The Family Reunion Ch. 07 , Epilog

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Double Penetration

Chapter 7

Once Jessie and Thomas and Timothy and Melissa returned to the living room a while later, they all looked around in shock. The furniture had been moved to the corners of the room and the floor was full of people locked in various sexual situations.

Crystal was on her hands and knees not five feet from the foursome and her brother in law Nicholas was ramming his hard cock deep into her pussy.

Crystal cried out as he slammed his cock into her furiously and she bucked back against him with every thrust. “Fuck me Nicholas.” She cried as he leaned over her back and started pinching her nipples while he fucked her.

“Oh Crystal, your pussy is just as great as your daughters, I love fucking it.” Nicholas growled, biting at her neck as he pounded into her.

Not far from Crystal and Nicholas, Victoria was lying on her back with Patrick lying on top of her. His face was buried between her legs while he pumped his hips, driving his cock deep in her mouth. Both parties were moaning like crazy while Patrick fucked her face and Victoria shoved her pussy up against him.

“Eat me Uncle Patrick, your tongue feels so good.” Victoria cried pulling her mouth off of him as she felt Patrick’s tongue slide into her slit and start moving in her like a small cock.

Patrick growled against her snatch and pumped against her with his hips until she took him back into her greedy mouth.

Thomas watched this for a minute then ran over, dropped to his knees before the 69ing couple and pushed his brother in law’s face out of his daughter’s pussy.

Patrick leaned up on his hands, looking at his brother in law in surprise until he saw the look of lust on Thomas’s face. He moved his body up until he was practically sitting on Victoria’s face as he watched Thomas impale his daughter.

Thomas smiled at Patrick and lowered his body over Victoria, as he slid his now once again hard cock deep into his daughters willing hole.

Victoria shrieked in delight around Patrick’s cock as she felt a cock slide into her. She had whimpered in dismay when her uncle’s tongue left her hot pussy, but the cock fucking her slowly definitely made up for that. She couldn’t see who was fucking her so slowly around her uncle’s body, but it sure felt good. She moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth then sucked harder at her uncle’s cock as she raised her body against her father’s slow thrusts.

She felt the person fucking her lower their body over hers and wrapped her legs tightly around the mystery man’s waist, pulling him deeper inside her then before.

Thomas closed his eyes and moaned as he slowly penetrated his daughter’s body. He knew she would feel good wrapped around him and he was right. His eyes moved over to Patrick who had moved over so he was sitting next to Victoria and still feeding her his length.

Knowing that it was clear to lie completely over her, he lowered his body down over hers, pressing his chest tightly against her breasts as he moved his mouth against her ear. “Suck your uncle’s cock baby girl while I ride your sweet pussy.”

Victoria took her mouth off her uncles’ cock long enough to look up into her fathers face. She lowered her eyes as he rose up a little and she gasped when she saw that she did indeed have his cock deep inside her.

She looked at her father in surprise as she felt him slowly driving her body into ecstasy. Then she smiled and whimpered in pleasure when he started moving a bit faster. “Oh daddy, fuck me, fuck my sweet pussy. Make me cum daddy.” she cried lifting her hips hard against him as she took Patrick’s cock back in her mouth.

“Oh baby girl, you feel so good honey, you like daddy’s cock up your hot snatch?” he kissed her cheek because her mouth was occupied.

Victoria couldn’t answer verbally because of her uncle’s cock in her mouth so she nodded forcefully as she moaned.

Melissa watched in shock while her husband fucked their daughter. Jessie and Timothy however were checking out the rest of the action going on in the room.

Nathan had Brenda up against one of the walls in the room with her face buried against it. He was slamming into her furiously from behind as she cried on in joy.

“Fuck me Nathan,” She cried slamming her body back against her son. “Fuck me with your hard cock. Oh god, give your mother a good ride son.”

Nathan growled against her ear, telling her how good her pussy felt wrapped around his hard cock and how when they got home he was planning on having it more often.

