Sleeping with My Enemy Pt. 02

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Steven rose from their booth to pay for the tab. The smile on his friend’s face was wider than a 4 lane California highway.

“You two really look beautiful together Steven. I hope you treat this one right.” Dawn said.

“I really hope so too. I like her a lot. What’s the charge?”

“Now you know, normally I would say your money’s no good around here. But I’m not trying to make you look bad. So just give me $20 and we’ll call it even.”

“You are a doll Dawn. Thank you so much.” Turning to his date, Steven asked; “Ready to go?”

“Sure.” Azia replied. “It was so good meeting you Dawn. I hope to see you again soon.”

“Bye darling. You take good care of my side boyfriend there. He’s a good one.”

The cousins exited the building into the clear night of evening. The usual pall of chemical fog that covers many California towns was not to be seen this evening. The sky was clear and for the first time in decades, the air was crisp and clean. Taking a couple steps forward past the door, Azia swayed on the way to the car, leaning against her cousin’s large body for support.

“Whoa.” She giggled.

“You ok Azia?”

“I’m fine…just haven’t had that much to drink in a few years. My therapist thought it best I didn’t drink while I was taking my psyche meds. So, you could say I have been on the wagon for a while.”

“Yeah…my mom put me on the wagon too. Apparently, I become a horrible person when I’m drunk. I took to drinking a lot when I was going through my divorce.”

Climbing in the car, Steven started the vehicle,

“That’s one of the ways I found this place. I brought Dannielle out here when we got the account. Dawn told me then I had made a mistake. During the divorce, I would come here and just drink the nights away. Too many times Dawn and Reggie had to drag me into a cab or get the cops to leave me alone when I got stupid.”

Steven turned back onto the highway and headed West.

“The worst time I ever had, Dawn called my mother. When she came down, she brought a gaggle of her church cronies. All of them had Bibles in hand, trying to lay hands on me; get the “demon of alcohol” off me. Needless to say, I lashed out. I actually slapped my mother in the face and told her to get her Bible toting ass away from me. This time, the cops came and did arrest me. She let me out after I sobered up. I knew then I had to stop and get help. Real help. So…I had a therapist for a couple years myself.”

Azia was stunned. For so long, she had felt that the only one who had gone through this was her. Yet, here was her cousin, her old nemesis, had gone through so much. Looking down, she noticed Steven drove with one hand on the wheel, the other on the shifter. Reaching down, she placed her hand on his. She could feel the strength in it. The feeling was powerful. Almost an electrical connection that flowed from the touch.

Steven pulled into the West Coast Inn & Suites. A common looking, turn of the Century abode that could have housed any number of families. Yet, it was run by an aging old black widow, whose husband bought the property after his stint in Vietnam and was now running it with her great grandchildren.

Parking in the back lot, Steven led Azia around to the front of the house. Once inside, Azia was again taken aback by the elegant interior as opposed to the crumbling façade of the outside. Sitting idly behind a counter in the foyer, a young woman was busy reading the latest edition of Black Locks magazine. A monthly dedicated to the care and upkeep of the hair of women of color. Without looking up from her pages, the young woman’s greeting was cold and matter of fact.

“Hi, welcome to West Coast Inn, rooms are $75 a night for a room, $150 a night for room and amenities. What you need?”

Steven leaned on the counter and cleared his throat in order to get the young lady’s attention. To wit, she still didn’t look up from her mag.

“Fancy…you know your Grandmother would kick your ass for treating a customer like that.”

The mention of her name and more importantly that of her Grandmother gained ALL the young woman named Fancy’s attention.

“Oh shit! My bad…Steven how are you doing?!”

Running around the counter, Fancy leaned up and hugged Steven’s neck, like a long lost relative. Azia looked on, as for the 2nd time that night; another female was ignoring her and totally into Steven. Wait…Steven was her COUSIN. She had no REAL TIES to his heart. They weren’t REALLY DATING. He had just helped her escape a situation and treated her to one of the best “dates” in her life. Why was she so jealous all of a sudden?

…Because she was still a woman.

Releasing the hold Steven turned and introduced the women:

“Azia, this is Francine Kilcrease, otherwise known as “Fancy.” Fancy, this is…”

“His GIRLFRIEND Azia.” His cousin interrupted.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry…I didn’t know “Uncle” Steven was dating again! I meant no disrespect.”

