The Proposition

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Big Cock

I was glad it was Friday and my last meeting at 4.00 PM was cancelled. When I just about to head into a sport bar to have few drinks before heading to my empty house, I received a call from my niece Jenny telling me that she was on her way clean the house my house and she would like to talk to me when I got home that evening. Jenny had just completed her freshmen year at the university and was home for the summer. When she couldn’t find a summer job, my wife Nora hired her to come and clean our house and do the laundry as she was out of the house most of the time, as her job as an airline stewardess took her between Detroit and Narita, Japan. By employing Jenny, Nora thought we could spend our time together without worrying about household chores.

As my sister’s only daughter, we adored Jenny and supported her whenever we could. Jenny also knew that we loved her and therefore, she always seek and found warmth with us. Besides being gorgeous, she was very outgoing, funny and blessed with a sharp tongue that never lacked of words, which made her popular among her friends as well with our relatives.

I pulled into the driveway around 5 pm and Jenny’s car was already there. When I walked inside the house, she was in the kitchen cleaning dirty dishes that I had piled up in the sink for few days, my first glance over her back found something different about her appearance, and then immediately I noticed she was dressed in tight skirt down to her knees with a somewhat formal looking blouse. Running my eyes below her well-rounded buttocks, I noticed she was wearing high heels that were at least four inches high. It was not funny, but I broke into a laugh, as I have not seen her dressed as such previously.

“Hi Uncle Jim, I am glad you were able to make it home early today” Jenny greeted me with a warm smile as she grabbed the end of her apron to dry her hand, and then she came over and gave me a warm hug.

“What was that laugh for?” she asked rolling her eyes.

“I wasn’t laughing at you Jenny. But I thought it was funny to see you dress so formal to clean the house.” I replied and patted her back.

“I know, Uncle Jim that’s what I want to talk to you about” Jenny left my arms and returned to the kitchen sink “Can I talk to you after I am done with this?”

“Of course” I said “Let me take a quick shower and hear all you got to say, sweetheart. I am little tired this evening” I hung my car keys and headed to the bathroom.

The warm water did have a soothing effect. I jumped into my comfortable shorts and a T-shirt, poured myself a nice scotch on the rocks and landed on the sofa while Jenny was arraigning plates and glasses in cabinets. No sooner she was done, she rushed to the family room and stood in front of me wanting to discuss whatever she had in her mind.

“You know Uncle Jim, Brenda’s wedding is coming up in two weeks and that’s what I want to talk to you about” I laughed and asked her what is Brenda’s wedding got to do with me.

“Well for starters, that’s why I am wearing mom’s old heels today. You know, mom gave my $100.00 for the dress, but I couldn’t buy a dress and matching shoe’s for that. I tried wearing her old heels, you know, they match the dress but they are too tight for my feet” Jenny stopped and looked at me as a little girl trying to plead her case, but I wasn’t sure where the conversation was going, so I waited to hear the rest of it.

“There is a nice matching pair of shoes at the Nordstrom’s, but they cost $200.00”

“$200.00 for a pair of shoes? I hope they massage your toes and make you coffee while you walk” I said jokingly.

“Well Uncle Jim, good pair of shoes cost about that” Then Jenny paused for a moment and then wrap her index finger her necklace and toyed with it looking for an encouragement from me to continue.

“See how my feet don’t even fit into these old shoes.” She displayed her right foot by raising it. She wasn’t lying. Her toes and heels visibly stuck out of my sister’s old shoes she wore.

“Is there anything that I can do to earn $200.00?” Jenny asked with a smile. I guess she knew that I would just give her the money, but I didn’t want to commit to it at the time. Instead, I thought I would wait to her to plea her case more.

“Uncle Jim…. I’ll do anything, I mean anything to earn $200.00” she pleaded and I couldn’t hold back my laugh the way she said “Anything”

“Oh sweetie, that’s sounds like a proposition. You better check your words before you escort ataşehir use them next time,” I said, once I was able to control my laughter. Then Jenny shocked the hell out of me by saying;

“I meant it, Uncle Jim”

“Well sweetie, the words you used are used by call girls and you are my only niece, so you should be careful next time,” I warned her, jokingly of course.

“So, you mean to tell me if I were a call girl, you would have agreed to the proposition?”

“I don’t think we want to go there”

“Ok, how is this” said Jenny and unbuttoned the top button off her blouse, bent her hips sideways and asked, “Hey mister is there anything I can do to earn $200.00?” Then she straighten out her hips and shook her head and said “That didn’t come out right” and left telling me she would be right back.

I was shocked when Jenny made a stunning appearance in front of me. Jenny had untied her hair, tied lower ends of her blouse at her belly, and lifted the fabric of her dress revealing good part of her wonderfully round creamy thighs with aid of safety pins, I guessed. I couldn’t help, but notice that she had removed her bra, letting her melons dance under the thin material of her blouse. Simply put, she was stunning and she made my jaw dropped.

“What gotten into you Jenny” I asked allowing my eyes to freely wonder over her marvelous body.

“I am sorry mister, my name is Kim, I saw you sitting alone and though you may need company” She responded with a wicked smile, and moved closer.

