The Neighborhood Rebooted

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[Author’s Note: Life being what it is, it oftentimes gets in the way of life’s pleasures and one of mine was writing the stories I’ve put on this site. Rather than start a new story line, I decided to brush the dust off what ‘skills’ I may have by retooling one of my favorites. Having just reread the series for the first time in probably two years, I realized it went in some directions that I now regret, so hopefully you’ll agree and enjoy this twist as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, feedback of all kinds is welcomed, it’s the only thanks I get. Enjoy. ]


The sun was just beginning to ooze over the horizon, heralding the start of a new day as the slowly awakening landscape came to life with the chirps and sounds of summer. Vivian Jordan softly shut the French door behind her as she walked out onto her back porch, pursing her full lips and blowing across the surface of her steaming cup of coffee. The 36-year old woman’s sparkling green eyes slid over the large landscaped backyard, noting that the grass was getting a little long. Luckily, she had an 18 year old son still at home, who would be more than happy to mow it. Vivian smiled to herself. Okay, maybe not ‘happy to mow it’, thought the gorgeous brunette, but with only a few weeks left until he started his senior year, ‘plenty of time to mow it’.

With the backyard quiet and all to herself, Vivian padded barefoot over to a lounger and curled her toned, tanned legs under herself as she sat quietly. She sipped her coffee and took stock of things, as she was wont to do when all was quiet and she had the time. This was her time, early in the morning, before her son Mark, and his twin sister Kim awoke, filling the spacious home with their assorted comings and goings. Her usual routine was to arise before the sun, fix her coffee, then come out here, when the Texas summer heat was at its most forgiving and spend 15 minutes or so doing yoga and meditating. But this morning she had overslept, which was out of the ordinary for her, and so she sat her coffee to the side and stood up, to at least get in her laps in the family’s Olympic sized pool.

The petite woman undid the sash to her robe and let it fall from her body, shivering slightly despite the warmness of the day. Goosebumps erupted on her naked skin as she padded barefoot towards the edge of the pool. It was these times that she was grateful she had the means and the foresight to purchase the secluded property, for she loved nothing more in the mornings than to swim her laps in her birthday suit, and oh what a beautiful suit it was. Vivian’s full, pouty lips lifted in a slight smile as she walked, relishing the freedom of her nakedness. This was another reason she rose early to swim her laps. It just wouldn’t do for her teenaged twins to see her ‘nekkid’, swimming laps. Vivian wasn’t a prude, no far from it, but some things she liked to keep private. She drug a toe through the surface of the water as she worked her shoulder length brown hair up into a swim cap, then jumped in, surfacing quickly with a soft gasp, the 5′ woman’s head just out of the surface of the water, her breasts bobbling beneath the surface. She felt her nipples stiffen and tighten in response to the water, and ran her hands over her firm chest, briefly tugging them between her thumb and forefinger, eliciting another soft gasp and a sly grin before kicking off in the direction of the other end of the 25 meter pool.

While not overly vain, Vivian knew that she was a striking woman and took pains to keep her curvy body in shape with yoga, swimming and eating healthy. Her body was toned and tight, her curved figure cutting through the water effortlessly. In fact, with her youthful looks and trim figure, she was often mistaken as her daughter Kim’s sister, much to her delight. The mother and daughter were very similar in body type, petite and busty, with slim hips framing firm, round backsides. As she executed a perfect kick turn, starting back, Vivian smiled to herself, thinking of the looks she and her brood got when they went out. The two gorgeous ladies framing her tall, handsome son, who got his height from his father…

Vivian surfaced at the other end, briefly clinging to the side as she thought of how much Mark resembled his deceased name sake, gone now almost 15 years. She bit her full lip and sighed before resuming her laps, water streaming past her body.

Her husband had been an investments broker, and it was during one of his frequent business trips that the private jet had suffered total engine failure, taking her husband’s life. She didn’t often allow herself to mourn his passing, the years having dulled the pain, but the gentle caress of the water against her sexy curves made her ache for his touch again. However, she had not been entirely alone these intervening years. One…lover…in particular, still brought out her passionate side, but her trysts with him were rare and infrequent and, being honest with herself, not sustainable.

