The Beginning of the End

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I saw Dad through my rearview mirror as I drove out of the driveway. He was standing on the porch of my childhood home waving good-bye. Ever since the summer between my junior and senior year in college, I came home only once a year during the Christmas holidays. There was no anger or resentment towards my parents at least not in the usual sense. I love my Mom and Dad. We always have a great conversations catching up with family news when I go home. For the first time in twelve years I came home to visit during the summer. The only reason that I don’t visit more often is because of the 10 year affair that Dad and I had with each other.

Neither of us wanted to hurt Mom so we agreed that it was time to end our affair because it’s not like we could run away to get married to each other. Ending our romance hurt us both. After our relationship was over, being near each other was very painful because we missed our deep kisses as we made hot passionate love to each other. We had to be careful of our gazes, touches and the sexual tension whenever my mother was in the house. Hiding our romantic love from my mother was a real a strain for us.

Dad has had to travel his entire married life because he is a founding partner with corporate law firm with branch offices in the New York, Washington D.C., Washington State, Massachusetts, Texas and California. Sometimes his trips lasted days or weeks when he was preparing for litigation or depositions. At least twice a month his work required him to stay out of town over the weekend. Unless Mom wanted to spend the weekend with Dad, I would fly or drive in from Virginia to join him. Though Dad had access to his law firm’s corporate condos on his trips, he preferred that we stay in hotels to maintain our privacy. It’s hard for me to believe that we voluntarily ended our relationship since we enjoyed being together so much.

Both Dad and I love Mom very much therefore we avoided any actions that would reveal the nature of our relationship. Since I thought of him as my man I had to monitor my conversation to Mom being careful not let a slip of my tongue reveal that I knew more about Dad’s activities than I should. After all, I am an only child who lives out of town. I never talked about Dad to Mom unless she brought him up. My conversations with Mom were mostly girl talk, diets, fashion, professional advancement and lately about Mom going through menopause.

For the last nine months I have been dating a nice guy who makes me laugh named Jason. Though Jason and I are talking about getting married I had hesitated to tell Mom because I knew Dad would be hurt when she told him about the relationship. Just before I left I told Dad that Jason had asked me to marry him because I wanted him to know before he heard it from Mom. My heart broke a little when I saw the tears well up in his eyes. Dad is 51 with no desire to raise any more children. I am turning 33 this year. Like many women I want a husband, children and a home. He couldn’t give me the life that I want so I had to make the hard decision to move on. I couldn’t continue our relationship because there was no chance of us having a family together as well as the fact that I was tired of being the other woman.

I had started feeling like our time together was a booty call. Of course Dad always denied that being with me was a booty call telling me loved me deeply. But you know the old saying “Hard dick tells lies.” Whether he was lying or telling the truth I want children; at least two hopefully a boy and a girl. Also I want to be married to my children’s father. Once again Dad said he understood as he had said each time I explained why we had to go our separate ways. He hugged me good-bye then I left my parents home – the house where I grew up.

My parents live in Savannah, as I headed back to Virginia I thought about the time I spent being Dad’s girlfriend. We ended our affair 2 years ago but I think about our romance and still miss relations with him. He knew the moves my body craved. I loved his deep hard thrusts. Our favorite position was doggy style. He was able to penetrate deeply pounding me so hard with each stroke that I always thrilled with the power and dominance he exuded. I loved going camping with Dad because in the woods alone I could really let it all hang out. I could scream, “Daddy,” as he made me cum. We could be as nasty as we both enjoyed. Sometimes he beat my ass before we fucked. That was my favorite. With my red buttocks smarting from my whipping my pussy pulsated as he plunged his thick member in and out of me.

Dad loved for me spread my legs wide open with my feet pointing towards the ceiling. I remember the first time he taught me to get in the legs up and open position.

He said, “Act as though you are pressing the ceiling with your heels so I can reach every inch of your cunt, lips, and clit.”

