Surprise Visit

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My Mom has an uncanny way of popping in my room at a most inopportune time. One steamy day in August, I was in the shower with my boyfriend. We were pretty involved with rubbing soap and rinsing off ourselves and sucking our parts, when my Mom came in. She was as startled as we were. She didn’t say anything for awhile, but watched as we bathed each other. She cleared her throat and apologized for intruding. We knew she was there but continued our shower. The thought of her watching excited both of us.

Mom is really a hip laid back gal that is open to new things. When we got out of the shower, we found her on my bed naked playing with herself. Taken back a bit, we approached her and asked if she would like to join us in lovemaking. My boyfriend had a thing for a threesome and really found my Mom attractive.

She agreed that she would like to partake in our rituals. Feeliing comfortable with each other, we all lay upon my bed. My boyfriend was extremely hard thinking of the new found prospect of two women. His hard erection stood away from his body like a soldier at attention.

I started massaging Mom’s back, working her shoulders and neck expertly. Her tension eased away. Mine was building up. Couldn’t believe what was happening! Mike was setting at the foot of the bed watching me and planning his night of events.

I slowly went down her back, ataşehir escort rubbing her ribs and inching my way around the front of her to find her breast. Slight moans escaped her and I bent down and kissed her lips lightly with seductive flicking of my tongue. Mike came over to her and stuck his penis in her face. She willingly, with such hunger, began to suck and rub his dick with renewed vitality.

Massaging her, I moved down to her inner thighs and ass. Touching her as if she was a fine piece of cyrstal, with expert moves that even made me extremely wet. Mike was really getting excited. I moved down to her legs and feet. She began to moan more.

I turned her over as she released Mike from her mouth unwillingly. While I kissed her breast and massaged them, I could feel the thumping of her heart pound faster, Her face became redder.

My tongue probed deep in her mouth for some unknown destination. Mike began to eat her pussy, while moaning with delight. Shaking tremors went through her body like epileptic explosions. All the while I’m rubbing her nipples, kissing her neck and face, Mike was busy concentrating on her massive wetness escaping from her pussy. Her juice flowed and he was willingly lapping it up in eager anticipation for more. I came down too hoping he would share his meal with me. Generously, he moved to the side and let kadıköy escort me have a turn to drink from her well.

She tasted so incredibly sweet. Fresh and new. Mike moved his ass over her face and his strong hard appendage hung down waiting to be invited into her mouth. He started sucking and pulling on her erect pink nipples while she took him into her warm wet mouth.

I was still enjoying my meal at her well of wetness, when she reached around with one hand and started playing with my breast. Her touch made me shutter. Moving sideways so she could reach my ass, made it an easy “69” position. Mike was getting harder, thrusting his cock in her mouth more. She enjoyed that. Bending over to suck her nipples, his eyes met mine while I was eating her. Mom put her hand on my wet clit and started to rub in circles slowly, picking up speed.

Everything started to increase with intensity. Our bodies all seemed to be fused together. My face was now buried into her vagina and my tongue probed deep in her opening, lapping up the free flowing juices.

She played expertly with my clit while sticking her fingers inside of me. I wanted more and she sensed that. Eventually all her fingers were inside me stretching and exploring my inner cavity. Working and reaching, she found my “G” spot. I moaned with excitement. She knew her goal had been met.

Mike bostancı escort bayan moaned as Mom reached up with her other hand and pulled his ass more to her face. She licked his balls, sucking softly on them. Mike couldn’t control the urge to cum as he heard our moans and felt the tensing of our bodies. Movements were quick and to the point leaving no one to doubt what was to happen next.

In a short while, we all came crashing into a giant orgasmic explosion that rocked the room.

We held our positions enjoying the ecstasy of the moment. Slowly removing my tongue from her, I kissed her inner thighs softly and gently as if stroking with a feather. This gave her a final spasm of pleasure. She let go of Mike’s dick gently savoring the last of his cum down her throat. He left red marks all over her breast and stomach. Mom gently pulled her hand from my vagina. Taking my cum from me, she played with my clit sending yet another wave of pleasure through me. She licked her hand clean of my juices.

Mike sensed the tremor within me and began to mount me with the excitement of the first time.

Thrusting himself into me, he played me like a fine instrument. Mom propped herself up with pillows and played with her clit while watching us fuck. Moans and sighs filled the room once again.

Mike’s hard rod entered deeper and deeper into a new world of darkness. Orgasmic sounds filled the room still.

Fully hot and spent, we all got into the shower and cleaned each other. Feeling a union no mother, daughter or boyfriend has ever felt. I know this will not be the last time we have a surprise visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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