The Loneliness Fades Ch. 01

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Note to readers: This is a fictional story that features intimate relations between a mother and daughter. If this type of material offends you, then you may not want to read this submission.

This is a new story that I wrote for fun. Please email me feedback about the story if you have the time. I always enjoy reading what people think about the things that I write.


My name is Rebecca, and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m a thirty-six year old woman who already feels like she is over the hill. Physically I’m doing great. I’ve stayed very healthy and active throughout my entire life. I am a little bit vain, so maintaining my figure has always been a priority. My life has just become so bland and routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my life. There are plenty of good things about it. I have a job that I don’t hate, but get incredibly bored with. I’m a secretary at a law firm. I have a wonderful eighteen year old daughter. Her name is Autumn, and you seriously couldn’t ask for a better daughter. She has been doing well in her first semester at the community college and wants to one day be a teacher. Of course, she is only going to the community college because that is all I could afford to send her to. I never had the chance to go to college myself.

Despite regrets about never being able to continue my education. I had always deemed myself to be a very fortunate woman, even despite having lived through hard times. Everyone has trials that they go through in life. Mine have been substantial but I don’t think I’d want to change anything from my past. At the age of eighteen I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. That very same day was the very last time I ever saw Autumn’s father. I guess he couldn’t handle the pressure of being a new father, so he fled before even getting to meet her.

I never felt sorry for myself, being a single mother. I did feel sorry for my little girl though. I wanted her to have that father figure in her life. I tried to find a good man for many years, one that would accept both Autumn and I, but all I’ve ever wound up dating were non-committal losers. I gave up the dating scene last year after a man my boss introduced me to never called me back after finding out I was a mother.

So I haven’t been on a date in a year. Things have been getting lonelier and lonelier in my life. I know I’m not too old to give up, but I’m not patient enough to not get frustrated. I’m at one of those damned awkward phases in life where you know things are going to change quickly. Autumn is eighteen now and I know she won’t be with me forever. She’s such a quick study that I’m sure she’ll get her degree in record time and start teaching at a high school in a matter of a couple years. I’m going to miss her greatly when she goes. Selfishly, I wish she could just stay with me forever. All parents probably feel that way though.

Just as I’m continuing to be lost in thought, I hear my front door opening. I turn around from my lounging position on the couch and head over to it to see who is there. It’s Autumn walking in, and with her is a rather cute, well dressed young man in a polo shirt and some slacks. I immediately look him over. He’s a tall young man, probably 6’2. Short dark hair like his was always a weakness of mine. He’s very toned with muscle too from the looks of it.

“Hey mom!” Autumn says with a big grin on her face.

“How was class honey?” I reply with my eyebrow raised. I’m waiting for her to introduce her new friend.

“It was pretty interesting today. This is Tom by the way.” Autumn says motioning to the boy.

“It’s nice to meet you. Autumn has told me a lot about you Ms. Jones.” The boy says nervously.

I smile at the boy and say, “You can just call me Rebecca, no need to be so formal. I’m not one of those hellish or prying parents.” I laugh after I say this. I’m certainly not hellish, but I’ll admit that I can be prying, especially when it comes to Autumn and boys.

“Tom and I are in the same English class mom. We paired up to work on a paper together. We have to write a creative descriptive paper for class in a couple of days, so we were going to come here to work on it.”

Autumn seems very chipper to have Tom over to the house. I’m happy for her. “Awesome. I won’t bug you guys, so don’t worry about me. If you need anything just let me know.”

“Thanks mom. Tom, go ahead and head up the stairs and put our books up. I’ll be up in just a second.”

“Alright. It was nice meeting you Rebecca!” Tom says with a more slight hint of nervousness than in his previous words.

Autumn walks Tom to the stairs and then turns around to me. “So, what do you think?”

“You haven’t mentioned Tom before honey. I’d definitely say that he’s a very handsome guy. He seems really nice too.” I say with a smile.

“He really is. We’ve been hanging out at school for a little over a month. I think we might make a cute couple, what do you think?” Autumn says excitedly.

I nod my head and reply, “I’d definitely bostancı escort bayan say so. But don’t get so wrapped up in how cute he is that you don’t get your paper done.”

“Don’t worry, you know I’ll get things done. I’m sure we’ll just be a couple of hours.”

