Special Evening

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\As I approach the bed you are laying on your back naked, waiting for me, your slender, sexy body stretched out before me. Looking down at you, I see you shudder slightly with excitement in anticipation of what we plan to do. Dear, sweet Erin. We’ve been intimate with each other for several months now, and have been learning more about each other all the time about what turns us on. Tonight will be something special for us. We gaze at one another for a few long moments. You shiver again, your nipples stiffen. My cock twitches and begins to swell. We smile lovingly. Then I climb onto the bed with you.

I kneel beside you and begin softly caressing your skin. My fingertips glide over your thighs, hips, and lightly play over your pussy. My hand caresses the satiny skin of your tummy, fingers climbing your ribs, then my palm pressing firmly but gently on your belly. By now you have noticed how hard I am and have reached up and begun stroking my lust-engorged prick. My finger dances around your bellybutton and you smile and softly giggle at the sensation. Then my fingertip slides into your navel and I gently move it around. There is a sharp intake of breath and you arch your body, pushing your tits toward the ceiling. I lower my head and take one of your hard nipples between my lips and suckle it as I continue to finger your bellybutton. You sigh deeply, feeling my lips and tongue loving first one nipple then the other, and your hand squeezes my cock firmly.

After some time I rise up and gaze down upon your lovely form. We look lovingly and lustily into each other’s eyes and I caress your face with one hand and alternate between your navel and your clit with the other. You pull my cock and bend it down and touch my cockhead to your nipple. The contact is electric for both of us. You lift your head and kiss and lick and suck my cock for a few moments, then resume rubbing it on your tit.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your cock on my skin,” you say, so quietly I can barely hear. Suddenly you look me straight in the eye and say, “I love your CUM on my skin, too!”

You stare back web tasarım down at my cock as you stroke it and rub it all over your tits, working yourself into a frenzy. I slip a finger into your pussy, smile down at you and calmly whisper, “You want me to cum on you?”

Your body stiffens and begins to shake as an orgasm shoots through you, your wet pussy spasming around my finger.

You lie panting for a few moments then suddenly you want more. You raise yourself up slightly and begin stroking my cock furiously only inches from your face and start mumbling, “Nice hard cock…mmm, full of cum…I love your cock…,” as you stroke and kiss and lick my shaft and cockhead.

Your other hand cups my balls and you start licking them saying, “Is that where your cum is?…Is there a lot of cum in there?…I want it…I want it all…want your cum…”

All this passion has me building quickly toward climax, so before it’s too late I gently take you by the shoulders and lay you back down. You moan in frustration as I take your hands away from my prick. You look so helpless and desperate. I lean down and kiss your panting lips and pretty face and whisper, “Don’t worry, my sweet Erin. I’ll give you what you want.”

I place your arms up over your head, which stretches your torso and lifts your breasts so beautifully and leaves you completely at my mercy. I give you a tender kiss on your lips then take my cock in my hand and begin caressing your breast with it. I then start slowly moving around your body rubbing your soft skin with my shaft. I run my cock over your face and lips and even let you suck it into your mouth for a little while. But soon I move on, continuing to give you a cock massage. Down your body, from breast to ribcage, to belly, to hip, to thigh, to knee, to foot. Then back up the other side. When I reach your other breast I swing my leg over and straddle your body and rest my tortured cock between your pert, perky tits. Your eyes have been closed as I’ve been caressing your body with my cock but now you open them as if coming out of a dream. Your web tasarım ankara eyes plead with me. You’re so lovely and you’ve been such a good girl. And my cock is ready to explode.

I put my hands above your head and lift my self off you and raise my hips over your face. Then lowering my cock to your waiting mouth I’m welcomed in by your lips and tongue. Hovering above you, we are connected only by my cock and your mouth. I let you contentedly suck me for a few minutes then reluctantly pull myself from your loving lips. How I would love to remain there just a little longer and cum in your warm wet mouth. And you, too, would love to swallow my load. But this night we both want something else even more.

I settle back and again begin running my now wet prick over your tits. More urgently now I rub my stiff throbbing penis on your nipples. It almost hurts, your nipples are so hard. We are both breathing quickly and heavily, and I start inching my way down your body dragging my prick along your skin leaving a wet trail of your saliva and my precum.

“You want me to cum on you, Erin?” I ask.

“Yes,” you hiss. I move lower.

“Where do you want it?” I ask.

“Anywhere!! Everywhere!! I want it!!”

You pant breathlessly. I’m now low enough on your body to rub my swollen cock on your belly. I circle your navel a few times with the tip, and then I place the mushroom head right on your navel and press in. You moan and I lean down nose to nose with you. We look into each other’s eyes and through clenched teeth I say, “I’m fucking your bellybutton, Erin. I’m fucking your sexy little bellybutton.”

You’re almost incoherent, “Yes…yes…cock…fuck…”

“You want my cum, don’t you Erin?”


“You want it on your tummy, sweet Erin?”

“OH GOD, YES!! Please…please, cum on my tummy, CUM ON MY TUMMY!!!”

I slide slightly lower, straddling your hips and settle back down on you, my balls nestling warmly into the V of your crotch, my cock still pressed into your lower belly. I passionately kiss your throat, lick your tits and suck your stiff nipples as I hump your belly faster and faster. The hair on my balls scratches lightly on your clit and you begin to cum.


I lift my upper body off you and we both look down at my fat, swollen cock pointing up between our bodies, my balls pressed against your wet, cumming pussy. My cock swells. I groan. My whole body feels like it implodes as my cock explodes. The first torrent arches high and falls in a long curving white rope along the length of your flat tummy. You squeal with delight then with surprise as my next two shots overshoot your belly and land on your tits. Your hands cup your tits and rub my sticky cum all over them. You are giggling hysterically, “Yes, yes…more cum. I love it…oh god…cum on me…more…”

And more is what you get. My pulsating cock delivers shot after shot of hot cream, splattering down on your sensitive skin. Finally I rise up and grab the base if my cock and crouch over you jerking out the last shots. One last large drop collects at the tip of my cock and I hold it above your navel, which has somehow escaped being hit by the initial deluge. From about a foot above it’s target the last of my cum detaches from my cockhead. Direct hit. You’ve noticed what I was doing and join in the joke.

“Bull’s-eye!” you say, laughing. “I knew you wouldn’t let my bellybutton go without.”

With that you start smearing the cum all over yourself, almost as if in a trance. You take my soft but still swollen cock in your cum-covered hands and massage it and my balls gently. Looking at me with a warm smile you say, “You came so much.”

“All for you, my darling Erin, all for you” I answer. You press my cock against your warm tummy, and we both gaze down at your beautiful cum coated body.

“All for me?” you whisper, re-entering your trance, “All for me?”

Exhausted and happy, we lie side-by-side for some time. Each of us occasionally idly playing with the cum on your tummy and tits. Finally you drift off to sleep.

I kiss your cheek and get out of bed and switch off the video camera and hit “Rewind,” knowing you’ll want to watch this tape as soon as you wake up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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