TCCS Pt. 02 Ch. 13: Coach Black Goes Back to Black

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Based on comics by the Pit and Stormbringer

The Coxville Curse Part 2: Chapter 13: Coach Black Goes Back to Black


October 14, 2009: Wednesday


“I don’t believe you.”

“I swear, he’s this big,” said Kitty holding her hands out about a foot apart as water splattered all over her back.

“Bull S-” Miko shut up as a nude Jenny Summers entered the showers.

Jenny frowned at her daughter and the other girls of the cheerleading squad. They’d gone silent when she appeared. She stepped under the shower and bent her head back under the strong stream of water. It was cramped in the showers with the 14-girl squad and their Coach, squeezed together to rinse off. She’d worked the girls hard this practice. She’d fucked the Coach this morning and was already feeling frustrated that she wouldn’t be getting his cock that night or the next day. Hopefully, he’d clear his time up and they could get together sometime before her husband got home from his business trip.

“She ain’t lying,” said Stacy Brown, the black cheerleader.

Jenny pulled her head out from under the water. Her girls were all staring at Stacy who had a wry grin across her face. “What are you girls talking about?” she asked somewhat rhetorically.

“Nothing Mrs. Summers,” said Pamela.

“Let’s get going girls so I can lock up,” said Jenny. She left the shower, wrapped a towel around her and went over to a table in the lockers where she kept a change of clothes. Her girls followed her one by one to the lockers. She watched them change, conservative bookworm Susan who quite frankly had a kick ass figure to rival Kitty’s, put on essentially granny panties and bra, lithe athletic Pamela pulled on a sport’s bra and shorts, Buxom red-headed Patty, pulled on a sexy bra that appeared to strain from the pressure of containing her enormous bosom, Miko’s underwear was average, and the sophomores and freshman cheerleaders were a mix of plain to sexy to slutty underwear. Stacy was the worse. Her white panty shone brightly on her black skin and the slut decided to forego a bra, pulling on a white tank top with a red Coxville C on it, that hugged her big black breasts to the point her dark nipples showed through while she pulled short red shorts on over her panty. Only Jenny was wrong, Stacy wasn’t the worse. Kitty was pulling on a scandalously small thong panty that was so sheer, her blonde pubes were visible through the front. The bra was little better, small, exposing more breast flesh then it covers and sheer enough, her rosy nipples poked through it. Jenny really needed to have a talk with that young lady, but her out-of-control daughter still had a picture of Jenny and the Coach on her phone and was pretty much free to do whatever she wanted. Still, she’d try, and she resolved to speak with Kitty when they got home.

“Friday, I’m in charge,” said Kitty. “Afterwards we can all head back to my house and hang out by the pool. That alright with you, mom?”

“Sure,” said Jenny, thinking that the girls might help keep Kitty out of trouble. She also didn’t mention that she probably wasn’t leaving to see Harold that night. Maybe, Kitty could run the squad and she could go home to relax? Maybe Coach would be freed up by then? Her pussy leaked a little just thinking about it. “You coming with me?” she asked her daughter.

“No, I’ll go with Pam and Miko. See you soon though.”

Jenny locked up and strolled to her car. Black’s car was already gone which saddened her. At least her neighbors wouldn’t be suspicious if his car wasn’t parked in her driveway every night for the last few days. She stopped at the drug store and then hurried home, she had a chicken thawing and needed to get it in the oven for her and Kitty’s… and Samson’s dinner.

Jenny arrived home and put the chicken in the oven. She heard the shower on upstairs. “How the hell did she beat me home?” she said aloud. She went upstairs and knocked on the door. “Kitty?” she called. There was no answer. “KITTY,” she said louder. “We need to talk.” Still there was no answer. Jenny wondered if something was wrong and why her daughter needed another shower to begin with? “Kitty, I’m coming in,” she called, trying the door, and finding it was unlocked. Jenny opened the door.

Samson West stood in the shower, jerking off or more appropriately tugging on it. “Sorry Mrs. Summers,” he said, releasing his huge cock. It stuck straight out, hard, and magnificent. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. She’d seen it before, going in and out of her daughter’s ass to be specific. It was probably twice Harold’s size, no Coach Black, but then who was? “You need something?” he asked, stepping from the shower, and dripping all over her bath mat.

Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, so big, so hard, so perfect, so wrong to belong on this jerk. “N-no, bahis firmaları I thought you were Kitty.” Jenny was about to turn and leave when she remembered what was in her hand. “Samson, I need you to do something for me. I need you to be safe.” She pulled the condoms she bought at the drug store from the bag. She handed them to him. “We can’t risk getting Kitty pregnant.”

“Hate these fucking things,” said Samson eyeing the black box. They were Sovereign brand XXXL. He opened the box in front of her, tossing a piece of cardboard on the floor. “Besides, they don’t work.” Samson ripped open the foil packet and unfurled the rubber. It was only eight or nine inches long dangling from his fingers. “Watch this. Stare at my cock,” he ordered

unnecessarily as she was still staring at it. Samson slipped the rubber over his cock head and already the thin sheath looked strained. He pulled it down over his hard cock. “See it doesn’t fit.”

“T-that’s the biggest they make?” she said in disbelief. Was there some odd coincidence that allowed both she and her daughter to find the rare breed of man with a cock so big, that the largest sized condoms didn’t fit on them?

“I’ll see if I can pull it down some,” said the black youth. Jenny was grateful he was being so strangely agreeable. He pulled the base down the extra two of three inches of his shaft that was uncovered, and Jenny watched as the big cock head ripped right through the receptacle of the condom.

“Damn!” muttered Jenny, not because the condom had broken, but because his cock looked so powerful ripping right through it.

“You wanna try putting one on?”

“What? No- no umm, just be careful with my daughter ok? We don’t want any unexpected surprises, right?”

“Sure,” said Samson, not really caring if Kitty got pregnant or not.

“Thank you,” said Jenny. “I’ll be downstairs working on dinner.” Kitty arrived home soon thereafter and the three remained mostly silent while they ate except for some giggling from Kitty as she played with something in Samson’s lap. Afterwards, Jenny watched them from the sliding glass door to her patio as they frolicked in the pool. Kitty in a bikini so small it rivaled the one that Jenny herself had bought with the Coach while Samson wore only tighty whitey underwear that hid nothing when wet. There was no pretense of propriety being out in public though her backyard was mostly private. At one-point Kitty’s top went flying and she kept it off. At another point, she appeared to be riding him in the shallow end of the pool.

That night she missed the Coach as she laid in bed, horny for his big black cock. The damn thing was addictive. If she’d been married to Black, there was no doubt in Jenny’s mind that they’d have been fucking every night for eighteen years. Part of the problem was that Samson and Kitty were being particularly loud that evening. Jenny’s nipples hardened as Kitty gave her fourth loud orgasmic scream of their current fuck session. Her hand slipped down her nude torso to her pussy. Jenny Summers shivered a little as her finger felt her clit, dripping with her arousal, her desire for sex, her need for a big black cock. “That’s it Samson, give it to that little slut,” she whispered in the darkness as her fingers slid inside her pussy. Her mind pictured the big black golf ball sized cock head bursting through the condom. Her daughter was riding that cock now, or lying beneath it, or raising her ass up to it as it fucked her from behind. Lucky slut to have a man that didn’t abandon her to her fingers.

Jenny couldn’t take it anymore. She hopped out of bed and turned her computer on. A quick search for big black dildos led her to LD’s website. The store on his site had something that might just take care of her problem. She ordered the dildo based on his amazing cock and took

the express 2-day delivery option. She was so horny she needed something big and black in her pussy at least once a day and if Coach Jerk wasn’t willing to give it to her daily, then she’d find something that would. Satisfied, Jenny crawled back into bed, but didn’t fall asleep right away.

Was Coach Asshole testing her? Did he want to see if she’d call him, begging him to come to her house and fuck her? Maybe, he was testing her to see if she was going to leave Friday to meet Harold? She’d already made up her mind to stay home. She wasn’t in the mood for a romantic getaway with her husband, let alone sleeping with him. Why did Black do this to me? Her fingers slid as deep as they’d go in her pussy, but they weren’t good enough, weren’t what she needed right now. Kitty screamed again, and Samson gave a bellow. They were cumming together. Such a beautiful thing. “I wish I was Kitty right now,” she whispered, picturing herself lying underneath Samson. He may be a jerk, but he was kind of sexy and his cock surely didn’t kaçak iddaa disappoint. Fuck, I’m so horny now I’d even fuck Principal Long, she thought, laughing aloud at the absurdity of it all.

