Slippery Sister Ch. 02

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{Here’s part two. Thanks for the feedback on part 1. I know I need work on my punctuation. If anyone sees something that stands out, can you point it out to me?}

I dried myself, slipped a pair of night shorts on and sat on the side of my bed, without even knowing what I was doing. I didn’t even hear Cat come out of the shower and walk to her room.

When I came back to myself, I was sitting on the side of my bed with my towel balled up in my hands. I stood up and walked down the hall to put my towel in the laundry.

“Hey Bobby?” Cat shouted.

“Yeah?” I said; my mind still distant.

“My back is really dry. I’ve got some oil in here, but I can’t reach. Please put some oil on for me. I haven’t put any on my back in a long time and it itches like crazy.” she called from her room.

When I got to her room, I wasn’t surprised to see her laying the same way she was before. This time she had one hand up over her shoulder, holding her long blond hair up off her back and the other hand was stretched out toward the door with a bottle of oil in it.

Fine, I thought, she’s suddenly not shy, she wants me to put oil on her, I’ll do it. I could feel my shorts rise away from my body as I started into her room, so I held the towel in front of myself to block her view, since my cock was threatening to push its way through the front of my shorts.

When I got to the side of the bed, I took the bottle and when I did, she reached over to where her other hand was holding her hair and folded it into some kind of bun on top of her head. She then folded her hands in front of her and rested her chin on them. I was standing there thinking, who is this girl and what has she done with my sister, as my eyes glided down her body, taking in every inch, not wanting to miss a freckle.

“Thanks Bobby, make sure you use a lot, I’m really dry.” Cat said, as she rocked back and forth to get comfortable.

At this point, I could have used my cock to hang the towel on while I put the oil on her. I was thinking I should wrap the towel around my waist, so my hard on wouldn’t be so obvious.

Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed the towel out of my hand and said. “I don’t need a towel.” As she tossed it on the floor. “WOW! Did I do that? She said with her eyes wide when she turned her head back toward me.

“I’m sorry!” I gasped, with panic and embarrassment taking over my mind and I started toward the door.

“Hey!” Cat yelled and grabbed my arm. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s a natural reaction, and I’m flattered. Please put the oil on Bobby, I’m so dry and itchy. Please?”

I took a deep breath. “Ok, I thought you were going to be pissed, that’s why I was holding the towel there.”

“Don’t be silly.” Cat laughed, and rested her hand on her chin again. “I know about guys and their hormones at your age.”

“You mean, you…”

“No! I never had sex before, but Mom told me all about it. Come on, my back really itches Bobby!” Cat said, and moved her shoulders like she was trying to get something off them.

“Oh; yeah.” I said looking down at the bottle in my hand.

Well, I thought, that’s just it. Her back is dry, she wants oil on it, and she’s been getting me used to seeing her naked these last couple of days, so I wouldn’t freak, like I did the first day. I popped the top on the oil and Cat moved around to get comfortable again. I poured some oil into my palm, laid the bottle on her night stand and rubbed my hands together. Then I lightly started kind of brushing the oil across Cat’s shoulders.

“Bobby?” she said, with her teeth gritted, because her chin was still resting on her hands.

“What?” I said and pulled amatör porno my hands quickly away.

“I know you’ve probably never done this before; but I’m not going to break. It’s not like finger painting; you have to rub the oil into my skin. Remember when Mom showed us how to make bread?”

“Yeah?” I said, trying to figure out what that had to do with putting oil on her back.

“It’s kind of like kneading the dough, only you’re not going to be pulling on my skin and folding it over its self. But you use your fingers like that, while you’re spreading the oil around.” Cat explained, looking up at me and making motions with her fingers on one hand.

“Okay?” I said, reaching toward her again.

“And use more oil please?” she asked as rested her chin again.

“Got it!” I said, grabbing the bottle again and pouring more oil in my palm. In my mind if I was going to do something, I wanted to do it right. So now I was on a mission. I rubbed my hands to get again and spread the oil all over her upper back, and then I started at her shoulders with the kneading motion.

Cat sighed and said, “Yeah; a little harder.”

I put more pressure on my fingers.


I dug in.

“Easy!” she called, arching her back.

“Sorry!” I said, and eased up a little.

