The Break Up Pt. 02

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I woke up the following morning and reached over for her. She wasn’t there. Tina had left sometime after we had passed out and now. I walked around my house naked looking for her. She was nowhere to be found. I went back to my room and there was a message on my phone from her:

Tina: Sorry, I couldn’t stay. My feelings would have gotten all weird if I would have stayed. I hope you understand.

I read it about 5 times before I replied:

Me: It’s okay. How did you get home?



4 weeks later.

Tina: I took an Uber to my car at 4am and drove home.

Me: There is no way you were sober enough.

Tina: You fucked me sober lol

Me: Is everything okay?

Tina: Yeah. Sorry, I had to think through some shit.

Me: You up for dinner tonight?

Tina: Sure.

Me: I’ll make the reservations at C.H. Tasting before?

Tina: ??

I couldn’t get my head around what happened, but I figured I would know in due time. With that, we had a little more small talk and that was about it. I showered and got ready.

When I got to the restaurant she was already there. Looking as amazing as ever. She didn’t notice me at first, so I just stood there watching her. She finally noticed me at the door and walked over with a huge smile.

Tina: Hi!

Me: Hey there. You look great!

Tina: (Blushing) Thanks. So do you.

With that, I put my arm over her shoulder and directed her over towards the tasting area. We made small talk while going through the different wines that they gave us. We were right back to normal. Laughing and joking. After an hour of talking and drinking, we went and got seated.

Tina: What kind of wine do you want?

Me: Red, I’m having steak. You?

Tina: Same. Red it is.

Dinner was low key but then I had to bring it up.

Me: Why did you leave that night?

Tina: Look, I have known you a long time. I never thought what happened between us would happen. Although when you and Diane broke up the first time a couple years ago and we met for a drink, I almost kissed you at the end of the night.

Me: I was thinking the same thing that night.

Tina: You obviously weren’t over her and ready for anything. I still don’t know if you are.

Me: I wasn’t then. I am now.

Tina: How can I be sure?

Me: Over a month ago, I deleted all the pics and vids I had of her and us. She asked me back a week before we met for drinks. I told her no.

Tina: You seriously deleted the spank bank and denied her?

Me: Yup!

Tina: Wow. I’m impressed.

Me: Yeah. For the longest time, I wanted her back. Her and I texted back and forth every so often even though she kept telling me no. I realized she was stringing me along, so I stopped. Then one day she texted me wondering why I had been so quiet and asked me if I was seeing someone. That is when I told her to stop contacting me. She said that she missed me and us and wanted to start over. I said no. She was pretty pissed. But, that was that.

Tina: I’m proud of you. That must have been really hard.

Me: Thanks. Enough of that. We’ve gone through one bottle. Want to start another? I have a bunch to pick up.

Tina: Why don’t you pick some out and we watch a movie at your house.


I grabbed my other 5 bottles that I hadn’t picked up in months and she followed me home. I opened a bottle of the same we were drinking at dinner. She picked a Bond movie on Amazon while I fluffed up the bean bag couch and we both sat down.

Tina: Dude, this thing is awesome. Better keep an eye on me. I may fall asleep and drop my wine.

Me: I’ll bahis firmaları keep both eyes on you.

Tina: Hey now.

With that, she gave me a wink and we started the movie. We were half way through our first glass of wine when I moved a little and she rolled into me.

Tina: If you wanted me in your lap, you could have just asked.

Me: Get in my lap.

Tina: Yes Sir.

She stood up and got right in front of me. Put her legs on either side of mine then slowly lowered herself onto my lap facing the TV. She sat right on my cock and started to grind on me. Back and forth, forward and back. I immediately got hard. My hands gravitated to her hips and I just hung on. I worked my hands in front of her and spread her legs. Through her leggings, I could feel how wet her pussy was getting. I reached up with my right hand and put it around her neck and pulled her back into me. My left went right into her pants to her hot, wet cunt. I brought my lips close to her ear and whispered.

Me: This is what you wanted all along tonight, isn’t it?

Tina: Yes.

Me: You can get my cock anytime you like.

Tina: May I have your cock now?

Me: As you wish.

