Telepresence Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is the first part of what could be a seven or eight part series. Chapter two is being written, and three is in the planning stages (sort of). The first three chapters all take place on the same day. After that, there are the rest of the girls to play with. I consider this to be an Erotic Coupling series, with one fantastical element.

These girls will feature in another series. I also have ideas for a couple of unrelated stories knocking on my brain and trying to get out.

This is my first submission, and I’m going to try working without an editor. Constructive comments are appreciated. If any editors think that I do need help, let me know. Thanks for reading.

In case you’re curious, “Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location.(Wikipedia)” In other words, the ability to be somewhere that you’re not.


I have no clue how it happened. No lightning, or lab accident, or any of the other sci-fi cliches. It just happened one day. Maybe it was the flip side of being ‘invisible’ through all of middle and high school. Maybe it had something to do with the recovery from my near suicidal depression of two years ago.

I don’t know and I don’t really care anymore. What I do know, is that it changed my life. This is how it started.


“Okay, everybody! Good practice. Remember that tomorrow is the last practice before the game with Wilson High on Saturday. So, focus, eat smart and get enough rest! I want you all at your best. Silverstrike hasn’t lost to Wilson in the last ten years, and I don’t plan to start now! And remember, no sex tomorrow, 24 hours to game time.

“Hit the showers, guys. Talbot, with me in my office.”

Coach Williams jogged to his office with me keeping pace, ten feet behind. I’m Greg Talbot. 18 year old brainiac senior at Silverstrike High School. I keep in good shape by running and swimming, but there’s no swim team or track team. All anyone cares about in our affluent, mid-sized high school is football. So, my attachment to school sports is as Coach Williams’ assistant.

Just to make it clear, I’m not the equipment manager. Andrew does that. I deal with stats and logistics, keeping the team running so Coach can focus on the players. I’ve been doing this since the start of junior year, and Coach likes my work. But the main reason for volunteering for this was so I could be closer to the cheerleaders. Eight of the most beautiful women alive, all seniors, and all stunning. None of them know I’m alive.

I saw them gathering their gear as I headed to Coach’s office. I’d known all of them for years, some since childhood. We’d shared classes, but they barely saw me at all. Look, I’m five-eleven, brown hair, blue-gray eyes, lean build, dress well, and I don’t fit the stereotype of the high school nerd at all. I like science fiction, but I’m not a fanboy. But nobody sees beyond the glasses (wire frame, no tape) or GPA (4.0).

My meeting with Coach lasted only a few minutes, just making sure that there was nothing we were forgetting with two days before Saturday’s game. We’d do this again on Friday, but everything was prepped. The only real variable was how late Steve would be. It could be anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes or more. Coach and I had moved call from 20 minutes before we planned to leave back to 45 minutes early. We still had been forced to hold the bus once. We put up with this because he was our best receiver, with hands like glue. He never dropped the ball once he laid a finger on it.

After the meeting, I indulged in my usual pastime. I found a bench in a secluded corner near the locker rooms and imagined what it was like in the showers. Not the team’s shower of course, but the squad’s. Head cheerleader Eva, the dark eyed Arabian Princess. Beautiful honey blond Julie, who I’d had a crush on since we were sophs. The ‘twins’ from separate families, Robin and Rachel, the subjects of my first and second wet dreams respectively. Helen of the milk chocolate skin, and tiny Japanese Kim. Martial artist Ginger, and curly haired Diane who had trouble smiling.

I knew them all, knew their stories. I knew that (surprisingly for the Los Angeles area) none of them dyed their hair, even redheaded Robin. None of them had implants or plastic surgery of any kind. They didn’t need it. What I didn’t know is what they looked like naked. I knew their breast sizes, but what did their nipples look (or taste) like? Given their regular pool parties (cheerleaders only invited) and skimpy suits, I was sure that none of them had a full bush. But who had a landing strip, a small tuft, shaved or waxed?

I fell into my favorite fantasy, watching them wash themselves and each other in my mind. Not overtly sexual, but playfully. While it was rumored that they all played with each other (they all did, but only ataşehir escort bayan I knew it for sure), the only ones who were openly bisexual were Robin and Rachel. They had a habit of sharing boyfriends. They had shed their virginities side by side after an away game, then swapped partners, then shared them.

