Stiff For Steff

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I had just turned 21 and was living by myself campus. My school was only a half hour or so away from my parents home, so it was easy to visit them whenever I wanted. They didn’t mind me coming over and hanging out with them. I only had one sibling, my sister Steff. She as a senior in high school and was 18 years old. She had always been very athletic, playing basketball and softball. She was so good that she earned a scholarship to a University two states away. I was not very close to her, she was always busy training and hanging out with her friends. I had left home at 18 and never really connected with her. I felt bad that we seemed more like strangers to each other than brother and sister.

During one of my visits, I noticed she was acting a little depressed. I knocked on her door and opened it when she said so. I was going to try being the experienced older brother, offering any advice that she might need. She was sitting at her desk, browsing the internet aimlessly.

“Hey. What are you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing really. Just got home from softball practice. Kind of tired. My friend Bethany wants to hang out later. I don’t know.” She answered.

“You look a little depressed. Is there anything you want to talk about? I still have a little time before I get going.”

“I don’t know.”

Our parents had just left the house. They had gone out to dinner with another couple. I didn’t have any classes the next day. I was going to stop by a campus bar before going home. Nothing was really motivating me to leave. I went inside her room and sat down on the edge of her bed. Her room was decorated with posters of her favorite athletes, but there was also a girlie undercurrent underneath the athletic theme. The room smelled of perfume and there were a few stuffed dolls placed throughout.

Steff was about 5’9″ with a very athletic build. She wasn’t overpowering, but very fit. Her breasts were on the slightly below average size. I peeked at one of her bras once, and the size was 34 B. Her ass was firm and could be considered a mini bubble butt. It was very cute. I could tell that she enjoyed wearing her uniforms nice and tight. Her hair was dark, not very long, but very wavy. Her green eyes seemed as though they carried arrows, ready to pierce anyone who offended her, either on the court or off. If there was one body part that made me, her brother, stop and take a second look, it was her legs. They were pale but very shapely. The lines of her muscles showed through in spite of her paleness. She just was not able to tan.

I was barely over 6 foot tall and had an average body. My sister was in better shape than me. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. My persona is laid back. I tend to be introverted.

“Mom and dad won’t be home for a while. Do you want me to hang out for a while?” I said.

“If you want?” She said.

Steff was wearing a pair of loose fitting sweats and had on an oversized top. I got the impression she was not wearing a bra. She was barefoot.

“I want to be elected prom queen, but I don’t think I will get enough votes.”

“Who… how many other girls are you competing with?”

“Just one serious contender. The thing is, most of the seniors went to grade school with her. I think they will vote for her because she is their girl.”

“What is she like? Does she play sports?” I asked.

“She used to. We were teammates for a couple of years, then she stopped getting better during the off-season. She would spend her summer laying out at the beach or hanging out with one of her boyfriends. I guess I got the better of her at sports.”

“I think you got the better of most of the girls there.” I said.

“Thanks.” Steff said.

Steff said that when she and her rival, Trish, first met at school both girls took a dislike to each other and spent all of high school ignoring each other. The couple of years they did play on the same team their teammates had to act as go-betweens. Steff and Trish refused to speak bahis firmaları to each other. Both girls wanting top bitch status. And at it seemed that Steffi, at least where sports was concerned, was winning. Trish stopped growing after freshman year. At 5’3″ her body was not as suited as Steff’s, for the rigors of sport. Instead, Trish became a cheerleader, which my sister saw as demeaning. The irony of Trish having to cheer on Steff was humorous to me. However, Trish made a fantastic cheerleader and had an entourage of admirers. Students from every grade appreciated her beauty and her cheering. She commanded her area of the court, as if trying to take attention away from Steff, who was the best player on the court.

“So what does she look like? Is she hot or what?” I said.

Steff glared at me for a second. She did not like the question.

“I have some pictures of her and of us next to each other. We were at the same beach during spring break. Someone started taking pictures of all the girls from school and sent each of us a disc. She ended up in a few pictures next to me.”

I got excited when she said the word beach. I wanted to see her rival in a bikini as much as I wanted to see my sister in one. Steff popped in the disc into her computer. She did not act excited to show me Trish. I got the feeling Trish was very sexy.

“Here you go. This is her with some other girls.”

