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I met my stepdaughter when she was 19. She has beautiful long brown curly hair. The cutest ass, small and tight, and medium-sized breasts that look terrific. This first time meeting her, she was wearing the tiniest and tightest biker shorts for lack of a better word. She has her college t-shirt on that has the sleeves removed and is a crop top showing her tummy and belly button. (I like a good belly button, weird.). Since I am a pervert, I happened to notice she was not wearing a bra. With just the right angle you could see some side boob. I suspect she was not expecting to see me or maybe she was expecting it. She just kind of swooped in, changed, and was out the door again.

It was summertime and she lived with her mom for a few weeks. Her mom and I had just started dating so I did not really see much of Clara. But the next summer that all would change. This summer she turned 20 and stayed almost the whole summer. This is what happened during one week of that summer.

Her mom would always go out of town for 10 days as part of her job. She always left during the summer. She and I had moved in together by now and when Clara’s freshman year ended she naturally come home for the summer. She normally only stayed a few weeks since she was busy with internships. This summer that was on hold until July. That meant it would just be Clara and me for 10 days. I have had many a fantasy about this young lady and that fantasy was going to become reality soon.

The week started off nicely. We would hang out during some part of the day whether it was in the morning, afternoon, or evening. I started to notice after a couple of days she started only wearing tank tops and panties around the house. She had no reason to get dressed, she was on summer break. I know she loves to wear thong underwear. I know this cause she has been doing a lot of bending down and exposing the top of the thong. Sometimes her shorts are so tight you could see the outline of her underwear. Plus, I also am very helpful, especially with laundry. When taking her laundry out of the dryer, I just happened to notice some very skimpy underwear. This one time I took the basket to her room and I left all the thongs on top.

“Here you go, Clara. I needed the dryer,” I say to her.

“Oh thanks, Paul.” She notices all the thongs on top and looks at me and smiles. She is still just wearing a t-shirt that barely covers her ass.

Later in the evening, I hear a knocking on my door.

“Yes?” I say.

“It’s me, Clara. Can I come in?” asks Clara.

“Sure,” I reply.

“Whatcha doing? I’m bored,” she declares.

“Just watching TV. I am sorry you are bored. You want to watch some TV with me?”

“Sure. What are you watching?” She asks as she sits down next to me on my king bed.

“No plans?” I ask.

“Not until my friend’s big swim party but that is not till this weekend,” she whines. “Speaking of swimming maybe you can help me. I got some new bathing suits and not sure which one to wear.”

“Um…sure bahis firmaları if you really want my help,” I reply back.

“OK. Great. Let go change into the first one,” Clara says happily.

“The first one?” I ask. “How many suits did you bring?”

“Four or five. It’s hard. I want to pick just the right suit. This is the party of the summer,” states Clara.

As she leaves my room to go change, she stops at the door and turns and says, “Oh, just so you know these are not really regular bathing suits.”

“Uh. What do you mean ‘not regular’ suits.”

“Well I lost a bet with my friend Blanca and I have to wear a specific type of suit. You’ll see.” And she hurries out of the room.

I guess she is gone for about five minutes when I hear her walking back to my room. It sounds like she is wearing heels. She stops at the door and peeks in. “Are you ready?” she asks.

“I think so,” I respond.

She walks in but she has a robe on that goods down to the middle of her thighs. She is wearing very sexy high heels that must be 4 or 5″ high. They make her calves look super sexy, but I am trying not to stare.

“OK, now remember these are not your typical suits and I lost a bet.” She slowly removes the robe to reveal a pretty skimpy one-piece suit. The top has a plunging neckline with lots of cleavage. It is black and very sexy. She starts spinning around and walking like a model. The heels are really making her ass look nicer than normal. She spins and stops with her back to me. The suit barely covers her ass, but not exactly a thong.

“So what do you think, Paul?” she asks.

“Well, um, it is doesn’t seem like a different kind of suit.”

She continues walking back and forth with more spinning around like a model showing off the suit.

“OK, so would you do me one more favor? I have to send Blanca some photos to prove I am honoring our bet, so could you use my phone and take some photos of me in each suit?” she coyly asks me.

“Um…sure…if…you…um…are OK with it,” I finally stammered.

“Of course,” she says as she hands me the camera.

I start clicking away and she is really good at this modeling thing. She spins and bends and strikes some sexy poses. My cock is getting so hard. I cannot believe she is prancing around in this suit. But this was only the beginning.

“OK, let me show you the next suit,” she announces as she leaves the room. This time she does not take that long, I assume because she has less to change out of this time.

She now comes in with the robe on again, but this time she pretends to be a stripper and starts slowly moving the robe off her shoulder and as she does this she turns away from me and then lets the robe fall to the ground. This time the suit was a bikini. She goes right into model mode: spinning, flipping her hair, bending over. “How does this one look, Paul?”

“Well, you have the sexy part down. This is also a nice suit. Are you sure you want to wear one of these in public?” I ask kaçak iddaa her.

“Well it won’t really be in public, it will be at a private party,” she retorts.

