The Bet

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He pulled his cock from her ass and cum poured out. His was not the first load. Not even sloppy seconds. He was 4th in a line of 5, drawing the short straw.

Peggy was bent over the bed. Her ass in the air, face buried in the mattress. Karen was standing back watching the scene through her phone. Videoing every dirty detail.

The bet was simple. Each girl chose a favorite football team. Whichever one lost first would be videoed giving a blow job to a guy of the winners choosing. Peggy chose the wrong team as the Saints didn’t even make the playoffs.

As the season progressed, the girls upped the stakes. Half way through the season it was loser give a blowjob and eat the winner’s pussy. A week later it was be fucked in the ass while eating the winner, all on video. It finally progressed to loser is ass fucked by 5 guys, she can choose them.

Peggy was allowed a few hits of the joint being passed around. She drew hard on the blunt hoping it would relax her for what was about to happen. She had had anal sex before. She had sex with 2 guys at once before. She even had sex with 2 guys and her roommate, Karen once. But 5 guys, all in her ass, one after the other!

Rose led Peggy to the bedroom and handed her the Vaseline.

“I read this is better than lube, it last longer. You can’t use it with condoms, but since they are going bareback it doesn’t matter.”

Peggy tried to say thank you, but the words would not come. Instead she just looked at her best friend with a question in her eyes, ‘you are really going through with this?’

“Strip naked and on the bed, doggie will work best,” Rose said.

Peggy took the Vaseline and walked to the bed. She dropped the container on the bed and peeled off her tank top. Next she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor with her top. She slide her shorts and panties down in one motion and dropped them in the like with her other cloths.

Rose quickly picked up the cloths and moved them to the corner of the room.

“You want one at a time or all the guys watching?” It was Karen standing in the doorway.

“Send them one at time,” Peggy responded.

Karen looked at Rose as she nodded in agreement. It was easier for the guys as well. Sometimes they didn’t perform well with others watching.

The guys were being fluffed by watching porn in other room. Undergrads would also give random hand and blow jobs to keep the guys close. Rose had left strict orders no one had sex with any of the guys. And most important, they were not allowed to cum before fucking Peggy.

“Lay down Peggy, I want to get the clamps on you,” Rose said as she pushed her to the mattress. “You should lube up that ass to, it could be a long night.”

Peggy laid down on her back and Rose quickly sucked her nipple into her mouth and gently bit it. It had the desire effect. Peggy’s already hard nipple grew even larger and as Rose spit it from her mouth Karen pinched it hard and attached the first clamp.

Before Peggy could protest her nipple was being pinched between Roses fingers and pulled away from her beast to attached the second clamp. Peggy was getting short of breath and her head was spinning. She wanted to say she needed a time out. She opened her mouth but no sound would come out.

She suddenly felt her legs being pushed apart breath on her pussy. She raised her head enough to see Rose kissing her thighs.

“You need to relax girlfriend,” Rose said just before she buried her face deep into Peggy’s pussy.

Peggy moaned and shivered with the feeling of Rose sucking on her clit. She could feel herself getting closer to an orgasm. It was all happening so fast. She had never been so close to cumming this fast. She held Rose’s head there with her legs praying Rose would finish.

Rose pushed Peggy’s legs apart and stood up. “No orgasm for you until I say slut!!”

With that Rose stood and started for the door. She stopped in the doorway, turned half around, “Better lube that ass, Dan’s about to come in and fuck it hard!”

Peggy signed in frustration. Rose had her so close and then just walked away. Not only was she on the edge of an orgasm, now she had to get ready to have her ass violated. Peggy resigned herself to the fact that this was going to happen, so she better prepare.

She opened the tube of Vaseline and pushed about 1 inch strip onto her middle finger. Still laying on her back she spread her legs and started spreading the lube onto her pucker. Peggy pushed more from the tube onto her index and middle fingers. This time she tried to push a little into her butt hole. She was sure it was going to hurt because these boys were high and drunk. The sluts in the other internet casino room would have them so horny being gentle was not going to be on their mind.