“Okay, go ahead and get to it then! Don’t let me keep you.” I gently push Autumn’s towards the stairs playfully and she turns to walk toward her room.

They really do make a cute couple. My Autumn has grown into such a beautiful young woman. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. Autumn is a brunette beauty. Even her shoulder length hair has the same wave to it that I had not too long ago. She’s just a few inches shorter than I am, a little over 5’5, with a slender but slightly curvaceous body and porcelain-like skin. All the boys probably go wild over her.

Standing here thinking about how cute a couple that they are makes me realize just how lonely I am getting. Autumn has certainly been having more luck than me in the romance department. For her sake I hope that she always does. Even still, I realize that I need some romance in my life to brighten up my days.

I walk upstairs and quietly walk pass Autumn’s bedroom door so as not to disturb her and Tom. I make my way to my bedroom and plant myself in front of my computer. Sitting here thinking about young love and romance has me nostalgic. I pull up some old pictures of myself on the computer and begin looking at the younger, twenty year old version of myself.

I realize that I really did look like Autumn. The same nice skin, deep blue eyes that I have always been fond of as a favorite feature. I really like the way I filled out my little black dress back in those days as well. After looking at these pictures I decide to look myself over in the mirror to get a good idea of just how much I’ve changed. I’m happy to see that I still look very good. A more mature look, sure, but the same nice features I had back then are all present. Longer hair suits me very well. My dark brown hair now reaches almost to the small of my back. I had been thinking about cutting it, but staring in the mirror at it has given me a new fondness for it, despite how hard it is to maintain. Maybe I have given up on love too soon?

Standing in front of this full body mirror I decide to shed some of my clothes. I pull off the red sweater I had been wearing to reveal my lacey black bra. My chest has grown bigger over time. I’m now a proper 36-C. I slide my jeans down to my ankles and kick them off of my feet. My ass fills out my black panties well. When I move it there is the slightest jiggle, just the way I want it to be. Staring at my body like this is making me feel a definite wave of arousal. I definitely need the touch of a man again.

Looking at the clock I see that it is only 7:30PM. A little too early to turn into bed, but I can’t help myself. I make sure my bedroom door is locked tight and then I lay atop my mattress. The silken sheets feel very nice on my skin as I start to rub my nipples through my bra with both of my hands. This feels so good that it is unreal. Quickly I unlatch my bra and throw it down to the floor so that my hands can feel my bare breasts. My nipples are now standing at attention, hardened to the touch and very sensitive. I continue to rub them like this for awhile, until I can feel myself becoming moist in-between my legs.

Incredibly aroused, I slide my panties down my thighs and then kick them off completely. With my right hand I slide my fingernails down my stomach until I am touching the thin patch of pubic hair right above my mound. I swirl the hair around with my fingers quickly before touching my clitoris with my middle finger and pressing. I cannot help but let out a muffled moan. It has been a long while since I have tended to my needs like this.

I frantically begin rubbing myself as I become more and more moist and turned on. Then suddenly I hear a voice.

“Mom! Where are you?”

It’s the voice of my daughter Autumn. I almost spring out of bed, slightly embarrassed, until I realize that my door is locked. I call out to Autumn. “Yes dear, I’m in my room. What do you need?”

Autumn doesn’t attempt to open the door, thankfully. She just stands in front of it and says “Tom and I might have to work at this paper a little later than we though. So is it okay if he stays over for a few more hours?” Autumn says in her begging tone.

“Of course it is. I’m just going to go to sleep early tonight, so you guys just do your thing.” I call out nervously, my hand still resting atop my mound.

“Alright mom, thanks! I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight honey.” I say softly as I hear her footsteps begin to trek away from my door.

My arousal seems to have increased from hearing Autumn’s voice, and almost feeling like I was being caught in my deeds. I decide that I cannot help but keep at it, and I continue rubbing on my clit. After a time I bring my left hand down to join ümraniye escort in the action. With my left hand I decide to enter my vagina with my index and middle finger. Slowly I pump them in and out, while continuing to rub with my right hand. It doesn’t take too long after this for me to reach a satisfying climax. I felt like my orgasm was never going to stop, and I don’t think I wanted it to. Now I lay there atop sheets sticky with my own juices. I must remind myself to put the sheets in the wash once Autumn leaves for school in the morning. I really did tire myself out though. I can feel my eyes getting heavy. Eventually I fade into sleep.


