The Neglected Son Ch. 01

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The Neglected Son, Ch. 1: Chet and Mindy

Mindy was as pretty as I remembered her. Prettier, even. Just looking at her made my chest tighten and my throat close up. For a second there, I thought I was going to have an asthma attack.

She was with a group of girls from her sorority, or so I guessed. The way they all stood so chummily close together, laughing and tossing their heads and posing whenever they spotted a likely guy strolling by. None of them were ugly, but Mindy was far and away the hottest of the bunch.

Her dark hair was pixie-cut around her impish face, framing vivid turquoise eyes so gorgeous that they looked like contacts. I knew they were natural. Aunt Paula had eyes the same color. She and Mindy had always had a sort of Snow White and the Wicked Queen relationship, even when Mindy had been a kid.

It had been six years since I’d seen any of them, but I still didn’t have any trouble recognizing Mindy. I saw her in my sleep sometimes.

Laughing at me.

Teasing me.

That was Mindy, all right. She hadn’t grown up much, still being on the short side, but she’d sure grown out in all the right places. Her body was walking talking dynamite, toned and trim but curved and bouncy. She was packed into a strapless white dress that glowed in the club’s dim lighting.

Seeing her was like a strange kind of emotional time travel. I felt the years being stripped away, and the changes they’d made in me being erased. All at once, I was the skinny loser again, peering at the world through thick glasses.


Everything was different now. I wasn’t like that any more.

And, weirdly, I had Dad to thank for it. He’d been the one to pressure my mother into sending me to boarding school when I was fourteen. Better that than have me underfoot over the summers and on holidays. He hadn’t wanted me around when he had his new family to occupy his time.

Mom hadn’t argued much. She wanted me to get a good education, and couldn’t afford to send me to private school on her own. Not even with the child support Dad sent. When he’d offered to pay the tuition, and set aside a hefty chunk of cash for college, she hadn’t been able to resist.

Thinking of Mom, and looking at Mindy, made my fists clench. It wasn’t right, the way things had worked out. Dad had used her, made a fool of her, and abandoned her at the earliest opportunity. And then, to make matters worse, he’d turned around and married her sister. Mindy and Renee were my half-sisters as well as my cousins, and it had been plain from the moment they’d been born which of his kids Dad favored.

He may have held on to some hopes for me during the first few years of my life. Hopes that his son and firstborn might follow in his glory-filled footsteps. But when I turned out scrawny, weak, and clumsy, he gave up on me.

Well, I’d proved him wrong. The boarding school, and prep school after, had given me the chance I needed to make something of myself.

I hadn’t bothered to stay in touch with the rest of the family. Not after the way they’d treated Mom. The only one I ever heard from was Dad’s doddering old auntie. She gleaned family gossip like a squirrel storing nuts, and doled it out each December in a photocopied holiday letter.

That was how I’d found out that Mindy was starting college. She’d spent a year at a pricey finishing school, then enrolled at the same university I attended.

Mom, learning of this, had suggested I look Mindy up. She thought it would be funny to see how the rest of them reacted to the ‘new me.’

So, here I was. But I didn’t feel like the new me anymore. I had a sinking certainty that when Mindy turned and saw me, she would snicker, and point, and my zipper would be down or something, and all the other girls would scream with laughter. Like at the slumber parties she’d held as a teenager.

A sheer, living hell.

I steeled myself. I wasn’t that skinny loser any more. I’d taken up swimming, crew, and tennis. I was ten inches taller and forty muscular pounds heavier than the last time she’d seen me. I wasn’t the sort of brother she should be ashamed to introduce to her friends.

As I approached, I saw one of the girls in Mindy’s group notice me. She bumped her shoulder against Mindy’s, and motioned with her chin in my direction.

Mindy turned. Her eyes glided over me.

She smiled, perfect white teeth brilliant against her glorious bronze tan.

I swallowed, feeling stupid and nervous, waiting for the moment when she’d cry out my hated childhood nickname. “Winnie-the-pooh,” she would crow, and screech her banshee’s laugh.

Blame my parents for naming me after great-grandfather Winchester. Winchester Sherman Hollister, that was the moniker with which I’d been cursed.

But she didn’t. She only smiled that playful little smile, and tilted her head and lowered her eye lashes, and it struck me like a blow from a mallet that she was giving me a come-hither look.

