Squeaky’s Midnight Rendevous

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This is the continuation of the development of my relationship with my sister started in ‘Squeaky’, and “Squeaky’s E-mails’. Squeaky had responded to my first story posting asking me to write a story for/about her. Squeaky, I discovered, was my sister from hell.


Wearing only a pair of shorts I lay on my bed watching the stopped clock. It was never going to reach midnight. I had showered after the news on TV, and masturbated. If I hadn’t, I knew I would have such a hair trigger that the slightest touch, the least stimulation, would set me off. I, especially tonight, did not want a premature ejaculation if what I hoped to happen came true. I had dawdled in the bathroom until my Dad wanted to know if I was going to spend the night in there.

The second hand on the clock finally ticked to 11:58. The only noise in the house was the bass drumming of my heartbeat. I went down the hall to my sister’s door. Squeaky is just on the other side. She said the door would not be locked. Holding my breath, I reached for the knob.

I became aware of a flickering light as the door cracked open and I slipped into the room.

Two candles were burning on either side of the bed giving off a slight fruity aroma. The light was dim and created moving, shifting shadows as the flames danced.

My nude sister was laying on her back, hands clasped on her stomach with her ankles crossed. Her eyes were luminous, glowing almost as bright as the candle flames. The candle light playing on her skin bathed it with a golden glow. If I had not fallen in love with Squeaky and her e-mails, the view before me would have achieved the same result. Never, in a picture or movie, and definitely not in real life, have I gazed on such a sensual erotic scene.

Her arms lifted and her hands beckoned to me. I moved to her, sat on the side of the bed and took her hands in mine. My throat was so tight I could not speak. Her quiet “What do you want me to do?” jolted me out of my stupor.

“Nothing.”, I whispered. “Just lay here and let me look at you.”

“Like you looked at Crissy and Jennifer?”, she queried. Was there a trace of bitterness in her voice?

“What do you mean?”

“When you fucked them!” There was bitterness.

“What? How do you know?”

With a catch in her voice, “I saw your silly stupid expression when you came home. I cried myself to sleep.” Oh God, I thought, that answers so many questions. I HAD CREATED the sister from hell!

“I only did it twice with Crissy. All three times we were in a hurry, sneaking around. I’m sorry. I did like it, but, no, I did not look at them. I didn’t even think about it. I guess I didn’t want to. Not like I want to look at you. If you don’t want me to… ok. If you want me to leave, I will. But… please, let me just look… just for a little while.”


“Because you’re beautiful! I looked at your pictures, how beautiful you were, in your clothes, trying to think how you would look without them. I took the picture, the one in your bikini, and slept with it.”

“You did?” I nodded. “But, I meant why NOW. Why not before?”

“I don’t know. Well, until I started e-mailing Squeaky, I guess you were just my little sister, yeah, the sister from hell! I just never looked at you. I never thought of you, except as my little sister. I can remember when you were little. You thought I was the greatest big brother in the world. But lately, the last year or two, sometimes I thought you might actually hate me… the things you said… the way you talked. I just wanted to stay away from you, to have as little to do with you as possible.”

“I know I have been hateful to you sometimes. I’m sorry. But you really don’t know why?” I shook my head no. “I was jealous.”


“Yes. I didn’t want you going out with other girls. I didn’t want you paying attention to them. I tried to get your attention. I came out of the bathroom carrying my towel so you could see me. I had boobies just like your girlfriends! I tried to let you look down my blouse. I left it unbuttoned once, for you to look, and you told me to button-up! I almost screamed at you. I made my skirt ride up. I tried to flash my panties at you. I even went without panties. But you never looked! You just ignored me!” She was almost in tears.

“Oh, God. I didn’t know. When I saw you like that I was embarrassed, for you, thinking you didn’t know what you were doing. How could I be so dumb?”

“You’re not too dumb, Bro. It took me a while to really figure things out. To decide what I wanted, and why. That’s why I wanted AWesTexUn to write about me and my brother. At least then, I could have him do the things I wanted you to do.”

“But we’re Brother and Sister. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I don’t care. I love you. I want you. I don’t care who says it’s wrong. It’s not. Not for me. Not for us. Not if we both want it! Do you?”

“The last week or so, since the e-mails, since I knew you were Squeaky, I have never wanted bahis firmaları anything so bad in all of my life. I… Love You”

A slight smile had started as I spoke. It was slow and tremulous, then rapidly spread over her entire face. “I want you to look at me. But I get to also.” I nodded in agreement.