After several hours I wake up from my pleasure-induced nap. Looking at the clock it is 10:45PM now. I really wished that I hadn’t slept like that, as I have to go to work by 7:00AM. Regardless, the orgasms I’d given myself was worth it. I throw on my red silk bathrobe and decide to sneak my way into the shower. I desperately need to freshen myself up.

So I walk out of my door, robe tied tightly around my naked body, and tiptoe towards the bathroom. Passing Autumn’s room I note that it is very quiet. I’m sure that Tom has to have left by now, and Autumn is probably sound asleep.

I finally make my way to the bathroom and I hear the shower running. I guess Autumn isn’t asleep after all. Standing next to the door I begin to hear noises though. I hear Autumn moaning in pleasure, and a few deep male grunts. It dawns on me what is going on, and I creak the door open as quietly as can be. I can now hear more clearly, and it doesn’t appear they have noticed my presence. I now hear Autumn talking.

“Aren’t you glad you came over now Tom? Ooh! Come on, be careful! Don’t slip while you’re holding me up like this babe.”

I can’t believe it. My precious daughter is getting railed in the shower, and I’m standing only feet away from her while it is happening. Normally I’d be angry at her for doing this under my roof. I don’t want her to be promiscuous and wind up getting pregnant. I want her to live out her dreams without having to worry about a child that she isn’t ready for. Right now though, I’m not angry. I am aroused once again. I don’t know what it is with me today, but sex has just been on my mind. I stand there listening to the moans and grunts all the while just envisioning in my head what is going on in there.

I can just picture Autumn being held up by Tom’s brawny arms, her back pushed up against the wall, and legs wrapped around his waist. Tom thrusting into her powerfully and forcefully. These images have my head spinning.

Finally I hear a moan that is louder than the rest of them. I then hear a big THUD! Worried, I go further into the bathroom, but I stop myself before opening the shower curtain. Autumn would know I’ve been listening if I do that. I back out of the room and close the door quietly. I then hear sounds of laughter.

“I told you not to fall, stupid!” Autumn says jokingly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. But I told you I’m clumsy. I don’t know why we couldn’t just do it in your room. Would have been safer.” Tom says

“I already told you that my room is too close to my mothers! She could have heard. It’d break her heart to know that I’d do this in her house.” Autumn says in a serious tone.

“Alright, alright. Either way this was great. I love you Autumn.”

“You’re growing on me too, Tom.” Autumn giggles and turns the shower off.

Once the shower is off, I decide that I’d better hurry and get away from the scene before Autumn sees or hears me. I creep back up to my bedroom and close the door. Just thinking about what has happened between Autumn and Tom, with me listening in no less, has me confused and turned on at the same time. I know my baby is all grown up, but it is hard to come to terms with.

I hear a car start up and begin to pull out of the driveway. I assume that Autumn has left to take Tom home. I still need to sort out my feelings on this, but I decide to take this opportunity to put my bedding in the washer, and then take a shower.


I’m feeling a lot better after my shower. But I still think I need to talk to Autumn about this. I’m okay with her being sexually active, but I feel like I need to talk to her about making sure she is safe. Her future and happiness is very important to me. I know how rough things can be on a young girl.

I’ve slipped back into my robe now and am starting to worry because Autumn isn’t home yet. It is almost midnight now. I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s a smart girl, right? My mind is racing.

I walk into Autumn’s room to take a look. I see her sheets are somewhat wadded up, and I lift them up to see a box of opened condoms. A few have been taken out of the box. At least it is good to know that they used protection. I sit on her bed just thinking about how much she’s grown up. The years have flown by all too fast. I’ve had to work all the time just to make ends meet, so that I could assure escort kartal she’d have as good a life as I could provide for her. We’ve always been close, Autumn and I, despite not having enough time to just do mother and daughter things. I know that it has been tough on her. It hasn’t been easy on me either.

Time passes and I finally hear a car pulling up in the driveway. I walk out of Autumn’s room and to the top of the stairs just in time to see her walk through the door. She is alone this time, and I’m happy about that. I decide to talk to her.

