Step-Yellow Fever

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My dad was coming home from his most recent business trip with an extremely unexpected surprise, a new wife with two daughters from Japan. My mom had died several years ago so I didn’t begrudge him the re-marriage.

Our home had been a four bedroom house originally, but when my mother had gotten sick my dad had one of the rooms knocked out and combined with the master bedroom to make room for an enlarged bathroom, my mother had needed to soak in the tub with special oils to reduce her pain and my father had done everything for her to make her as happy as possible until the end. My dad was a good man and instead of working ‘late hours at the office’ and banging a secretary he’d forced his company to allow him to telecommute for four years so he could stay home with his terminally ill wife.

During the enlargement of the master bedroom my mother had encouraged my father to enlarge my room so the room next to my room was knocked out and I got a living/entertainment area for my TV and videogames and my own personal bathroom enlargement so I too had a hot tub bath.

I was a little annoyed when he told me over the phone that he was married, I mean I’d never even met my new step-mom. I was more annoyed when he said that she had daughters and I was going to have to lose a portion of my room. My dad instructed me over the phone to install a curtain to separate my room into two parts, the girls would share, they were used to a smaller room. I also had to go out and purchase a bunk bed set with my dad’s credit card.

I was also a bit worried about my dad; he like me was not particularly good looking both us being a bit of nerd. I was concerned she was after his money because while not loaded we were pretty well off. There was also the worry that she was just looking for a way into our country, and was using my dad until she didn’t need him anymore.

I went to the airport to pick-up my dad and new family. When I saw my dad with three oriental women coming towards me I was in shock. First of all the women between them had one large bag and each a smaller bag that they carried on their backs. My dad had more luggage for a three-week trip. Second they were all so very attractive. My dad had failed to mention that the two daughters were twins and my age if I were to guess.

My dad approached first giving me a firm handshake and a smile (the first smile I’d seen him with since my mother’s death which made me happy for him).

” Mike, I would like you to meet my wife and your step-mother Lei.” He said.

” Nice to meet you.” I said hoping she spoke English because while my dad spoke it well I barely gripped basics. ” I heard so much about you! You are handsome man like father.” She answered with a smile and stilted English. Then she gave me a brief hug.

” This is Sun-Yi and Hoshi. I can never keep track which is which.” My dad says indicating the girls.

” I am Hoshi, you know me, I talk the most!” The one of the left with a blue backpack says giving me a hug.

” I am Sun-Yi, Hoshi talk a lot! I hope we become good friends.” The one with a pink bag says as she also gives me a hug.

” Nice to meet all of you. I hope your trip wasn’t too bad.” I say as I open the rear hatch of the SUV. My father and I lift the bags into the back of the car and I close the hatch.

” You want me to drive?” I ask my dad.

” I haven’t been behind the wheel of a car in three weeks!” He says with a laugh. ” Like to get back to it before I have to deal with the commute into work if you don’t mind sitting in back with the girls.”

I shrug, ” I don’t mind.”

I noticed on the drive home that it was Lei that reached across the center console to hold my father’s hand and that seemed to set my mind that she really did love my father, which meant I liked her.

Hoshi and Sun-Yi asked me about my school which they would be going to starting next week. Sun-Yi’s questions were mostly about teachers, classes, required readings and other academic questions. Hoshi asked about the other kids, about my friends (which there are not many), whether I had a girlfriend (which is no), and other more personal questions.

I got to find out a lot about them too. They are both very smart, and were top of their classes. They mentioned various awards, which I guess, didn’t translate into English very well and I could only guess what they meant.

Both expressed excitement at becoming US citizens so maybe they would be able to vote at the next election as they had turn 18 only a month before, I had turn 18 in mid-November and had to wait till this next election before I could vote as well.

When we got home my father let me know that the one bag that had been brought was the two girls as their mother’s stuff my father had been able to fit into his own bags. I carried the girl’s bag up to the house and down to the bedroom to an expression of thanks from the girls.

” This is the room. My room is on the other side of canlı bahis the curtain there.”

” All of this is our room?” Hoshi asked in disbelief. ” It is huge!” She said looking around at what had been half my previous sleeping area in joy.