I studied her face. I started with her eyes, so bright and shining. The cute little nose. The mouth remaining curved in a smile, and the lips, so sweet looking, so kissable. How could I not have seen this before? This is the sister from hell? No! Squeaky, lovely Squeaky, has replaced her.

I shifted, moving down the bed until our hips touched. I put a hand on the bed on her other side, slightly leaning over her. Her breasts were directly under my face. A faint tan line cupped and held them, like I longed to. I leaned closer, to see better the dark area crowning them. My breath washed over them. The nipples began to swell and little bumps appeared in the surrounding areola. My jaw ached from my desire to taste them.

I moved down lower, sitting beside her knee. She spread her legs until one touched my supporting hand. I raised up and she spread a little wider, opening herself to me. I moved to lay between them. Supporting myself on my elbows, I was over the junction of her legs and body. Another faint tan line circled her hips and dipped between her legs. I wanted to paint the lighter area with my tongue, to see if there was a difference in taste between the colors.

The hair was golden in the candle light, slightly darker than that on her head. Fine, soft and silky looking, it blurred but did not hide a slit between swollen twin narrow mounds at the junction of her thighs. The slit was partially open and I could see something inside, but not clearly.

A slight musky perfumery aroma tickled my nose. I inhaled deeply and stared so hard Squeaky had to feel my gaze. As I exhaled the breath ruffled the hair. I blew to stir it more and her body shivered. As I Looked up at the smile framed between her breasts, she softly said, “I liked that!” Her head and shoulders were elevated as she watched me, supported by her forearms and elbows on the bed behind and below her back.

“I know I said I only wanted to look”, I whispered, “but can I touch you? I want to see more.”

She simply nodded. I placed extended fingers alongside the gap between the little mounds. The skin was so warm and soft. It rolled and moved with my touch as I gently pressed down and to the side. The slit opened slightly, but not enough. I rolled to my side, slipped my hand under her left knee and lifted until her heel almost touched her buttock, then did the same to the other. As her legs opened and widened to lay almost flat on the bed, the slit gaped open.

I touched the soft, moist, crinkled and wrinkled inner lips. As I moved them I noticed an opening, a small hole at the bottom. It did not look large enough for my aching dick to go into. Would it stretch enough? With a fingertip I touched the opening and started to push it in, but stopped. Before I could say anything, Squeaky gently said, “Go ahead.”

My finger slipped in, but not all the way. There was something in the way. Her hymen! My finger had been in Crissy and in Jennifer, but they had not felt as good, as wonderful. I told my sister so and was rewarded with a great big huge beaming smile.

Then she said “When we’re like this, always call me Squeaky!” My heart gave a lurch. When? That means again! I, we, she wants to do this again. Again and again and again, I hope.

I said, “I love my Sis, but, I… LOVE… Squeaky.” If possible, her smile got bigger.

I looked back down, at a little fleshy fold at the top of the slit. It should cover her clit. I moved it around with my fingertip, and saw a shiny spot, almost a little button. As I touched it, her body jerked and I heard a hiss. “Oh yes, touch it again.” I licked my finger, that’s Squeaky’s taste I thought, and rubbed in a circle around the little button. Squeaky moaned, “Oh, that’s good. I like that!”

I glanced at the clock. It was after 1:00! But I just came in. Only a few minutes ago! I got up and sat down by Squeaky, taking her hands in mine as I had done when I first entered. Staring into her eyes I softly told her, “Thank you. You are so beautiful. That was so great! I will never, ever, forget it!”

I released her hands and started to get up. Squeaky jerked me back down. “Where are you going?” she asked.

“I thought you were upset about Crissy and Jennifer, and me”, I said.

“I am. Every time I think of it, I get so mad I could pull your head off and scrub that stupid grin off your face.” She took a deep breath. “If you ever, ever, touch either one of them again, or anyone else, I’ll, I’ll never speak to you again!” Her chest was heaving in her anger. At my slight smile, “I mean it!”

“I know you do, Squeaky. It won’t happen again, ever. You don’t have to worry” I assured her.

She lay staring at me as her breath kaçak iddaa calmed. “It’s my turn”, she said.

“Your turn for what?”, I asked.

“To look at you.” She got up on her knees and forced me onto my back while stripping my shorts off. As she lay on her side, her face was right beside my dick which had softened as I studied her. I felt it lurch. It hardening before her eyes. She giggled, “It’s getting bigger!”