Hearing her son etimesgut escort tell her he planned to fuck her more then just this time drove Brenda over the edge and she shrieked in pleasure as she creamed his cock. “Agh, ugh, I’m cumming baby.” She cried pressing hard against him as her pussy spasmed around him.

Nathan chuckled against her ear as he brought his hands up to her breasts, caressing them. “Hm…I can tell. I plan to get you off at least twice more mom before I’m through.”

Brenda whimpered at his words, she had a feeling he could do it to. His cock was flying inside her while his hands worked at her breasts. When he took one hand off her breast and raised her leg so her knee was pressing against the wall, she cried out feeling him go deeper then before. “Fuck me baby boy, oh fuck me.”

Joshua meanwhile, was sucking happily on Elizabeth’s hot snatch while she muttered words of encouragement at him. “Oh grandpa, yes, eat my hot pussy. Your tongue feels so good driving deep inside me. Make me cum grandpa; make me cum all over your hot mouth.”

Joshua drove his tongue deep into Elizabeth’s slit, making her scream in surprise as he pinched her clit between his fingers.

Jessie, unable to handle just watching anymore ran over and laid down beside her grandfather who luckily for her was laying on his side as he ate out Elizabeth. She grabbed his cock in her hand and stuffed it roughly into her mouth sucking greedily at the hard flesh.

Joshua groaned in surprise when he felt a hot mouth enclose over him. He pulled his mouth from between Elizabeth’s legs long enough to see who was sucking on him. “That’s it girl, suck grandpa’s cock.” He sneered with a smile as he shoved his cock hard against Jessie’s face.

When all Jessie did was suck harder at him he enjoyed it for a minute then dove back between Elizabeth’s legs.

Elizabeth humped her body against Joshua’s mouth as he pushed her closer to release. She watched through glazed eyes as Jessie went to town on Joshua’s hot cock. She knew she wanted it inside her. “Jessie, let go of grandpa’s cock so he can fuck me.” She begged.

Jessie looked up at her then reluctantly let go of Joshua’s cock, sitting back on her knees as her grandfather moved up over Elizabeth and slid smoothly into her depths. “Oh grandpa, yes,” Elizabeth purred as he started slowly sliding in and out of her.

Jessie looked at them in dismay, “what about me?” She whined as she watched the action going on in front of her.

Joshua, who had been kissing Elizabeth while he fucked her, looked over at his granddaughter. “Come stand in front of my face baby. I can eat you while I fuck your cousin.”

Jessie grinned at him as she quickly moved to her feet then straddled her cousin’s body. Joshua made sure his strokes were even to give Elizabeth the most pleasure then leaned forward driving his face between Jessie’s spread legs.

Jessie cried out in pleasure when his tongue moved over her clit. “Oh grandpa, eat my hot pussy.” She begged grabbing the back of his head and pressing him tighter against her.

Joshua drove his tongue all over Jessie’s wet snatch, then drove down and slid his tongue into her slit, tonguing her in rhythm with him fucking Elizabeth.

Jessie screamed in pleasure as she humped her body against her grandfather’s face. “Eat me grandpa, eat me.”

Alice and Jack however were contentedly just kissing on the floor as they ran their hands over each others bodies. When Alice saw Timothy and Melissa come back into the room, she smiled and whispered in Jack’s ear.

Jack turned his head to look at his mother who was watching everything with a series of emotions on her face. Disgust, awe and most definitely lust. As much as she wanted to deny it, she was getting turned on by what she was watching.

Jack kissed Alice once more then jumped quickly to his feet. He moved over to where Melissa and Timothy were standing. He whispered something in Timothy’s ear, which made the younger man move away then turned to his mom.

“You’re not participating mom.” He said huskily as he grabbed her hand and put it on his hard cock. “That’s not allowed.”

Melissa looked at her son in shock, then down at where he was holding her hand against him. She had to admit she did like the feel of his hard cock against her skin. “Jack, you are my son.” She said sternly.

