Spring Break In Ch. 03

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My Dear Readers,


What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Some spelling and grammatical errors are mine however some are intentional. Which is witch I leave as an exercise for those anal enough to care.

Votes and comments are as always gratefully received. E-mail will get a personnel response if you remember to leave me a return e-mail address.


Dom Woolf


Three days! My mother and I had been held captive by a mad woman for three days and for the entire time Cece had subjected us to the most disgusting and humiliating sexual acts her warped mind could conjure up.

In Cece’s mind we deserved everything she had done to us, after all my mother had reported Cece and her two accomplices’ to the police when all they had wanted was to rob us blind. Oh and I broke Cece’s nose, but that’s another story.

Cece got an early release from prison and she decided to get her revenge by invading our home and imprisoning us for her sexual kinks. This was the same plan she and her gang had the first time they invaded our home. They tied us naked with my mother sitting on my lap and fed me an overdose of Viagra. The results had been predictable and for two years I fought to forget the feelings I had for my mother. Cece ruined that the first day after she got released from prison and now we were reluctant lovers and sex toys for her crazy sex games. The funny thing is she was released early for good behavior. I could tell the warden a thing or two about that!

Every day she would chain us up, usually naked and locked in some compromising position then leave for several hours. We would struggle, strain, try anything to escape but not only would we fail, the constant rubbing against one another’s nude bodies would cause the physical reaction she wanted. Hell we ended up fucking like bunnies.

She would return with new toys, new ideas to torment us and we would spend the evenings playing her twisted games. She enjoyed making my mother lick and suck and fuck her own son, getting off on each humiliating thing she could think of for us to do.

She loved to make me play and tease my mother’s tits. She would instruct me to suck or lick or squeeze them as she sat in the recliner enjoying her dinner theater, bahis firmaları her gun in one hand and a vibrator in the other. She would get off each time she came up with a new perversion. She had us take turns licking each other’s genitals and asses. She would make me tie my mother into various painful positions, then have me face-fuck her as if my mother was a two dollar whore. She made us pee on each other enjoying the looks of disgust on our faces as the hot yellow piss drenched our bodies. Sometimes she would join in just to make it that much worse.

Oh, she had quite an imagination, all of it as sick and twisted as she was.

One evening she decided that she wanted to have me see what it felt like to get fucked. She had bought a long rubber dildo and a harness which she spent a long time fitting on my mother. Next she tied me across the coffee table and drenching her fingers in oil slowly inserted a finger up my ass, then two, then three. She took her time slowly stretching out my asshole and getting the oil in deep.

She had my mother kneel in front of me and made me learn to suck on the fake cock until I could take it deep into my throat. I could see moms cunt pressing the cock into me, smell her fluids as it was constantly rubbing the base of the dildo against her clit which got her juices flowing. I would look up and see her brown tipped nipples on those beautiful full breasts bouncing at each stroke. My cock was hard as a rock by the time Cece moved my mother around behind me and guided the tip of the phallus against my brown ring.

The bitch used her oil soaked hand to stroke and milk me like a cow as my mother fucked my burning ass. She started out slow and easy but soon was slamming the hard rubber deep in my bowels as she rode the cock to her own orgasm. Cece was pulling so hard on my cock it was burning almost as much as my abused ass. My mother changed position somehow and was suddenly pressing against a nerve or something in my ass and I was coming like a fire hose.

The bitch caught every drop in a glass. She laughed when she poured it into my own mouth and forced me to drink my own cum. Just for shits and giggles she had mom lick her nasty pussy while I was made to clean the dildo with my tongue. I swore someday to torture that bitch as much as she had tortured my mother and I.

Today she had tied us in a sixty nine position leaving my face closely positioned above my mother’s pretty clean shaven cunt (courtesy of Cece) and her face with my cock lying across it. As usual we struggled to get kaçak iddaa free which kept pressing that delicious cunt down upon my face spreading her scent on my nose and across my lips.

Eventually of course my cock would harden jabbing at her lips, which would part and she would suck me in as I would lick that pearl of pleasure pressed against my face and Cece would win again.

