Summer Camp Pt. 02

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Chapter Five

On the Monday following the accident, Bryan had a visitor. Keionna rode out on her bike just before lunch. Bryan had gone kayaking that morning like always, and was sitting at the kitchen counter with his schoolbooks when there was a knock on the door.

Bryan was pleased to find his Irish visitor on the porch. She had a basket in hand. “Come in; let me get you some tea.” Keionna was dressed in a pink polo shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals. While not as revealing as her bike outfit, Bryan was able to appreciate her subtle femininity.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry again. I also brought you some lunch.” Keionna looked pensively at Bryan. “Can you forgive me?”

Bryan laughed. At the confused and hurt look in Keionna’s bright green eyes, he rushed to say, “Of course. There is nothing to forgive. I’m as much at fault as you are. But, Yes, I forgive you Miss Keionna … um, I don’t know your last name.”

” Doyle, Keionna Doyle.” Her smile lit the room like a starburst.

Bryan extended his hand, “Mr. Bryan Andrews at your service.” Instead of taking his hand, Keionna rushed into his arms and clasped him tightly. Unsure at first, Bryan gently folded his arms around her and returned the embrace.

Breaking contact, Keionna became all business. She cleaned off a portion of the counter, stacking Bryan’s schoolwork neatly. She unpacked plates and containers from the basket.

“I brought you lunch. I made it all myself. Though when he heard where I was going, Little John wanted to help, but I insisted. These are my favorite foods from home. I hope you like them.”

The smells drifting up from the various containers reminded Bryan he was ready for lunch. “I’m flattered. You didn’t have to go to all this trouble, but thank you.” He boldly reached out and clasped Keionna’s shoulder.

Realizing he was still dirty from his morning exercise, Bryan asked if he had time to quick clean up some before they ate. Keionna graciously agreed. Bryan fairly flew upstairs and dashed through the shower, pulled on a clean polo, jean shorts, and deck shoes.

His hair still a little damp he jogged back into the kitchen. Keionna was there waiting patiently. A smile blossomed on her lips and she jumped up and took him by hand to the seats at the counter.

Lunch passed in a haze of laughter and simple wonder for them both. Keionna explained the history of each dish she had brought. Bryan feasted on her every word, barely tasting the good simple foods. Keionna’s fingers were constantly touching his arm, his shoulder, or his hands. Having assured herself that Bryan was not hurt and checking his dressing on the cut on his arm, she spoke animatedly about her life in Ireland.

When the meal was done, Bryan asked Keionna if she would like to go for a walk. “Unless you think I should wear my helmet to be on the safe side.” He joked. Bryan was amazed to consider how at ease he felt with this young woman. Since his disastrous break-up 10 months ago, he hadn’t had the desire to get to know another female. Keionna was a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a mineshaft for a year.

As they stepped off the porch, Bryan unconsciously reached for Keionna’s hand. She willingly interlocked her fingers in his. Bryan showed her around the cabin grounds. He pointed out the original foundation of his grandfather’s first cabin; the outside fireplace where the family would sit on the weekends. He talked about his father’s improvements to the property, how they built the bigger cabin, the pole barn. Bryan even hinted at some of the plans he had for the estate if he were ever to come into its inheritance.

Ultimately, he led her down to the lakefront. There was another fire pit and of course the pier. The two made their way to the end and still hand in hand sat on the end dipping their toes in the water.

Following a companionable silence, Keionna turned to Bryan. “Do you like me?”

Perplexed, Bryan raised their interlocked fingers, and stared at her.

A twinkle entered Keionna’s eyes, the silver flecks noticeable. “Do you like me?”

“Yes, yes, I do Miss Keionna Doyle, I like you very much.” Bryan avowed.

“Good, because I like you very much too Mr. Bryan Andrews. Very much indeed.” She seemed to be looking at him expecting something. The corners of her mouth were turned just so slightly up, causing the tiniest dimples in her cheeks. She kept gazing at his face expectantly. Bryan got nervous. She fixed her eyes on his.


“Uhm, what?” Bryan was worried. Where was this going? Keionna was gently caressing his hand with her fingers and still looking at him.

“Would you be willing to kiss me, Mr. Bryan Andrews?”

Kiss!? Bryan’s heart lurched.

Keionna laughed gently. She reached towards his face with her free hand. Clasping the back of his head, she pulled his mouth toward hers. Their eyes shut, Bryan felt the soft touch of this red-haired angel’s lips caress his. Teasingly she bushed her lips against his. Bryan stopped breathing.

