Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 01

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So I’ve decided to write a second episode to this, without kinda finishing the first one. Re-reading it again, it felt like it had reached a natural climax (pun intended), so I thought I might just re-start again as there were some thoughts and ideas I wanted to explore that I didn’t there. Reading Episode 1 is not essential. Knowing how to play Hearts is. Well it’ll make a lot more sense if you know the game. Feedback is more than welcome but be nice k? =)



In one motion, with his hands on her hips, Michael entered her deep and hard from behind as Rachel gasped. His blonde girlfriend instinctively reached to grab at anything on the office table, lifting her elbows off the table and trying to steady herself. She gritted her teeth as Michael held her in place, and with her skirt hiked up and her panties around her ankles, she tried to focus on breathing and not squirm. Michael took a few moments to enjoy her wearing him, taking in the view from behind of her bent over his office table, before starting to thrust slowly and deliberately and causing Rachel to now have to try and decide between groaning and wanting to just scream out loud.

It was late, and there was no one left in the office. He had left specific instructions with the security guards to not disturb him as he had “important work to do”, which was usually true for the most part. But in recent times, Rachel and him had had more romps in the office than ever. There was something about this exhibitionism that thrilled both of them, though there was really no danger of them being caught or in trouble. Not especially when he owned the building. He had expected Rachel tonight, so the shirt he still had on and the pants he had stripped off, leaving him nude waist down, was of the more wrinkle free variety.

Michael picked up his pace, and his 8 ½ inch cock was filling Rachel up quicker as her moans picked up and her breathing became more ragged. He leaned forward and kissed her on the neck as he continued fucking her at a steady pace while she tried to turn her head a little to allow him access, and at the same time reaching her hand back to caress his face. He moved his hands to her 36C tits, firm and soft and still felt wonderful even through her dress blouse. He caressed her soft breasts for a few moments while continuing to thrust, before deciding that her blouse must definitely go.

He started to undo the buttons, fumbling at them but throwing in a handful of un-rhythmic thrust for good measure as they tongued each other. Peeking over her shoulder, he saw that she had a lacy black and white bra on, with her tits clearly spilling out the top.

Gosh these tits are awesome…

With her buttons finally all undone and sliding her blouse off her, he pushed her forward down on the table again. With her head down and elbows on the table, she half expected him to be unhooking her bra. What he did caused her to shriek – with his left hand on her back, his right hand grabbed a handful of hair and pistoned her hard.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!! Ahh! Ahh! FUCK!! Ah!! Ah!!”

Rachel cried and grunted in sync with Michael’s strokes; after all she had nowhere to go in this position and there was nothing she could do other than to try and focus on the intense sensation of Michael filling her up while trying to steady herself.

He kept at this pace for a minute or so before slowing down momentarily, sensing that he was building up to a climax. It had been a long day at work and he wasn’t going to perform like usual, but he didn’t get want to get done so soon either. Rachel took a moment to catch her breath, herself being close to orgasm.

Michael unhooked her bra, which he then slid off her shoulders. He then reached around and grabbed both her soft yet firm bare breasts as she pushed off the table and leaned back into him. He fondled her gorgeous tits, while giving her short strokes, pinching her nipples as she moaned in contentment. With his left hand still on her breasts, his right moved down to her mound, tracing her body all the way down and sending shivers down her spine. He knew he had found the spot when her body jerked in response, and he began to rub and thrust as Rachel’s moans started to turn to long guttural groans.

She was close. Gathering enough of her breath between grunts and moans, she managed to eek out – “Babe… I’m… gonna cum.”

He immediately picked up his fucking, and she screamed with the increased pace. He moved his hands back to her hips, causing her to lean forward with her elbows on her table again.

“AAHHH… Fuck me… Oh god…! OH FUCK!!…urghh… OH YES! OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!… OOHHHH… HERE IT COMES…GO… DEEP… yenimahalle escort nggnnhh… GO DEEEEP!!”