Dan was first through the door, followed by Rose and Karen. Dan was wearing a red t-shirt and nothing else. His hard cock standing straight out while he stroked it slowly. Peggy could see signs of precum dripping from the tip.

“Face down ass up slut,” Rose chirped as she bounced on the bed.

Peggy did as she was told rolling over. Dan stepped toward the waiting ass, but it was soon discovered he was not tall enough to reach Peggy’s ass while standing on the floor. He stood perfectly still, looking from Rose to Karen with a dump look.

“Peggy, this won’t work, feet on the floor, bend over the bed.” Karen yelled as she gave Dan’s cock a couple good yanks to keep him hard.

Peggy slid her legs off the bed and onto the floor. She was bent at the waist over the edge of the bed. She wasn’t sure what was more humiliating, being dogging style on the bed, or bent over like a child about to be spanked.

She gasps as she felt cold hands touch her butt checks and start to pull them apart. Her instinct was to pull away, but there was nowhere to go. The bed stopped her from moving forward.

She felt the head of Dan’s cock push on her bud. She took a deep breath, tied to relax and push out gently to open her hole and make it easier for him to enter her. He fumbled with his cock trying to push it in. The inexperience of penetrating and ass was obvious. You could see the frustration on his face, the embarrassment of not knowing what he was doing.

The excitement of it all had precum dripping from his cock. It was being spread all over Peggy’s checks and asshole as he tried time and time again to enter her. Rose stood and gave Peggy’s ass check a hard slap.

“OUCH, what the fuck?” Peggy yelled.

“You lazy slut, you should be helping him,” Rose said.

Rose wrapped one hand around Dan’s cock and used the other to find Peggy’s bud. She pushed her finger in just a little to open Peggy up. Then she guided Dan’s cock head towards her finger and Peggy’s hole. She removed her finger and placed Dan’s head on the opening.

“Push hard Dan, make her scream,” Rose said as she smacked Peggy’s other check.

Peggy screamed from the sudden slap. When she tried to take a breath, Dan shoved his cock hard and deep into her ass. She had no air in her lungs to scream. A small grunt escaped her mouth as Dan entered her.

He started pumping wildly and within a few seconds everyone in the room knew he was not going to last long. Two hard final thrusts and Dan emptied his load deep into Peggy’s ass. As he grunted his orgasm out, Peggy regained her breath. She breathed through her teeth trying to not show the pain.

“Sorry,” Dan whispered out.

“For what? Karen asked.

“Being so quick.”

“That’s what we want,” Karen answered.

“Yea Dan, that’s why we have the porn playing and the whores next door getting you prepped. We don’t have all day for guys to pound away on Peggy’s ass” Rose said.

“Here is a towel, go clean up and send in the next volunteer.”

As Dan pulled from Peggy’s ass Karen quickly took a few pics. “Shit, I forgot to video it.”

“It’s OK,” said Rose, “There is plenty more ass fucking to come.”

The phone camera caught a few drops of cum in Peggy’s ass, but it was hard to see.

As Dan walks out the door you could hear him yelling, “You’re up John, have fun!”

You could hear laughing and cheering, high fives and the 2 passed each other. Peggy was shifting on the bed trying to stand up.

“Don’t move slut. I’ll tell you when you can move. Understand?” Rose growled.

“Oo K,” chocked out Peggy.

“I want to hear you say it whore. Say, ‘yes ma’am, I understand.'”

Peggy coughed, signed and took another deep breath. “Yes ma’am, I understand.”

“Good slut. John you may begin”.

John was bigger than Dan, but his cock was smaller. It might have been smaller than the average 6 inches, but he wasn’t shy about it. He placed his head in the wet opening left by Dan moments ago. Using one hand to guide and steady his trouping member, he used the other to hold Peggy’s hip.

He pushed gently at first but as he felt his head pass through the tight opening, he shaved harder. A couple slow pumps and John picked up his pace. He was obvious he wanted to unload quickly by the speed and depth he pumped into Peggy.

Lasting slightly longer than Dan but only by seconds, John held his breath as his muscles tightened and he exploded into Peggy’s already cum filled ass. John pump every drop he could canlı poker oyna into the slut. Without saying a word, he pulled his softening cock from Peggy and started out the door.