Without asking, she gently nudged it with a finger making it move from side to side, then grasped it in her hand. Looking at me she said in an amazed tone, “It’s so hard and soft! At the same time.” I took her wrist pulled it up, then pushed it back down. After I turned her loose, she continued the motion, moving her hand slowly up and down. “I like the way the skin moves”, she said. She pushed the skin up over the head, covering it, then pulled the skin back down to expose it. “Peek-a-boo.” came with another giggle.

Some pre-cum oozed out of the hole in the head of my dick. She smeared it around the head with a finger. “It feels so smooth, so slick, sort of velvety.” She touched her finger to her tongue. I heard an “umm”. She asked, “If I jack-off you…”, I giggled.

She looked at me, so I said, “jack you off.”

“Whatever. If I do, how long while it take for it to get hard again? I’ve read that men usually cum real fast the first time, sometimes too fast.”

“Not too long, but it would be the second time. I, uh, masturbated in the bathroom a while ago.”


“So I wouldn’t cum too fast now.”

“Maybe I better not.” Then she surprised me by leaning forward and kissing it. I jerked. She looked at me and grinned, “You like?” I had to nod, and she licked up the side. I jerked again. “Can’t you keep still?”, she asked, still grinning. She was enjoying torturing me. She was doing more to me than I had done to her. She was escalating the seriousness of our playing with each other.

“Not with you doing that!”

“I’ve wondered what it would taste like. Men and women like it in what I’ve read. Can I?”

“Oh, god, Squeaky. Do anything you want! I don’t think I could stop you.”

She took the head in her mouth. Her lips closing against the bottom of the sensitive crown as she rubbed the head with her tongue, then her tongue started going in circles. If I hadn’t jacked-off in the bathroom I would have lost it right there. I could feel my dick pulsing in time to the hammering of my heart. As I warned her I may cum she raised her head; there was an audible ‘pop’ as her lips slipped off.

She was sober faced as she looked at me and asked, “Did Crissy and Jennifer do it better? It’s my first time. I’ll get better.”

“They didn’t do it”, I said. “That was my first time!”

Like flipping a light switch, a smile burst on her face. She jumped up and on me. Grabbing my face in her hands she kissed me. Our first kiss! As my arms slipped around her, I touched her lips with my tongue. She sucked it into her mouth. Her leg was between mine as her hip pressed against my dick and her sex against my thigh. I could feel her nipples swollen against my chest. Her lips and mouth tasted so sweet. The kiss went on and on. I was almost floating.

Suddenly she rolled onto her back, pulling me partially on top of her. I slid my hand down to her breast, rolled, squeezed and massaged it, pinching the nipple between my fingers as she moaned into my mouth.

I let my hand drift on down to the pussy I had memorized a short time ago. I cupped the entire soft warm area and rolled it around under my palm. I lightly scratched it with all of my fingers. More moans came from deep within her throat. My middle finger slipped into the slit as I continued my light scratching. She felt slicker, wetter than before. As my finger touched her hole, her far leg jerked up and fell to the side so she was completely open.

I began fucking her with my finger, pressing on the mound with the heel of my hand. Her hips started moving against my hand. She was grunting with each movement, but we did not break the kiss. I was drowning in her mouth.

Suddenly she convulsed. Her legs snapped together and trapped my hand. Shudder after shudder rippled through her as she held me in a death grip. She buried her head tight against my neck, her breath was hoarse, rasping.

I felt her body relaxing as she came down from her orgasm. Speaking so softly I had to strain to hear her, “That was wonderful. Never, when I do it myself, does it feel like that. You did it. It was because you did it. I want one more thing, Bro!” She grasped my dick, pulling it to her, wanting it to go into her.

I rolled on top of her, between her spread legs, as a thought exploded in my brain. Protection! With all of my thinking about, all my planning for, all of my hopes for tonight, I had not thought of it.

I have heard Mom and Sis talking about periods and other female problems, but never a word about birth control pills. Everybody knows Crissy and Jennifer kaçak bahis are on the pill, so I did not have to worry. But Squeaky is not! Why, why, why didn’t I think of this earlier? “Squeaky”, I choked, “I can’t, we can’t. I don’t have any protection! I don’t want to take a chance on getting you pregnant! Damn. Damn. Damn.”

