Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 03

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Big Tits

There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21.


No excuses and with her actions and inappropriate, sexual behavior already justified, what’s good enough for older men to do with younger women is good enough for Susan to do with younger men.

Paid to listen to the personal problems of mentally and emotionally disturbed patients all week, Saturday night was her night to escape her professional routine and to decompress. Rather than giving the men she met in bars some free, professional advice or her own piece of personal philosophy, Saturday night was her down time. Saturday night was her time to do what she so wanted to do and what she so wanted to do was to have sex with young men that culminated in her receiving an orgasm.

Rather than giving the men who took her home some one-on-one private counseling, and/or some much needed psychological and/or psychiatric therapy, Doctor Susan Jill Parker filled a selfish, sexual need in herself by using young men for sex. Saturday night and all day Sunday were her only days to relax and having sex with another new, young man was how she relaxed. With her going over her notes from the previous week Saturday morning and afternoon, she was still working. Then, as if she was a carnivore on the hunt for fresh meat, a wild cougar on the loose, Saturday night she prowled the bars looking for her sexual partner for the evening.

Sundays, after she had her sexual release, was the only day that she slept late, meditated, and relaxing while listening to music or watching a movie. Even though she’s gotten away from it over the years, since her much older brothers taught her how to play, her fascination with piano accordions and accordionists was a secret that she never told anyone. Hooked on Lawrence Welk and once in love with Myron Floren as a little girl, Sunday was her day to play that accordion, a shiny black, Pan Italia squeezebox with dual tone chambers, like the one that Myron Floren played on the Lawrence Welk show.

She lived a good life now that she was finally away from and over Steven. Yet, still infatuated with him, she still thinks of him. If she was totally over Steven, she still wouldn’t be thinking of him every waking moment and dreaming about him in her sleep. If she was totally over Steven, her sub-conscious way of getting back at him, she still wouldn’t be having sex with a different young man once a week. If she was totally over Steven, she would have been in a committed relationship of love, caring, and mutual respect by now. Perhaps, she would have even had a couple of kids by now. Yet, with some things never changing, still the same, she roamed bars on Saturday nights looking for hot, young men in the way that he, no doubt, continued roaming the college campus looking for young, naïve, impressionable coeds.

Making for great lovers who gave her what she so wanted and what she so needed, an orgasm or two, her sexual peccadillo was to have sex with those young men she knew who wanted to have sex with their mothers. In a way and in that regard, if only just on Saturday nights, indeed during her brief Saturday evening sexual encounters, she changed her role from that of a clinical psychiatrist to that of a sex therapist. An interesting concept and one already proven to work by older men who date young, beautiful women, it’s a simple premise that has successfully worked for her for several years.

In the way that the concept and premise has worked thousands of years for older men who took sexual advantage of younger women, especially those young women who wanted to have sex with their fathers, she took sexual advantage of young men who wanted to have sex with their mothers. Seeing nothing wrong with what she did on Saturday nights, a win/win situation, and with her able to justify her actions, working for her as much as it worked for them, she took advantage of the young men who had sex with her. With them thinking that they were playing her, in reality she was playing them. If they only knew that not only in body but in mind too that she was the professional and they were just amateur. In the way she went through men, if anything, her carnage laying there naked and spent as she left them and closed their front door behind her in the way that men abandon women, they were her sexual victims.

Part of her justified reasoning, in the way that it was sometimes difficult for older men to take sexual advantage of younger women, especially those women who didn’t want to be taken sexually advantage of, it was always easy for her to take sexual advantage of younger men. Being that she was good looking and sexy and with young men willing, ready, and able to have sex with anyone, anytime, and anywhere, having sex with young men wasn’t much of a challenge. She didn’t have to use her talents of seduction to get young men naked and in bed. The challenge was in psychologically manipulating and sexually seducing them with their obvious, inherent, and forbidden sexual fantasy of having sex with their mothers. canlı bahis Role playing while pretending to be their mother, the forbidden thoughts of them having sex with their mothers was enough to make them displace their sexual needs to her instead of only thinking of themselves. The transferal of sexual feelings for their mothers to her was enough for them to give her what she needed and what she wanted, multiple orgasms.