I was very impressed that my sister’s rival was so attractive. She was in the foreground of the first picture I saw. Her hair was blonde and she wore it up. Curls were bursting out all over. Her body did tan and it was certainly capable of having an entourage. Her titties overflowed from her bikini top. She was at least a cup bigger than Steff. The legs were long and held a good amount of muscle. She had an outside belly button that looked very appealing. It was just waiting to be kissed and sucked on. Trish wore a very confident smile on her face. She had a very satisfied look on her face. I was certain that this was a girl who had sex on a regular basis.

“Very sexy.” I said. “But she is no athlete. Why do you care about her? You are going to college on a scholarship. You won’t ever see her again.”

“Trent, the Prom. She is probably going to win, no matter how many strikeouts I get, or how many baskets I have made. It is her getting the last word in.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” I laughed.


“I just think that is funny. She is going to get the last word in, when the two of you don’t even speak.”

“You know what I mean.” She said.

Now Steff showed me a picture of the two of them next to each other. Each girl was trying to stand strong. Steff was not wearing a bikini, but had on a one piece. She looked very impressive. Her legs outdid Trish, but she was lacking in the chest area. The face comparison was a draw. Both were equally majestic. In this picture, Trish had a very uneasy look on her face, not the confident look of the other picture. Steff was calmer. As far as the height goes, that can be debated. Some men prefer tall while others short.

“Pretty even to me.” I said. “But you are my sister, so if I had to decide, I would go with you.” I said.

“Thanks.” Steff said. She gave me a pouty look. The prom queen battle was one she found insurmountable.

“Why didn’t you wear a bikini?”

“I wanted to, but you know I don’t tan. I felt too pale. This bathing suit…” She paused. “Made the curves on my butt… stand out.”

“I see.” I said.

She stood up and lifted her shirt to show me her stomach. It was indeed toned without any flabbiness. Her abdominal muscles were tight.

“See.” She said. Steff was very proud of her level of fitness.

Without saying a word, she brought up a picture where she was the centerpiece. Her back was too the camera and her ass came off amazingly. She was very curvy, very womanly. Off to the side of the picture, standing between two other girls was Trish. Trish was looking at kaçak iddaa my sister’s ass with what I perceived as a bit of jealousy mixed in with awe.

“Look at Trish, the way she is looking at you.”

“Huh?” Steff said, scanning the picture as if for the first time.

“What is her ass like? I bet… from the way she is looking at yours, it doesn’t measure up.”

“It really doesn’t. Let me see if I can find one.”

Steff scanned through the remaining pictures. There were so many pretty girls in the pictures. It made me miss High School. Steff finally found one of Trish with her back to the camera. Easily, the fight here was not even close. Trish had the backside of an older woman who had lost her curves. The Trish tush was a disappointment.”

“Wow!” I said. “She is a completely different person from behind. Loses lots of points with that ass, or lack of ass.” I said. I knew my sister would be buoyed by those remarks.

“Skirts are optional in the dress code, but she wears them all the time. Her fans must think she does it for them. But now I think she does it to save them, or herself from the embarrassment.”

“This may sound mean, and well, it could help you with the prom competition.” I said.


“You should send out a letter, put it in the student’s lockers, listing reasons why Trish is not as cool as people think. Make up stuff, and end by mentioning her pancake ass.”

“That’s a great idea. It won’t be easy to sway all her loyal subjects, but who knows.” Steff said. She was beaming.

She looked into my eyes then slowly let her gaze drop to my bulging pants. I was a little embarrassed and was ready to excuse myself from her room with apologies, with promises of helping her out with anything she needed in her quest to be the Queen, but she was calm. Steff widened her eyes and smiled.

“Tell me it was me that got you all excited, or I will be very angry. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if she made you come to life like that.” Steff said. I sensed that she was half-joking.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid to hurt her feelings.

“Just be honest.” She said, with a more serious tone.

“It was the two of you. I can’t deny that she is hot, but you are my sister, and I actually find you hot.” I said.

“Really?” She said in mock disbelief. She was very confident in herself.

“I guess it is the whole competition thing. I am impressed that you have such a sexy rival.”

Steff moved over and sat on the bed. She was acting very flirty, as if our brother – sister relationship was shifted elsewhere, and we were now new acquaintances feeling each other out.

“How long will it stay like that?” She asked.

“It will go away once I leave this room.”