“You filming?” Rose said to Karen

“Oh Yea!”

Peggy wanted to move. He legs were burning from being bent over the bed in this position for the last 10 minutes. Her butt was burning and she wanted to cry, but she knew if she showed weakness, Rose and Karen would make it so much worse.

“Can I stand ma’am?” Peggy’s voice cracked as the words came out.

“Until the next stud is here,” Rose answered.

Peggy stood and stretched her legs. She wanted to touch her butt-hole, but was afraid. She turned around to see who was next through the door. She help her breath as she moved, she could feel the sticky goo begin to leak from her ass.

Frank walked through the door. Like the two before him, he was only wearing shirt. But unlike the two before him, his cock was very large. Peggy gasped unwittingly when she saw it. It was about as long as Dan’s, perhaps 7 inches, but so big around. At first Peggy thought it was a wrapped with something. But upon second glance, it was all flesh and soon it would be tearing her ass apart.

Frank saw the looks on the girl’s faces. He knew that look before. He has seen it many times. The first time any one saw his cock hard they had a look of disbelieve on their face.

“Did you ladies want share it?” Frank joked as he walked towards the bed. “Or is it all for Peggy’s tight little ass?”

“It won’t be tight after you,” Karen laughed.

“Assume the position,” Rose said and used her hand to turn Peggy around and push her head towards the bed.

Rose position herself for a close up of the action. She pulled Peggy’s ass checks a part. Karen moved to the other side with her phone to get a good video of the action as Frank positioned himself.

With Peggy’s ass spread, and Dan and John’s cum leaking, Frank knew right were to place his head. He cock was throbbing and hard from the all the attention he got in the other room. All the girls wanted to feel and taste his large member.

Frank placed the head in Peggy’s hole and pushed gently. As he felt the resistance of Peggy’s pucker, he released his hand from his cock and grabbed her hips from each side.

“You ready for this slut,” John moaned out.

Peggy said nothing as she buried her face deeper into the covers. She knew this would make her cry but didn’t want anyone to see her.

Suddenly she felt a slap on her ass check. “He asked you a question pet, are you ready for this?” Rose said.

Peggy lifted her face enough to squeak out a faint “I have to be.” Then she buried her face back into the covers.

Karen had a good close up of Franks cock, only the head in Peggy. She could feel herself getting turned on. The sight of her friend being violated was so hot. She wanted to touch herself so bad. Just a little rub to help ease the frustration she was feeling right now. But she knew Rose would not allow it. This was about Peggy paying her debt. Karen would get what she needed later.

Suddenly Peggy screamed out. Muffled by the comforter, but you could still hear the painful scream of a girl taking Franks cock in her ass for the first time. The scream shocked Karen back to the task at hand, videoing the loser of this year’s bet paying it off.

Frank only lasted 3 thrust before he pumped hard 1 more time and emptied his balls as deep as he could into Peggy’s willing ass. Peggy could feel his cock swell as he approached his climax. And when his cock started pumping Franks load into her, she thought she might be torn in half. She was so thankful it ended as fast as it started. But as Frank pulled from her, she could feel cum squirt from her and run down her legs. The pain of him pulling out was a great as when he pushed it in.

Peggy had the strangest felling. She hurt so bad, but she knew she was wet. She could feel her pussy swell and as Frank pulled free she began to hump the bed. She wanted to cum so bad.

Peggy was only thinking about the pleasure she was getting from rubbing on the bed when she felt hands on her lower back.

“Wow, your ass is worn out,” Josh chirped as he place his cock in Peggy’s opening.

Josh’s prick was much smaller than Franks. Josh was able to easily push his cock into Peggy’s sloppy wet hole. Peggy grinding on the edge of the bed trying to get relief the itch between her legs as Josh fucked her ass. Josh was the longest of the night, perhaps because there was less friction. Peggy didn’t mind, it felt good to have the smaller prick in her as she humped the mattress. Then she felt poker oyna it, Josh’s began to quicken his pace and hold his breath. Seconds later she felt his hot jiz squirt into her already full hole.