Her having sex with young men was only about her cumming and not so much about them being sexual satisfied. With her having much more to lose professionally than her typical sexual, one night stand partners, she should have known that what she was doing was wrong and with her being a psychiatrist, she obviously knew that. Only, able to justify her perversity in her mind, so long as no one discovered her sexy secret of having sex with men nearly half her age once a week, every week, she didn’t care. What she did in private and behind closed, bedroom doors was her personal business and no one else’s. As long as she took care to sleep with a different man from a different bar once a week, unless someone recognized her, no one would ever know what she did on Saturday nights.

Not willing to invest any of her emotions, a complete waste of her time to fall in love, her way of distancing herself, Saturday night sex with another new, young man was all that she wanted and all that she needed to do to replenish her energy reserves. Using their mouths and their fingers as if a human vibrator and their cocks as if a human dildo, an orgasm was all she needed and an orgasm was all that she wanted from men. Oral sex culminating in an orgasm and/or a good fuck gave her the sexual release that recharged her battery. Saturday night sex was all about her and all that she wanted. Saturday nights was the one night that she let down her hair, wore contact lenses instead of wearing her oversized, black framed eyeglasses, and removed her lab coat to dress sexy. Saturday night was her night to get down and dirty in having promiscuous sex with men not only young enough to be her sons but also young enough to raise the eyebrows of those who would dare judge her without knowing her or her disturbing background.

When it was acceptable for older men to date younger women, why should anyone care who she sucked and fucked? Whenever she was out in public with a man a dozen or more years younger than her, they looked at them as if they were mother and son. Instead of perceiving them on a date while drinking, dancing, and having fun, they looked at them as if they were doing something incestuously naughty. With her receiving stares and without men so much as receiving a glance, they looked at her in the way that they should be looking at men who were allowed to do the same thing with women young enough to be their daughters. With women their own worst enemies by finding fault with her dating younger men for sex, how dare they? Always the double standard getting in the way of her having some hot, sexy fun, people should mind their own business.

* * * * *

Easy for her to identify those men who wanted to bed their mothers, being that she’s a trained clinical psychiatrist, in the way that some men take advantage of women, she used her medical training in psychology, psychiatry, and philosophy to take advantage of needy, young men for sex. For sex, just for sex and nothing else but sex, sex, sex, sex, it was all just about sex after all. Yet, with her allowing a small army of young men to enjoy her mature, shapely, naked body, while she enjoyed their young, hard, naked bodies, the sexual exchange wasn’t all one sided. In the way of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Demi Moore, her having sex with young men wasn’t lopsided at all actually. With her giving them what they so wanted, to have sex with their mothers, they gave her what she so needed, a much needed orgasm.

As if she was a man playing women instead of a woman using men, free and easy, no romance, no commitment, no hearts and flowers, nor exchanging sentiments of love, her casual meetings were only about erotic excitement and sexual gratification. Sex, sex, sex, her picking up men in a high class bar on a Saturday night was just about sex. As long as they sexually pleasured her, she didn’t mind sexually pleasuring them, that is, so long as they hurried up about it and didn’t waste her time or ruin her sexual experience with useless and needless dialogue. Yakty yak, yak, yak, she’d rather they just shut the fuck up, not talk at all, and just give her sex.

Yet, if the men thought that they’d use her to give them a blowjob or a quick lay, they’d be mistaken. Oh, no, she wasn’t about to have any of that. As sexually, one-sidedly selfish that men have been with women, she was as sexually, one-sidedly selfish with men. She wouldn’t play unless a man gave her an orgasm first. Then, maybe, depending on the man and on the situation, perhaps she’d allow him to cum too, especially if he gave her more than one orgasm.