“Autumn, come here.” I call out to her from atop the stairs.

Autumn can see me standing there, and she looks a little flush. She probably expected me to be asleep throughout the night, thinking she could just sneak in with me unawares of what had gone down. She probably thinks I’m going to be angry.

“Alright, I’m coming mom.” Autumn says very quietly.

She walks up the stairs and looks me in the eye. I smile at her to let her know I’m not mad.

“Let’s have a talk, girl-to-girl.” I grab Autumns arm and pull her into her bedroom.

I take a seat on her bed and pat the area just next to me. “Come here and sit down. Don’t worry I’m not angry with you.” I say.

Autumn sits down and looks at me almost tearfully. You can tell she’s holding back. “I’m sorry mom, I know I let Tom stay too late. I just got back from dropping him off at his place.”

“It’s okay. Listen Autumn, I know what you and Tom were doing. I…I heard you guys in the shower.” I say nervously, my heart in my throat.

Autumn looks shocked. “I’m so sorry mom! I know I shouldn’t have been doing that in the house. It’s disrespectful…and…”

“Shhh…” I put my right index finger to her lip. “There’s nothing wrong with having a boyfriend. I don’t know why you’d think I would be so angry. You’re a beautiful young woman Autumn. I don’t expect you to act like a nun.”

Autumn breathes a sigh of relief and hugs me. “Thanks mom. I’m still sorry though. I guess I could have been more honest with you and let you know how serious Tom and I are getting.”

“Yes, you could have. Why didn’t I meet him before today? If he’s going to be a part of your life, then he is a part of mine too. I’m understanding.” I hold Autumn with both of my arms, letting her head rest on my chest.

“I know, you’re great. I just know that you worry because you want me to worry about my degree before I have a kid or anything, and you’re right. I’m being careful.”

“I saw the condom box. I was relieved.” I say with a laugh. Autumn can’t help but laugh too.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping though, mom? You have work in the morning.”

“I have a few sick days I can use. I think after today I’m going to need to use one. So don’t worry about that.” I hold Autumn tighter.

Autumn re-positions her head and it moves my robe. The robe is partially open at the top now and Autumn can see part of my breast.

“Are you naked under that robe?” Autumn smiles and looks intently at my chest.

“Yes.” I embarrassedly try to re-tie my robe.

Autumn grabs my hands though. “Don’t.” Autumn undoes my robe and stands me up. She takes the robe from my arms and slides it down them, letting it hit the floor. She looks at my body and smiles.

“Turn around.” Autumn says.

“W-what? Why?” I feel weird about her looking at me naked. I don’t know why. She’s seen me nude before when she was younger and we’d both be getting dressed.

“I just want to see.” Autumn begs.

I oblige her and do a quick turn.

“You’re so beautiful mom. Seriously, I wish I had your body.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. You’re a gorgeous girl. I wish that I still looked as good as you.” I reach for my robe, bringing it up into my hands.

“Mom, you’ve sacrificed so much for me. I know that you’re lonely.”

Her saying this shocks me. I stand there a bit dumbfounded.

“You are so beautiful that you could get any guy you wanted, but you chose to focus on me instead, and provide for me. You’re helping put me through college, and you work all the time so that we have a place to live. I just want you to know that I love you for that.” Autumn touches my shoulder.

“Well honey, I do all of those things because I love you. You’re more important than any man could ever be to me.” I say honestly.

Autumn has a tear in her eye.

“Don’t cry hone-“

I’m cut off by Autumn reaching her lips up to mine and kissing me. She kisses me deeply and passionately, not the type of comforting kiss on the cheek a daughter would give to a mother. I am speechless.

“You deserved to be loved mom. You deserve to be happy. I love you more than anyone else in the world too.” Autumn places her hands on my hips and gently directs me towards her bed, sitting me on it.

“Please…please don’t say anything.” Autumn lets out as she lifts her t-shirt over her head.

Autumn looks amazing wearing a dark red push-up bra. Her breasts are a bit smaller than mine, but they suit her body so well. She kicks off her shoes and then slides her blue jeans down her thighs, revealing the tight red boy shorts that she is wearing. She then plops down next to me on her bed, taking off her ankle socks and then kissing me on the cheek.

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