She returned hours later to stand laughing and commenting on the evidence smeared across both our faces. Our humiliation was as evident as a milk mustache in a got milk commercial.

Later showered, cuffed and manacled in the kitchen she rode my cock as she watched my mother prepare us a meal. Mom was wearing a set of genie pants Cece had bought somewhere with slits up the front and back that hid nothing but merely emphasized the fact that she was a sexually exciting female. Cece had clipped bells to her nipples which rang with every move my mother made.

We sat together at the table eating our dinner, not that Cece would let us do even that small thing in peace. She spread butter on my cock and masturbated me as we ate. Try as I might to ignore the sensations of warm butter and hot fingers stroking my rod, in the end I finally came, which the bitch spread across an ear of corn and made my mother eat.

My piece of corn was used to fuck my mother’s pussy, all hot and buttery, the hard nubs rubbing her insides till she had an orgasm then it was placed hot and coated in her juices on my plate.

Like I said, twisted.

After dinner Cece brought us to the living room where she chained us to eye bolts she had screwed into the walls and floor.

She had bought some ball gags which she used on us before laying out a bunch of her new toys.

“You both caused me a lot of pain and grief, but the good news is that after tonight we won’t be seeing each other again. I decided that you need to feel the pain that I felt being locked up for two years and my boys are going to feel being incarcerated for the next twenty five years, so here is what we are going to do.”

She pointed to the table which held a coiled whip, a bamboo cane, a heavy leather flogger with metal tips on the ends of the tails and a branding iron.

“The total time is 52 years divided by the two of you is 26 apiece. You’re going to chose one of these for me to use on your mother and she is going to pick one for you.”

My mother and I looked at each other in shock. How could we pick the implement of torture for the each other and still live with ourselves? kaçak bahis How would we feel about looking at their body knowing we had chosen the tool that made the scars?

“The alternative is I pick and you each get fifty two strokes apiece.” She gave an evil grin as she looked at me. “Choose.”

I looked over the pain toys she had left on the table, of all the choices only one might not leave scars or at least not as bad. I pointed at the cane.

She picked up the cane and waved at the rest, “Your turn Mother.”

Surprisingly my mother immediately pointed at the bull whip.

“Well, it seems dear old mom has some repressed hostility.” She tied a rope on to my handcuffs and tossed it over a beam in the living room. I was slowly pulled up until my toes could just reach the floor. I watched in terror as she went over, picked up the whip and snapped it in the air a few times.

Cece pulled her ever present gun out and tossed the handcuff keys to my mom.

“I think it will have more impact if dear old mom administers the whipping, kinda like when you were a bad little boy.”

Mom refused with a shake of her head. Cece pointed the gun at my cock and pulled back the hammer. Mom nodded yes, I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or more scared. Once the cuffs were off mom picked up the bull whip and began to try it out in a rather ragged fashion. She would snap it out and the thing would whip around the room going nowhere near what mom was aiming at. Cece was in stitches at mom’s desperate attempts to control the whip.

Then I saw mom smile and straighten up. The whip lashed out and struck with the precision of a rattle snake on the hunt. The pistol flew across the room as a slash opened in the back of Cece’s hand. Before Cece could even open her mouth to scream mom snapped the whip back behind her, took a sort of half step and flicked the whip around the mad woman’s throat. Mom gave a jerk and like a dog on a leash Cece was pulled over backwards. She no sooner hit the floor when mom used the handle of the whip to hit her and just about caved her head in.

Moments later the bitch was cuffed hands and ankles and mom was lowering me to the ground.

“How? How?” I was stammering sounding foolish even to myself as I hugged my mom.

“Summers on a ranch in Montana with my uncle growing up, I was quite the cowgirl at seventeen!” Mom began to kiss me and with me nude and her semi naked it just seemed right that we sank down on the couch.

I held her away from me for just a moment, “What about …”

“She’s not going anywhere and neither are we.” My mother stroked my cock and I shut up and got busy. I was however a little distracted thinking of all the things Mom and I could now do to our captive bitch.

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