“Yeahhhhhh!” she sighed and sank into the bed, putting her arms up over her head.

I heard a muffled moan from where Cat’s face was buried in the covers. A few minutes later I heard more, she really sounded like she was enjoying it. OK, I was getting the hang of this now. Cat’s back really was dry; I could see a big difference between where I was rubbing as I worked my way down to the middle of her back and her lower back. I grabbed the bottle again, poured more oil in my palm, rubbed my hands together and went back to her shoulder and started working my way down again.

As more muffled moans told me I was doing a good job, I was noticing how smooth Cat’s skin was. Not a blemish on it. She also had, always had a beautiful tan tone to her skin year round. She never lay out in the sun or went to a tanning salon. We did spend a lot of time at a nearby lake, so I notice the slightest bikini line across her back and when I turned back from getting another palm full of oil, I glanced down a little lower, and notice a slight difference in shade between Cat’s lower back and her sexy smooth ass. It was the most perfect ass I had ever seen, granted, I hadn’t seen many in the flesh, so to speak, but a when I was younger a friend of mine had a huge stash of magazines, because he would grab them out of the garbage when his father threw them out. He was like the nudie magazine librarian. He would let trusted friends borrow them as long as we brought them back in good condition, and in a reasonable amount of time. So I did have references to compare Cathy’s ass to.

Another muffled moan brought my attention back to what I was doing. I grabbed another palm full of oil, rubbed my hands together and started working on her lower back. Cat gave another satisfied moan and turned her head toward me, laying the side of her head on the backs of her hands.

“Holy cow Bobby, that thing’s poking out farther than it was before!” Cat said, staring at the raging hard on that was making my shorts look like a tipped over tent.

I felt my face flush and said, “Sorry, I really can’t help it”

Cat kind of wiggled around and said, “You’re doing really good on the left side, but you’re not putting as much pressure on the right side”

“Sorry”, I told her, putting a knee on the bed to reach her better, “I was afraid if I leaned over any more, I’d anal porno be leaning on your back instead of rubbing it.”

Cathy raised her head off her hands, looked back and said, “Well, if you get up on the bed and put one leg on either side of me, you probably won’t have to lean over like that and you’ll be able to get even pressure on both sides.”

I started to lift myself onto the bed with my knee and Cathy said, “Wait!” Stopping me in my tracks. “I already put oil on my legs; you better take your shorts off so you don’t get oil all over them.”

I stared at her, trying to comprehend what I had just heard, then I said, “No way! I don’t have anything on under these.”

“Are you afraid I’m going to see you naked?” Cathy asked sarcastically.

“It’s embarrassing.” I told her, “I’m sticking straight out like a flag pole.”

“I’ll turn my head the other way, if you’re going to be a baby.” Cathy laughed.

“OK; fine” I grumbled, stripping my shorts off angrily and tossing them on the floor.

As I reached for the oil again, I could see a big grin on Cat’s face as she stared at my cock. “Now we’re even.” She said, “We’ve both seen each other naked.”

“Oh and I’m a baby.” I remarked, as I got on the bed and lifted my right leg, resting my knee to the right of her legs.

Cat giggled. “I knew you couldn’t resist a challenge.”

“I would whack you on the head with this pillow, if my hands weren’t all oily Cat.” I laughed, as I started rubbing oil into her lower back.

She just giggled again and said, “Mmmm, that’s good, could you get down a little lower too please?”

When I reached for the oil, my cock brushed against Cathy’s ass cheek. Two things happened, I was startled, because I wasn’t expecting that and it felt so good I thought I was going to cum all over her. I looked down to see if Cathy had reacted. She had had huge grin on her face, but her eyes were closed.

Whoa, I thought, what if I had cum all over her back, she would have killed me. I couldn’t help being so hard, she was the definition of the word sexy and now she was hotter than ever with the oil glistening on her.

I had also discovered that she had already oiled her legs and her ass, my legs slid easily against hers and when my cock touched her ass it felt very slippery. I was rock hard and throbbing. All I could think about at that moment was plunging my cock inside of her as far as it would go.

“Bobby, could you reach up and put a little more on my shoulders?” Cat asked, snapping me back to reality.

“OK.” I sighed, and started to get up.

“You don’t need to get up!” She called over her shoulder, giving me a disappointed stare. “Your arms are long enough to reach.”

