucked as we hear the plastic is going to be beyond fun.

It’s a good thing we drink a lot of juice already, since there’s plenty here for us. I race out of the room and he’s right on my ass. I grab one of the unopen containers as he grabs our cups. Neither of us are worried about it going bad, since we plan on emptying it quickly.

His bladder is the first to fill and I’m on my knees. The crinkling sound beneath me is a reminder that we don’t have to worry about anything. The tip is pointed at my tits as he lets loose with a powerful stream and my hard nipples get a little harder.

He starts to work the golden stream up my neck and my mouth opens to take what he gives me. I can feel him running down my body and feel the moisture starting to spread on the bed. The smell is pleasant as it inches close to my mouth and I’m dripping down my legs.

The first of him reaches my tongue and it’s not as strong as it was. It’s still salty as hell, but much more tolerable than what I tasted earlier. My mouth fills quickly as he falls across my chin and I press my lips together as his stream continues to run its course. I swallow for the first time, since earlier wasn’t shit compared to this, and feel the heat running down my throat.

By the time I open my mouth to take more, he’s starting to slow and I press my lips onto his head. His gold starts to fall from between my lips and find it impossible to swallow this way. I have to wait until he’s done and it better be soon, since my bladder is starting to kill me.

He’s still dripping a little as I release and swallow his golden heat. It’s even better escort kadıöy than the first time as the saltiness is something I’m adjusting to quickly. This is so much better than I ever imagined it could be and I’m glad we’ve got plenty of time to explore. I’m also glad that I no longer taste any of the juice.

I’m getting up and feel his piss on the blanket beneath me and he’s laying his head down on his pillow. That’s my pillow. Fuck it, I’ve got to piss now. I spread my legs over his open mouth and stare into his hungry eyes.

I sigh as I start to release and see my piss flow across his face. His mouth is open and he’s taking all he can get, just as I did for him. My scent is adding to his and I find it intoxicating as I press myself onto his open mouth.

My piss is running across my legs and pooling on the pillow as his drips down my body. My bladder’s almost empty as I press away from his open mouth and slowly move across his chest. His lips close and I grin as he swallows what I’ve given him. He sits up a little as I drip the last of myself onto his toned stomach. Dillon’s getting up and I read his mind as I pull my legs off of his body.

I lay where he was just a moment ago and feel my piss press into my red hair. He presses his body onto mine and we start to kiss passionately. Our piss mixes together between our bodies and I can taste myself on his tongue. It’s not as good as his, but it’s close.

My hands reach for his back and I try to bring him even closer to my body, but there’s no space left to fill. I feel my hair soaking up more as he presses my head down a little harder. I need Tara to join us, since that’s one more full bladder, but that will have to wait. Right now, it’s just the two of us and I’ll make due with what I have.

He moves away from my body and I fight to keep him there, but my hands are slick and it’s a losing battle. Our lips part and I stare into his eyes, which shows that he’s full of wicked ideas. That’s a fucking good thing, since I’m just starting to enjoy our newfound fun.

His eyes sparkle as he grins. “That was fun.”

I grin back. “That it was, Dillon.”

His grin widens and he takes on an almost lecherous appearance. “Do you know what would be so fucking hot right now?”

My grin drops to a smile. “What?”

His green eyes draw me in as he says, “Your ass in the air and face on the pillow.”

I can’t argue with that and grin as my body moves for him. That’s a fucking lie, since I’m doing this for us and I start to drip a little in anticipation of whatever he has planned. My hair is sticking to my back as my legs spread and the smell is a little different as I press my face down.

It’s already starting to cool as I inhale deeply and know the aroma is almost all from me. Sweat is starting to build on my face as I feel him press his body between my legs. His wonderful dick is hard as he slowly runs his shaft between my lips and presses me into the cooling pillow a little.

My lips part to sigh and a muffled sound escapes my body. I can feel the slickness building on his dick as I drip over his shaft and my sighs are getting more intense. All I can smell is what’s on the pillow and I feel my face slowly getting coated with my moist gold.

His shaft pulls back and I feel him enter my pussy. My mouth opens wide to moan out for him and my lips press over a particularly damp section of the pillow. I keep my nose raised up enough to breath freely and love everything about this moment between us.

I’ve changed my mind about wanting to bring Tara into the fold on this one. I want this to be for only the two of us, since I’ve never had that before. Everything we do is always with the idea of having her join us, but I don’t want that to happen this time. It’s as if a secret world has been opened with all of the possibilities in the world and I don’t want to share this new world with anyone else.

I let out a muffled moan as he starts to fuck me hard. No, it isn’t quite fucking and it isn’t quite making love. This is something new between us and I moan a little harder for him. With every moan a little more of the pillow enters my mouth and I love it.