The first few years after her husband’s untimely death, bahis firmaları Vivian retreated from society, focusing on raising her precocious twins. She was fortunate that Mark Sr. had been very good at what he did and had the foresight to provide for his family in the event of his death. Money had never been a problem for the Jordan’s, allowing Vivian to stay home and spend priceless time with her kids and helping them understand why their father was no longer around. It was only late at night, as she fell exhausted into bed that she ached for her late husband. His support, his laugh, his love, his touch. Mark and Vivian had a very healthy and adventurous sex life from their early days up until that last night they had spent together in their marital bed. When the hole in her heart had healed somewhat, Vivian had attempted to find companionship, but too often she was disappointed, until giving up completely on ever finding a permanent mate to replace Mark Sr. She still had her aforementioned lover, or more accurately, ‘fuck buddy’ and that would have to do until such time as her ‘nest’ was empty and she might take some of the focus from her family and search again.

Laps completed, Vivian climbed from the pool, and water dripped off her bronzed skin as she shook her hair out. This movement created the predictable shimmy in her large, firm mounds, her still stiff nipples carving the air. She pulled a large towel from the shelves and patted her figure dry before wrapping the robe back around her body and heading inside. After refilling her coffee cup, she headed towards her bedroom, depositing the towel in the hamper. “Time to do laundry”, she idly thought, noting the fullness of the container. Once inside her dark, cool bedroom, Vivian dropped her robe on the bed and walked into the large open bath, stepping into the large, marble walled open shower, turning on ‘her’ shower head. As she leaned her head back in the spray, her eyes fell on the unused, opposite wall head, her lips curling in a sexy smile, remembering fun times under the warm spray with her sexy, hung husband. She could still picture the heavy swing of her husband’s gift between his thighs and the way just the sight of her curvy body would cause it to rise all on its own. She closed her eyes, washing her hair and body quickly before shaving her legs and underarms, then giving her bare mons a quick touch-up, knowing that her afternoon would be spent in the skimpiest of bikinis beside the pool. Her cleaning done, she stepped out, toweled off and walked to the closet, wrapping herself in a sheer, short dressing gown before turning to the mirror. She quickly blow dried her hair, pulling it into a pony tail, and then applied a light touch of mascara, skipping her blush. Vivian pursed her lips painting them in a dark shade of red. Smacking them, she smiled at herself and headed to the laundry to begin her daily routine.

Vivian separated and sorted the clothes from the hamper, putting hers and Kim’s delicates to the side to wash separately…then sighed deeply, shaking her head. Mark hadn’t brought down his dirty laundry again, she noted, her lips pressing together in displeasure. She headed upstairs to retrieve her son’s hamper, glancing at the grandfather clock, just past 7 o’clock in the morning, she noted. She’d do her best not to wake her son, knowing he’d come in late last night from his date with his girlfriend Nancy Taylor, but if she did, he only had himself to blame and she was not about to wait until his usual 10 o’clock wake up time to get the laundry done. Tip toeing down the long hallway, she pressed her ear to his closed door before slowly turning the knob and stepping inside the darkened, cluttered room.

Even before her eyes adjusted to the dimness, Vivian knew what condition she would find the room and as they did, she saw that she was right. Clothes littered the floor, along with running shoes, baseball gear, a football, DVDs without cases and an empty chip bag. She shook her head and glanced towards the large king sized bed, seeing her son’s profile turned on his side. Finding the hamper empty of course, she began dropping his discarded clothing in it, working her way towards the bed. As she dropped in the last item, she placed the half full hamper down and took a moment to watch her son in repose.

Even without seeing the jumbled sports gear littering the room, one look at her son’s sleeping form would tell anyone that this was a boy who played sports and played them all quite well, Vivian proudly thought. The sheet covered Mark’s lower body as he lay on his side, his smooth, muscled chest rising and falling as he slept. Her eyes proudly drank in the studly boy’s physique, that chest, the chiseled abs, broad shoulders and muscled back. Mark had her workout ethic, as did Kim, and it showed. ‘How soon they grow up,’ she thought, biting her lip as she smiled, before she started to turn to leave. As she did, Mark rolled over onto his back with a sleepy sigh, his hand tangled in the sheet, dragging it from his hips as he moved.