He obliged and penetrated her to the hilt, holding it there as she came. She rode the waves of pleasure as her legs trembled, while Michael gave her short strokes between pushing his cock all the way in.

“OH… FUCK… Nnnngh…”

As her legs trembled and her orgasm washed over her, Michael pulled out and stepped back. Her legs buckled as she finished cumming, but he caught her and turned her around. She found the strength to kick her panties away, stripped off her skirt, and allowed Michael to step between her legs. They had to move slightly to the side of the table, before he lifted her onto it. He grabbed her legs under her knees on either side, causing her to lean back on the table with her elbows propping her up. Her face still flushed from cumming, she sexily looked at him as he put both her legs on his shoulders, causing her to lie flat on her back. He positioned his cock at her entrance and penetrated her again.

Rachel grunted and moaned as she closed her eyes, her pussy still sensitive from the orgasm. Her right hand managed to grab the side of the table, her left grabbed at whatever she could grab at as he picked up the pace. As he hugged her legs and fucked her, he was able to also lean forward and caress her tits. She continued to moan with each thrust as her body continues to be pleasured with each penetration.

Another minute of this and he sensed it was near. She sensed it too especially as he was really picked up the pace. She moaned louder and louder too with each thrust, and with a few more strokes, he came.


He grunted and pumped his load into her, holding her legs to steady himself as he continued to cum.


He tried to catch his breath as he pumped his final load into her. He held her in place by her legs, his cock buried within her as he recovered and tried to catch his breath. Flushed, he finally took her legs off his shoulders as he leaned forward to kiss her. She thought there was gonna be more, but it looked like he was done. He gently kissed her a few more times before pulling his half limp cock out and falling back on his chair.

She sat up on the table, somewhat surprised this time that he wasn’t going to fuck her senseless. He always had this extra fervour during these sessions at his office.

He saw the look in her eyes and laughed.

“I told you I’m tired babe!”

She made a face at him before getting off the table and looked around for her panties. As she put them on, she looked at him with a sly grin.

“You still made me cum.”

She continued to get dressed, starting with her skirt and then her bra and finally her blouse.

He sat back enjoying the view.

“Hey I might have more if you come home with me tonight…”

She heard him but pretended not to, though the slight smile gave it away.

“So the great Michael L. is human after all.”

“Oh really? Well don’t believe everything you hear.”

“Don’t worry babe… I’ve experienced plenty to believe it myself.”

She was almost dressed by now. Even as she finished buttoning up her blouse, he was still sitting down naked from the waist down. She ran his eyes over his body, and they both took moments to enjoy the view and each other’s gaze.

“Your birthday’s this weekend.”

He was slightly puzzled at the randomness of bringing up his birthday. Especially since it was only Tuesday.


“I’ve got your birthday present all figured out.”


“I think you’ll love it, but you might not be too sure about it.”

Now Michael was really intrigued.

“If I love it why won’t be too sure about it?”

They had been dating for 5 months. He never had time for serious relationships…but in the past 5 years, this was as serious as it got. He actually really cared for her, but it was a chance meeting that they met at the local gym. While they were aware of each other having frequented the gym several times, it wasn’t until she had a cramp and pulled a muscle before they actually really talked. She had appreciated that he hadn’t hit on her like just about every guy there, and was genuinely surprised by how caring he was when he just happened to be there when she hurt herself. When she wasn’t able to get a friend to drive her home, he offered to drive her home in her car and just caught a taxi from there.

He was a real gentleman the whole time. They realized they had a lot in common and exchanged phone numbers, and before long they were in a steady relationship. He liked the fact that it eryaman escort was their chemistry, and not his wealth that attracted them to each other. She herself did alright, working as a banker in one of the bigger investment firms. The fact that he was good looking enough, and that she was super hot didn’t hurt things of course. She was a really rare Quadruple-B – not just blonde, busty and beautiful, but had brains to match too. One might mistake her for Kendra Sunderland, that library chick who got caught masturbating and who then put out a few cam sex tapes. Rachel was of course anything but a dumb blonde like Kendra (well he assumed she fell into that category).