Moreover, men have been slam banging women for bahis siteleri thousands of years and leaving them sexually frustrated and emotionally unsatisfied while only caring about their own sexual satisfaction and emotional gratification. In that regard and with that in mind, she wouldn’t have a second thought about leaving a man sexually frustrated and emotionally unsatisfied after he pleasured her and gave her an orgasm. If he didn’t cum in the allotted time she gave him to cum just before and just after she had her orgasm from him fingering her, licking her, and/or fucking her, after she sucked him and fucked him, too bad for him that he didn’t cum. Able to be a bitch about it, that’s not her problem. That’s his problem.

For sure, once she received what she wanted from him, she wasn’t about to get down on her knees to suck him. Definitely not, she wasn’t about to bend over in front of him so that he could fuck her like a dog while feeling her big tits and fingering her hard nipples. So long as she had her orgasm and got what she wanted, with her never seeing him again anyway, she didn’t care if he enjoyed their sexual time together by cumming. This brief union was all sexually about her and never about him.

Maybe later, after she left, he could masturbate in the privacy of his bathroom or bedroom while imagining that he just had sex with his mother. Maybe later he could masturbate over the memory of having had sex with a beautiful, mature, MILF of a woman. Maybe later he could find a woman his age to use and abuse but she wasn’t about to allow him to use and abuse her. On no, after Steven so sexually used and abused her for four, long, arduous years, rest assured, her being sexually used and abused by any man will never, ever happen to her again.

With her orgasms her top priority and always a slow crockpot to simmer before coming to a full boil and with men’s ejaculations a backburner event and always a quick, gushing oil well, she gave men plenty of opportunity to cum. Only, after she’s already received what she wanted from the onset and after she’s already had her orgasm, she wasn’t about to hang around and wait around for them to continue to use her naked body to cum. Sexually selfish about it, now was her turn to act like a man and take what she wants instead of acting like a woman and giving men what they need.

Done with them as soon as she got what she wanted, with her no longer in the mood nor there in bed with them, her mind was already somewhere else. Next Saturday night, she’d do the same, exact thing all over again but in a different bar and with a different, young man. All sexually about her in the way that men have always had their erotic dalliances all sexually about them, it was her turn to not only sexually enjoy herself but also to sexually satisfy herself. After all the pain and all the suffering sorrow she’s been through with Steven, having sex with men young enough to be her sons was her perverse, personal, albeit twisted payback to men as a whole. Men, men, men, in actually, not angry enough to turn lesbian, she truly hated men, the reason why she could continue using and abusing them.

* * * * *

Her casual, late night meetings were all about filling the need in her to be physically sated and sexually satisfied so that she could go about the rest of her week without being sexually frustrated. Thinking of sex more as a medication, her magic pill and her much needed elixir that she must take once a week to be cured of her salacious thoughts, having sex with strange, young men on Saturday nights was a hard, albeit necessary medicine for her to swallow at first. Having sex with strange young men was one thing but taking advantage of young men she knew who had psychological problems that stemmed from being sexually attracted to their mothers was quite another thing and against all that she learned at medical school.

Yet, by her taking her prescribed medicine, having sex with strange, young men on Saturday nights was something that she needed to do to remain sanely functional not only after her breakup with Steven but also after having to deal with the insane, emotionally disturbed ramblings of her patients. After her breakup with Steven, an emotional wreck before with suicidal thoughts, with her studying psychology and philosophy and becoming a psychiatrist before stumbling over this sexual elixir of having sex with young men, she’s never felt better. The best thing she ever did, what came about when seeing herself in the mirror, and the one thing that saved her life was to become a psychiatrist.

Steven, Steven, Steven, with some things never changing even after twenty years, everything she did was directly or indirectly because of Steven. Steven, Steven, Steven, just as he drove her mad with sexual lust and romantic desire twenty years ago, the mere thoughts of him drove her insane now. Steven, Steven, Steven, still acting out as if she was a 21-year-old girl instead of a 41-year-old woman, he still drove her mad with hurt and hatred now, enough hurt and hatred of men bahis şirketleri for her to use and abuse younger men by having sex with them.