“What if you stay? Will you hurt yourself… staying like that?”


“Maybe you should leave then.” She said.

“I guess so.” I said, as I started to get up.

Steff placed a hand on my wrist. She felt so warm. My head started to spin some. The coupling of lust and familial ties was one that I had never known. I sat back down and gave her a quizzical look. I was not going to initiate anything here, I was certain of that, but I was also not going to shy away from any of her advances. She was a beautiful creature, and there was no way I was going to leave now. I was very curious as to where this could end up.

“I want to help you find the relief you need, and in… then maybe you can help me with something.”

“Uh… what?” I said. I was puzzled now.

“If I use my hand on you, will you… point your load at a picture of her and splatter it all over her bitchy face? I want to make sure she sees it.”

I was not surprised by her request, and felt motivated to oblige. What a bitchy face it was, but a very sexy face none-the-less.

“Sure. Have you done this before?” I asked.

“I have done a little bit of everything.” She said, not trying to act as if little sister had suddenly kaçak bahis grown up, but as if she was assuring me she could handle the situation with her older and experienced brother.

“Let me get a print-out.” She said.

“Get the close up one of her face.”

“Oh? You like that one?”

“I just think that one would be best.” I said.

Steff busied herself with getting a print-out. I decided to take off my pants and rest on the bed, to await her. She shot a look back at me as I settled on the bed and rested my back against the headboard. My dick was extremely hard and threatening to burst through my underwear. I wanted to see her naked, but felt that was an issue I was not going to press just yet. She acted horny enough that stripping for me was a possibility.

“Comfortable?” She said.


Steffi showed me the picture. It was on a high-grade piece of paper and the color was very good. Trish was a pretty girl who probably had a too high opinion of her self. I was not going to have any hesitation about helping my sister out.

“Make some room.” She said.

Steffi pushed my back forward. She wanted to squeeze in between the headboard and me. I scooted up a couple of inches and let her in behind me. I was disappointed that she did not take off any clothing. I felt her body in close with mine. Her breathing was soft, but right next to my right ear. I was being lulled by her breathing, and by when she spoke.

“Are you still hard?” She said, almost whispering it.

“Yes.” I said. I could feel myself getting quiet and giving very brief answers.

She placed her fingers on the banding of my underwear and started to pull at the banding. She was not in a hurry to pull them off. She was teasing me, keeping me hard. I joined her and her exploration of the banding by placing my fingers on it too. I decided it was time to pull them down, and in doing so, felt a fantastic feeling of freedom. I stepped into an area of uncertainty, of untapped feelings and desires. Her warm hand felt sure of it-self and felt so right.

“Wow! That feels big.” She said.

Steff peered over my shoulder to get a good look. “You really are my big brother.”

I am close to eight inches long and very thick. I felt proud to be her older brother, to be on the same bed as she. She started to stroke me wit her right hand. I had never had a hand job before. I much preferred oral sex and straight fucking up to that point. It felt very strange: to have another hand masturbating me. The fact that it was my sister elevated every emotion to rapid speed.

She was going up and down the length of me.

“I have done this before but with smaller guys. This feels… awesome… big brother.” She said. This time she did whisper it in my ear.

I was not uptight about any of this, but now I was starting to relax in her arms. I leaned back a little and felt her boobs pressing against me. Her strong legs were on the outside of my legs, and I could feel her muscles holding me tight. Her bare feet touching my calves felt soothing.

The picture of Trish was resting between my legs. She was beyond pretty at the moment, bordering perfection.

Steff was stroking from the middle of my cock to the head now. My breathing was getting faster as her fingers applied just the right amount of pressure. She deliberately moved to the head of my penis and zeroed in on the sensitive area on the underside. I felt a finger nail touch me, moving in unison with her motion. I felt myself erupting. Maybe she sensed my breathing speed up, or just maybe some instinctual radar took over, because she was now aiming my cock at Trish. One huge splatter landed on Trish, followed by other equally impressive bursts of cum. She started to squeeze me as if I was a tube of toothpaste, getting every last ounce of semen out of me. Trish’s face was now obliterated.

“Perfect.” She said.

I let out my breath with a sense of great relief.

“I didn’t think you would have enough to blot out her face. Wow! Thank you.”

“What are brothers for?” I said.

As I left her room, I was already planning on my next visit home, and wondered if we might pick up where we left off.

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