The Picnic

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Jane waited by the window for John to arrive in his new car. She remembered their first encounter, that special night at the hotel. Jane placed her hand on her chest and could feel her heart starting to beat faster, her hand slowly moved over her firm breasts, continuing down towards her white lace knickers, feeling the damp patch soaking though the fabric. Just then she heard the engine of John’s car pull up outside. She quickly grabbed her purse and ran out the door. John smiled as he saw Jane, walking up the path towards him. His cock twitched with fond memories of their passionate night together. Jane didn’t know what john had planned for the day, only that she was to dress in the sexiest cloths she had. Jane knew just what to wear, a beautiful see through top and patterned micro skirt. Jane smiled, she could see John looking her up and down; He sat there paralysed not being able to take his eyes of her sexy long legs. As they made eye contact, Jane could see by the look of lust on his face, that she had got the desired effort. As Jane entered the car, John leaned over and kissed her passionately, placing his hands on her face, he pulled her in tight.

It was only a short drive to where John had planned to go, but that didn’t stop him from slowly running his hand up the inside of Jane’s leg. Jane responded to his touch, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her legs opening so his hand could slide up and under her skirt. Jane could feel the softness of his skin, as his hand ran over her silky smooth skin; John found his fingers playing with the edge of her knickers, tracing the length further round her thigh. Jane spread her legs wide, wanting him to feel the wetness that was forming. Her excitement growing as he teased the opening, Jane looked over and saw his cock getting hard under his jeans. She wanted to reach over and hold it in her hand, but just then John announced that they had arrived. As they pulled up to a secluded spot, Jane could see a small pond in the distance, with flowers and trees nearby, creating a natural barrier from the road. The perfect place for privacy, Jane thought.

John grabbed the picnic basket from the car and quickly kissed Jane passionately, before taking hold of her hand and walking towards the pond. John arranged the blanket, making sure they couldn’t be seen from the road. He took the Strawberries and Champaign out of the basket. They sat there drinking and talking; John occasionally would stop talking and just stare longingly into Jane’s eyes. The sexual tension began to build. Suddenly John reached down and took a strawberry, dipping güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it into his Champaign. He raised it to Jane’s lips, where she slowly sucked the juices from the berry, Jane opened her mouth and bite through the strawberry. The juices running down her chin, John quickly bent over and started to kiss her on lips, their mouths pressed hard together, tongues twisting, fighting to dominate the other. John ran his tongue along the length of hers, tasting the mixture of Champaign and Strawberries juices.

They lay there together, their arms wrapped around each other. Legs entwined, Jane could feel his cock stirring in his jeans. She pressed her body closer to his, forcing her breasts against his chest wanting to feel his body next to her. John held her tighter and continued to kiss her, taking one hand and placing it behind her head; running his hand through her hair. John rolled her onto her back and while they continued to kiss, he slowly ran his hand from her ankles all the way to her thighs, over her hips and round her back. His fingers running the length of her spine, feeling every curve as his hands continued to tease and massage her body, Jane sighed as she rocked her hips, her pussy rubbing against his leg. John reached under her top, cupping her breasts genteelly and güvenilir bahis şirketleri circling her nipple. John could tell immediately that Jane was getting aroused; her nipple getting hard under his touch. He held it between his fingers and genteelly tugged, his hand caressing Jane’s firm breasts. John started to kiss Jane’s neck, every so often stopping, just to suck and nibble on her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

His hands were running over Jane’s sexy curves, exploring every inch of her body. But John’s hands were not the only ones busy; Jane had placed her hand on his chest. His muscles tensing as she ran her nails across his skin, Sending John into a wild frenzy of lust. Her other hand sliding down his inside his jeans. Jane’s wrapped her fingers around his cock and squeezed. Slowly she moved up and down along the shaft, circling the tip with her finger. John grabbed her hand removing it from his around his cock; he pinned her down and started to kiss Jane’s body. She struggled under his grip, trying to break free and return the favour. John held Jane, keeping her from escaping his grip. Using his weight to hold her down, John reached round and with one quick hand movement, unclipped Jane’s bra, allowing her beautiful firm breast to be free. John traced the curve down one breast, with his tongue and slowly kissing up the other, continuing up onto her neck. His hands searching under her top, holding the breasts with his mouth, he licked, sucked, nibbled and kissed them, taking the nipple between his teeth while his tongue flicked over it, sending Jane wild, screaming that she wanted him, telling him to take her now.

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