The Lap Dance

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We’re standing in middle of the hotel room, your hands in my hair, my hands gripping your shoulders, holding myself up on tiptoe, pressed against you as our lips and tongues intertwine. Your strength thrills me, but tonight I have something else in mind. I back you up to the desk chair, pressing down on your shoulders to get you to sit. You look up at me, quizzically.

“I owe you a lap dance,” I smile, bending down to loosen your tie. Sliding it free, I rub the silky material across my lips as I sidestep behind you. I lean over and whisper in your ear, “Do you trust me?” as I reach for your hands.

Excited at the thought of surrendering control to me, you let me loop the tie around your wrists at the back of the chair. Moving in front of you now, I start a slow strip tease, grasping the hem of my shirt and raising it as I dance a slow samba. I expose the soft skin of my stomach, my pants riding low on my hips, as I sway them seductively. Then higher, stopping just under my breasts, pausing to run my hands over them, my palms caressing my aching nipples. Raising my arms above my head, I slide one arm, then the other, out of the sleeves, and turn my back to you as I peel the shirt up over my head. Turning to face you, cupping my breasts, my large, rosy nipples erect and plainly visible through the white lace bra, I move in close, so close you can almost get your mouth on them…. But not bahis firmaları quite, and then I back up again, rubbing my thumbs over my nipples, which you know sends sparks straight to my throbbing clit. You see me momentarily lose my place, my eyes closing, a soft moan escaping my lips, before I remember what I’m doing, and slide my hands down my sides and over my hips. I unbutton and unzip my pants, and slowly shimmy them down, turning and gyrating in front of you until I step free of them. White lace panties cling to my smoothly waxed pussy as I approach you again, straddling your legs, and rolling my hips. You can smell my arousal and see the sheen of moisture between my legs. Sliding a finger slowly across my wet cunt, I raise it to your mouth, and paint your lips with my juices, before backing away.

Standing in front of you once again, I unclasp the front closure of the bra, letting it fall from my arms. My nipples are hard and erect, and I cup my breasts in my hands again, rolling my hips the way I’d like to ride your cock, because my clit is engorged and aching. Finally, I can’t take anymore, and one hand steals down to skim over my swollen pussy lips, lightly, ever so lightly, making my clit pulse and throb and wetness drip from my cunt, playing until my knees threaten to buckle, and I stop, breathing heavily. Once again I turn, presenting you with the view of my firm round ass and kaçak iddaa swollen cunt as I peel the panties off and bend to remove them.

I approach you, inches away, and slide my finger down between my pussy lips, gasping as I finally rub across my clit, and plunge into my wet hole, stroking, while you watch. Stopping and leaning over you, I bring my wet fingers to your mouth again. You suck them in eagerly, groaning at the taste of me, as I begin to unbutton your shirt. I replace my fingers with my lips, kissing you, tasting myself on you, tongues tangling as I lick into your mouth, hungry for you. I slide down to my knees between your legs, pulling your shirt apart, off your broad shoulders, revealing your magnificent muscular chest. I stroke the hard planes of your chest and abdomen, loving the feel of your warm skin. Looking into your eyes, I gently stroke the throbbing hardness between your legs, loving the sound of your moan, and the desire burning in your eyes. I unbutton and unzip your pants, and you lift your hips to help me as I pull them off, taking your boxer briefs with them, eager to have you naked before me.

Sliding my hands along your thighs, I lean in and lick the length of your shaft, savoring the taste of you. Cupping your balls in my hand, I swallow the head of your cock, moaning at how good you feel and taste in my mouth. Sucking and licking hungrily, my hands busy kaçak bahis at the base of your cock and on your balls, I bring you close to the edge. You groan as I let your shaft slip from my lips. I slide my body up along yours, your wet cock slipping between my breasts as I lick and bite your nipples.

“Tell me what you want,” I breathe against your chest.

“I want to fuck you,” you growl, knowing how much it turns me on to hear you say it. “I want to slide my cock into your hot hole. Long, slow strokes, teasing you the way you’re teasing me.”

I smirk, just a bit, because while I would love that, this time I’m in charge.

“Or maybe, I’ll just take this luscious hard cock,” I say, grasping your shaft with one hand, “and use it for my own pleasure.”

I climb on to the chair, straddling you, my dripping cunt poised over your pulsing member, and slowly ease myself down, feeling you fill me, hearing your sharp intake of breath as my wet, warm flesh envelops you. I start a rhythm of riding you, grinding my clit against you on the downstroke, my nipples rubbing your chest, my hands on your shoulders, as I rock up and down. Your mouth is on me, anywhere you can reach, and then you latch on to that spot at the curve of my neck… It’s all I need, and I cum, screaming, pussy muscles clenching and convulsing around your hard cock, collapsing against your chest. Bracing your feet against the floor, you flex your thighs and hips, thrusting hard into my limp body to find your release.

Long moments later, I lift my head from your shoulder and whisper in your ear, “Now it’s your turn to tie me up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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