With that, I released her neck and she quickly turned around and unzipped my jeans. They were at my ankles less than a second before my cock was in the back of her throat. She took me a bit too quick and choked on my dick. While she recovered, she stroked and twisted my cock in her hands. No sooner had she coughed the last time than I was back in her mouth. A little slower this time. Stroking and sucking. Slurping all the way around me. She took me out of her mouth and took my balls in her mouth one at a time. Slowly working them in her mouth while lightly stroking my cock. I needed to see her body.

Me: Get naked.

She stopped what she was doing and stood up. Immediately stripped off her clothes while I was still had my jeans and underwear around my ankles and my shirt on. I quickly remedied that situation and tore my clothes the rest of the way off. She turned around again and lowered herself onto my cock the same way she did earlier. She reached down and grabbed my cock and lined it up with her dripping pussy. My cock slowly spread her pussy lips apart as she lowered herself onto me. She was absolutely soaked.

She was standing over me and straddling my cock. I could see every inch of my cock slowly enter her pussy and her lips stretch as she stood back up. It was so fucking hot. I grabbed her ass with each hand and spread her cheeks apart as she rode me. I didn’t force her up or down. I was just along for the ride. And what a ride it was. She was amazing.

In one motion, my cock popped out of her pussy and she backed up towards my face as she started to suck my cock again. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to lick her sweet cunt again, so I pulled her down to me with both hands. She angled her hips slightly so I could get at her clit. She knew exactly what she wanted. Perfect. I worked my way around her clit. Licking. Nibbling. Biting. Sucking. Teasing her but still giving her pleasure. Every so often, her body would jerk. While her juices were flowing over my face, she was loving my cock and balls. There wasn’t a spot that she hadn’t licked clean. Now she was twisting up and down my shaft with her left hand and caressing my balls with her right. As great of a job as she was doing trying to get me to fill her mouth, I had other plans.

Me: Go to my room and lay on your back.

She did exactly what I told her to do. I followed her and went over to my closet and pulled out a tie.

Me: Do you trust me?

Tina: Yes

With kaçak iddaa that, I tied the tie over her eyes. I walked around the bed and took the straps out from between the mattress and the box spring. I went to her right hand and secured her wrist in the velcro cuff. I slowly made my way around the bed and did the same to her ankles and her other wrist.

Me: Are you okay?

Tina: Yes Sir.

With that, I got a surprise out of my drawer and crawled on the bed next to her. I kissed her lips softly while caressing her hair. I moved down her body giving her light kisses all of the way down her body. Her neck. Her tits. Her stomach. Her pelvis (quite ticklish). I then got between her legs. I could see how wet she was. I leaned in and circled her pussy with my tongue. Then I started licking her pussy like an ice cream cone. From bottom to top. I remembered how much she liked it when I teased her ass, so I started taking long licks. She was really starting to moan. I used my left hand and spread her pussy wide open while I fingered her with left. I kept moving my tongue to her ass. My wheels were turning for my next time with her. I needed to go shopping.

She was about to cum and I stopped.

Tina: I was so fucking close!

Me: Not yet.

She bit her lip. I then pulled out the surprise. Actually 2. I had bought a second wand a week ago. I accidently stepped on my first and it was now too loud to use with the kids around. I put one on her ass and turned it on. Tina started to moan again. She was getting close. I kept the wand on her ass and put my lips to her ear.

Me: Hold on tight baby.

With that, I put the second wand on her clit and turned it on.

Tina: HOLY FUCK!! TWO???

I positioned my body between her legs and propped the first wand against my leg while using my left hand for the one on her clit. I wanted a free hand. I wet my middle 2 fingers and slowly worked them into her drenched cunt. She was really pulling at the restraints now. She was going to cum. Soon and hard. I worked my fingers on her G spot while the 2 wands were on her ass and clit. She was going into stimulation overload. Her arms and legs kept pulling. Wanting to be free. Not yet. With desperation, she yelled.

Tina: May I cum?

Me: Fuck yes. Cum for me.

With that, she screamed as she came. All 4 limbs pulled at the straps as her body shook in orgasm. When her orgasm started to let up, I turned the wands off and stopped finger fucking her. She was breathing very hard and sweating. I pulled my fingers from her soaking pussy and laid next to her. Holding her.