So I imagined the water and soap running down their smooth curves, while I got harder and thicker. Where I was sitting, I couldn’t touch my cock. I’d do that at home, as usual. I’m not a virgin, thanks to a fellow camp counselor who saw me at the pool, and was surprised, and pleased, when she saw my cock. Maybe I’ll tell that story later. But at home, my only partner is my hand.

After a moment, I realized that I was seeing the ladies differently than I was used to imagining them. I could hear the water, and smell the different body washes and shampoos. I looked down but I didn’t see myself. I realized that I was seeing clearly, even though my glasses were not on my face. I could feel the water on my skin, and saw it splash off me as I stood three feet from Julie DiMarco.

I turned my gaze to the other cheerleaders. All wonderful specimens of Southern California teenage women. One look showed they conformed to my theory for pubes. None of the redheads or blonds were shaved clean, all had kept at least a small patch to prove their hair color was natural to their lovers. Only Kim and Ginger had smooth mounds. I could have stared at them for hours, but I turned back to Julie to memorize her.

Five feet-six inches of blue eyed, honey blond beauty. Her 36C breasts were just as wonderful bare as I had imagined, with dusky rose nipples half an inch long that I ached to suck. Her mound was bare except for a small triangular patch, the precise shade as on her head, just at the top of her lips. All the others were amazing as well, but having my fantasy girl so close had me harder and thicker than I can ever remember being. I had to know if she felt as good as she looked, so I reached out my hand.

Like silk. I feather stroked my fingers down her arm, then pulled back. She didn’t seem to notice, so I got bolder and ran my hand over her ass. An incredible mix of firm and soft. I couldn’t stop myself and touched her breast. Julie’s hand whipped up and grabbed my wrist.

“Who are you?” she snapped. “I can’t see you, but I’ve got your wrist and I felt your hand on me.”

I made my voice deeper and rougher to disguise it, “Just one of your many admirers, Julie.” Most of the squad rushed to cover themselves. To my surprise, Ginger made no move to hide her tits or pussy.

“How do you know my name? Who are you, anyway?”

“Who at this school doesn’t know the names and faces of our cheerleading squad. Besides, I’ve had a silent crush on you for years.” While I was talking, I was trying to make my captive right wrist insubstantial. As I felt it pass through her hand, I grabbed her arm with my left hand, and continued, “As for who I am, I seem to be a ghost. Call me Casper or Topper perhaps, but not Beetlejuice or Slimer.”

I let go of Julie saying, “Please don’t be afraid of me. I mean no harm to any of you. My being here is the dream of most of the males at this school. I have no idea how I got this lucky. Forgive me for touching you Julie, but I needed to know if your skin was as soft as it looks. It is.

“Seeing all of you nude surpasses any fantasies that I’ve had over the years. And I have fantasized about each of you over the years. But I’m not alone there.

“You all know me, even though I seem to be invisible to you. I am in at least one class with each of you this year, but you never look at or speak to me. I have known some of you since childhood, but I get no more regard than the benches in the locker room. Actually, according to the team, the benches have seen much more action. Each of you has had at least one locker room encounter.”

At the denials from some of the ladies, “I don’t just go by hearsay. I’ve seen some of you myself. Robin, Rachel, I walked in on the two of you sharing Nick last year. Wasn’t he dating Ginger at the time?”

Ginger spoke up, “Yes he was, but the swap was okayed. I had a night with their boyfriends Terry and James in exchange. He didn’t cheat on me. He knew I’d hurt him if he did.”

I went on, “You would be amazed at what you, and other people say around me, since I don’t appear on your radar. For example Eva, I enjoyed your description of your first anal sex two years ago. I’m glad Bob was gentle with you. Julie, I’m sorry that Jerry isn’t the lover you’d hoped for. Robin, I like the plan to get your dad out of his shell since your mom died. Naked cheerleader pool parties are a good first step. And Diane, I’m overjoyed to see you smile again, after the ‘incident’ two summers ago.” (Diane had gone to a party just after her 16th birthday and been roofied, gang-raped and dumped in the park. Enough said.)

“But you’re not the only ones who overlook me. escort kadıöy The team looks through me as well, so they talk as if nobody’s listening.. Julie, are you aware that Jerry’s cheating on you?”

She sighed, “I thought he might be. Who is it?”