With my legs stretched open and held straight up I felt entirely submitted to him. When he masterfully stroked my g-spot before pendik escort long I would squirt my love juices over him. He always lapped up the fluid that squirted from me saying it was his honey. I loved the way my body responded to his love making. To be honest I miss the passion and abandon that I felt with Dad for 10 years I was faithful to him he was my only lover.

When Jason and I started dating I became aware of just how sensational Dad had been in bed. It’s not that Jason isn’t a good lover it is just when compared to Dad that he seemed kind of lame. Jason has lots of good characteristics. He will be a good husband and father. I can orgasm with him every time we make love but I do not get the complete satisfaction I had with Dad.

During my visit I felt my resolve to stay away from Dad waver when I spotted the bulge in his pants. My closely held secret attraction and desire for his loving burned between my legs. Several times I almost suggested to Dad and I that he get a hotel room for us. I longed for his dominate sexual power that always satiated me so thoroughly. But I knew if we started up again that I would have to let my relationship with Jason go.

As Dad had made clear to me in the past he believed my sex belonged to him. Once he beat me with his strap after a party that we had attended because he saw me flirting with an opposing attorney. The attorney put his hand on my back as he talked to me. Really I had no interest in the attorney other than a little fun bantering about him losing the case to Dad. The attorney took my good natured kidding in fun laughing out loud before moving on to talk to another party guest. I did not think any more about my short conversation with the attorney until later that night after we returned to our hotel room.

As soon as we entered the suite and closed the door behind us Dad accused me of flirting with another man letting the man touch bare back. That was the first time that Dad let me know that I was his woman and he would not tolerate any disrespect of his position as my man. If I had not been talking to the attorney I believe that he would have used another reason to introduce me to respecting his alpha role over me along with the consequences of failing to do so. After all he had packed his strap in his suitcase. He demanded that I take a shower wash my hair then come to him naked into the bedroom. After taking my shower I walked into the bedroom barefoot naked with my just washed wet hair hanging about my shoulders.

Dad said, “Come here to me.”

I walked over to where he was sitting on the bed. He reached up slipped his arm around my waist pulling me over his lap. He started rubbing my buttocks as I lay across his lap.

“What were you talking to my opposing attorney about?”

“Nothing special Daddy. I was teasing him about losing the case to you.”

“It didn’t look like that to me. You were flirting with him. I saw him touch your back when he talked to you.”

“Oh Daddy, he didn’t mean anything. You know that my dress had a low cut back. We were just kidding each other. There was nothing more than that.”

“Maybe for you. But I know men. Your flirting encouraged him to pursue you giving him the impression that you might be interested in him. The seed was planted in his mind that you might be available. He’s going to be after you until to make it clear that you’re not interested. I’m telling you right now, your body belongs to me. No man has a right to put his hands on you except me. I don’t ever want you to permit another man to be that close to you again. Do you understand me? I’m going to be sure that you understand what I’m saying.”

Just then the first of many strikes landed on my buttocks. His black leather strap was 18 inches long and half inch thick. He whipped me until I cried more from embarrassment for receiving an over the knee whipping than for the pain of the strikes of his strap. Don’t get me wrong my buttocks were sore from that first beating.

“I won’t let any man touch me again Daddy. I’ll obey you. I promise”

Dad was pleased at how easily he had been able to get my assent giving him power over me. He told me to go look in his suitcase and bring the cream to him. He pulled me over his lap again applying some cream to my behind. After finishing the cream application to my behind he took me in his arms and made slow passionate love to me. Dad took advantage of the opportunity to show me the kinky side of his nature. Somehow he recognized that I was a submissive woman with an unrealized aspect of my sexuality to be released. I had no idea that I would enjoy a D/s relationship. Dad had sensed that I would enjoy occasional spankings.

I knew Dad would never permit me to be with him if I was sleeping with Jason. Talk about double standards, Dad never stopped having relations with Mom during our affair.

