The Family Ch. 04

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Next Morning…

Carol, Age 42

I woke to familiar snoring, and squeezed my husband tightly… then I remembered that he was on a business trip. As soon as that realization hit I then remembered what I had done last night. And whom I had done it with. I looked down to see my son still cuddled up next to me. He was so peaceful with a little smile on his face. Oh god, I would do anything for that smile.

“No Carol, you’re stronger than this,” I whispered reminding how wrong it was.

I disentangled myself from Brent’s embrace, and crawled out of bed. I stretched before standing and stretching some more. Walking over to my vanity I stood and looked at my son still sleeping through the mirror. Images of what we had done last night flooded back to me, I still couldn’t believe what we had done.

I also couldn’t believe how good he had been, how many times he had made me cum. His hands had worked expertly, squeezing my breasts and fingering my clit. He learned quickly with his mouth, sucking and licking my clit until I exploded. And then his wonderful cock as I shoved it down my throat before he buried it in my soaking cunt.

I hadn’t realized that I had started playing with my clit while the memories had come back to me. I closed my mind, remembering every minute of pleasure my own son had given me. I whimpered and moaned softly as my fingers played over my pleasure button. That’s when a pair of hands grasped my breasts, squeezing them and pulling on my nipples.

“Guess you really did enjoy last night mom,” Brent whispered into my ear. “Watching you play with yourself turned my minor morning wood into a raging hard on.”

“Brent… no,” I tried to protest as his hand slid down my body to my clit, rubbing it. “I said… oh god… just for that one night. Now stop… oh god.”

“You’re right mom,” Brent suddenly stopped and pulled his fingers away from my clit which I instantly wished was back on it. “We should take a shower. We’re pretty musty from our fun from last night.”

When he broke away I was slightly glad, thinking that he had come to his senses and we would go our separate ways. Then he slapped my ass, making me yelp. I turned and glared at him, rubbing my sore cheek, trying not to show how much I liked it before turning and walking away, feeling my son’s eyes on my ass as it swayed.

I walked through the door in my room that lead to the master bathroom and then over to the walk-in shower. I loved how big it was. My husband and I had installed it during our swinging days, big enough for five people and a little bench at the opposite side from the showerhead. I opened it and turned the warm water on and turned around. I jumped a little when I saw my son standing there smiling at me.

“I thought we were done with this Brent,” I said sternly, really starting to get pissed at this point, but also starting to get very turned on again. “I told you last night was it.”

“I thought that I made it clear that it wouldn’t be enough mom,” Brent said standing there with his arms crossed.

“It’s not…” I started but he held up his finger before I could finish and then quickly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close to him.

“I know you think it’s not right mom, and quite frankly I don’t care if people think that way,” my son pulled me close to him his lips inches away from mine. “Give me until the end of the day. Give me a little more time to convince you.”

“But you father, your brother and sisters will be home soon,” I told him as his lips drew closer.

“They won’t be back until late tonight,” Brent said, stopping just inches away from our lips touching. “Beth and her friend are going to an all day concert, Sasha and Marcus are waiting until the last minute before heading back and dad had to switch to a red eye for his trip back so he won’t be back probably till two in the morning. I’ve been keeping tabs on our phones.”

I stared in shock, not able to come up with any more excuses. God my pussy burned for his cock. He had stopped his movement, obviously letting me choose. One more day? What could it hurt? I leaned in and kissed my son deeply.

Brent growled, pulling me tight to him hands going up and down my bare back. His hands slid down and gripped my ass cheeks the way they had last night and it made me groan. He then gave one of them a smack making yelp a little. He chuckled when I growled again.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it mom,” Brent said as he broke away. “I’ve seen the videos. Now go get in the shower already, we still should wash up.”

I smiled before turning around and walking into the shower letting the warm water cascade all over me. I turned and saw him gripping his cock and stroking it as he watched me, the naught perv. I shook my tits at him, smiling as I ran my hands over my body. God my pussy burned for his touch. He must have sensed my need cause he stepped in with me and dropped to his knees, lifting one of my legs over his shoulder.