His hands are on my ass and he’s spreading my asshole open as his dick takes care of my pussy. It feels amazing as I try to moan louder, but there’s only this muffled sound of pleasure. My asshole is forced open a little wider and I feel only the pleasure he brings.

He releases my ass and his pace changes slightly, but it’s still amazing. I love that he knows me so well, just as I know him so well. In this moment, there’s no one else in the world and only the two of us matter.

I feel something cold drip down my crack and his fingers start to press inside of my asshole. He’s losing some depth as he presses more of his fingers inside, but I don’t mind. This feels amazing as another enters and I’ve never been opened like this before.

His fingers are pulling me open a little more and I feel maltepe escort some cold air enter the opening. I love the way his pace is increasing and his grunts are a little different. He’s starting to ram me harder than he’s ever done before and I wish the pillow wasn’t in the way. I know how much the muffled sound turns him on, but he really needs to hear what he’s doing to me.

My body tightens beneath him and his fingers fight to keep my asshole open. There’s a flood escaping my body and I scream out my pleasure. The waves are the most intense yet and I lose everything. There’s only amazing pleasure that I’ve never thought possible and I lose myself further to this glorious moment.

One explosion after another forces its way out of my body and my muffled screams fight to be heard. Another lever of pleasure that I never dreamed possible and still my body forces more of me out. I don’t know how this is possible and I don’t care. All that matters is my body and nothing else exists in the world.

He explodes into me just as the last wave crashes and everything’s intensified. I can feel what he’s doing, but I can’t. It’s this odd place where I’m with, but alone. There’s no sense that pain ever existed, only the pleasure exists.

His twitching is coming to an end and I’m inhaling deeply. It took a moment to remember where I was as his fingers slowly pull away from my asshole. There’s hardly any scent beyond my cooling piss and I don’t want to move.

* * *

18 Years Ago

It’s been close to a year and that bitch is still sticking to her fucking rules. I’m tired of this shit. Just let him cum in my pussy. He hasn’t been cumming in hers, at least not since the baby got here and it isn’t fair to Dillon. They won’t risk her getting pregnant again, but I don’t care if I do at this point.

Tara’s been different since she had Caoimhe and I can’t quite place it. Maybe she’s being a little bit less of a bitch, but it’s more than that. There’s something in her eyes that I can’t quite determine and it’s so fucking frustrating.

Dillon’s been enjoying himself and that’s one big fucking understatement. Of coure he is, but it’s more than being with sisters. He’s been playing us against each other and we both love it. He’s become a fan of porn, but not to jerk off. It’s research and we do the same thing. How the fuck else were we going to learn to eat pussy?

We’re still getting to know each other in that intimate way, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was. I don’t know if I ever felt anything negative about being with her like that, but I don’t think so. I’d remember something, but there’s nothing to remember. This has all been a blur.

Dillon’s entering the room with a small bag in hand and a big grin on his face. Tara just put Caoimhe down and she’ll be asleep for a while. Once she’s older, we’ll have to figure something out, but right now we stay naked pretty much all the time.

Tara walks in and caresses his ass and her tits are still big, at least bigger than they were before she got pregnant. There’s something in her eyes that I haven’t seen in a while and he’s definitely in on it.

He sets the bag down as they move towards me and she smiles softly for the first time in years. “I’ve decided to change one of the rules.”

I don’t like any of them, but will take what I can get. “Which one?”

My eyes move to his wonderfully hard dick as he says, “The one about me cumming in your pussy. We want to have more children, but we can’t risk Tara’s health again.”

I’m at a loss for words as I tear my eyes away from his dick and search their eyes for some sign he’s joking. There’s nothing there to show deception and my breath quickens at the thought. Finally, I get to feel his cum inside my pussy, rather than just my mouth. I enjoy the taste, more than I thought I would, but that’s what I really want and it’s finally happening.

My lips tremble a little as I ask, “Are you fucking with me?”

She shakes her head. “No, but he will be.”

I lay on my back and spread my legs just the way he likes it, which includes my hands spreading myself open. His dick presses against my dripping hole and I sigh out from the pleasure he’s already bringing. They don’t ask if I want to get pregnant and they don’t need to, since they both know this is what I want. I can feel the heat of my body as my hands get caught up under his flesh and I’m going to be stuck this way for a while.

I look down my body to my trimmed bush and still getting used to it. Showers feel weird on that part of my body, but I can’t argue with the improved view. He’s slowly sinking every inch inside of me and I moan for them.

Her red hair appears before my eyes and her lips press to mine. There’s nothing rough about her this time and my tongue presses against hers. He’s all the way inside me now and her hands caress my nipples. My hands are pinned between my body and his, which means I can’t fight to gain an edge.

His rhythm is steady and perfect as I moan hard into her mouth and our battle continues. This kiss is not one of control by her, but one of passion. Our tongues may be at war, but her lips are something else entirely. I’m losing myself to them as my eyes close and I want to reach out for her.

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