The Night

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The night was coming soon. Even now, the last few rays were sweeping from his living room, up the walls, and disappearing from view. He hoped that tonight would be The night, but there was nothing there to suggest it would be. The plans were casual. A simple dinner, some music and talk, and then, who knew? He was nervous, and promptly berated himself for that. He had done this before, why should he be anxious now? The simple rhythms of preparing the food calmed him down. The salad was assembled in short order, red leaf and Romaine lettuce, black olives, artichoke heats, croutons, and a simple vinaigrette dressing. Red raspberry vinaigrette, to be sure, a minor indulgence but one he felt she would agree to. She had, after all, insisted this be a simple meal.

She dressed carefully, but casually. This would be the night, if she had anything to do with it. They had danced around this long enough, and even if she had to throw him down, it would happen. Her hands shook slightly as she put on her necklace, a simple strand of pearls that set off the tan she had been working on. A blue silk blouse, and smooth black skirt, with matching shoes completed the look. Soft, but not easy. She examined her make-up in the mirror, and smiled. She looked great. Just a hint of the make-up, but not enough to look made up. Lipstick, and she was done. She wondered what he was thinking about, and realized it couldn’t be more explosive than her own thoughts. Tonight, indeed.

He lit the candles. She’d be here soon, and he wanted the effect ready for her entrance. Music they agreed on was already playing softly in the background, and the wine was chilling. It was as prepared as he could make it. The “Queer Eye Guys ” would be proud. Not that he needed their approval, but the show had its moments. He walked out on the patio balcony, and watched the sky cool to a darker blue. The wind slowed with the setting of the sun, and only the occasional warm draft of air was left to remind one of the day.

She knocked, and heard no answer, only the sound of music, faintly. She tried the door, and it was open. She saw him on the patio balcony, and went to join him. She slipped her arm in his, and said, “Hey Mister, buy me a drink?” He smiled, kissed her briefly on the lips, and said “Sure. What would you like?” She asked for the wine they had both learned to like, the wine now chilling in the other room. He returned with an open bottle, and two glasses. He poured one, and handed it to her by the stem, then poured himself one.

“Cheers” both said.

“I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble. I just wanted a quiet night with you.” She said.

“No,” he replied, “No trouble at all. Baked salmon with fresh ginger, basil and lemon butter sauce, tri-colored rotini with extra virgin olive oil, and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.”

“Sounds delicious.”

They ate quietly, enjoying the evening and the food. When it was over, he poured a brandy for each, and they sat of the sofa in front of the fireplace. He put a fresh log on the fire, and then stretched out next to her.

“Charles,” she said. “I want to talk to you.”

“I thought that was what we were doing, Jamie,” he said with a slight grin.

“No, I serious. We haven’t, you know yet, and I haven’t pushed on why. And I’m not going to now. But whatever your hang-ups have been, you better get over them now, buster, because tonight is the night.”

He started to grin again, but saw she was dead serious. His heart started racing, and he felt a flush flow into his face. A slight twinge in his guts.

“Ok, if that is what you really want.”

He leaned over and kissed her quietly, and then with more intensity. He picked her up, and took her into the bedroom. He unbuttoned her blouse, and ran his hands over her back, stopping only long enough to unhook her bra. He let if fall to the floor, and he completed his tour of her back, while bahis firmaları indulging in a long, slow kiss. He took his shirt off, and held her again, this time letting the heat from their bodies build. Her skirt and panties followed more quickly, as did his pants and other clothes. He pulled her to him, and she felt him hard against her stomach.

“Well, at least he wasn’t worried about being too small. That feels to be more than enough.”

She went back to the kiss, and ran her hands over his strong back and shoulders, then down to his firm ass. He led her to the bed, turned it down, and put her in the middle of it. He kissed her on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, in between her breasts, down to her navel, and then, by inches, went lower. He reached her freshly trimmed patch, and just breathed on it. The warmth of his breath made her jump. He kissed her once, twice three times on the hair, each time with his tongue going into it a little more. He finally pushed all the way into her slit, and found her already wet. He parted her lips with his tongue, and fucked slowly into her with it. She jumped even more, and felt things starting for her. He took his time, and kept going into her until he heard her breath started to get more ragged. The he moved up just the least little bit, until; he found her clit. He circled it with his tongue, coming into harder contact with it. She started to moan, not, and put her hands in his hair, pulling him closer. He worked faster on her clit now, even grazing it with his teeth, and then put his finger inside her, working a twin rhythm with increasing fervor. She didn’t last long, cumming with a vengeance, over his face. She bucked into his mouth, and gasped long ragged bits of breath, coming down only slowly.