She loved the feeling of his orgasm in her ass, but it only made her need to have her own that much more intense. As Josh moved away Peggy humped the bed frantically hoping to cum before the last guy came for his turn.

Rose moved behind Peggy and used her body to hold her still to the bed.

“No one said this was to be fun for you. You wait until everyone has had their fun, then if Karen and I think you deserve it, you can have an orgasm.” Rose pulled Peggy’s head back by her hair, “Understand my cum dumpster?” she whispered into Peggy’s ear.

Rose walked to Karen and pulled her close. She kissed her on the mouth as her hand slid between her thighs. She rubbed Karen’s pussy hard through her shorts. Karen returned the favor. Both girls were enjoying each other when they heard a throat clear.

“I drew the shortest straw. Do I still get a turn?” Chris was standing inches from the girls, his hard cock dripping precum like all the others. It almost touched Rose’s top.

“Not if you get cum on my cloths!!” Rose snapped as the girls pulled apart. “Did you cum yet?”

“Ahh, ahhh, I didn’t mean too. Taylor went too far, I told her to stop but she didn’t until I started cumming. Then she pulled away. It hurt so I finished it myself. I’m sorry.”

“I’ll deal with that little bitch later. I told them no body cums unless it’s in Peggy’s ass,” Rose spat the words out in anger. “It looks like your hard again, so enjoy what’s left of that little whore on the bed.”

Chris moved towards Peggy’s ass. The sight of all the cum dripping from her made him stop. He wasn’t sure he do it now. It was fun to brag about with his friends, but seeing all their spunk leaking from her now he wasn’t sure he could do it.

“Chris, this is simple. You promised you could do this. If you don’t fuck that ass right now, you will regret the day you met us. We will do things to you and your little cock that you never dreamed of. Now take care of business or…” Karen grabbed his balls and squeezed them.

Chris shook his head in understanding and moved into position. As he pushed his mushroom into Peggy she relaxed and let him in easily. She was desperately hoping that if he already blew his load on Taylor he would last long enough for her to cum. She needed it so bad it was hurting.

He began to pump away slowly. The first couple of thrust made him nauseous, knowing he his cock was swimming in 4 other guys cum. But as Peggy moaned and pushed back he started enjoying it. Soon the thought of others having been there before him was completely forgotten and he was hammering away in the sexiest girl he knew.

Peggy was in the rhythm with him, hoping he could last long enough for her to finish. But she could tell it was a lost cause as his pace quickened only a few minutes in. Finally she felt the unmistakable feeling of a swelling cock about to shoot its load deep into her.

Chris was lost in his ecstasy, feeling himself on the edge, about to cum hard for the second time tonight when it all stopped. He was grabbed from behind and pulled away from Peggy. This happened at the moment he was past the point of no return. Karen was holding one arm and Rose the other. He moaned he jerked, cum trickling from his cock. He was cumming but it hurt, it was the most frustrating feeling ever. He tried reaching for his cock to jerk off, but the girls would not let go of his arms.

“You knew the rules, no cumming before your turn with Peggy.” Rose said as she continued to hold his arm down. “This is called a ruined orgasm. It’s your punishment for not following the rules.”

“Please god, it hurts. Please!” Chris screamed out.

“No, you knew the rule and broke it. Just relax and let it happen.” Karen whispered.

Chris’ body jerked and he moaned as cum dripped from his throbbing cock. When his body relaxed and the girls knew he was spent they released his arms.

“When we tell you something, you better listen. The next time will be much worse. Now clean up and get out of here,” Rose said.

Peggy was so frustrated. It was bad enough to know she wouldn’t be able to finish with Chris’s cock buried in her, but to take him away as he was cumming in her was too much. She had climbed up on the bed and rolled over. She could feel cum draining from her ass, slide her hands down between her thighs and was finger fucking herself. She need to cum and she needed it now.

“STOP!” yelled Rose. “You don’t cum before Karen and I you whore.”

Peggy stopped and looked at Karen for help.

“She’s right, now stand in the corner and watch while we fuck.”

Peggy slowly stood and walked to corner to watch her friends pleasure one another. She would win the next bet, and Rose would pay for this!!

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