“That tiny blond cheerleader at Bradley High, Sonia’s her name. We played there three weeks ago and he’s been playing with her ever since. Jerry’s bragging about her to the team. Do you want to know what he’s saying? It’s rude and not complimentary. I don’t want to hurt you more than I already have.” At Julie’s resigned nod, “He’s saying that her cunt is tighter than your ass. I’m sorry. You might also want to look at his phone. He’s got nude and hardcore pics of her on it. I’ve seen them.”

Walking across the shower, “I’m not saying any of this to worry you. I’m not going to try to blackmail any of you. I just want you to be aware of who’s around you. I have watched some of you look around to see if the room was empty, and pass over me before telling secrets. I’m tired of it.” By this point, all of the ladies had stopped trying to cover themselves.

Looking at Robin and Rachel, “Robin, I’m glad the scar isn’t too bad from when you fell out of the tree when you were seven. It’s a good thing Rachel was there to help you get home.” I saw Robin’s eyes go wide as she remembered who really had carried her home after sending Rachel ahead to tell Robin’s mom. “May I come talk to you two tonight. Say, ten o’clock?”

“Sure, ‘Casper’,” Robin smirked. “Same dress code as now?

“If you’d like. I can think of few things more pleasant than seeing any of you nude. You’ll be at Rachel’s place tonight, right?” At both girls look of surprise, “The two of you have spent less than fourteen nights apart in the last year. You’re closer than real sisters. Your schedule is easy to figure out.”

Walking back to Julie, “I’ve come this far, I might as well ask for the moon. Julie, may I kiss you?”

She didn’t stop to think about it, “Yes ‘Casper’, you may. But can you become visible at all before I do? Talking to the air is a little creepy, and I’d like to see where you are. You don’t have to show us your face, because you’re not ready to tell us who you are. Will you ever?”

“You’re right, I will tell you all later. Some of you may have a clue already. But visibility? I don’t know. I haven’t tried out this ghost body yet. I was in the shower for less than a minute before I touched you. I’ll give it a try.”

I focused on myself, the way I had when I ghosted my wrist. As I raised my hands in front of me, I saw them grow misty, like a room filling with smoke. I stopped when I looked like frosted glass, ” How’s this?”

“Much better,” Julie ran her eyes over me, widening when she got to my hard cock. “Wow, you look terrific. You’re in great shape. I can’t believe we haven’t noticed you before, just because of your body. Come get your kiss.”

I stepped into her open arms, and wrapped mine around her, pressing my cock into her belly. I bent my head to her, pressing my lips to hers. Gently at first, then harder. When I felt Julie’s tongue at my lips, I sent mine to play with it. I looked into her cornflower blue eyes and saw them slowly close in pleasure. I tightened my arms into a firm embrace.

Some unknown amount of time later, our lips parted and her eyes fluttered open. “You didn’t have to stop,” she whispered. “That was wonderful. Please hold me.”

“With pleasure, Julie. Is it bothering you, where I’m pressing into your stomach?”

“Not at all, your cock’s just bigger than I’m used to.” She reached down to wrap her hand around me, “How big is it? It feels like a Red Bull can. It’s as hard as one, too”

“That’s about right. I’m just over eight inches long, and seven inches around the shaft. As to why I’m so hard, I’m surrounded by eight of the most beautiful women in the world, and I’ve just kissed you. I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t cum yet.”

“I’ve never seen a cock that big, outside of porn,” said Ginger.

“Then you’ve never slept with Lamar,” replied Helen. Lamar was one of our front four, and looked like a stereotypical African warrior. “He’s about nine inches long, but not as thick as Casper.”

“I’ll help you with that beautiful cock,” said Diane quietly, surprising us all. “Since my rape, I’ve been looking for a lover, someone who would be gentle and understanding. Not a guy just after a piece of ass from a damaged girl. I was a virgin before that night. I still think of myself as one. But I’ll suck you off, if you’d like.”

I carefully disengaged from Julie to walk over and put my hands on Diane’s shoulders, “I am amazed at how far you’ve come since I found you, unconscious and naked in the park on my run that August morning. I was crying when I called 911, but I didn’t say who I was. I ran when the police arrived, but I covered you with my shirt, and I held your hand until they came.