Brent’s tongue and lips immediately found my clit and started attacking sincan escort it. I had to brace myself against the walls, as the quick learner ate my pussy like he had been doing it for years instead of only just last night. Soon I could feel all the buildup from this morning to break like a dam and I came. My head lifted up as I screamed in orgasm, my juices dripping from my cunt and my son slurping them up as they did. He stood after my body had stopped shaking kissing me once again as we held each other under the water.

“Come on mom,” Brent said as he grabbed my body wash and loafa from where they hung on the shower door. “Time to get this lovely body squeaky clean.”

I blushed as my son poured a bunch of body wash on my scrubber and started running it over my breasts. He smiled as he ran the soapy cloth over my skin, really slow but also making sure he got me clean. He was trying to do a good job but also trying to be romantic about it. It was cute.

Brent moved me so he could get under the water, letting me watch as the water cascaded over his skin before handing me the loafa. I smiled and copied him after adding more body wash, soaping up his entire front, taking extra time to coat his cock. After it was all soaped up I couldn’t help but grip it, stroking the seven and a half, hard and pulsing long inches.

Brent pulled me close before grabbing my hands and guiding them to his back. I started running the loafa up and down his back, between his shoulder blades and also down to his butt. After soaping him a little he grabbed me and turned me around before grabbing the loafa and starting soaping up my back. I felt his cock against my ass so I decided to play with him, grinding my cheeks all over the hard shaft.

Brent grabbed me and stood me up straight against the running water, letting the soap rinse away the soap. He turned my head to him and kissed me deeply on the mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside it. One hand play with my tits as the other stroked my clit… oh god I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh god son fuck me please!” I whimpered into his kiss, which extracted a growl from him.

In the next instant I was pressed against the wall of the shower, his cock pressed against my opening, which was wet and ready to receive him. I sucked in my breath as he pushed the head in, and then held it as every single inch of the lovely shaft sank into me. He pressed his body against mine before withdrawing himself and pushing back in with a hard thrust, which made lose the air I’d been holding.

Brent began to thrust his cock hard and deep into my cunt, pressing me against the shower door with each push. He groaned, telling me how good my cunt felt, that it was a dream cum true to be fucking me. I couldn’t help myself, telling him how good he was too, that I was enjoying every single stroke he gave me.

Brent suddenly pulled away, gripping my hips and pulling me with him. He rested himself against the wall under the showerhead leaving me bent over and forcing me to brace myself against the side wall. He used this position so he could start pounding every inch of that sexy cock in and out of my cunt. Oh god, why did my son have to fuck so well? I was still trying to find that answer as I started squirting around his dick.

“Yea, that’s it mom!” Brent growled as I screamed in orgasm. “Cum on that fucking cock!”

Brent kept pounding me as my juices dripping from my pussy. Soon I couldn’t hold myself and my legs gave out. Thankfully my son caught me, and lifted me back up. I felt his cock slip from my pussy and felt a tang of regret, wanting it back inside me. It was his plan anyways as he just turned me around and lifted my leg before guiding his cock back into me. He held me up, pounding his cock into me in seconds I was squirting again.

“You want my cum don’t you mom?” Brent slowly starting to grind against me, smiling when I nodded. “Say it mom. If you want it, say it!”

“I want your cum son,” I moaned looking him in the eye. “I want to swallow that sweet load again baby.”

Brent pulled his cock out of my cunt and I instinctively fell to my knees. I opened my mouth wide taking the shaft into my mouth and tasting the juices that covered it. He only let me suck him for a minute before he pulled out and began to stroke himself with his cock head at the entrance of my mouth. He groaned as his dick erupted pouring a warm, thick load into my mouth. Fuck he tasted so sweet. It streaming out, splashing over my face and breasts. I didn’t care, I drank up all that I could.

“Aww, fuck yes mom,” Brent groaned as I began to clean his cock. “You look so hot covered in my cum.”

“And your cum tastes so good,” I said as I licked and drank up as much as I could. “Now let’s get cleaned up for real son. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving for some breakfast.”

We rewashed ourselves quickly, trying not to touch each other. As we did, we smiled and joked with each other. I felt something in the back of my mind. Was I really sincan escort bayan going to be able to stop this by the end of the day? I don’t think I would be able to. Right now I didn’t even want to. But it had to end, after today… right? I tried to put it off, not think about it, but he was making it hard not to.