” Was this and that all your room?” Sun-Yi asked noting that the curtain looked out of place.

” Yeah, but hey we’re family now.” I said with a shrug and a smile.

” Past that side of the curtain is where my TV and couch are, also the bathroom is there. All of that will be our shared area, OK?” I asked; I had run one curtain through the bedroom area, and one curtain across the separation between bedroom and ‘living room’ area so it could be used by either of us without disrupting privacy.

” There is more for us?” Hoshi asks still in disbelief looking through at the TV and entertainment center. ” You are sharing all of that with us too?”

” Yeah, I mean I gotta make you feel welcome and…”

Hoshi and Sun-Yi each look at each other, giggle and as one give me a kiss on the cheek one on each side.

” You are very nice!” Hoshi says with a smile. ” You make us more than welcome, you make us family before meeting us!”

I didn’t really know how to respond so I just smiled and shrugged before going into my own room side of the curtain.

That night I dreamed of two amazing little Japanese twins sucking my cock. I woke in the morning with a raging hard-on. I slipped into the shower and as I soaped myself I wanked off thinking of my dream of my stepsisters sucking my cock. After I shot my load against the wall of my shower I finished my shower and climbed out to return to my room.

That became my morning routine.

My every fantasy quickly turned to two hot little Japanese twins. I had yellow fever bad and I had it for my sisters!

School began a couple days later and after getting my sisters to the enrollment office I had to get to my classes. I didn’t see them again until after school and I was to drive us all home during the drive they chattered about some of the Asian kids they had met. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road and not on their smooth slim legs, adorable faces, or pert breasts. I also had to try and conceal my ever-present hard-on

I did not see them much in school during the entire first week, but at home I loved my opportunities to talk to them and sit with them. The three of us would watch TV on my couch together with one on each side of me. I always had to concentrate on the show so I wouldn’t get a hard on, or be caught staring at one of them. I knew I was becoming obsessed with my stepsisters but I couldn’t help it.

When I slept I dream of them and when I woke I wanked off thinking of them. When I daydreamed it was of them and I was finding it hard to concentrate on school.

The second week they had been at my school I noticed tears in Hoshi’s eyes as I passed her between classes but she didn’t seem willing to talk about it. The car rides home seemed quieter and they were less chattery. The next day after getting them home I found both Hoshi and Sun-Yi crying at in their room but neither one of them wanted to talk about it then either.

This sort of thing kept up for several days and then during their fourth week at school I saw the three biggest bullies in our school forming a group cornering the two of them and one of their friends.

As I got closer I heard them making lewd comments and sexual references towards the girls. Then the boy closest to the girls reached out and grabbed Hoshi’s breast as she stood their trembling and near tears.

I do not know what came over me but I just ran at them and tackled the first boy causing him to crash into the wall of a classroom.

” Now yer gonna get it nerd!” One of the other two said as I was lifted roughly from the body I had tackled. I had the satisfaction that that bully did not get back up.

” You had to go and stick your nose where it don’t belong didn’t you.” The boy not holding me up says with a sneer as he delivery a punch to my gut that knocked the breath out of me.

The boy holding me continued to hold me as the other boy rained blow after blow on my face and abdomen. Then he let me go and I fell to the ground and both of them gave me several kicks to the ribs, shoulders, and legs. Finally the pounding ended and they stepped back. I slowly got up to my knees.

” We were just going to have a little fun, but I think we are going to see just how much fun these girls can be.” The first boy said as he drew a knife that snapped open, the second boy also draws a similar blade.

” I think he can watch while we fuck these pretty little things.” The second boy says with a cruel smile.

The fog surrounding my mind cleared for a moment as the boys began to shoulder past my kneeling body.

I remember that my dad always said, ” If you are fighting for honor fight honorable and get beat-up, if you are fighting for someone’s bahis siteleri life fight dirty.”

I grab for the groins of both boys as they passed with a surge of adrenalin. Then I squeezed as hard as I could and both of them let out pathetic whines of pain and their knives when clattering to the ground. I continued squeezing until I felt them wobbling and then I yanked down and forward so that they crashed to their knees with bruising force. I stood up using both of them for leverage and shoving them into the ground.