Kitty gave a pained grunt. Jenny recognized it as the same sound she herself made every time Black’s cock first entered her ass. The pain wouldn’t last long and it would start feeling good very soon. Kitty loudly moaned in pleasure. Lucky little bitch is getting it in every hole tonight. Jenny finally conceived of a plan. She’d tell Kitty she was still going away, pack a small bag, and then show up on the Coach’s doorstep wearing the lingerie they’d bought together. There was no way he could say no to that and if he did, she’d have her new plastic friend to play with. She finally drifted off to a restless sleep filled with visions of Black’s and Samson’s cocks and one worry on her mind.

Could she last until Friday night?


“What the fuck were you thinking?” said Black, staring up at the ceiling of his bedroom. His cock was hard and eager for some action and the hottest woman in Coxville was alone in her bed ready and willing to have him there. His cock was literally aching for some pussy, throbbing so hard it hurt, and it took all his will not to start stroking it. The Coach had never had any trouble getting laid and had adopted a no jerking off policy since there were so many women willing to fuck him. Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer, he reached over to his nightstand, grabbed his cell phone and sent off a quick text. He read the response several seconds after sending it.

“About fucking time. OMW.”

Less than an hour later, Black heard footsteps on the stairs of his condo and a key in his lock. His door opened and closed, then footsteps sounded in the hall and finally Shondra appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a robe, belted in front, not bothering to dress simply to come over and fuck him. She posed in his doorway, leaning on the jam, staring at him lying nude on his bed, cock still hard and aching for relief as it had been for an hour. “Who you been fucking?” she asked.

“Someone at work,” he responded.

Shondra frowned. She couldn’t picture any black teachers at Coxville High which meant, he was fucking a student. She disapproved, not of another woman, but that he might be screwing a student of his. Shondra loved his cock, but there was no illusion of romance between them. They were fuck buddies and nothing more. He fucked other women and she fucked other men, some even with bigger cocks then Coach Black, but he was still her favorite or tied with his brother. She dated Dick Black in high school and they’d fucked like rabbits. Then when the Black twins left to pursue football careers, she’d almost left with Dick, but ended up staying close to her family. Years later, she’d contacted Coach Black after he moved back to town after injuring himself and made no pretense about wanting to get it on with him. He was every bit as good as his brother had been.

“Damn gurl, I missed that hot body,” said Black as Shondra dropped her robe. It was amazing how much Shondra’s body resembled a black version of Jenny Summers. Their breasts were the same size. Shondra had smaller areola, but fatter longer nipples. Her bosom sagged more then Jenny’s too. Jenny’s nipples pointed straight out while Shondra’s pointed down a little. Shondra had more ass then Jenny, fatter, rounder and it stuck out more. Even in their hair, they were close. Shondra straightened her long dark hair and it fell halfway down her back. Her belly was mostly flat and sexy with just a slight bulge under her navel from her three pregnancies. She had the same skin tone as Black did and her areola were nearly black they were so dark. The other thing he loved about her was that she kept her pussy shaved. That meant no hair in the teeth when he munched on it, something Shondra always insisted upon though he enjoyed licking her black puss. In fact, that was where they started tonight.

Shondra took charge in the beginning. She crawled on the bed, straddling his chest before planting her black pussy down right on his mouth. Black’s long tongue and lips went straight to work. She ground her pussy into his lapping tongue as he stared up her body. Her breasts were too big for him to see her face, but he watched her nipples harden as her arousal grew. Her long nailed hands came out to grab his headboard. She started bouncing on his tongue as her climax approached. “That’s it nigga, eat that pussy,” she moaned, cumming on his tongue. Shondra was a squirter and he enjoyed tasting her cum almost as much as she loved swallowing his. She came so hard, her juices soaked his beard and dribbled down his chin.