She didn’t recognize me!

She bahis firmaları had no idea who I was.

I didn’t know whether I should be relieved or offended. I must have looked like the world’s biggest dope, standing there, my jaw hanging open.

Mindy took it as a compliment. She detached herself from the gaggle of sorority girls and swayed her way to where I was.

“Well, hi,” she said.

Up close, she was even more of a knockout. Those turquoise eyes glittered amusedly up at me. I hastily dropped my gaze, but that was no good, because now I was staring at the lack of tan lines on her shoulders and the upper slopes of her breasts. The white strapless dress fit her like she’d been poured into it.

“Mindy –” I said, dragging the word out of my frozen throat.

Her smile widened. “You know my name. I’m flattered.”

She touched my arm in a companionable, intimate gesture.

Flirting. I could hardly believe it, but there it was. She was flirting with me. The voice, a sultry sort of purr. The eyes, darting slyly at me from beneath those long dusky lashes. The way she leaned toward me, affording me a spectacular view of her cleavage.

She didn’t know who I was. She thought I was a stranger, some guy trying to pick up on her in this trendy off-campus club.

It occurred to me briefly that she did know but was playing one of her mean little games. I discarded that notion at once. There was no sense of it in her eyes, none at all.

“Pussy got your tongue?” she asked, then hid her mouth and uttered a naughty giggle. “Cat, I mean?”

My brain had turned to tapioca. Fragments of thoughts whirled crazily in my mind. She really didn’t know. She didn’t recognize me, her own brother.

And all at once, I was furious.

I did my best to hide it, and cleared my throat. “Sorry,” I said. “You just caught me off guard.”

“What’s your name?” she asked.

I smelled alcohol on her breath. Technically, she wasn’t old enough to drink. If I was doing the math right, she was still a year too young to buy a legal drink. But that was wine I smelled, sure enough. She and her sorority sisters must have had a private party before heading out to the club.

“Chet,” I said.

It wasn’t exactly a lie. I’d dropped the ‘win’ from Winchester years ago. Chester was still something of a dork’s name, but Chet … Chet was right for the new me. It suited my hard-won athletic build. I floundered for a second trying to come up with a last name, but she didn’t ask for one.

“How’d you know me, Chet?” Mindy’s eyes twinkled at me as if we shared an amusing secret, but they were also shiny, almost glassy.

Wondering if she’d been hitting something even stronger than wine, I shrugged. “I’ve seen you before.”

Again, not a lie.

“And you asked about me,” she said in a warmly chiding tone, giving my upper arm a friendly swat. “Sneaky Chet.”

“That’s me,” I said. “Sneaky Chet.”

I would have expected her to recognize me eventually, my voice, my mannerisms, something, but she hadn’t. Was I that different? Was I a totally new person? Did she even remember she had a brother in the first place? I had been an embarrassment to her, a target of mockery, and I’d been glad to be done with that part of my life. Still, it stung to be completely forgotten.

“Are you a student?” she asked.

“Grad student,” I said, and lied an extra year onto my age when she asked me how old I was.

For some reason, now I didn’t want her to know. I wanted to see how long I could trick her, and let her be the butt of the joke when I finally ‘fessed up. The look on her face when she realized she’d been flirting with her brother, with poor, pathetic Winnie-the-pooh, would be priceless.

Her friends were watching us from a distance, leaning close together to make their comments and observations. I was astonished to perceive that they seemed to think Mindy had made a good catch.

I mean, I knew I was better looking than I’d been as a teenager, but it was a new and unnerving experience to be regarded this way. My track record with women wasn’t all that great. I’d been laid a few times, and given some valuable pointers on how to make a lady happy by my roommate’s girlfriend – she used me to get back at him for some real or imagined slight, not that I’d complained – but I still hadn’t gotten entirely over the anxiety of my younger years.

Mindy suggested that we find a table, and I agreed. We got a half-circle booth in a shadowy dark corner, away from the live band. I ordered drinks, non-alcoholic margaritas because even if I was old enough to buy them, I didn’t want to get busted for her drinking them. We shared a plate of nachos. She chattered and flirted some more, coming on pretty strong and heavy. Her knee kept brushing mine under the table, and she was a toucher, patting my hand, resting hers on my arm.

It occurred to me again that maybe she did know and was trying to make a fool of me. But I didn’t think that kaçak iddaa was the case. She wouldn’t take it this far if she knew I was her brother.