A kaçak iddaa soft gasp of surprise puffed from Vivian’s mouth before she clamped it shut, her long, full lashes lifting in open surprise as her eyes unconsciously fell below her son’s ripped abs. “Oh…my…God!” she stage whispered before clamping her hand over her mouth. ‘He’s HUGE!’ she thought, unable to tear her wide eyes away from the thick, hard rod now laying heavily on her son’s abs, stretching above his belly button. Her nipples instantly hardened at the taboo sight, seeing the prodigious pole pulse with each beat of his heart, filling the bulging veins crisscrossing the wide shaft. Unconsciously, she took a slow step towards the bed, slowly easing down to sit on its side before she even knew what she was doing. Mark’s breathing remained deep and even as her eyes pulled for the first time from his enormous cock, then snapped quickly back to the lovely sight. “So big…” she whispered, pleased that this was another attribute he took from his father, a deep blush creeping up her chest and neck as memories flooded her scrambling brain. This was so wrong, she knew. She should have fled the room after her son’s exposure, but now, sitting so close that she could feel the heat from his lean, muscled body, she wasn’t sure her legs had the strength to do so. She cut her eyes to his relaxed face again, before licking her full, painted lips, leaning closer to the twitching, throbbing snake.

Vivian’s nostrils flared at the pussy scent coming off her son’s cock, her lips curling in a smile as she thought of Nancy. ‘Lucky girl’ she thought, before biting her lip and shaking her head slowly. She mustn’t think like that, she knew. This was a slippery slope, to be here, thinking like this and to be touching him like this, ‘NO!’ But she was, her French manicured forefinger, apparently having a mind of its own was gently tracing the pulsing main vein, from the flared, meaty knob down the long shaft to his large, round balls, sloshing fully in their shaved smooth bag. With a heavy soft sigh, her small hand curled around the thick shaft, lifting it up off her son’s abs, a thin strand of pre connecting them until she had it pointed straight up. ‘NO!’ she thought again, her brain unable to control her warm, wicked hand, now gently, tenderly gliding up and down the monster jutting from her son’s groin. Her tongue wet her suddenly dry lips, her hand freezing as Mark moaned low in his sleep, head lolling, before whispering, “Mmm…Nancy…yes…”

Her head nodded as Mark continued to sleep, ‘Yes…Nancy…think of Nancy…your girlfriend stroking this big dick…not your horny mother’. She groaned quietly, for that was what she was, a bad mother…a wicked mother…one who stroked and pumped her son’s cock while he slept. It had been so long, too long, truth be told, since she had been this excited, this turned on, this so close to losing control of her proper façade. For behind this façade lurked a lustful, hungry woman. Her full breasts joggled freely underneath her robe as she pumped and stroked her hunky son’s dick, pulling a big pearl of pre to the flaring, throbbing head. ‘In for a penny…’ Vivian thought as she pressed her soft, warm lips to the head, glossing them and then sinking her lush, wet mouth onto the wide head, shuddering as she felt its heat, its girth, stretching her drooling mouth. She sunk his thickness deeper inside her mouth, painted lips caressing the hot shaft as her cheeks hollowed.


Vivian’s long lashes fluttered as her eyes rolled back in her head, feeling the searing heat of the thick shaft as it slid across her writhing tongue. She bathed her son’s cock in her hot spit, drooling copiously as her hands left his base, one caressing her breasts through her thin robe, tweaking her achingly hard nipples, the other stealing between the folds to rub her slippery, quivering wetness. The duo’s moans rose in concert as the horny mother felt her son’s fingers brush her ponytail. She could tell he was close…so close…so close to filling her hungry cocksucking mouth full of his thick, warm ji…


At the clicking sound of a door shutting, Vivian snapped out of her cock drunk haze, drawing her puffy lips off her son with a wet POP. She swiped the back of her hand across her red smeared lips…frozen…ears straining for another sound. ‘Kim was awake!’ With nary a glance back at her son, she crept to the door, pressing her ear to it, hearing nothing. She paused, readjusting her robe and smoothing her hair. She cast a glance back at her son, biting her lip, ‘Never again…’ she thought, opening the door and slipping out into the hallway and bumping square into her daughter as she came out of the hall bath. Kim squealed in surprise, jumping back and bumping the wall, her hand clasped to her heaving chest, blue eyes wide in surprise.

“Mother! You s..scared the h..hell out of me!” Kim stuttered, then stopped, her eyes narrowing. “What’s wrong? You’re flushed..” The young girl reached a hand kaçak bahis out to her mother’s flushed face before the shaken woman jerked away, shaking her head.

“N..nothing…not a thing” Vivian pressed herself to the opposite wall, cutting a glance back at Mark’s door as she retreated.