Keionna leaned forward some more and pulled tighter against him. Her lips came together bostancı escort bayan with his. Gentle steady pressure, no movement, just full connection.

Bryan let go of her hand and wrapped both arms around Keionna. He took command of the kiss. Keeping it gentle, he pressed against her slowly. He moved to buss her cheeks, the tip of her nose and then back to her lips. He eventually pulled back allowing them both to catch their breath.

“Thank you,” she said demurely.

Bryan repeated the kiss, several times over the next 10 minutes.

“That was wonderful, Mr. Andrews. Delightfully delicious.” Bryan agreed. He couldn’t remember anything so sweet in his life. “I see you have some experience at this sort of thing.” Bryan blushed, memories of other girls flashing across his mind’s view screen. “If I ever meet them, I’ll have to thank them.” Keionna continued. When Bryan looked inquiringly at her, she finished. “For letting you practice, and for letting you go so I could reap the rewards.” She punctuated this assertion with a very passionate kiss of her own.

The two new friends glanced at the setting sun. Aware of how long she had been gone, Keionna rose to her feet. Bryan stood alongside her.

“I should be heading back to the lodge. Unca’ Thom knows where I am but, I’ve been gone a little longer than I expected.”

“How about I drive you back. Besides, I could see if I can beat ol’ Unca’ Thom at his little game tonight and we can still be together.” Neither of the young people wanted to leave the other just then.

Therefore, it was that an hour later they found themselves at a table with Thom, Angie, another waitress, playing cards. Thom had instinctively ascertained the change in the young people’s relationship. Instead of playing Go with Bryan, he insisted the four of them play Pinochle, a common game amongst the patrons of the lodge. The three Americans taught the Irish-girl the basics. Angie protested at being included at first, but Thom assured her that the dinner crowd was slim tonight, they could manage. So in-between hands Angie and Thom would serve customers, Bryan and Keionna would help bus the tables, and so the evening passed in companionable company.

Around 10:00 pm, Bryan made his excuses. Thom gave the new couple some privacy as they kissed goodnight. Bryan promised to stop in and see Keionna the next afternoon.

The following day, Bryan took out the Maristar after his morning studies were done. The powerful boat flew across the water. Bryan enjoyed the lake when it wasn’t packed with weekend warriors trying to cram the most sport into the shortest time. Tying up at the dock by the lodge, he found Keionna already waiting for him. She had another basket filled with food and a canvas bag.

“I was hoping you would come by water.” Indicating the basket she asked, “Hungry for a picnic?” Helping her aboard, Bryan looked curiously at the canvas bag. “Oh, that’s for later, a surprise for you maybe?” Keionna giggled knowingly.

Bryan gave her a chaste kiss and then they settled down and cast off. He kept the boat at a reasonable speed as they cruised around the lake. After some encouragement from Keionna, he opened up the throttles and let the boat really run, although he was careful to be courteous to the few anglers out drowning worms.

Keionna convinced him to weigh anchor and set out her picnic. She asked Bryan to put up the bimni cover to keep the sun off them as they ate. She had packed a light lunch of fruits, vegetable salad, and real lemonade.

They ate and talked unhurriedly. While anxious to learn as much about each other as possible, they also wanted to take their time and let the relationship grow naturally. Bryan especially did not want to rush things. They cleaned up the lunch remains. Keionna wanted to lie out in the sun. As a redhead, she had to be careful of too much exposure, but if Bryan would help put on some lotion she would be all right. From her canvas bag, she removed a few large towels and some 45 SPF sunscreen. Then with a mischievous twinkle to her eye, she sat up and grasped the hem of her tee shirt. Looking directly at Bryan the whole time, she pulled the garment over her head.

Bryan’s eyes were riveted. Under her shirt, Keionna had on a rather skimpy blue and white bikini top. Her firm breasts were right there in full view. The shade of blue was a nice compliment to her creamy skin tone. As she shook out her hair from the shirt, the stunning globes on her chest swayed hypnotically. Caught off guard, Bryan forgot to breathe.

Keionna rose up on her knees, laughter rippling, she took her waistband in hand, unbuttoned the fly, and wriggled her delectable ass, pulling down her shorts to review an equally skimpy, stunning, solid blue pair of bikini bottoms. Kicking them off to the side, she leaned forward and lifted Bryan’s lower jaw up, gently closing his mouth and sealed it with a kiss.

“I take it you like. That was a better than the reaction I was hoping for.” She kissed him again, a lot more ardently. Then pulled out of his encroaching embrace and handed ümraniye escort him the sunscreen. She lay down on her belly and pulled her hair off her shoulders. “Please?”