“Wake up Jenny…what’s up with you?” I asked again and but her response was “Mister, is there anything I can do to be a service to you for, say $200.00? I can rub your back, massage your toes or for that matter, I can rub or massage anywhere you like, so what do you say mister”

Jenny seemed determined to get $200.00 for her shoes from me and I worried that her innocent play may lead us to something that we would later regret and therefore I said to her;

“Jenny, you better stop this before someone gets hurt, dear” but deep inside, I enjoyed seeing every bit of skin that she exposed, especially those melons fighting to jump out of her half open blouse.

“But mister, I can see you are enjoying. I can see you thinking about my proposition and your thing is developing..Hm.. You know where right?”

I knew exactly what she meant. My cock was beginning to feel the pressure of being restrained by my shorts. I didn’t want to look, but I suspected the budding erection was noticeable.

“Well sweetie, there two things that I cannot fully control, they are my eyes and you know what, but hey..I am only human” I pointed out to her in my defense of my hard-on, but Jenny wasn’t buying. She knelt on the floor between my legs and placed her warm smooth hands on expose parts of my thighs and smiled.

“Well mister, for $200.00 you could help your friend down there to have a goodtime, what ya say, mister” now she started to rub my thighs, bringing her hands closer and closer to the hem of my shorts. Then couple of fingers started working upwards making my cock to twitch. I was near a full hard-on and my beautiful teenage niece was proposing to that I let her handle my cock. The tip of my cock was almost sticking out from the bottom of my shorts now and Jenny most likely saw what was peeking out.

“Jenny, sweetie, this is not good. If someone sees, I’ll get kicked out of the family” I whispered.

“No problem mister. Nobody will know what happened right here in this room. I think your friend is waiting for action, you think I should help?” she placed her chin between my thighs and looked up to meet my eyes. I knew I wanted nothing more than to shoot my load all over her melons, but how could I say yes? Just then, Jenny’s sweetened the deal.

“Okay mister; let me give you a small free sample. If you like it, we got a deal. If you don’t, we can stop and I will find someone else for $200.00”

Then without any hesitation she pulled my pants from the elastic waist band and freed my cock, which was screaming to be released, grabbed it at the base and ran her tongue slowly on the underside till she got to the head, then ran her tongue around the cock-head sending shivers through my spine. I moaned involuntarily.

Then she massaged my cock, up and down, brought the finger to pee hole and picked a drop of pre-cum from her index finger and said “Poor thing is crying for action and I hope you won’t deprive kadıköy escort your friend” with a sinful smile and I knew I didn’t have the heart to deprive my friend or my niece. I kissed her head and she went to work with my cock. I watched her hand move toward my swollen cock, touching it all over, ever so gently, but bringing me a great deal of pleasure. She cleverly repositioned my cock pointed toward my stomach, then ran her tongue from my sack to the tip of my cock, then she sucked my head as a kid sucking on a lollipop, releasing it from her lips, then ran her tongue downwards to my sack again.

“Ohhh….” I moaned and she looked up and smiled.

“Should I go on mister?” She asked and I nodded in approval. As she went on to suck my dick expertly, giving me immense pleasure, I ran my fingers through her hair, her gorgeous face, down to her shoulders. I slid my hip down the chair and parted my knees widely and made room for her to get more comfortable. The sensation was beyond words. Her mouth was so warm, moist and my dick slipped in and out of it, boiling my balls. She sucked softly on the head as her fingers continued to move around the shaft, and then switching to fondle my balls, ever so softly. Afterwards she would pay proper respect to the underside my cock, by running her wet and warm tongue from the head to my sack. Ohhh.. I was in heaven. I couldn’t remember the last time that I experienced such enormous pleasure.

I knew that I had to explore this beauties flesh, even if that meant that was the last time I would get the pleasure of touching a flesh of a female. I reached under her arms and brought my hands on top of her partly covered rounded breast, parted her blouse by pulling and squeeze them softly. I felt an unexplainable fascination to her warm twin peaks. Tip of each breast was pure perfection. Her treats were much bigger than what they seemed to be when they were hidden by her clothing. Soon of my fingers were on her nipples. As I first in explored the fascinating nipples, I could felt them becoming harder by the second; bringing me closer to me climax as well in her warm mouth.

Jenny moved closer between my legs, allowing me better access to her twins and I quickly moved my hips lower, placing my shaft between them. Understanding my desire, she brought her hand to the outer sides of breasts, now making a perfectly squeezing in my dick. As I got into motion with my hip to drive my shaft between her silky and cushiony breasts, she added to the pleasure by lowering her open mouth to suck my dick on its upward journey. I moaned involuntarily again and loudly.

I was in pure ecstasy and past the point of no return. Much as I wanted to continue to tit fuck her, while she was sucking my head, I knew I was there. I felt my own body tense up and I came – four or five hot jets of it- all over her lovely face and tits. I was delighted and deeply satisfied as my dick again filed her mouth, sending still more tingling sensations as it rode between Jenny’s breasts in to her mouth.