Black thought she was ready for some dick after that, but instead, she backed up and then spun around, backing her kaçak bahis pussy into his mouth again as he felt her lips engulf his hard cock. She had plenty of practice over the last year and was swallowing his enormous cock in no time. Black was so worked up by this time, that he was a little embarrassed by how quickly he came. The black bitch could really suck cock. One hand gripped the base and the other gently massaged each one of his nuts, coaxing the cum out of them. She pulled her mouth back, gulping his voluminous load and even without being able to see her, Black knew she wasn’t spilling a drop. She came on his mouth again before he had stopped pumping her mouth full of seed.

After that, Coach Black took over. He rolled her over and climbed on top, their heads facing the bottom of his queen-sized bed. His cock had remained hard and her horny pussy felt like a Hoover vacuum sucking him right in. They kissed as they fucked, neither caring that each other’s fluids were on their lips, tongues entwined in a dance as Shondra raised her hips into each thrust of his cock. She sucked his lower lip into her mouth as she moaned from another orgasm. Black sat up keeping his cock buried. Her knees wrapped around his hips and he fucked her from a kneeling position. His large hands reached out to squeeze her tit flesh and pinch her dark engorged nipples. He fucked her like that a good ten minutes until her pussy trembled around his cock again and her orgasm ran down his balls to soak his sheets. Coach sat back and opened her legs, cupping them under his arms. Now he really started pounding her pussy hard and fast, just like she loved it, just like they all loved it. In minutes, she was cumming, but it wasn’t a big squirt, it was one long continuous orgasm, that had her crying out in pleasure and joy. Her head rocked back and forth, eyes rolled up in her head, mouth open uttering moans and whimpers as her ass leaped up into his thrusts and her belly undulated downwards into his cock. Finally, she stopped and appeared half comatose, but smiling lazily.

“Fuck, I’m gonna flood this pussy good,” growled the Coach, almost losing it.

Shondra placed her hand on his chest. “Control yourself nigga. Cum on my titties,” she told him. Shondra refused to let him cum in her pussy as the Black boys were known to be very fertile with twins running in the family.

Black yanked his cock out, almost too late. As soon as it cleared her pussy, the head shot up and blasted a long strand of semen from the dark valley between her breasts back down to her clit. He sat back, cock pointing upwards, the second load hitting her chin and splattering down on her breasts. She sat up a little and caught a third wad on her right breast. After that, his cock quit blowing long strands of semen, but instead his seed sprayed out like a fan. The first fan covered both her breasts as her hand reached out to grab and stroke his cock. The next fan hit the bottom of her black tits and covered her stomach. She jerked him rapidly. Shondra was an expert on milking every single drop of semen from his balls. His cock quit fanning his sperm and turned to shooting short wads that splattered out about eight inches from his cock head, then seven inches, six, five, three, and the final one just dripped down from his cock head to fill her dark belly button and pool on her stomach. “Whew,” groaned Black, sitting back on his ass and falling back on the headboard to catch his breath.

Shondra writhed and sighed recovering from her own orgasms for several minutes. Her legs were spread, and he could stare straight into her pussy. Here was another difference between Jenny and Shondra, the black women in Coxville had bigger pussies, built to breed with hung black men, while those of the white women were closed, tight, and snug. Shondra’s pussy was beautiful and the only thing that would make it better would be if he were watching his semen leaking from it. Someday, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Shondra finally rolled off his bed and onto her feet. She didn’t head to his bathroom to clean up. She never did. “You did it stud, you fucked me good, real good,” moaned the sexy black lady. Black felt his cock stiffen watching her smear his semen all over her breasts, she rubbed her entire body with his cum, coating her breasts, teasing her nipples, one hand sliding down her stomach, rubbing every drop of his big load into her skin. When she raised her hands to her lips to lick them clean, her chest, breasts, stomach, and shaved pelvis all glistened as if she’d coated herself with lotion. “I’m gonna sleep like this tonight stud, covered in your nigga seed.” She bent to retrieve her robe and put it on over her back, but didn’t belt it. “Call me earlier tomorrow if

you want some more of this.” She ran her hands down over her body, rubbing his cum into her skin, and then without closing her robe, she turned and left. The crazy ho would drive all the way back to the Westside with her robe open.

“Dayumn!” said the Coach, thinking that he must be the luckiest man in Coxville.

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