Brent tried to make some moves on my after we got out of the shower but I gave him a slap on his ass this time. I told him that I was hungry and we could play some more after we ate. I sent him away, telling his to put his clothes in his room. I put on a long tank top and a pair of panties before heading downstairs and starting to cook us some breakfast.

Brent had come down in only a pair of jeans but I didn’t mind. I had checked the messages on my phone and what he had said was true. We had the whole day to ourselves. We talked about a few things here and there. He mostly had questions about the stuff he found on my computer. They were simple enough, shouldn’t be to shocking for him to hear the answers. What was the extent of my relationship with my brother, sister and sister in law? Was it ongoing? Was he an inbred bastard child of his uncle? I laid it all out for him.

“First off, no you are not your uncle’s son,” I said with a sigh taking a sip of coffee to wash down some toast. “I started having sex with my brother when we were young. A half a year later our sister found out and decided to experiment with us as well. His best friend, your father, and I also started a relationship. I confessed to him what my brother and I were doing, he ironically confessed the same thing that he and his sister were experimenting together as well. The five of us got together and we all clicked.”

“Wow, so how long did you guys go before you guys broke off into couples?” He asked with a smile.

“Well, we never really did,” I shrugged smiling as I remembered a lot of the times I had with my family. “One of my sister’s you know went to the lesbian side, but the rest of kept the four way going until we were all finished with college, at which point we decided to make us all one big family.”

“Guess it turns you on when you remember what happened,” I looked at Brent when he said that and then realized that my hand was caressing my panties.

“Oh… um yes,” I blushed getting up and gathering our plates. “I should get these washed.”

I walked over to the sink and started cleaning the dishes that we had used. A few seconds later I realized that Brent had followed me and was standing very close. I glanced at him and immediately blushed. My son was still hungry, but not for food anymore. On god, here we go again.

“You’re still so nervous mom,” Brent said gripping the bottom of my shirt and pulling it down so it slid over the top of my breasts and exposed my nipples. “Still trying to deny what you feel for me?”

“It’s not that simple… ahhh!” I started to answer him but he grabbed my breast and squeezed before turning me to face him. “Brent… ah… son…”

“It is that simple mom,” he said as he continued to play with my boob as his other hand went down to play with my panty covered crotch which was already dripping… he of course had no issue pointing that out. “See you’re already soaking wet mom. Why do you fight this? I love you mom, god you don’t understand.”

“I love you too but…” I was cut off once again by him suddenly pulling my shirt up and over my head before him pulling me close for a kiss.

“That’s it mom,” he said before breaking away. “No more stopping until you stop fighting what you want. No more stopping until you confess to me that this is what you want every day for the rest of your life.”

I was about to tell him that he needed to calm down when my son suddenly turned me around and bent me over the counter. My panties were pulled to the side a second before I felt his warm tongue on my sex again. I moaned as he licked me, hearing his zipper go down. He didn’t waste any time standing up and pushing his cock into my cunt. Oh shit, why did my son have to such a good lover?

Brent gripped my hips and started thrusting into my tight cunt, sinking his cock deep with each push. I could feel his hips slam against my ass, his balls slapping against my clit and the head of his cock pressing against the opening of my womb. He gripped my hips as he fucked me relentlessly until I suddenly felt it.

My orgasm came up on me quickly, and I couldn’t help but throw my head back and let out a scream as the pleasure washed over me. My pussy clamped on my son’s dick and juices seeped for a few seconds before he pulled himself out. My juices exploded from my cunt as I came, my body shaking while my pussy pulsed. I wasn’t allowed to enjoy my orgasm for long because he grabbed me, turned me around, forced me to my knees and then pushed his cock, which was drenched in my squirt juices, into my mouth.

“Taste that mom?” Brent growled as he fucked my mouth with his cock. “That’s your cum all over my fucking cock! My cock escort sincan made you squirt all over it! You only squirt when you’re really enjoying sex so you can’t lie to yourself about enjoying this!”

I couldn’t even deny it. My son was one of the best lovers I have even been with. And even now, as his son’s cock was being shoved down my throat over and over, that alone was enough to give me a mini orgasm.