Bryan didn’t need to be asked twice. He poured some sunscreen on his hands, rubbing them together to warm the lotion up some. Then he gingerly began to work the lotion into her skin. Working up his courage, he carefully applied the lotion to her back. He was particularly shy around her rear end. Yet Keionna didn’t complain. When he was done, she rolled over and said, “Now this side.” Bryan was astonished. She reached out, put lotion in his hands, and placed his hands on her belly. She smiled contentedly the entire procedure. “That was lovely. You’re hands are so gentle.”

Bryan pulled his own tee shirt off and lay down beside Keionna.

“So tell me. Have you ever done this before?” Bryan’s old girlfriend had not been an outdoorsy person. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that Keionna was about as different as it was possible to be than that … that … Even now he didn’t want to think about her.

“You my dear, are so lovely, it’s like the first time ever in the history of the world.”

“I knew there was something about you I liked.” Keionna took his head in her hands and kissed him soundly.

“So, there was someone else, and she hurt you, and you don’t want to talk about it.” She kissed his dumbfounded face again. “I don’t care. I just want you to be with me here and now, okay?” With a final lingering kiss, she lay back, lifting her hair above her head causing some eye-catching movement with her bosom. She reached for Bryan’s hand and asked him to tell her about the American War of Independence.

That was the unit Bryan was currently studying. He was soon talking animatedly about the complaints of the colonists and the brutality of the English.

“Hey, now, I could tell you stories of English brutality.” Keionna quipped. Rolling over on her stomach, she looked at Bryan.

“Oh, right. I suppose your country has a much longer history with them then we do.” Bryan weakly admitted. Keionna was laughing at him.

“My family is from Ireland, not Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is where they have so much trouble with British rule. We have been an independent country since 1949. We have our own parliament and everything.”

“I see I have as much to learn about your nation’s history as my own!” Bryan had always enjoyed the study of history.

“I was teasing. I doubted you knew the difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Most American’s seem to focus on the Irish terrorists and forget that there is more than potatoes in Ireland.” Over the next hour, they exchanged tidbits of national history.

“Well, I have baked enough for one day,” Keionna exclaimed and jumped up and dove into the water. Bryan was quick to dive in after her. They splashed around in the water for a good 20 minutes. When they climbed out of the water, Keionna’s skin pebbled up with goose bumps. Bryan helped her dry off and get warm, rubbing her vigorously with the towel.

He reluctantly pulled up the anchor and started the motor. “Time I was returning you to your fair castle, my lovely princess.” Keionna snuggled into Bryan’s lap as they motored back towards the lodge. Before they got within eyesight of the lodge, she pulled on her shorts and a sweatshirt, covering up the little bits of fabric she had on and becoming a modest young lady again.

Bryan moored the boat and carried the basket up to the lodge. He made sure to stop in and say hello to Thom while helping Keionna drop things off. Thom was the closest thing to the girl’s father around, and he was going to make sure that Thom approved of his spending time with Keionna. He needn’t have worried.

“Ach, there ya be, me boyo!” Thom patted Bryan on the back. “Good day to be relaxin’ on the lake, now inna it.” Lake came out more like loch. Bryan noticed that Thom’s homeland brogue had become thicker since Keionna had arrived.

“Well watcha got planned then for the evenin’, eh?” Thom looked expectantly at the two lovebirds.

“I supposed I could stick around for a game or two, Thom. I am ahead of my chores for the week anyway.” Keionna clapped delightedly. Giving a peck on his cheek, she turned to Thom, gave him the same treatment and announced, “I need a shower and to freshen up.” With that she bounced out of the bar and upstairs to the private living quarters.

“Well, that’ll give us a good hour or two,” winked Thom as he got out the board and black and white markers. Bryan shook his head, wondering why she needed to freshen up after swimming in the lake, and sat down at the board, soon lost in a complex strategy, trying his hardest to box Thom in a corner.

When the two combatants noticed Keionna’s return they sat stunned. She had indeed “freshened up.” Wearing her hair back in a ponytail, Keionna had put on a light sundress that stopped 3 inches from her knee. Held up on two tiny straps, the bodice hugged her chest, a v-neck dipped down almost to the point of being indecent. The fabric was escort kartal a color of green that Bryan couldn’t name, other than it was intoxicating with Keionna’s natural coloring. She pirouetted for the boys, showing of a very fine pair of legs.