“I missed your beautiful smile after that maltepe escort until April, when I came around the corner and found that Eva had made you laugh. I’m not sure which of you looked more surprised.” I looked square into her eyes and dropped my hands to her waist, “I’ll take you up on that another time, if you don’t mind. When I can hold you and kiss you and treat you like a princess. You may still have some jagged edges to smooth.”

I leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips, “This is not me saying ‘no’, just ‘not now’. And I would be honored if you would consider me to become your first lover, Diane. That is purely your decision.” I suddenly had trouble breathing, her embrace was so tight. She had tears in her eyes as she let go with a whispered, “Thank you.”

I looked away from Diane to discover that we had been circled by the other seven in a non-contact group hug. Kim and Eva were also near tears. Robin looked at me with emerald eyes that said, “I know who you are,” but remained silent. Rachel also looked like she knew.

Julie grabbed me and held me tight, “We’d all wondered who found her and called it in. Now we know, sort of. Thank you for rescuing our friend.”

She smiled at me, “But for now, let’s get back to what we were doing, I would like another kiss please, but somewhere else.” She led me out of the showers, into the locker room, and laid down on a bench, “Do you eat pussy as well as you kiss?”

“I had a very good teacher. She insisted on hours of practice all summer.” I kissed Julie gently on the lips, then again on her throat, “She was very pleased with my progress.” I was between those wondrous breasts, “I aced my oral examinations.” I took her left nipple into my mouth. Half an inch long, not quite that thick, rougher than the rest of her breast, and heavenly on my tongue. She arched her back, pushing herself into my mouth. I sucked on it like I was trying to get milk, before catching it gently with my teeth.

Julie’s breathing grew ragged as I nibbled gently for a moment, then let go to shower kisses around her silver-dollar sized aureole. I shifted to her right breast to repeat my actions. I was close enough to hear her heart racing as I sucked on both nipples at once.

I left her breasts sooner than I would have liked to continue southward to my ultimate goal. I could smell the spicy scent of Julie’s arousal as I kissed my way down her torso. I slid my tongue into her navel as if it was her pussy, and heard my crush’s breath catch in her throat. I then kissed wetly down the smooth skin covering firm muscle. Reaching her mound, I kissed and nibbled at the tiny patch of hair.

“Dammit, Casper! Stop teasing me!” Julie moaned.

I smiled as I knelt between her thighs, and gazed upon the gates of paradise. Julie’s pussy lips were waxed smooth, and dripping with fragrant juices. As I leaned closer, the aroma made my head spin. I pressed my lips to the crease where her thigh met her lips, first on the left, then the right. Then I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, gathering her tangy nectar as I went.

“You are delicious, my sweet,” I said after swallowing my sample. I then dove in with a vengeance, licking, nipping, sucking every inch, but staying away from her clit. Within a minute, Julie’s hands were on my head. As if I was going anywhere. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

Her moans were quiet, as if she was afraid of being overheard. I then focused my efforts on her pearl. I was tempted to spell out ‘My name is Greg’ with my tongue. I got as far as M-Y, when I realized the mystery could be more fun.

Her body tensed as I slid a finger into her, curling the tip to massage her G-spot. In two more minutes, she arched her back and clamped her thighs around my head while she came explosively, flooding my mouth with sweetness. It’s a good thing I can hold my breath for almost three minutes, because I was running out of air before she relaxed.

“I’ve never had a guy eat me that well,” she sighed. “And some of the girls here could learn something too. Do I know this teacher of yours? I need to thank her. A lot.”

“No, Debby’s up in Northern Cal. We were both counselors at the camp I was at this summer.”

“Well if you talk to her, give her my thanks.”

“I will. Are you done, or would you like more. I have some tricks I haven’t used yet.”

“One night, I want to see if you can wear me out with an hour or more of your tongue. I think there may be other volunteers for that in the room. But now I want your cock inside me.”

“Your command is my wish, milady,” and I crawled up her body, keeping my eyes on hers. I guess my eyes had become more visible, because Julie murmured, “I like blue eyes.”

“I’m glad,” but as I reached down to guide myself into her, I found another hand holding my shaft already. I looked into Eva’s black eyes. She leaned in to kiss me, then Julie on the lips. Kisses that were promises of much more. Without a word, she guided the head of my cock into Julie’s sodden folds.

I slowly pushed into my blond goddess, feeling her open around me. I paused once my head was fully inside her, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she panted. ” Just go slow. You’re thicker than anyone else I’ve been with.”

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