Spice Ch. 03

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Jodie lay naked above the covers, her face pressed into the pillow as the cool night air tickled and teased her spine and buttocks. Then she let out a long, very loud belch. The pizza dough was playing havoc with her digestion. But it always knocked David out cold, so she’d carried him to bed and busied herself with some chores before heading to bed herself.

The silver light from the moon teased through a gap in the shades and cast a relaxing hue through the room. Jodie felt her chest lifting her with each breath, felt the tiredness in her muscles, but was irked by the lack of sleep.

She was too damn horny.

Her body needed some attention, and her mind refused to silence the little niggles that had been present since Fred’s ill-advised “joke”.

Jake wasn’t back yet, but that wasn’t unusual. It had never bothered her before, so why was she letting it bother her now? He was on his way back from the office, and would be pulling up outside in a few minutes. As always.

Or had he been somewhere else?

And that was as far as she allowed the train of thought to travel, because she didn’t want to let it call at any more stations.

She was being stupid, she was sure of it, and didn’t want to waste all her mental energy fretting.

Bang on time, the room was bathed in the harsh illumination of Jake’s headlights. A little smile grew on her face as she listened to him getting out of the car, and coming inside.

She pretended to be asleep when he stepped in to the room a few minutes later. His weight beside her on the mattress made her move slightly, but she kept her eyes closed and feigned soft breathing.

The stress she’d been ignoring faded instantly as he planted a tiny delicate kiss on her naked shoulder and whispered a loving hello.

She didn’t reply, not in words. Instead, she let out a contented little moan, hoping it would stir his loins a little the way it used to.

He answered in the right way.

She felt his nails slowly scraping down her spine, luxuriating canlı bahis in his touch, before his hand found her buttock and gave it warm squeeze. Another little kiss at the nape of her neck, and she gasped as his hand slapped down hard on to her ass.

“Hello,” she whispered into the pillow.

His mouth began to plant tiny kisses across her shoulders, the tip of his tongue teasing at her skin, and she felt her nipples straining hard into the bedding below her. The sensation of his soft lips puckering against each vertebrae as he made his way down made her mouth open and her breathing grew heavier.

As he reached her lower back, he began to nuzzle and bite, finding the spot she liked the most. Pain, though slight, as he sank his teeth into it and she gasped to let him know she wanted more.

He obliged.

Sinking his teeth in a little deeper before sucking the flesh into his mouth, he pressed his fingers urgently into her buttock, before spanking it lightly once more.

Then nothing.

The weight beside her disappeared and his touch was gone.

With her eyes closed, she listened as he tugged urgently at his belt, heard his clothes fall to a heap beside the bed, then felt him kneeling between her legs. His large warm hands cupped her ass cheeks firmly, and began to knead at them rhythmically. The urgency of his massage told her he was rock hard back there.

She felt his hands pull her buttocks apart, and felt the warmth of his breath on her asshole as he pressed his face into her. The tip of his tongue found it and teased it with such passion she arched her back and swore viciously.

Normally she would need to feel his fingers inside her pussy now, but instead she gasped, “Fuck me.”

His hands gripped her hips and lifted her up on to all fours. The weight of her tits hanging under her chest and her ass pointing in the air made her feel exposed and wanton, and she begged for his cock once more.

That’s when she felt the tip of it push onto her swollen clit, massaging her with bahis siteleri her own juice, stroking up and down the length of her slit, penetrating her slightly, but not enough.

She urged herself back onto it, but he teased her more, letting it slide under her pubis and stroking it through her curled hair. She reached under herself and gripped it, pumping it and squeezing it, all the while sighing that she needed it inside her so badly.

And then he pushed it in, all the way to the base of his shaft, and she could only gasp loudly as her pussy walls stretched to accommodate him. The muscles gripped at him, and she loved the arousal in his voice as he whispered, “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

His hips came away from her ass as he pulled out, almost to the tip, and held himself there. If she moved, it would fall out, so she held her breath. With a firm, deep and urgent stroke he thrust back into her with such force she felt him slapping against her.

She swore.


His hand snaked up her spine, sending dozens of tingling shocks through her body as his fingers gripped her hair and pulled it tight, bending her neck and curving her back, pulling her deeper on to his swollen, red hot prick.

“Is this what you wanted this morning?” he asked huskily.


Jake began fucking her properly, building up rhythm and speed, as she fucked him back, feeling her tits swinging beneath her, letting it all out, moaning and swearing with abandon.

The occasional spank made her gasp even louder, and he reached under to frig her clit ferociously. The orgasm she had been denied all day burst from her so powerfully that her arms collapsed and her face sank deep into the pillow. It stifled her frenzied exhalations, as her body tensed and she came in waves of relieved pleasure.

Jake knew to let her ride the sensations alone, pulling out slowly and sinking into the bed beside her as she luxuriated in it.

The cool air teased her sweat-soaked skin as she kicked her legs out and bahis şirketleri fell into the mattress. It was hard to breathe taking her weight on her chest, so she rolled round and lay on her back, feeling her tits rise and fall as her lungs struggled to give her the air she needed.

Her thighs spread wide and her hands nestled on her tits. Jake snuggled beside her and nuzzled into her neck, kissing and nibbling as his finger found her clit and circled it slowly. She loved that. She loved the way he could coax another aftershock out of her after such a big climax, and she revelled in it when it came.

When her breath returned, she rolled over and snuggled into Jake, resting her head on his heaving yet still taut chest. Her hand found his cock, coated in her silky juices, and she let her fingers engulf it and slowly work at it with a soft pump.

The rhythm grew faster and harder as she felt him expand to the touch, and she licked at his nipple, stroking around it and sucking it softly. The shaft in her hand was swollen solid now, and she knew he was close.

She wanted to feel it all over her, so she didn’t let go as he arched his hips and twitched in her grip, sending hot streams of his sticky spunk all over her fist.

It cooled quickly as she played with it, her head resting on his chest, listening to him catch his breath.

Finally he whispered, “Sorry about this morning, you woke me up from a really sexy dream.”

She smiled as she made a ribbon of spunk with her fingers, letting it loop from her hand to the tip of his shrinking cock. He didn’t smell of another woman, and his ardour for her was apparent.

Her lips puckered and she began to slowly kiss her way up his chest, massaging his come into his abdomen as she licked up his neck and stroked her tongue along the shape of his jaw. She nibbled at his chiselled chin lightly, then leant up to kiss him.

But just as her lips approached his, he sat up quickly with a sharp intake of air and explained he was desperate for a piss.

As the loud noise of water breaking water extinguished her mood, Jodie lay on her back and tried to come to terms with her feelings.

Christ it was a good fuck.

But she still felt empty.

She needed that kiss.

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