Bryan stood and with the aplomb of Fred Astaire waltzed Keionna over to a bar stool. “You’re throne, my princess,” he intoned and bowed over her hand with a flourish of an imaginary cape.

“Boyo, ifn you don’ kiss her right, I’ll hafta beat you daffy.” Thom brandished his hand at Bryan. Blushing, he tried for a simple kiss, but Keionna’s mouth hungrily insisted on more. Breaking apart to cheers from the rest of the lodge staff, Bryan sought the safety of his barstool next to Keionna. She kept a firm grasp of his hand.

“Are you havin’ any luck against this pirate I call Unca’?” She looked over the board clueless as to which of them had the advantage.

“Your fine prince here, be givin’ me a good challenge, he is lass. Now sit quietly like a good lass and don’t be bothern your betters.” Thom focused his attention fully on the board. Giving Keionna a glance, Bryan kept his fingers interwoven with hers and sheepishly turned to the board. Keionna put on a face of air-headed innocence, sighed, and nuzzled into Bryan.

“Yes, sir.” Bryan was very much aware of the warm flesh pressed against his arm. The aroma of Keionna’s washed hair fairly sparkled with images of wildflowers laced with morning dew. Shaking his head, he tried to concentrate on the board. He missed the sly looks going on between “uncle” and “niece.” In quick succession, he lost five key points on the board.

“Well, boyo, I can see your brains have been drained from your head. I suggest you two peers of the realm retire to the banquet hall.” He directed them to the corner booth. “I’ll be bringin’ out you supper directly.” Without taking their order, he left the two to themselves.

Some time later Little John himself, paraded out of the kitchen with covered dishes upon a trolley. He proceeded to lay out a complete meal before the couple. It was a mix of Irish and American traditional dishes. Small servings of each, designed to complement the palate.

Later that evening, the two went for a walk along the lakeshore. The stars were reflected in the gentle waves on the surface. The partial moon darted in and out of the light cloud cover. Their hands were intertwined. A quiet settled about them as they walked along the shoreline.

Keionna was hugging Bryan’s left arm against her breast. It was an intentional gesture. She was well aware of the effect it was having upon him. For his part, the firm flesh molding itself to his bicep almost overtly distracted Bryan. He lost track of the topic they were discussing. He stopped and looked at Keionna, gently disengaging his arm from her possession.

“Um,” he stammered at the look of lust in Keionna’s eyes. The silver specks were quite visible in the reflected moonlight. She reached up and cupped his face in her hands. Pulling his mouth to her, she whispered, “Now, Bryan, I want you now.”

Surrendering himself to her demanding mouth, Bryan was soon focused on one thing only. Her tongue made a full exploration of his mouth. Soon her hands were exploring as much as her lips had been. They ran up and down his biceps, over his shoulders, grabbing at his back as her passion mounted. Keionna’s hands came up his chest, rubbing, grasping his shirt as she pulled him back again for another devouring kiss. She tugged it out of his waistband and darted her hands up under the fabric.

Bryan found himself responding him to Keionna’s heated passion. He was emboldened by her attack at his shirt and her fingers tracing lines of fire across his skin. Then she found his nipples. Pleasure statically discharged through his brain. He broke their kiss and plumbed the depths of Keionna’s eyes. Of their own volition, his hands rose and he burrowed his thumbs under the thin straps of her dress. He slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders. He leaned down began nibbling at her neck and bare shoulders. He felt the ripple of ecstasy pour through her.

Keionna through her head back, her shivers of delight loosening the bodice of her dress. Bryan was fixated by the tops of her breasts as the down slopes were revealed. As if in a trance, he leaned lower and began to apply his mouth to the tops of those swelling globes.

Keionna moaned in delight. She brought his mouth up to hers. After a moment, she whispered again, “Now, boyo, Now is the time.” Intuitively understanding her growing need, Bryan responded by scooping her up into his arms and carried her over the small hill to a sheltered little dale. Away from prying eyes, with a gentle breeze blowing in off the lake, Bryan laid the Irish princess down on a patch of clover.

He lay at her side. Somehow, she had freed her arms of the straps of her dress. The only thing holding the bodice up was her heaving bosom. Bryan cradled her head in the crook of one arm and while kissing her thoroughly massaged Keionna’s shoulders and neck. Her hand captured his and planted firmly on her breast. She covered his hand and began massaging her breast with his. Bryan soon found the erect bud of her nipple. Gently running his palm over the light fabric covering her chest, Keionna relaxed back into his embrace and surrendered herself to his possession.

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