I knew that, but I also knew what would happen when I leaned forward to reach for her shoulders. Well, who am I to argue, I was thinking, she must have felt the contact when I reached for the bottle. As I started pouring more oil into my palm, I noticed Cat’s eye open. She suddenly swung one of her legs up and pushed against my back, causing me to spill oil down the front of me and all over her ass.

“Hey!” I yelled. “What the…”

Cat giggled and closed her eye, grinning widely. OK, she’s obviously feeling playful, I thought as I rubbed my hands together, I guess I’m about to find out. My cock was not only hard and throbbing now, but also covered with oil.

As I leaned forward and started rubbing her shoulders, the contact between my cock and her soft oiled skin was amazing. I felt myself gasp when she lifted her ass up causing my cock to slide easily between her cheeks where it had been nestled. The slippery warmth ana breakers porno between her cheeks felt incredible. I moved my legs back a few inches and as I leaned to reach her shoulders, my cock slid between her legs. Now I could feel the warmth of her pussy just inches away from my cock. My mind and my cock felt like they would both explode any second.

Cat moaned, “Up higher on my shoulders Bobby!”

As I did I could feel how hot she was and there was a wetness there that was not oil. Cat moved her ass forward slightly, then back. This time I felt her lips against the tip of my head, she moaned quietly and moved forward again. Cat backed into me again, sending the head of my cock just past her lips, causing a wave of heat to roll though my whole body. She moaned a little louder this time as she slid forward again. I was in paradise; I had never felt this good before. Cat glided back until about a quarter of my cock was inside her, moaning again.

“Oh Cathy”, escaped from my lips, in a soft whisper, before I realized it.

“Tell me!” She whispered sharply at me, as she slid off me again.

“You are making me feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life!” I moaned, and this time, I followed her forward, sliding half of my shaft inside her before pulling back.

“Yes!” she moaned louder, “I love the way you feel inside of me Bobby; say my name again; please!”

“Oh Catherine!” I moaned almost pleadingly, “I never want this feeling to end!”

As I pushed forward, Cat pushed back burying my full length inside of her and we both moaned loudly this time.

“I want you inside me forever.” she purred, as we both moved faster, in a rhythm.

I would pull back and she forward until just my head was inside her, then thrust back together sliding my full length back inside. She was moaning even louder now and I knew, between that and how good she felt, I was about to explode.

“Cat,” I whispered.

“Yes Bobby?”

“I want to kiss you; can I ask you to turn around?”

“Oh Bobby, yes!” she yelled and when I pulled back this time, I pulled all the way out of her.

When I did, Cat’s oil soaked body twisted below me and I kicked my legs off the bed, as she spread hers, landing first on my feet and then my knees between her legs, desperately wanting to be inside her again and have my lips on hers. I took her beauty in with a gasp. She was perfect, her firm curvaceous breasts were tan and smooth, her stomach was flat and toned, her sides had that sexy hour glass curve and when I looked at her beautiful, hot, wet pussy, I had to be back inside of it.

As I began to penetrate her, she put her arms around my neck, pulled me to her and embraced in a long passionate kiss. I thrust myself into her and she lifted he hips with equal enthusiasm, until I was balls deep in her pussy.

“YES!” Cat screamed, breaking our kiss and throwing her head back, while we pulled away from each other and slammed madly back together again. We picked up the pace, hard and fast, Cat not being content to just lie there, but giving me back as much as I was giving her.

After a few more minutes at that pace, both of us moaning loudly with pleasure, Cat snapped her head back and moaned, “Oh Bobby, you’re going to make me cum!”

That was it for me. “Oh yes Cat, I’m going to cum too!” I yelled

“Oh please; cum with me Bobby, say my name!”

“I will Cat; oh yes Catherine; I’m going to cum right now!”

“Oh Robert; I…I…I’m CUMING!!”

I literally exploded inside her, yelling her name, as she bucked wildly beneath me, screaming mine.

Then we were still. We lay there, still connected. I gently kiss her face and her lips as we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Bobby; I never imagined how beautiful that would be.”

“I was; was; I can’t even begin to describe the feeling Cat.”

I rolled her over on top of me and we lay there until we fell asleep in each others arms.

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