When she was done, he kissed her right thigh, and then went up her right side, varying only long enough to kiss and suck on both breasts, teasing the nipples, and leaving them damp. Then up to the neck, and up her right cheek, across her forehead, and the lightly on both eyelids, and down the other side of the face. Only then did he kiss her on the mouth, but made up for lost time when he got there.

She hardly noticed that he had moved up on her, and had his cock lined up with her. He entered her with one long, slow stroke, filling her completely. She sighed with pleasure, and rose to meet him. His thrusts came slowly at first, then more hurried as his urgency built. She went along for the ride, and felt her pleasure rise with his. When he finally pushed her legs up hear her head, so he could get maximum penetration, she was delirious. He final thrusts were almost frantic, and her slipped over the edge into another orgasm. He came, with a strangled cry, nearly blacking out. He felt his heart pounding as hard as it ever had, and then felt himself feeling empty. He felt so good he barely noticed the slight twinge. He got a warm washcloth, and cleaned them both up and they lay back on the bed, savoring the moment. It was nearly half an hour later when he stroked her hair, and pulled her into him and he kissed her. He pulled her head over his, so she was above him, and then he pulled more of her on top of him until he was nearly under her. Then she felt his hardness, and understood what was happening. She rose above him, found him with her hand, and slowly sank onto him. She leaned forward until she felt that special angle, and then ground down into him, feeling that special tingle grow until she was bucking hard against him, exploding his delight. He rolled her over without ever leaving her, and mounted his own furious attack, holding nothing back as their bodies slipped with the light coating of sweat that covered them both. He followed her with an eruption that seemed to come from some secret deep space within him. Afterwards, there was only the sound of heavy breathing. He got up put on his robe, and gave her one he had bought kaçak iddaa for her. They went into the living room again, and curled up on the couch.

“I hope you don’t feel you have to go all Superman on me”. She said.

“Superman? What does that mean?” he asked

“Some guys feel they have to go to extremes all night long, and just end up leaving you sore. You don’t feel you have anything left to prove, do you? Especially after that. It was incredible.”

He slimed, “No, no Superman. But there are other things I’d like to do, and other places to explore.” He looked at her, gauging her reaction.

“Other things,” she thought. “Oral, or anal also. Well, I started this, I should at least try whatever he wants to try, at least once.”

“Ok, but go easy.”


He kissed her neck, and pulled her heard onto his shoulder, taking a drink of the brandy.

They stayed like that for the next half hour. Then his hand slipped between the folds of the robe, and found her breast. He caressed it, savoring it’s fullness, and shape. He teased the nipple erect, to match his own growing arousal. She noticed the bulge growing in his lap.

“Someone’s feeling frisky. Ready for more?” She asked.

“Yes, but this time, something different. Would you use your mouth?’

“Of course. That may save me some wear and tear, too. Once you get started, you’re not shy.”

She pulled open his robe, and lowered her head, taking him into her mouth, with a long, slow motion. She teased the underside of his cock, and circled the head with her tongue. His efforts to go slow were gone. He ran his hands through her hair, and took control of her head, now thrusting deeper into her, as his need increased. His right hand pulled her robe down, and he grabbed her right breast with his right hand, while still holding her head with the other hand. Then, as she sucked even harder, his pace increased, and he sot deep into her throat. She swallowed, and kept milking the last the last few drops, until he was completely empty, and completely soft. She pulled her head from his cock, and smiled at him.

“I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow, but I don’t care.”

He smiled back, and held her close. It was so good that he could pretend the twinge hadn’t gotten slightly worse. He closed his eyes, and they dozed off.

An hour later, he rubbed her shoulder until she was awake.

“Hungry?” He asked.

“Not really. But I’ll join you for a bite.”