How far, I wondered, would she take it if she didn’t know?

I felt immediately ashamed of myself. This was Mindy, my own half-sister or cousin, depending on which way you sliced it, and I wasn’t supposed to be watching the way her breasts bulged over the tight top of her dress whenever she breathed in, wasn’t supposed to be thinking about the whispery nylon feel of her knee against my pant leg, wasn’t supposed to dwell on the way she’d asked if the pussy had gotten my tongue.

But she didn’t know, didn’t care. Probably had been happy to forget she even had an older half-brother. I was the unwanted one, anyway. Aunt Paula had resented every minute I spent at the house and every dime Dad shelled out in child support. I’d been ignored by them all, except when I was being tormented by Mindy and her slumber party pals.

Dislike rose in my throat like bile. I had wanted so much to make my father proud of his son, but he’d dropped me and Mom like a bad habit when Aunt Paula decided she wanted to take what belonged to her sister.

I hated all of them.

It was kind of a news flash to me as I sat in the dim corner with Mindy’s knee pressed to the side of my leg. I’d known that I was resentful, and with what I thought was damn good reason. But hate? Was it that strong?

Yes, it was.

And the more I listened to Mindy, the more intense it got. She was talking about her family now. About her parents, and her sister, and their fabulous house with its platoon of servants, its gardens, its pool and stables and acres of land.

No mention, not even a derogatory one, of a brother.

She had forgotten all about Winchester, or was pretending he’d never existed. I knew in my gut that they all did just that, with Dad’s blessing. Winchester was the embarrassment, the one that Dad had been happy to shunt off to boarding school and out of his life. He’d had his precious daughters to love instead. Pretty Mindy, the social butterfly, and shy, talented Renee.

I wanted to get back at him. Abandoning Mom, abandoning me, paying off the asshole who’d briefly been my stepfather – oh, that had been an ugly business, hiring a man to court and marry and then walk out on my mother, so that Dad could get out of alimony – I owed him some serious payback.

Mindy interrupted my vengeful thoughts by sliding around in the booth and kissing me.

Shocked, I didn’t pull away. She sealed her lips to mine and thrust her tongue in my mouth, her hand cupping the back of my head to hold me firmly to her.

My half-sister was frenching me in front of God and everyone! Not that ‘everyone’ could see much, with the lights so low. She pushed her upper torso against me, her breasts pressing into my arm.

I should have stopped her. Should have broken away and gotten the hell out of there.

But I didn’t.

Part of it was just being stunned, I guess. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

And she was hot, sexy, throwing herself at me like a total slut.

And, well, wouldn’t it serve them right? Wouldn’t it serve them all right?

So, I kissed her back. I sucked on her tongue and put my arms around her, feeling the smooth, tanned skin of her back and the tight fabric of her dress.

She moaned against my lips and crawled onto my lap. She straddled me right there in the booth, her already short skirt hiked to the tops of her thighs, her knees on either side of my hips, and her bottom snuggling down into my lap.

I got hard. How could I not? She was all over me, rubbing and wiggling, and the dirty awareness of what I was doing burned in my veins like a fire. I kept envisioning the look on her face when she realized she’d been making out with her brother. With the geek she used to sneer at, and make fun of.

Mindy felt me swell in my pants, and squirmed around even more. She held my face in her hands and covered it with warm, wet, open-mouthed kisses. I held her, sliding my hands from the small of her back to her ass.

Someone was bound to see eventually and tell us to break it up. The waiter who’d brought the margaritas and nachos, if no one else. But the band’s music was pounding, strobes and light beams flashed, and the whole room was a pulsing chaos.

We parted to gasp for air. Mindy was flushed, her eyes sparkling brighter than ever. Her chest heaved, threatening to spill over the top of her dress. She raked her fingernails down the front of my shirt, clawing at the buttons as if she wanted to rip them open right then and there.

“Whoa,” I said, breathing hard. “Mindy, wait, okay? There’s something I should tell –”

“God, Chet, you are so cute,” she said, and swallowed my tongue again. She was dry-humping me like there was no tomorrow.