Me: How do you feel?

Tina: Like jello.

Me: We aren’t close to being done.

Tina: Holy shit dude. You’re going to break me.

Me: Never.

I kissed her on her forehead and moved to her left wrist.

Me: You have to tell me if this hurts or is uncomfortable.

Tina: Yes Sir.

I unclipped her left wrist cuff from the strap I then loosened the left ankle strap a little before attaching her wrist to it. I did the same to the right. Now she was completely spread for me with her knees bent. I took both wands and put them on her nipples then turned them on. I pushed the wands into her a bit and started twisting them. They caught a little on her skin so she was really feeling it.

Tina: Shit, shit, shit…

Me: You like that?

Tina: It’s fucking amazing.

Thoughts were spinning again when another item was added to the shopping list. I was now between her legs with my cock lined up with her succulent pussy. Wands twisting and turning on her nipples. She felt my cock and shifted her hips a little kaçak bahis to try to get me into her pussy. She would get my cock again. Shortly. Not before making her cum again.

I left the wands turned on and took them from her nipples. I zig zagged down her body. When I got to her pussy, I positioned one right on her pussy and the other on her clit. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was cumming again. She was moaning and squirming. She wanted her hands and feet free. Tina’s chest was heaving and her head thrashing back and forth. I turned the wand on her pussy on high and moved it back to her ass. My tongue replaced the wand on her pussy.

Tina: FUCK!!

Her body exploded in orgasm. I thought that she was going to break the restraints. I kept my tongue moving on her pussy but turned the wand on her ass down and the one on her clit off. I had to bring her down slowly. She was breathing hard when I turned the second wand off. I stopped licking her and undid all the restraints. I crawled up next to her and brought the sheet over the top of her and started lightly rubbing her up and down. Not in a sexual way. In a soothing way. After a few minutes, she started to regain her composure.

Tina: You’re going to wreck me.

Me: I just want to make you cum. Repeatedly.

Tina: Mission accomplished. Now I have one…

With that, she threw the sheet off her and rolled over on top of me. She reached down between her legs and guided my cock into her wet and waiting cunt. Slowly, she lifted her ass and hips and started to fuck me as she bent down and kissed me. And kept kissing me as she slowly rode me. My hands rose up to her hips. Not guiding her or forcing her to go faster. Just resting on her and holding on. I spread my legs out which gave me a little more leverage and I could get deeper. Her lips left mine and her head went over my shoulder as she kept riding. I kissed and nibbled on her neck while my hands roamed up and down her body. He lips went to my ear and she started to whisper.

Tina: I want you to pound me until you fill me.

Me: As you wish.

She rolled off me and got on her back. I immediately got between her legs and shoved my cock into her. I spread her legs wide and held them close to her head with my arms. I almost had her folded in 2 with my cock buried to the base. I started slowly at first and started to build up speed. I wasn’t going to last long. I could hear how wet she every time I thrust into her. She was moaning in my ear as I was fucking her. I loved every second of it. I propped myself up on my hands and kissed her as I continued to pound her. She put her hands on either side of my face and pushed me back a little and said with a whimper.

Tina: I need to feel you explode in me.

And that I did. I came and kept cumming. I let out a load moan and threw my head back. That’s when she pulled me back to her lips and kissed me again. I was still cumming while my cock was still completely buried and kissing her with everything I had. I finally stopped cumming, but we kept kissing. She was a great kisser. I imagined many evenings sitting on the couch making out like teenagers. When we stopped, I looked into her eyes and saw satisfaction and exhaustion. I slowly took my cock out of her and slid over to her side again. I pulled her close to me.

Tina: You know I don’t snuggle…

Me: But?

Tina: I don’t have the energy to push you off me lol

Me: And my bed is only a Queen. If we keep having nights like this, I’m going to need a California King to give you room for after.

Tina: I’ll be fine as long as I don’t wake up with you draped over me.

Me: Does that mean you’re staying?

Tina: I couldn’t walk now if I tried. Keep to your side of the bed (with a wink).

I turned off the light and laid down next to her.

Me: Night Tina.

Tina: Night, Sir.

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