How dare he dump her in favor of his wife? How dare he do to her what so many married men have done to so many single, gullible, innocent women? How dare he use her for sex, allow her to fall in love with him, and then reject her love? How dare he lie to her about leaving his wife? How dare he lie to her about having other girlfriends? How dare he leave her for another younger woman?

Too intelligently educated, a doctor with a Harvard education and a PhD in philosophy, she wasn’t one of those young, needy women, was she? Done with men and done with love, romance, marriage and the hope of ever having children, having sex with strange, young men was all that she now needed and all that she now wanted from a man. The only physical contact she wanted and needed was from what she received from a stranger who picked her up at a bar and took her home on a Saturday night.

Expecting a stranger to lie to her, expecting a stranger not be honest with her, and expecting a stranger not tell her the truth about anything, it didn’t matter if they lied to her in the way that Steven hurt her with all of his lies. With her maintaining her distance by only becoming sexually involved and not emotionally invested, a stranger could never hurt her in the way that Steven had. By not becoming entwined in a romantic relationship, she could never fall in love with a stranger in the way that she fell in love with Steven. Steven, Steven, Steven, too much of her life was wasted while thinking about Steven, Steven, Steven. All that mattered to her and all that she wanted from a man now and nothing else was a good fucking time and an orgasm. Willing to trade them her mouth, her hand, her pussy, and total use of her naked body, all she wanted from them was the pleasure they gave her with their mouths, their fingers, and their hard cocks.

Willing to do anything but anal sex, she’d do everything else. She’d never allow any man to fuck her up the ass in the way that Steven routinely fucked her anally as if he was a dirty dog in heat and she was his nasty bitch. A once in a lifetime sexual event, what they sexually did together could never be duplicated or dared repeated. Too many memories, what they sexually did together was a special coming together that lasted for four, long, wonderful years. From the time she was a freshman in college to just after she graduated, everything was beautiful.

There was a time when everything was perfect with Professor Steven Stephenson Stevens, SSS for short. There was a time when she thought he loved her as much as she loved him. There was a time when she thought he’d leave his wife for her. Then, once she left campus to get on with her life, he was getting it on with someone else, another young woman, the pig. Just as sex with young women never ended for him then, sex with young men never ends for her now. Now, with payback a bitch, if ever she met him again, she’d love nothing better than to fuck Steven up his ass with her strap-on dildo in the way that he fucked her up the ass by rejecting her and leaving her for another young coed.

* * * * *

Dating back to a time long before Dr. Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus Complex theory, just as there was nothing new in what Steven was doing in using young women for sex, there was nothing new in what Susan was doing in using young men for sex. Other than reversing her role from that of a man having his wicked, sexual way with young women to that of a woman having her wicked, sexual way with young men, she truly believed that there was nothing wrong with that she was doing. From being a sexual victim to becoming a sexual predator, it was her turn to have some sexy, sexual fun with young men in the way that older men have been having some sexy, sexual fun with young women.

Had she not been fucked over by Steven, she’d never be doing what she’s doing now. A woman scorned, had she not been dumped by Steven and rejected by him for the love of someone else, namely his wife and his new girlfriend, she wouldn’t be as vindictive against him and against all men as she is now. Against all that she stood for, no longer believing in the greater good, negative instead of positive, and seeing the glass half empty instead of half full, she now adhered to her premise that all men were liars, cheaters, and evil. All men suck.

Something that male philandering psychiatrists, psychiatrists, philosophers, and politicians have been doing since the days of Socrates, Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Thomas Jefferson, and before, she was doing now. This was her turn to get even for what Steven did to her and to get even with all men. Taking advantage of young women who were vulnerable and looking for a Daddy figure, men had sex with women young enough to be their daughters not only because they wanted to but also because they could. They knew the secret that unlocked the older man with younger women sexual door. Now with the shoe on the other foot with her taking advantage of young, vulnerable men looking for a Mother figure, she had sex with men young enough to be her sons. As interesting a concept as it was a simple premise, the notion is important enough to state again.

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