The summer after my junior year in college, I went home to Savannah to work as an intern in Dad’s office. Some of maltepe escort the young unmarried attorneys in his firm flirted with me. Besides being a good catch because I was the boss’s daughter they also found me attractive. The pretty young woman with dark brown hair along with light brown eyes with the great figure that they imagined might be a good lay. I’m 5’6″ I ran then and as I do now every morning to maintain my weight at 115 pounds. My measurements were bust 33″, waist 22″ and hips 34.

Mom had to attend a professional development program to get her next promotion. She was the regional nursing director of a large medical practice with doctor’s offices that spanned from Virginia to Florida. The summer training required her to stay in Maryland for 6 weeks. The program was fast paced. Mom was nervous about passing all the exams to get her certifications. Her mind was on doing well in her classes not on me and Dad.

Dad took pride in me. His delight in me was very apparent to me and his employees. Each morning Dad and I rode to work together. We drank our coffee, talked about Dad’s work and my career plans. His cases and clients were challenging but well worth his time and attention since their work provided him with a very lucrative income. I talked to him about my desire to be a lobbyist after I graduated. He made a few calls to clients to get me some interviews with some of the firms in DC. I felt so happy because I had money, was doing well in school and Dad complemented me on my work. I really proud of my Dad and enjoyed the opportunity to have his attention while Mom was in Maryland.

At the office I worked as his gofer, rode back and forth to work with him and had the evenings with him all summer. Our evenings together started out innocently enough. I had always been a real daddy’s girl. All of my life I had sat on my father’s lap hugging him or curled up with him on the couch as we watched movies together. On the first Monday movie night we took our usual positions on the couch. I was cuddled up with Dad on the couch as we watched a good horror video. Every time a scary part came on we screamed holding each other tight. Mutual desire started to grow as we lay on the couch during movie night. We were lying on the couch with my behind up against his crotch. Dad’s manhood became stimulated as we collided against each other at first inadvertently during the scary parts of the movie. I was aware of his body behind me with his arms were around my waist. I sensed the rhythm of his breathing. When he squeezed me I loved feeling his strength and power. I thought about how lucky Mom was to be his wife. I began feeling a little jealous of her. Dad perceived my sexuality and feminine appeal for the first time causing his body to respond with an expanding bulge in his pants. Maybe if we had not had any more movie nights or I had spent the evenings with my friends, we could have avoided any further escalation of our desires.

But instead of going out with friends on the following Tuesday night I chose to stay home with Dad again. After I told him that I was not going out for the evening, he prepared a wonderful dinner for me. He had my favorite food of grilled salmon and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Though I was only 20 Dad let me share a bottle of wine with him since I would be 21 in a month. I felt warm, relaxed but my feet hurt from wearing heels all day. Dad offered to rub my sore feet. Slowly he massaged my foot then not only my feet but my legs too. My head felt a little giddy from the two glasses of wine that I drank. I let my guard down because Dad’s touches aroused sexual desire in me. My legs drifted apart as he massaged me.

At first I know he was just trying to ease the pain in my feet. However propinquity, wine and spending so much time together alone provided the opportunity for lust driven self indulgence. I could have stopped him or he could have chosen to stop. Neither of us chose the stopping option. The longer his hands applied steady pressure over my feet, legs, thighs then inner thighs the more I wanted him to do more than give me a foot massage. His hands traveled up the inside of my thighs massaging them. I acceded to having his hands proceed to a more intimate place between my inner thighs. Then his hand accidentally on purpose brushed over my crotch as he rubbed the upper portion of my thighs sending a shiver of delight up my back. He tested what my reaction would be by pushing my legs further apart touching my mons on the outside of my panties. I gasped taking a deep breath when I realized that I had been holding my breath.

I had on a one piece romper short suit. I smiled voicing encouraging words of delight indicating that I welcomed his advances and caressing. In fact the heat between my legs rose. I took a step that eliminated any doubt that he may have had as to whether or not I wanted him too. Boldly I pulled my shorts and panties to the side giving him access to look at and touch my slit. The wine kartal escort that we drank provided the excuse that we could tell each other for why we had crossed the line with one another. Regardless of any excuses that we might make up both of us knew that the fervent lust for the other’s touch had developed between us driving our need to proceed with taboo acts of passion.