Jack smiled as he stalked towards her making her slowly back away. She squeaked when she found herself up against the wall with etimesgut escort bayan his arms braced on either side of her. “What’s that got to do with anything? Dad is fucking Victoria and from the sounds of her cries, I’d say she’s enjoying herself.”

Melissa looked over Jack’s shoulder. It did seem like her daughter was enjoying herself. Thomas was lying on his back while his daughter rode him. Patrick was standing beside her and she was still happily sucking on his cock although she would pull him out of her mouth occasionally to tell her father how good his cock felt inside her.

Melissa was watching her husband and daughter so she wasn’t paying attention when Jack lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his waist. She looked at him when she felt his cock brushing against her slit. “WH-what are you doing?” she asked with both fear and lust in her voice.

Jack smiled at her as he lined up his cock then grabbing her hips, forced her body forward until he was buried inside her completely.

Melissa gasped and looked at her son in surprise when she felt him slam into her. “I’m fucking you mom.” He said with a grin as he pulled out then slammed back into her body.

Melissa was stunned, all around her the room was full of the sounds of bodies slapping together. As well as the sounds of people moaning as they fucked each other silly and here she was with her back against the wall, her leg pulled up and her sons cock sliding furiously in and out of her pussy.

“You shouldn’t be fucking me Jack.” She protested weakly even as she thrust back against him. “You’re my son.”

Jack grinned as he felt her pressing her body against him. “Your mind is saying no mom but your body is saying yes.” He moved even faster inside her and watched as her eyes glazed over with desire as her breath quickened.

“You like that, don’t you mom.” He growled huskily bringing his lips close to hers. “You like the fact that it is your son bringing your body to life. Don’t you? You like the fact that I am going to make you cum.”

Melissa was panting hard as he fucked her, bringing her ever closer to the glorious release. She wanted to deny his words, she wanted to say that no, this was wrong. But as he pummeled her pussy hard and fast with his hard shaft, she knew she couldn’t.

Even though a small part of her knew this was wrong, a bigger part of her was turned on by the fact that it was her son who was setting fire to her body. “Fuck me Jack.” She growled finally giving in as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and brought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss.

Their tongues dueled together as he drove hard into her body, making her squeal as she met him thrust for thrust.

Jack grabbed her other leg that was still resting against the floor and wrapped it around his waist as he pressed even closer to her. Melissa knew that only his body was holding her up and she squealed as she felt him pummel her hard and fast. “Fuck me, oh fuck me.” She screamed pressing against him.

After Timothy left Jack to his mother, he moved through the fucking couples trying to find a place to fit in, his grandmother was lying on her back furiously fingering her pussy as she watched the action around her. He thought about giving her his cock again when he saw Jessie standing over Elizabeth as their grandfather ate her out.

Seeing his sister getting her pussy eaten, made his cock throb almost painfully. He walked over to the fucking threesome and moved over Elizabeth’s shaking body as he moved up behind his sister. “Grandpa giving you a good tongue licking?” he asked as he slid into her from behind.

Jessie had been so lost in the furious way her grandfather was going after her pussy with his tongue that she was surprised when she heard Timothy’s voice. She rested her head back against his shoulder as she pushed her hips back and forth between the two men. “Oh yea, his tongue feels great.” She purred as she felt Timothy slowly sliding deep inside her.

Below them, Elizabeth was crying out as Joshua pounded her hard while he greedily snacked on Jessie’s snatch. When she heard the twins talking she opened her eyes to see Timothy’s balls swinging between his legs as he fucked his sister.

Feeling particularly naughty after everything she had been through this weekend, she lifted her upper body while being careful to keep her grandfather’s cock shoved deep inside her snatch. She moaned loudly as Joshua hit far inside her then grabbed Timothy’s legs as she escort etimesgut started running her tongue over his balls.