” You leave my sisters and my friends alone, or next time I see you I’ll rip those off!” I growled as menacingly as I could manage. ” Leave the knives, get your friend, and get the hell out of here!”

Both of them hobbled up collected their friend who was just then regaining consciousness and stumbled away. As soon as they were out of sight my adrenalin high ended, pain surged on me and I collapsed to the distressed gasps of my sisters and their friend.

I came with Hoshi and Sung-Yi looking anxiously down on me. ” Thank-you! You are so brave!” Hoshi says before giving me a quick kiss, which got me instantly hard.

My sisters helped me up and the two of them got me to my car. Sung-Yi fished in my pocket for my keys and brushed my hard on a couple times before she grabbed the keys. They got me into the backseat and Sung-Yi drove us home. They then got me up to my room and laid me on my bed.

Sung-Yi sat with me while Hoshi left the room. Hoshi came back speaking Japanese to her mother. Liu looked at me once and gasped then she issued quick orders to her daughters. Hoshi left the room again and Liu and Sung-Yi began to carefully remove my clothes. My shoes, socks, pants, and shirt were all quickly removed so that I wore only my boxers, which were tented, despite my condition.

Hoshi returned with several items. Liu pour some liquid into a small cup and held it to my lips. ” For pain.” She said simply.

It was a strong alcohol and I drank it down quickly surprised at how easily it went down. Liu began to check my bruises, scrapes, and cuts. She ran her fingers along my ribs, which tickled, causing me to laugh, which hurt a lot.

” Sorry.” She said with a small smile.

” You will heal, no doctor.” She pronounced.

” No school for one week, Sung-Yi and Hoshi take care of you. You were very brave. You are your father’s son you are both very kind men. In Japan no man cared about us, but your father saved us from my husband’s creditors. Now you have saved my daughters. Thank-you.” Liu bent down and gave me a delicate kiss on the lips then she pulled back.

” This will hurt, I am sorry.” She says and then her hands come to my face and a sharp pain emanates from my nose and I blacked out.

I came to soaking in a warm bath with an exotic scent I did not recognize. Then I realized that I was not resting against the back of the tub but against a soft feminine body. I tried to get up but only my head seemed to want to respond and that barely.

” Relax.” Hoshi said from just behind my ear. ” The drink my mother gave you included a muscle relaxant, it will be while before your legs and arms will respond.”

” What are you doing in the tub with me?” I asked.

” Didn’t want our hero drowning.” Hoshi says with a small girlish giggle, ” Besides I thought you would like it.”

My quickly hardening cock soon confirmed her suspicion. ” Where’s Sung-Yi.”

” I’m here,” I voice from the doorway answers. ” I went to get some food.”

Sung-Yi was wearing a thin robe and after she set the tray of food down on the edge of the bath she let the robe drop. She then delicately stepped into the tub and slowly lowered herself in. I watch her every movement and drank in the sight of her beauty.

” You think we are pretty?” Hoshi asks from behind me.

” Of course but…”

Sung-Yi reached forward and delicately gripped my shaft in her small hand, and I let out a gasp of pleasure and excitement.

” You talk in your sleep.” Sung-Yi says matter of factly as she slowly and lightly began to stroke my manhood. ” You call our names. At first we thought they were nightmares but then…”

” We saw you in the shower…” Hoshi says as her fingers delicately play across my chest and tease my nipples.

” Mother says we should do anything for you.” Sung-Yi says reaching her other hand forward lightly cupping my balls while her first hand continued the delicate stroking.

My mind was numb with shock, here was my every fantasy coming true. My hot stepsisters both were talking about giving me pleasure and teasing me with that pleasure as they spoke. The stroking on my cock made me want to hump upwards but the muscle relaxant kept me virtually immobile.

” I’ve wanted both of you so bad.” I whisper and half groan as the stroking on my cock continued. ” But you are my sisters so…”

” We are not related.” Sung-Yi says firmly as she leaned forward bahis şirketleri to give the head of my cock a kiss. ” There is nothing wrong with us being together.”

” You are so cute and you are such a brave man.” Hoshi says in a whisper before she began to kiss the back of my neck.