I gave up. The urge to confess hadn’t been all that strong anyway, and faded fast as she ground her crotch into my lap. I worked kaçak bahis my hands up under her dress. I could feel nothing but flesh under her pantyhose, and the knowledge that she wasn’t wearing anything else sent a sudden raging lust through me. My sister was a slut, leaping onto some guy she had only just met – from her perspective – and she deserved whatever I did to her.

She moaned encouragement as I groped beneath her skirt. I didn’t care anymore about being seen, except that I’d be annoyed beyond measure at an interruption right now. I wanted to see how far she’d go. How far she’d let me go. The farther, the worse it would be for her when the truth came out.

Mindy raised her head from mine long enough to throw a quick glance around. Seeing what I had seen, that the lights and music and shadows preserved our corner booth privacy, she yanked down the top of her dress. Her tits sprang out, full and firm, with large rosy nipples.

No tan lines there, either. My mind’s eye saw her stretched out by the side of the pool, sunbathing topless, not caring that the servants might be spying on her from the house. Maybe even liking it, putting on a show for the help. That sounded like something Mindy would do.

I bent my head and kissed, nibbled, lapped, and sucked. Mindy bounced on my lap, grinding her hips, fingers combing frantically through my hair. Her back arched, damn near smothering me.

This was wrong, way out of control, and I knew it. Trouble was, most of me didn’t care. Most of me was only interested in seeing how much more she’d do. I wondered if it had gone into the realm of illegality yet. Sex with a sister was a no-no in this part of the world. And even if Mindy didn’t understand that was what was going on, I did.

I twisted my head away from her breasts. “Mindy, okay, enough, we better stop.”

“Nobody’s looking,” she said.

“But I –”

She reached down, and hooked me by the belt. Two deft movements and she had it open, sliding through the loops. She unbuttoned, then unzipped.

“Hey, come on,” I said, alarm shooting through me even as my eager dick strained at my shorts.

Mindy shushed me. She glanced around again, and then with a sinuousness more suited to a snake, slithered off my lap and under the table. I could only see her bare arms and the top of her head as she tugged on the sides of my pants.

Without thinking, I rose up and she pulled. My pants and underwear slid to my knees. Freed from confinement, my dick popped up like a jack-in-the-box. She curled her hands around it.

I jolted as if I’d been struck by lightning. It felt good, amazingly good, maybe because I knew it was such a mistake. But it didn’t matter. If I got arrested for indecent exposure, even if the authorities figured out our real relationship, so what? When Mindy found out … when Dad heard …

She licked the underside with a long, slick stroke. I groaned and put my hands on her head. I didn’t push her away. She wanted to? Good. Let her do it, and then live with the knowledge. Her mouth engulfed me, drew me deep. Her tongue rolled maddeningly. I almost came then and there, but held back with a monumental effort. Not yet. I didn’t want it to be done that soon.

Mindy bobbed her head up and down. While she did, she grabbed my leg and wedged my foot between her legs. She writhed against my shin like a dog in heat.

With the table in the way, no one could see below my waist. But there weren’t any tablecloths, and anybody walking by would be sure to notice Mindy’s feet sticking out. Or they’d see my face. I tried to maintain a casual expression, but it was impossible with the wet suction of her mouth taking me in, sliding me free, and taking me in again.

My hips bucked uncontrollably. Mindy must have sensed what was about to happen, because she redoubled her efforts, fondling my balls with one hand while she pumped my shaft with the other. I looked down, saw my dick sliding in and out of her pouting lips, and thought suddenly of how she used to smirk and call me a loser, and say I’d never have a girlfriend.

I came in a huge, vindictive torrent. Though Mindy gulped gamely, the spouting jets overflowed her mouth and ran in creamy dribbles down her chin. She held me in her mouth until I had begun to soften, then sat back under the table and wiped her face with my pants.

My limbs were twitching with reaction. My diminishing dick lolled against my leg. I had broken out in a sweat, and my throat was dry. My hands were unsteady as I rearranged my clothes. Mindy crept back onto the seat of the booth, her dress pulled over her tits again, her eyes shining as she looked at me.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said.

Get out of here? I didn’t know if I could walk. But as she got to her feet, and held out her hand to me, I found that I could. I dropped some money on the table and let her lead me out of the club. We passed some of her sorority friends, and she flashed them a grin and a wink. They gave her a round of thumbs-up in return.

It made me wonder if there was some sort of bet or contest going on. Not that it mattered much. What mattered was the way her lips had felt on my dick, and what would happen next.

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