They went into the kitchen. He got out a plate, and she opened the fridge and bent over looking in. Without her contacts or glasses, she needed to be closer to see. But when he turned to help her, it wasn’t her eyes he noticed. It was that ass. That great, firm ass. He walked up behind her, and caressed that ass, and then flipped the robe up, so he could appreciate it without any interference. She started to get up, but he put a hand on her back, suggesting she stay where she was. His hands went to her waist, savoring the narrowness of it, and then swept over the swelling of her hips, and then down to her thighs. As his hands came up the inside of the alabaster thighs, he spread her cheeks, and saw hit tight pink hole. A finger lingered there, probing and disappearing. He pulled her up, and took her hand, leading back to the sofa, but stopped her when she went to sit down. Instead, he placed her behind the sofa, and bent her over it.

“I’m not real sure about this.” She said, her voice husky with both desire and fear.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine” he replied, kissing her on her back. “Wait here.”

He went into the other room, and went back behind her. He took her robe off, and his as well. The he applied lubricant to his cock, and then to her ass. He slowly worked one finger into her, not far, and very slowly. Then, he applied more lubricant, and inserted two fingers. It was so slow, and so gentle, that she kaçak bahis hardly minded. He placed his cock at her hole, and pushed just the head in. She took a sharp breath, but found it wasn’t as bad as she feared. Then he began to increase the depth of each stroke, taking more and more of her, until she felt his hair on her cheeks. “He was right”, she thought, “This will be ok.” As he watched his cock disappear into her depths, he started thrusting deeper, and more quickly. His hands grasped her waist, and held her firmly. Finally, his thrusts got harder and harder, his breath more ragged, and face more contorted. The explosion nearly made him pass out; he laid down on her back until his heart returned to normal. They each went to a bathroom, and cleaned up. When they were done, there was an unspoken agreement to go back to bed, and slept deeply.

The morning was bright and clear. The few shards of fog had long since been burned off. He offered her eggs, but she demurred, taking just an English muffin and coffee. She kissed hi, and asked if she would him tonight. He smiled, and told her that they would just things as they come. She kissed him on the cheek, and left.

He showered, a long, hot shower. He didn’t worry about saving any hot water. Then he shaved, and got dressed. He put on a pair of charcoal grey slacks, and an impossibly white shirt. He started to put on a tie, then smiled, and put it back. “No need for that today.” He thought. He stopped in the den, and listened to the phone message there several times; trying to make sure he understood every word. Finally satisfied, he hung it up, ready for messages. He took a card of white paper from a drawer, and wrote. His handwriting would never rise to the level of calligraphy, but it was more legible than most things he scribbled. He thought about last night. It had been perfect, at least perfect for him. He hoped it was for her, too. It was, a great night, a special night. It was The Night, and always would be. He hoped she’d understand.

He walked to the patio balcony, and smelled the fresh air, and felt the wind on his face. He pulled a chair up to the edge of the wall, stepped up and onto the chair, and then the wall. Then he stepped off, into the sunshine.

The police got there soon after, and sealed off the place with the thick yellow tape they are so fond of. They found the note, and told Jamie of it. Four lines, five words, on indented.



Love always,


She never got the note. Evidence.

Two detectives searched the bathroom.

“Detective” one called. “This guy missed the bowl. There is a spot in the floor.”

“One spot? That’s it? He pissed sloppy, for all of one small spot? Great. That’s helpful.” The other growled sarcastically.

“It’s not that, the spot, it’s red.”

In the den, they found the answering machine, and played it. Only one call.

“Charlie, this is Doc Barnes. Will you lease answer the damn phone? It feels like malpractice to just leave you messages. Please come in Charlie, there are things we can still try, experimental therapies. Chemo, radiation. At the least, we can help with the pain. I know the cancer is Stage Four, and is an aggressive cancer, so there is no time to waste. Please Charlie, come in. Please.” Then the machine shut off.

The sun set slowly on the patio that afternoon, touching silent walls, silent chairs. Inside, the silence was even more complete, disrupted only by the occasional hum of the fridge switching on. Even that seemed to disappear into the void. The phone call came as a thunderbolt into that calm.

“Charlie, I don’t know how it happened, but I have great news! There was a mix-up at the lab, and your MRI and biopsy were confused with the person before you. Something about the shape just seemed wrong, so I checked again. The last two numbers were reversed. Charlie, your tumor is benign! It can come out as easy as you appendix. You’ll be home in no time. Charlie? Charlie? Can you pick up? You’re getting your life back. Charlie?”

The phone message machine switched off, and the silence rolled back in.

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