“WOW” said Jenny and sucked me dry as I stood there as I had just climbed the Mt. Everest, enjoying the feel of her wet mouth and her true beauty.

“Looks like you got a nice facial” I said trying to catch my breath. Jenny picked some spunk from her face with her index finger, smelt it first and stuck the finger in her mouth.

“Your stuff smells like Pina Coladas and taste like salty Pina Coladas. And incidentally, I want to ask you about a facial too, can I?’ Said Jenny and landed a wet kiss on my cheek. I lay on the sofa to rest, after offering my T-shirt to wipe her off.

“Well you know mister, the wedding party is having a beautician over to do facials and hair for just $100.00 a person and Brenda said that there is an opening. You think your friend here want to try again for a $100.00?” Jenny asked after sitting beside me on the sofa, running her soft fingers through my chest hair.

“Honey, it has been a long time since my friend down there had a back to back and I don’t even know if he is capable of it right away” Since Nora and I haven’t had two rounds in many years, I wasn’t sure if my dick can get hard again, soon after loading a huge load. But Jenny had other ideas.

“So, you mean if your friend can be ready, you are willing right?” She kissed my lips for the first time and guided me to the carpet. Once I was on the floor, she knelt turning her back to me and started to lick my groin up to the testicle, while maltepe escort bayan holding my half hard dick with her right and jerking it to bring back to life. Even though my dick wasn’t hard, the pleasure she brought was amazing.

I reached under her skirt and massaged her ass checks over the fabric of her silk underpants. Without any hesitation, she moved closer to allow be better access to her buns, then turned and asked;

“Do you like them?’

“They look and feel marvelous dear” I replied as I tried to squeeze my fingers under her underpants.

“Wait..” she said and then quickly removed her skirt and her underpants, revealing her wonderful ass, one could only dream of. “Anything to help bring your friend back to life” she winked as she saddled my chest and then, lowered her mouth again to my dick. Holly shit, I thought. I couldn’t believe that I had the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen nude, now in 69 positions with me.

I stared between her open legs as a kid staring the candy, breathing heavily. My hands went to her hips, and then slid under her butt clasping the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass tightly. Then, with a deep moan, I pulled Jenny’s visibly wet pubes up against my face, turning my head occasionally to lick and kiss the insides of her delicious young thighs. I touched the velvety lips and the clit. This caused her legs opened a little and I felt the warm slit become moist and then slippery as my finger worked in and around it. Jenny was busy sucking my dick, bringing it back to life. I felt a familiar sensation as the head of my dick made contact with back of her throat. We eventually got into a rhythm, my face firmly pressed into her hole, her lips firmly sucking around my cock. She stopped sucking, and ground her hips toward me, her entire body tensing. Her little whimpers grew in volume as she spammed. I knew that she was having an orgasm.

Finally, she slowed down and then stopped altogether. Her breast felt heavy and her nipples were rock hard against my stomach, where they rested, with my dick head still firmly stuck between her lips.

“Ohh… that was something…I never had anyone do that to me” said, Jenny while taking my dick out of her mouth and jerking it softly. I went on to lick her clit with the stiff end of my dick, which was surprisingly back to its full length and hard as a rock again. Then it occurred to me that Jenny might be trying to blow me off again, but I knew I madly wanted to stick my dick in her warm cunt and fuck her silly, instead of coming in her mouth for the second time.

I turned sideways, making Jenny to do the same. Then I kissed her thighs as I sat on the carpet and turned facing Jenny as I swallowed one of her nipples. My dick found the warmth between her creamy thighs.

My cock was so hard I thought it was going to bust. I pulled myself up and I inserted the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy that was steaming with hot juice. Jenny froze her body and murmured, “I don’t think we should do that..” But it was too late for that. Besides, I didn’t think she was very convincing as she did not resist. I pressed on and she let out a soft moan and relaxed her body.

She was tight I thought for sure I would never get it in her. I could still feel the moistness of Jenny’s cunt lubricating my prick as it moved into her. Jenny let out a muffled cry and then just lay there with my prick buried inside her and my balls rubbing against her ass. After a short time I started to move in and out of her with long gentle strokes so that my prick would be well lubricated by the emission from her pussy. I could feel the soft inside of her against me as I moved in and out of her body. As I worked the full length of it into her and started to fuck in and out with full strokes I watched as she came twice, during the second time, she yelled so loud and I worried shoe would cause the ceiling to collapse on us. Jenny’s pussy grabbed my cock as moaned and moaned again. She rolled her lips in and closed her eyes as I kissed her neck and humped her furiously. Her little whimpers grew in volume as she spammed. I knew that she was having her third orgasm. Her orgasms came in waves as she dug her finger nails into my back. With a final lunge I pushed deep into her and unloaded a load of cum like I have never done before! Realizing my cock was still hard I slowly fucked in and out of her until it was soft again and I collapsed on to her body. Jenny rocked her hips to make assure that she didn’t miss a beat.

“Ohhh man, you were great” she said and wrapped her arms around my neck to bring me closer to her and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“I’ll give you another $300.00, if you come back with your new shoes to dance with me” I said and she agreed.

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