“Yeah.” Steven added. “I helped Fancy’s Grandmother find some suitable investments for the meager money left, from her husband’s teen porno life insurance policy that helped her keep this place, renovate it, and turn it into this B&B. I’ve known Fancy since she was barely out of those braces.”

“Don’t you start with that “Uncle” Steven.” Fancy ribbed. “You know I hated them things.”

“I know…but they were so cute on you.”

“Whatever…what do you need tonight?”

“I need a quiet room. Preferably one that isn’t too close to any other patrons.”

“No need to worry about that.” Fancy added. “This place is as quiet as a tomb. There might be a total of 6 people in the whole place. How about your favorite room on the 3rd floor, will that suit you? I don’t think there’s anyone else on the floor.”

“Fine…I’ll take it.”

“Since you’re a regular…I’ll give you the “family” discount. Just make sure you see Grandma in the morning or she’ll kill me.”


Paying the fee, Steven led Azia back outside to the side staircase that led to the 3rd floor. Walking through the interior, Azia took in the “homey” feel of the place. While it would never rate higher than 2 stars in any hotel/motel price book, the hallway and the room itself was smartly finished and felt like any well done, one bed flat apartment you would find in a middle-class suburb.

Entering the room, Steven asked; “What was that all about?”

“What was WHAT all about?”

“That jealous streak downstairs. You sounded like you wanted to rip poor Fancy’s head off.”

“Oh nothing.” Azia lied. “I just thought it was a little peculiar for you to be all hugged up on a girl that looks young enough to get licensed for a drink.”

True enough. Fancy was only about 19-20; 21 at the most. With a child’s face and a body shape that could easily be seen dancing on a “pole” at the thousands of clubs in L.A. But Steven thought better than to acknowledge that fact. Instead, he simply pulled Azia close into his arms.

“Yes…Fancy is cute. But she’s still a girl. I have ALL WOMAN right here.”

Steven kissed his cousin’s soft lips. He immediately felt the tension dissolve from her body.

“Oh…you are smooth.” She whispered. “Dannielle must have been crazy to let you go.”

They kissed for several minutes more, before Azia broke away from his embrace.

“I feel nasty and need a shower.” She replied heading to the bathroom. Stripping off her hoodie and t-shirt, she stood in the doorway in her white, lacy bra. “Are you coming?”

The water was warm and refreshing, as it cascaded on the two naked forms. Cleansing the dirt, grim and sweat from their bodies. But where the water succeeded in cleaning them, their dirty actions started the process all over again.

Steven took his cousin’s voluptuous body into his embrace. Trailing kisses all over her body. Her lips and neck. Leading to the milk dud sized nipples on her breasts. Azia moaned as he assaulted her senses. Every touch, lighting a wildfire. Every kiss, igniting a raging inferno. By the time his hands found purchase on her ass, she felt damn near drunk.

Then it happened. His fingers found her wet pussy again. She couldn’t tell whether it was from the water or her own juices. Either way…something snapped. Her mind raced back to that night at the Frat house. The feel of strange members pummeling and exploring her insides. The taste of pre-cum on her tongue as one strange dick after another moved past her teeth. Her feelings for Curtis and now her feelings for Steven crashed against her defenses like a tsunami. The face of Mya and her Mother screaming at her about being “wicked.” It was too much. She panicked.

“No! Stop! PLEASE DON’T!!” Azia yelled. Placing her hands against his chest, she pushed Steven away from her. His back hitting the wall, his swollen cock swaying almost comically.

Grabbing a towel, she stepped out of the shower, dried herself off, wrapped her shaking body, sat on the edge of the bed…and wept.

“WHAT THE HELL AZIA?!!” Steven said as he too exited the bathroom. His towel barely able to hide his massive cock. “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME OR SOMETHING? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!”

“EVERYTHING…and nothing.” She replied.

“What are you TALKING ABOUT?”

“I DON’T KNOW!! I don’t…know.”

“Don’t know WHAT!!?”