Timothy gasped in surprise when he felt a tongue on his balls. He had his arms wrapped around Jessie’s body as he started moving faster inside her. Turning his head, he looked down at his cousin.

Taking one hand from around Jessie, he grabbed the back of Elizabeth’s head and pressed her harder against him. “Yea cuz, tongue my balls.” He groaned.

When Timothy grabbed the back of her head, Elizabeth whimpered in surprise. Then since he seemed to like what she was doing so well, she took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking gently on it while she slammed her body against Joshua.

Timothy howled when he felt Elizabeth’s mouth wrap around him and almost came in his sister right then. He pounded Jessie hard from behind as he felt Elizabeth suck at him. “Fuck, agh, oh god, yes.” He groaned caught between the two women.

Alice was enjoying her fingers in her pussy, but it just wasn’t enough. She looked around the room at the fucking couples trying to see if there was a free cock when she saw Patrick shoving his cock into Victoria’s mouth.

Victoria was still happily bouncing on her fathers cock and Alice felt she should share. Standing up, she moved over and kissed her son on the cheek. “How about shoving that up me instead?” She asked huskily.

Patrick opened his eyes and smiled at his mother. He had wanted her for a long time and was wondering if he would be able to get her before the reunion was over.

He pulled his cock from Victoria’s mouth then turned to take his mother in his arms. “Mmmmm…With pleasure.” He purred kissing her gently as he led her to a bare spot on the floor. He pushed her gently onto her back then moved down until he had his face above her pussy.

“Patrick, fuck me.” Alice whimpered when she saw his mouth instead of his cock between her legs.

Patrick smiled up at her. “Mom, I have wanted you for so long. I have wanted to eat this luscious pussy. Now that I have the chance, do you think I’m gonna deny myself?” He smiled at her then lowered his face.

Alice moaned loudly as she felt Patrick’s tongue touch her. She wiggled her body against him when he flicked his tongue over her clit, then suddenly shrieked when he shoved it deep inside her snatch. “Fuck, agh, oh yes, eat me boy.” She cried humping against him.

Patrick drove his tongue deep inside her loving how she tasted and felt around him. He couldn’t wait to shove his cock deep into her hot snatch, but for now he was content just to eat her out.

The orgy was going strong by this point. Joshua had pulled his mouth from Jessie and was furiously pounding into Elizabeth.

Timothy had pulled away from Elizabeth’s greedy mouth and pulled Jessie over next to the fucking couple onto her hands and knees, and then he transferred his cock from her pussy to her ass while he slammed three fingers into her front door.

Jack had let Melissa’s feet touch the floor and turned his mother so she was facing the wall and was pounding her from behind while Melissa cried out and begged him for more.

Crystal and Nicholas were happily pounding each other as was Victoria and Thomas.

Victoria had moved to her hands and knees and Thomas was slamming into her from behind.

Nathan had his mother on her back on the floor while he drove his cock deep into her depths with his mouth locked on hers.

Patrick finally slipped his cock into Alice while she shrieked in joy at having her sons cock deep inside her.

The room was full of the sounds of groans and moans and cries. Of course there were also the sounds of a lot of bodies slapping together in the throws of sexual heat.

Moans and cries mingled around the room as each person reached for that glorious release. It was impossible to tell who the first was to cum as our family enjoyed their family fucking.

It was like a song that raised in volume as one by one each person found their orgasm and screamed in delight.

As the room was filled with grunts and groans of completion, it was obvious that the reunion had been a success.

Epilogue: What a great family we have.

As Crystal, Patrick, Jessie and Timothy watched their relatives leave for their homes. Each smiled at the other. They all knew that no matter how old the kids got, each one of them would be back for the family reunion.

They figured that as time went by, each child would introduce their significant others and children to the joys of family fun. As Timothy and Jessie watched their families leave, the smiled at each other. They planned to continue their own family fun.

After all, Timothy’s cock and Jessie’s pussy had to be ready and eager for next year when the family fun would begin all over again.


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