Squeaky giggled at my reaction, saying, “Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry?”, I snapped. “It’s not funny, damn it. Don’t laugh at me. It’s my fault. I’m so dumb.”

Still giggling, Squeaky grabbed me and kissed me hard. “I’m safe. It’s all yours and Crissy’s fault, really, but I’m ok.”

“What are you talking about? What do you mean”

“Two things. My period was over yesterday; I didn’t spot any. Also, I got the Pill when you fucked Crissy. I was so mad at you I was going to fuck somebody, I don’t know who, but someone. But I just couldn’t. My virginity is too important to me to fuck just anybody. It had to be someone I cared for. It had to be you. I didn’t want anyone but you.” Louder, “Now do it!”

I was almost in tears when she finished. “Squeaky, I am so sorry. I just never thought about you, this way. You were always just my little sister. I never thought about these.” I caressed her breasts. “Or this.” I cupped her pussy.

“But now you know?” She had a smile as I nodded. She grasped the back of my hand and brought it up to rub her breast. Still smiling, “You’ve played with these.” I nodded. She pushed my hand down and rubbed her pussy with it. “And this.” I nodded again. “Now, what are you going to do?”

I started rubbing the head of my dick around her pussy, searching, hunting for that little small hole as her smile widened. Suddenly she said “Wait!” Pushing me off her she twisted and grabbed something off the nightstand. Lubrication! I had not thought of that either. She sat up, slicked my dick up, and pulled me back onto her.

My dick went back to her pussy as if following a path and the head popped in. I heard a hiss, an intake of breath, and her arms tightened convulsively around me. I lay still, unmoving, until Squeaky relaxed and her hands began sliding up and down my back.

I nudged forward and slipped in some more to the same reaction. I did not move until she resumed stroking my back.

I slipped in some more and felt her hymen! Squeaky could feel me against it also. As she relaxed she kissed me hard; her teeth against my lips was painful, but felt good. Breaking the kiss, she took a deep breath, “I know it will hurt, but do it! Don’t stop ’til you’re all the way in!”

I shoved, and buried myself in her. “Ugh!”, a grunt from deep within her escaped. Her arms were painfully tight in their grip. I froze. I did not even breathe as I looked at the grimace of pain on her face, at the tears pooled in her eyes. As the worst of the pain started to drain away, I told her, “Oh, Squeaky, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want to hurt you so bad.” I was almost in tears. My erection vanished although I was still in her, our bodies still pressed together.

“It’s ok. It’s gone now. Just sort of a dull ache. Not too bad. I can stand it.” She moved her hips a little. “I can’t feel you! Did you take it out? Put it back in! Please!”

“It is in. I just lost it when I hurt you.” As I spoke I felt it start to harden.

“I can feel it!” came a happy tone and a small smile. “It’s growing!… You’re stuffing me… I feel so full… I like it. Just… be still a minute. Let me enjoy it!”

Her smile was getting bigger as I engorged and was being echoed by mine. Her hands began dancing up and down my back. My eyes were still locked on hers, and the radiance now on her face. I don’t think I had blinked since she felt her pain. “Now! Do it! Do it slow. I want to feel it!”

I slowly eased almost all of the way out, then, just as slowly, back in. “You left a hole, then filled it back up! You feel sooo good. I love you, Bro!”

“Ditto.” I replied. “Every time I tell you ‘ditto’, it means I love you, Squeaky. It’ll be our secret word.” She kissed me fiercely, as I kept slowly stroking in and out. Her hips began meeting mine, matching me stroke for stroke, until hers began to pick up the pace. Both of us were enjoying the sensations of our bodies moving over each other, against each other, with each other.

Feeling a tightening in my scrotum and a tingling in my balls, I quit moving. “What’s wrong?”, Squeaky asked.

“I’m about to blow. You’re not ready yet.”


I started back up and at about the third stroke we were in sync again. I had to stop a second time. “You’re a randy little devil”, Squeaky grinned.

“If I feel half as good to you as you do to me, you know why.” Sliding in and out of her with the feelings, the sensations, is one of the most pleasurable things I have ever done. But, I also love to run my hands over her. I love to have my mouth on her body. My sister, my Squeaky, just gives me pleasure.

The third time I failed to stop quick enough. I started shooting, and shooting, and shooting. With almost awe in her voice, Squeaky said, “I can feel you! You’re cumming! You’re cumming in me! Do it! Do it!” She was kissing me all over my face. “Oh, Bro. I’m so happy!”

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