Kim’s brow knitted, full lips pursing. “Is Mark awake? It’s his turn to clean the pool and I want to use it this aftern…Mom? Are you sure you’re ok?” Kim could not help but note the distinct outline of her mother’s nipples against the thin robe and her puffy, smeared lips. ‘Gosh…Mom looks just like me after giving a bl…’ she though, her eyes widening in shock and surprise. ‘No WAY!’

Vivian managed a quick shake of her head. “…no he wasn’t…I mean isn’t! I mean…his laundry…didn’t…” Vivian clutched her robe tighter. “Breakfast…breakfast! I need to make it…” She turned, practically fleeing as her stunned daughter watched the delicious bounce of her mother’s firm bubble butt showing just under the edge of her short robe. “Don’t disturb him!” Vivian called back before disappearing down the stairs.

Kim’s wide mouth curved up into a big knowing smile as she whispered, “Someone just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar…” She started to follow her mother, but paused, turning to look at her brother’s door. She hesitated, but then placed her hand on the door knob. She simply HAD to know! Turning the knob slowly, she slipped quietly into the room, closing the door behind her with a soft click.

Mark lay flat on his back, his huge, swollen tool pulsing atop his abs. Kim gasped aloud, eyes widening before stifling herself with her hand. ‘Dear lord that is the biggest…most beautiful…tastiest looking cock I have ever seen’ the busty nymph thought as she crept slowly to her brother’s bedside, kneeling, then stretching her upper body across the space between her and her brother’s slumbering body. ‘I was right!’ she thought, spying the red smear of her mother’s lipstick stretching halfway down the thick column of hard flesh. Her glittering blue eyes drank in the lustful package, her breathing becoming labored. She noted how tight his scrotum appeared, the full orbs pulled tight up against the base. ‘Poor baby’ she thought, ‘Mommy left him high and dry…good thing I’m here’ Biting back a giggle, she raised up, looking at Mark’s handsome, relaxed face, then extending her tongue, began licking her brother’s smooth, warm sac as she tucked her long blonde hair back behind her ears. Mark groaned in his sleep, pausing the lusty girl’s tongue bath.

“Nancy…” he whispered, his hips moving slowly as Kim smiled, resuming her wet licks. She was well aware of Mark and Nancy’s active sex life, as she and Nancy were best friends, now sharing virtually everything! After properly painting his balls with her spit, the panting girl begin trailing her long, talented tongue up and down her twin’s shaft, lightly caressing it in fear of awakening him. Once the shaft was gleaming in the dull morning light peeking through the blinds, she risked touching him, lifting him with a fingertip under the shaft. ‘So heavy!’ As his cockhead left the puddle of precum pooled on his abs, Kim drug her tongue through the gooey mess, shuddering through a mini orgasm from his taste. ‘God, I’m such a slut’ she thought, then promptly opened wide and sealed her plump lips around her brother’s cock, suckling softly, drooling copiously at the taste of his pre direct from the tap. A throaty moan oozed from her stuffed mouth as she held still, lapping, rubbing and caressing the meaty head of his cock while he drooled cream onto her wiggling tongue. She felt him shift and moan, but she held still, continuing to draw and slurp on him, shivers coursing through her body. Kim felt the thick rod buck and throb on her tongue and knew he was close. She shut her eyes, preparing to gobble down her brother’s sweet load. Suddenly her eyes flew wide, her gasp cut off by the mouth clogging thickness of her brother’s cock as she felt his hand atop her head, gently pressing her down on his cock.

“Fuck yes…suck my cock Kim…” she heard him mutter thickly, his hips lifting up and down, fucking his big dick in and out of her drooling mouth. Kim moaned and started turning her head, but was held fast by his strong hand. “Unh uh…no way…you’re gonna finish what Mom started…I’m close…so close…keep sucking me…fuck that feels so good sis…your mouth is so hot and wet……here…ohhhh fuuuuuckkkkk…” Mark’s thrusts sped up, popping her thick lips in and out before he shuddered and thrust one more time as his cockhead swelled, slit flaring and spit his huge, hot load across her writhing tongue.

“MMMMUMMMPHHHMMM!” Kim pulled back to the tip as Mark’s hand fell away. Splash after thick splash flew from his flaring slit, spurting down her working throat. On and on it went as her head swam, drunk on cum. His hips bucked as he moaned and climaxed before finally stilling, the only sounds being Kim’s delighted moans and slurps and Mark’s soft gasps for air. Drawing out the last weak spurts, Kim popped her puffy lips from his crown, tucked her hair back behind her ear and spun on the bed, slapping her hand on her chuckling brother’s broad chest.

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