“How do you feel about another night at the Lodge?”

Michael was puzzled. They had spent many nights together at his holiday retreat and had a great time. He loved it, but why would he not be sure about it? She saw his confusion and smiled.

“Not a night of just us. Remember Jenny?”

Michael’s eyes widened. Of course he remembered Jenny. And not just Jenny, but Krystle, Ellie and Nicole as well. That night at the lodge was the most incredible night of sex he had ever experienced, and that was saying a lot considering how much he slept around and how great things were with Rachel. After witnessing rounds of watching the four women stripping, which was intermingled with groping and all things sexual including a blowjob in front of everyone, he was somehow able to fuck Ellie by himself for an hour, then watched Krystle and Jenny make out and eat each other out before doing both of them, then have Ellie join in back on the action before finally finishing all over Jenny and Krystle’s face. And oh not to mention them cum swapping with their mouths like porn stars. Jenny was clearly the most experienced of the lot and she knew what men wanted, and she was more than happy to let the rest follow her lead.

Nicole was the only one he didn’t fuck that night; he was rather spent with the three women and Nicole had managed to get herself off so by the time they recovered, both had come back to their senses and decided to not jeopardize their friendship further. Nicole left the next morning with but a short goodbye. So did Ellie and Krystle for that matter, but Jenny stayed for another couple of days of hot sex not just in his bedchambers, but hers as well… and not to mention the kitchen, by the pool, in the living room, the den, and pretty much everywhere around the lodge. They hadn’t seen each other since though because Jenny moved away… which was part of the reason he guessed why she saw no harm in staying a couple of extra days to fuck each other’s brains out.

“Jenny who…?”

“Don’t be coy Mikey. You know EXACTLY who I’m talking about.”

“I know like a billion Jennys!”

“How many have you fucked in every room of your lodge?”

Michael tried to hide his expression, but sheepishly grinned before regaining his composure.

“Babe that was before I met you… I haven’t seen her in like 7 months.”

“I know. That’s not what I’m talking about at all.”

“So hang on… how do you know her???”

“She’s good friends with my brother, so we’ve hung out a bit. I went to stay with her when I went there for a work trip a couple of months ago.”

Michael tried to hide the deep breath that he took. He remembered Rachel telling him about that trip. He just didn’t know it was Jenny.

“So we were catching up just about life in general… about the men in her life and the men in mine. I was telling her about you and how great everything was including the sex… and she was telling me about hers and how great everything wasn’t, especially the sex. And so they broke up. Anyway she said that the best sex she’s ever had was with this guy… they had been playing Strip Hearts with three other women, and how he could REALLY fuck. Great with his hands and tongue too. I was really intrigued, so she explained basically everything that happened… and after laughing and joking about how I would’ve enjoyed the night… something clicked and we realized we were talking about you.”

Michael was incredulous.

“So yeah she was like ‘YOU’RE DATING HIM???? WHAT THE FUCK!! I was laughing my head off at this point time, though Jenny wasn’t sure if she should’ve been embarrassed or not with the way she had been talking about you…I showed her your photo, and she was like ‘urmm yeah that’s him.”

“…you were actually comfortable talking about it?

“Why wouldn’t I be? Sounded like fun… and it was before you even met me like you said”

“Urmmm… yeah…”

Michael had just noticed that his body had tensed. He’s not even sure why. It ankara escort wasn’t like he had cheated on her or anything.

“So did you have fun that night or not?”

Michael stared at her wide-eyed.

“Of course you did hehe…Well what do you say?”

“What do I say what..???”

“About another night at the lodge. For your birthday.”