He leaned down holding my lips apart just then the breeze from the air conditioner vent blew across my bikini area sending a shiver of pleasure through my body. Dad held my lips open first kissing then lightly flicking my clit. I arched my back raising hips so that he could stimulate my sex even more. When he stuck his tongue inside me I moaned with pleasure. Each new touch felt better than the one before. His hands and lips were talented. He kissed, licked, flicked, blew and tongued my opening. My orgasm came quickly. The zipper opened down the front of my one piece romper. Dad sat up unzipped my romper taking my breasts in his mouth alternating between sucking and kissing them. Ooooo it was so good. I wanted to feel him inside of me. He slipped my romper and panties off.

Dad stood up looking down at my body the sight of me lying with my legs wide open begging him to fuck me solidified his decision to proceed. It was apparent to him and me that I wanted him so badly. The lustful fire in his eyes said that he wanted the same. He took off his clothes putting his knees between my legs pushing them further apart. My slit was dripping wet. He held his thick member in his hand rubbing it back and forth across my slit. I raised my hips as he came close to my opening letting the tip of his head slide in slightly. Then he held my canal open so that he could enter all the way inside me.

That’s when I knew what it was like to be totally fucked. He filled me with his ample girth. His strokes were hard and deep exactly the way I like it but I had not known it could feel like that until I experienced the things he taught me. The pleasure was so intense I shouted obscenities with joy. Our motions worked in unison towards our goal of satisfying each other. The movements became synchronized giving us mutual sexual thrills. I had cum twice but as we climbed towards ecstasy together we climaxed simultaneously.

We fucked every day that he was in town except for the days of my period. On the period days our kisses and passion rose to a crescendo. I sucked and licked Dad at every opportunity both at home and in the office I loved having his cock in my mouth. I felt so intimate with him when I swallowed his precum and cum.

After our short recess we resumed our love making. Sometimes in the throes of passion he called me a cumslut and he was right. I threw my legs or mouth open any time he or I wanted to have sex. My entire summer other than work was devoted to Dad. One of the weekends during the summer Dad had to go to Maryland to attend a spouses’ weekend with Mom. When he flew home on Sunday night I picked him up from the airport. Because his SUV had tinted window, we were able to satisfy our hungry for each other. We couldn’t wait until we got home so we fucked on the back seat without being seen. I was angry that he had been with another woman even if the other woman was my mother. Nevertheless I wanted him so badly my anger could not make me say no to sex before we left the parking lot. We climaxed together completely spent from our vigorous activity. My youth gave me a strong libido that wanted the sexual satisfaction that only Dad could give me.

But those memories are behind me now. The relationship that I had with Dad is over because I want children and marriage. Not because my feelings have changed or gone away. As I leave for Virginia, my thoughts of the past gave way to thinking about my wedding. I am excited about trying to get pregnant as soon as Jason and I getting married. Thankfully Jason wants 2 or more children. He’s 37 and wants to have enough energy to participate in our children’s activities so he is ready to be a father as soon as possible.

Suddenly my mobile phone rang bringing me back to the present. My phone had a Bluetooth connection. I was able to answer without taking my eyes off the road. The on ramp to get on I-95 was only 10 minutes away.


“Hi Nugget.”

“Hi Dad, I’m not on the highway yet. I stopped by Emma’s for a few minutes.”

“I know I see your car up ahead of me. We need to talk. You shouldn’t marry Jason. I don’t have to tell you why.”

“He’s a good man. He’ll be a good provider and he wants to have children. You know how much I want some kids.”

“Pull into that parking lot of the diner on the corner so that we can have a cup of coffee and talk.”

“We have talked and talked about our situation over and over without being able to come up with any solutions. You wanted things to remain the same. I had to make the changes that I needed to make so that I can have the kind of future I’ve dreamed of.

“I can’t go on like this. Seeing you being close to you this week without being able to touch you, love you or hear your voice whispering in my ear is more than I can bear. I can’t stand the thought of you having that bastard between your legs.”

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