Sung-Yi’s tongue starts to lick the head of my penis as her right hand continued stroking me and her left began to slide beneath my balls towards my anus. At precisely the same moment Sung-Yi slides my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat as she pushes her finger into my ass Hoshi pinched my nipples and gave my neck as quick bite. With a grunt of surprise and pleasure I shot my load deep into Sung-Yi’s throat.

She continued sucking my cock and sliding her finger forward and back in my ass for several long moments before I had to beg for mercy and she slowly pulled back and then completely off my cock.

She looked up as me and smiled the most adorable and innocent smile, and then she crawled forward and gave me a deep kiss. ” You are my first.” She said as she lowered herself down on my still hard cock.

She whimpered softly as my shaft penetrated her. She was incredibly tight and her pussy felt better than I could have possibly imagined. I didn’t have the courage to tell her at that time that I too was a virgin but I couldn’t imagine anyone’s vagina feeling better than Sung-Yi’s right now.

When Sung-Yi had finally taken my full length into her she sat on my thighs breathing deeply for several long moments. She wrapped her arms around my neck after she had regained her breath and she began to rock herself forward and back on my cock.

Hoshi began to alternate playing with her sister’s and my nipples as she went back to kissing and nibbling my neck, shoulders, back, and ears.

Sung-Yi’s pace started steady but she began to quickly pick-up pace and she began to let out little moans and whimpers until her noises were one on top of another and she suddenly stiffened and then really started rubbing herself against me as her pussy spasm around my cock.

Sung-Yi lay against my shoulder murmuring for several moments before she finally sat up. With my cock still buried in her she lean forward and gave me a deep kiss, with her tongue entering my mouth and dancing around my tongue.

” You are simply wonderful.” Sung-Yi says with a smile before slowly getting up.

Sung-Yi grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet and I found my legs were working slightly if slowly. As soon as I was up Hoshi got up, and both of them assisted me out of the tub. They dried me off and then themselves with my hard cock still jutting in front of me as I admired both of their smooth bodies.

Together they led me to my room and laid me in my bed. After propping my head up on a pillow they both began to kiss my chest, they lightly licked and sucked on my nipples and still I was forced to mostly lay there unable to move much for myself.

Their mouths moved lower and soon they were each sucking on one of my balls, then Hoshi moved up to my shaft and slowly slid her mouth over my head. She slowly bobbed her head as her sister pushed my legs up and began to slide her tongue on the same path her finger had taken earlier.

Hoshi straddled me and slowly lowered herself down on my cock with an almost identical expression to her sister until she reached bottom then suddenly I felt her warm pussy spasm around my cock and she let out several whimpers. I couldn’t believe she came the moment she’d gotten me fully in her. Unlike her sister she just kept riding me through her orgasm. Her technique seemed to be to lift herself so that I was barely in here then she’d push herself down leaning forward so that she ground her front into mine as my cock stroked into her.

Meanwhile Sung-Yi’s tongue was sliding up and down my ass crack and around my anal opening. Then as Hoshi was thrusting herself down on me Sung-Yi pushed her tongue into me. I had never had anything in my ass before her finger has entered me only a little while before and the sensation was incredible.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the dual sensations and soon I could feel the cum boiling from my balls. I opened my eyes and looked up into Hoshi’s beautiful brown eyes.

” I’m going to cum.” I said as I tried to hold it back.

” Me too!” She said picking up speed and little out a little moan. ” Go ahead, cum in me.” She said as suddenly she began bucking into me and per pussy spasm around my cock.

I couldn’t hold back with that and with a low groan I shot my load up into her inviting pussy.

Slowly we came back down and she gave me a deep kiss then she rolled off and her sister also gave me a kiss. Then each of them laid on one of my shoulders.

” I hope I didn’t just get you pregnant.” I say quietly.

” We are on the pill silly.” Sung-Yi says with a smile.

” When we are older we will be together all three of us. For now we have fun and we make you happy.” Hoshi said with a quiet voice.

” Anything you want from now on.” Sung-Yi agreed.

As the three of us drifted off to sleep my mind played with all the possibilities that lay ahead of me.

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