Taxi Driver

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Andi Rye

I come out of the ladies and find everyone has gone.

“Oh my god!” I say aloud to myself. My coat and bag are gone too and I’m only wearing a skimpy dress, a strapless bra, thong and hold-ups. I shiver. It is still winter and some bastard has nicked my stuff. I panic. No phone! No money! I can’t walk home from here alone. I must get a taxi. My head swims from the consumption of too much alcohol. I try to keep calm and tell myself the girls will be outside waiting.

I’m wrong. I step out of the club into the dark, damp night. Gangs of drunken lads are shouting to me. I ignore them and start walking in the opposite direction. I have only walked a few yards when a taxi pulls up to the curb. I look at the driver. He looks nice. He looks ‘safe’. He smiles and shows a perfect row of teeth. He winds the passenger window down and says, “Get in. I’ll take you home.”

I climb into the back, close my eyes and he pulls away from the kerb. I feel my senses slipping away as I doze on the back seat of the car. He drives quickly and as he corners my legs swing to the motion of the taxi. They finally fall open and my dress creeps up my thighs. My hands are unconsciously gripping the seat, my pretty painted glossy red nails digging in trying to hold myself upright. My dress pulls higher still. I wonder how much he can see. I shrug, past caring, and begin to doze again as the taxi stops weaving.

I am awakened by the sound of music. At first I think I am back in the nightclub, then I realise it’s from inside a car. Car? Oh shit! We have stopped. Where the hell am I?

I feel the cold air rush in as the door is opened. An icy draught ataşehir escort blows up my legs and stirs my numb body into life. Goosebumps cover my skin and my bare bum is freezing with the cold night air.

I open my eyes see nothing but darkness. What’s happening? I blink but still I see nothing. My heart is beating fast. I’m so cold. I feel my nipples pressing against the seam in my bra. It scratches me and I realise they are hard? From fear or arousal? Or am I still dreaming in my drunken stupor?

I feel male hands on me I am rudely awakened from my thoughts. The driver’s big hands spread my thighs and my thong is pulled between the cheeks of my arse. It stretches tight over my fleshy folds imprisoning them beneath the gusset. I feel a dribble of pussy cream leak from my hole creating a perfect stencil of my lips, white cum in black panties, butterfly shaped. I giggle to myself at the thought.

My amusement and my dream world are shattered by one sharp, rasping sound. His zipper. His hips are positioned in front of my face as he kneels before me. He slips his fingers into my hair and, holding my head in hard hands, says quietly but firmly, “Suck me!”

I panic remembering I have no warm clothes, no money, no bag and no mobile. I don’t know where the fuck I am. All I know is it’s the early hours of a dark moonless night and I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with a semi erect cock slowly rubbing against my cheeks. The skin feels soft with an underlying hardness. He slaps it against my mouth and it thickens. I hear the soft sound of flesh smacking against flesh and my pussy twitches involuntarily. kadıköy escort bayan Oh my god what is my body doing?

I feel his foreskin rolling on my bottom lip down and under his helmet as he slides it on my mouth. My lipstick makes it slip in easier and I briefly wonder if it has smudged all over my face? He pulls out and pushes the tip of his cock against the centre of my pursed lips. I open my mouth to let it in a little and I feel the engorged head pulsating. He pulls back again but not for long. The next thrust is harder – as if the first was just for positioning.

He holds my head firmly by my hair and slowly pushes in fully until the fat head of his cock lodges firmly against the back of my tongue. I feel the size of him, the length, the shape and every bulging blood-filled vein popping out along the long quivering line of his hot shaft. I can even feel the thin line of skin joining his foreskin to the big soft velvety head. I run my tongue along it and he sighs and pushes deeper!

I almost gag but his moan excites me. I decide to relax my throat and let him in fully. The taste of precum on my tongue encourages me to continue to suck harder. Together with his flowing clear fluids and my saliva we create a perfect wet channel for him to shaft. His hips buck faster and harder. I feel him banging hard against my mouth bruising my lips on my teeth.

I feel him swelling in my mouth and suddenly I can’t breathe. A reflex action takes over and I breathe through my nose. Warm air blows down my nostrils onto his cock. His balls swing in my face and I can smell soap. This thick cock filling escort maltepe my mouth must be freshly washed. Thank god. No more time to think. Will I spit or swallow? Do I have a choice?

Noooooooo! He pulls my head down onto his cock. I’m sure he reaches my tonsils. Then he cums, thick, warm spurts. I don’t get time to taste it as it splashes against the back of my mouth and swims down my throat. So much! I swallow once, twice and still my tongue is coated. I continue to swallow and lick his pulsing cock until he is spent.

He is motionless for a moment, then he leans forward, kisses the top of my head, zips himself up and returns to the driver seat leaving me to straighten my skirt and wipe the corner of my mouth. He checks me out in the mirror and starts the engine. He says nothing but I see the twinkle of a smile in his eyes.

We pull up outside my house and to my surprise he leans over the driver seat. I think he is about to ask me for money. Again I panic. But to my surprise he just opens my door from the inside to let me out. I step outside and he exits to follow me. I hear the click of the central locking from the taxi doors.

He walks up the garden path behind me and as we arrive at my front door he reaches out his hand. It is my handbag! I take it and automatically reach inside for my keys. Then it hits me. My stolen bag!

“How come you have my bag?” I ask him. I turn. He smiles at me. He drapes my coat over my shoulders. He takes my hand and pushes his business card and change into it.

“Your mates hired me and paid me up front. They were worried about you! Made me promise to get you home safe and sound! Your phone and your purse are in your bag.”

He smiles again. “Night love Oh! And thanks for the oral. If you ever need a taxi again call me, we can come to some arrangement.”

Another cheeky grin, then he turns and walks away, leaving me speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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