Michael’s heart stopped. Or skipped a few beats. Or jumped out of his chest onto the floor and scampered away. She was right – he would love it, but he’s not sure about it at all. On one hand, who wouldn’t give his right kidney and left nut to have a night like that? Four beautiful women who would strip as they lost, with every fourth round culminated by a grope round where he would be the one to strip and fondle and do basically whatever he wanted to their bodies.

That was then though… he was single, and not committed to anyone. This is different. He… loved Rachel? Well this was serious, and he felt like he should remain “faithful”. Rachel saw the hesitancy in his eyes and guessed what he was thinking about.

“I’ve thought about this babe… and yes I’m TOTALLY ok with it. In fact, I’m looking forward to it…”

Michael felt a twinge in his nether regions.

“But only if you are… “

He tried to sound as reluctant as he possibly could, and they both stayed silent for a moment.


“Darling…seriously… are you really ok with me touching and fucking other women?”

“Only if I’m there. With prior knowledge and consent of course”


Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I’ve actually already asked Jenny.”

“What..??! What did she say???”

Michael responded probably too quickly.

“She’s actually in town for a couple of weeks. That’s actually what sparked the idea. And after I persuaded her that I was ok with it, she was keen. Like really keen!”

Ok so that’s two of them…

Michael didn’t think Nicole would want to do it again, and it didn’t seem like Ellie would either. Rachel continued.

“I’ve got three other girls who might be interested. Actually Krystle said yes as well – Jenny has already asked her. I think you fucked her nice and good too. Sounds like Nicole wasn’t too keen from what Jenny said, and Ellie is apparently in a steady relationship so I didn’t bother. But I’ve got a work colleague – Donna. And before you go wondering why in the world we talk about stuff like that at work, it was actually a work party two weeks ago which she hosted at her place. We were stinking drunk and I told her of my idea… and she actually said to invite her if we decided to go through with it.”

Michael couldn’t believe his ears.

“Well just to make sure she wasn’t kidding, I kinda hinted it again to her a couple of days later and she said that she was keen. She’s a real classy lady. Dirty blonde like me, but wears glasses and more petite than I am. Sporty body, similar to Jenny, though bustier. Jenny is what, 32 or 34B? Donna would be 34C. I think she doesn’t party enough… probably never did and is trying to make up for lost time.”

“And then there’s Alysha. Redhead. She works in public relationships. Sings too. You should go to one of her club gigs. She’s pretty good. And oh KILLER TITS. Like bigger than mine. Probably 36F. Fantastically shaped too. All natural.”

Michael was stunned at the way his girlfriend was describing these women. Then suddenly something hit him.

“Wait… that’s… urm… five of you.”

“Who says I’m playing?”

Michael raised his eyesbrows in surprise.

“Don’t worry sweetie I’ve got it all worked out. Basically, I’m going to randomly ‘shadow’ a girl each round… I’ll determine that in advance. So yeah whatever she does, or gets done to her… I’ll follow suit. And whoever ‘loses’ the game in the end, i.e reaches 100 points… she and I are yours to do as you please.”

Michael’s dick twitched and the blood was really starting to flow back to it. Looks like he’s up for another round for sure.

Rachel noticed his growing member, but decided to let him in on the rest of the rules.

“Ok big boy, there will be new rules. By the way, don’t think that the girls have nothing to fight for by purposely losing… I’ve promised a 10 day first class all-expenses paid cruise to the winner. Second place gets the full pamper treatment at that salon I was telling you about.”

“Hang on new rules?”

“Yup. It’s simple. Every round will be a grope round.”

Rachel giggled at Michael’s response to this… or rather his cock’s response. It was now hard and definitely ready for action.

“I’ll give you the full lowdown, after I confirm with the girls. But right now, let’s take care of… That.”

She unbuttoned her blouse, got down on her knees and took his member in her hands and on her tongue and in her mouth.

Fuck. Me. This is going to be soooooo good!”

To be continued…

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