“Still you are not leaving much to the imagination, Clara.”

“I know but this was the bet and I lost.” Handing me the camera again she says, “Do not forget the take some picture.”

After this suit, we go through the same process of her changing, modeling, photos, and some major teasing with two more suits. Each one got skimpier and skimpier. Until what I thought was the final one. It was a micro-thong slingshot type of suit. It left nothing to the imagination. The top barely covered her tits. I could see her hard nipples poking through the thin material. The bottom was literally a string wrapped around her waist with one thin string going down her ass between her cheeks.

After what I thought was the final one, she comes back into my room with just her robe on.

“So what did you think of my suits? Do you have a favorite? Which one should I wear to the party?” she asks excitedly.

“They were all very um nice and it is hard to just pick one. You looked great in all of them. Anyone would get ever head turned your way. I suspect even some ladies would even enjoy them.”

She is now looking down at my shorts. “It seems like you enjoyed them. I can see you have something going on down there,” she says pointing to the tent that has formed.

“Well, what do you expect. I am a man after all, even if I am your stepfather.”

“I almost forgot I have one more outfit to show you. This is one I will probably NOT wear to the party but might just wear around the house.”

“I am not sure I can take another suit, Clara. This has all been very hard on me.”

She giggles, “Yes, I can see how hard this has been for you. Maybe I can make it easier for you.” As she says this she moves closer to my side of the bed and right when she gets near me, she just drops the robe. “What do you think of this costume?”

“Holy shit, Clara, what are you doing trying to kill me here?”

“What you don’t like this one?” Clara asks.

“This is not a bathing suit. All you have on is a very skimpy thong.

What suit is this called?” I ask.

“This is my sexy stepdaughter’s suit.” Then she pulls the covers back and kneels between my legs. I cannot help but stare at her nice medium-sized tits. They are very firm and perky. “I thought I would thank you for helping me with my choice.” She then pulls down my shorts and my cock springs straight up, pointing to the ceiling. “You like blowjobs?”

“Well, yes, I do, Clara.”

“Well, I am going to blow you like you have never been blown before. I am so horny right now.” She starts stroking my hard cock up and down while using her other hand to play with my balls. She then leans down and softly places her mouth around the head of my cock. She starts slowly moving up and down with her mouth and hands. One hand stroking my cock the other caressing my balls. “You are so hard step kaçak bahis daddy.” She giggles when she says that. “Do you like me calling you step-daddy?”

“I do, Clara.” I can hardly talk I am breathing so heavy.

“Would you stand up so I can get a better angle on this beautiful cock.”

I stand up near the side of the bed and she gets on her knees in front of me.

“Yeah, this is much better. I can now do this.” She starts taking more of my cock. Each time she moves back and then forward more of my cock disappears into her mouth until that last final push and my cock disappears completely in her mouth. My balls are slapping against her chin. She is looking up at me as she pulls my cock out of her mouth. My cock is covered in her saliva so much so it starts to drip down to my balls. Stroking my slippery cock she says, “Was that OK? Do you like it when I take all of your cock down my throat? It is such a big cock.” She goes right back to sucking my cock without even letting me answer. I grab the back of her head and she releases my cock stating, “Oh yeah. I like it when my head is grabbed and fuck my mouth with your cock. Would you do that for me, Paul?” And right back to her sucking.

As she deepthroats me, my hands go to the back of her head and I start to fuck her face. After about three or four thrusts my whole cock makes it down her throat. I hold it there for a second or two and then start fucking her mouth again. I just notice she has been playing with her tits. Her nipples are so hard. This puts me over the edge. Frankly, I am impressed I have lasted this long.

As she pulls off my cock to catch her breath, she looks up at me, stroking my cock. “It feels like you are ready to explode. Are you ready to explode, Paul?”

“I sure am Clara. I cannot believe I have lasted this long. Who knew you could be so sexy.” My hips are thrusting as she strokes my cock.

“How/where do you want to cum, Paul?”

“What are my choices?” I ask.

“Anything you want. Anywhere you want is OK with me.” She takes my cock down her throat and sucks me some more. I am not going to last long and I really want to cum down her throat.

“How about deep down your throat?”

“OK. But you have to pull out of my mouth and shoot that first big string on my face then I will deep throat for the rest of your cum.”

I nod my head and she goes right back to sucking and stroking and occasionally sucking my balls. I let her know I am cumming soon and she increases her speed. She is not using her hands on my cock just her mouth. One hand is playing with my balls and the other is playing with her nipples. One more thrust and I pull out of her mouth and shoot the biggest rope I have ever shot in my life across her face and it lands on her forehead with a nice string down to her mouth. She immediately goes right back to deepthroating me as I continue to cum down her throat. After my last thrust, she pulls back and sucks the tip dry, squeezing every last drop of cum out of my cock. She then licks her lips and pushes the cum from her face into her mouth. “We do not want to waste any now do we?”

After she has cleaned me up, she bounces off the bed and announces she is off to shower.

“Want to join me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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