As I came he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to my feet kissing me deeply before grabbing my arm and leading me out of the kitchen and into the living room. He lowered me down on the floor and then pulled off his pants before kneeling down next to me. He bent down and kissed me hard on the mouth before shoving a pair of fingers into my pussy and starting to pump them wildly.

“I’m going to make you squirt again mom,” Brent said as his fingers fucked me. “Over and over until you get over the idea of this being so wrong. I don’t care what people say.”

“Oh… shit Brent!” I couldn’t stop myself, propped up on my elbows I started to cum again, my pussy squirting gush after gush of pussy juice all over the floor. “Please baby! Oh fuck!”

Brent pulled his fingers from my cunt and shoved them into my mouth, forcing me to taste my juices on his fingers as he slid into place. He settled me onto my back and pushed his cock back into my hungry cunt. I could feel my body betray me, my walls gripped his shaft tightly wanting to keep every beautiful inch inside me.

“Deep down…,” Brent started to say as he drew back out. “…I know you don’t care either. Stop lying to yourself mom!”

And to emphasize the point he drove his entire length into me, making me cum again with just that single thrust. He gripped my hips and started pounding into my cunt, over and over. Every time I came he’d pull out and watch as my juices splashed over him and the floor before pushing back into me. I lost track of how many orgasms I had, all I could knew was that he was right.

“YES I DON”T CARE!” I screamed as my latest orgasm washed over my body as he pulled out watching to flood of pussy juices splash onto the floor. “I want your cock! Every day baby! Oh fuck I don’t care if you’re my son! I want… no I need this!”

Brent slid himself back into my cunt, slowly and softly this time, bending down to kiss me once he had himself all the way inside. He started slowly grinding into me, I felt his pelvis rubbing against my clit as the head of his cock pressed once more against my cervix. As he broke from the kiss I could see the strain that he was about to cum. I wanted to give him a special gift for helping me realize the truth, something to show how committed I was to our new relationship.

“That’s it son, cum inside me,” his face turned to shock. “It’s ok, I’m safe. I want to feel that cream inside me, filling me up. Dripping out of me. Go ahead and do it son.”

Brent gave me a smile that I’ve seen many times while he grew up. Complete happiness. He started to drive himself a little harder into me, not too hard, grunting as he did. He only lasted a few more strokes before burying his cock into me, the tip pressed once again against the opening to my womb. I felt his balls against me starting to draw closer to his body, his cock swelling in my cunt before it started to twitch.

Brent groaned as I felt the first shot splash directly into my womb, his cock continuing to pulse as more cum flooded into me. His body shook, his hips grinding against me as he came more and more. I started to feel it leaking out, dripping down over my ass. I couldn’t believe the volume.

“Oh that’s my boy,” I moaned while looking him in the eyes. “Give mommy all your wonderful cum.”

A few seconds later Brent pulled his cock from my cunt, a flood of his seed pouring from it as well. He gasped from the hard fucking he had just given me. Our bodies were both soaked in sweat and sexual juices. He kissed me again before we both let out a laugh.

“I love you mom,” he gasped after the kiss before cuddling into me.

“I love you too my son,” I said stroking his head. “We should go take another shower.”

“I kinda just want to stay like this and fuck all day,” I giggled when he said that.

“Well I didn’t say we weren’t going to have any more fun,” I told him as we got up. “I just figured we could not be stinky when we did. After the shower I thought you might like to go to your room and we could watch some of my favorite videos together. If you’re good I might even let us make our own.”

Brent’s eyes shot open wide as I watched his cock go from soft to half-mast almost instantly. I decided to tease him even more, running my fingers through the folds of my cunt, letting him see his cum dripping from me before turning around and giving my ass a smack. I started walking to the shower, knowing full well that his eyes were on my ass and his cock was rock hard again.


A few hours later…

Stan, Age 44

I sighed as I sipped my scotch looking out the window of the hotel room at the dumping snow which had made my flight cancelled. It had even cancelled my red eye which meant I was stuck here until morning. I had sent my wife a text a few minutes ago explaining what was happening. I waited for a response and was happy when she decided to call me.

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