“I don’t know what I’m DOING HERE with you!! I don’t know what comes next. I don’t know how I FEEL!! Should I feel icky and ASHAMED?!! Or should I feel sexy and admired? FOR GOD’S SAKE STEVEN…I’M YOUR COUSIN!! Should I just have sex and keep moving…or should I have sex and let you into MY BROKEN WORLD?!! And what comes next…HUH?!! Do we just go back to our lives and pretend nothing ever happened? Would you be satisfied knowing that you fucked your drunk ass, fucked in the head COUSIN?!! Can you and I interact as if your heart wasn’t IN IT?!! Or that mine IS?!!”

“How do you profess to know whether my heart IS or ISN’T in ANYTHING?!!” Steven shot back.

“I DON’T KNOW!!” Azia screeched.

The tears flowed freely from her deep brown eyes. Her body heaving with every sob. For travesti pornp

the first time that night, Steven had no ready idea what to do.

“I just don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and wonder if my heart is broken from the hangover…or my thrice broken heart?!”

As Azia wiped her tears away, she lay on the bed, covering her naked body with the comforter. She could hear Steven’s every angry footfall behind her.

“Steven…I know what you must think of me right now and I’m sorry. You have gone above and beyond for me today and I thank you. I have no right to ask this of you, but I hope that you are the one man I have EVER KNOWN that might understand. Can you just hold me…please?!”

Steven paced for several minutes. He was at a total loss as to what to do. He was angry, frustrated (if not just a LOT horny). But he really wasn’t in the mood to sift through the damaged psyche of yet another woman. AS he looked at the silhouette of his cousin’s body under the covers. While yes, it was a lovely shape, was it worth the headache? Was she worth the further trouble? Was she worth the blue balls he was currently suffering now that she was having a change of heart? And who the hell was She to determine whether his heart was in this for real or not?! Hell…he had much more invested than she did.

But as he paced, he also remembered all she had said earlier in the day. All the hurt, pain, and obvious trauma she had been through. All the pain caused by those she had once trusted. Mothers, girlfriends, boyfriends and undoubtedly countless others. Did he want to add his name to that list? Push her closer to the abyss of eternity that he himself looked into?

The answer…was no.

Pushing aside his confusion and irritation, Steven disrobed, letting the towel fall silently to the floor. Putting on his underwear, he crept into the bed behind the grieving form of Azia, lending his weight to her body. His arm encircling her naked form and pulling her closer. Azia cradled his arm in her hands. Her trembling body sending waves of anguish rippling through Steven’s soul. Slowly, the tears dried, the heaves in her chest subsided, her breathing became steady and rhythmic. Peeking over her shoulder, Steven was presented with the slightly snoring, sleeping face of his cousin.

“Ain’t this a bitch.” He whispered to no one in particular. Settling into a comfortable position, Steven closed his eyes to the remains of this messed up day. Sleep took hold in minutes. His last thought being that as messed up as she was…his cousin was bringing him a moments peace.

Air. Steven’s brain was scrambling for air. Signals raced to the main computer from the lungs for the life sustaining element. Return signals alerted the rest of the muscles. Squadrons of protective signals activated the twitch responders for movement, telling the arms to defend. The legs to prepare to fight or flee. The last signals were dual purpose. Awaken the conscious and open the eyes. Open eyes…for God’s sake OPEN!!

Steven’s lids rose slowly. The feint illumination cast from the street lights outside, filtered through the curtains. His brain picking up on the body above him. Hair falling into his nostrils, lips softly caressing his mouth. Weight planted firmly over the lower part of his abdomen. The cause of his mind’s alarm.

Azia had straddled Steven’s body in the middle of then night. Her naked sex rubbed seductively over the shaft of his penis. Steven grabbed ahold of his cousin’s shoulders and lifted her away from him.

“What? You didn’t like it?”

Sliding his hands to her pelvis, Steven moved Azia’s weight to a more comfortable position over his engorged penis.

“I couldn’t breathe Azia.”


“Listen…what are you…”

She placed a finger over his lips to silence his protest. Leaning over, Azia began to leave a trail of soft kisses down his muscular trunk. Leading all the way to his obsidian obelisk. As she took the cock into her hand, she marveled at the size, weight, and girth of it. Her cousin had definitely been blessed. From her best guess, he was packing at least a good 9 ½ inches. If not slightly more. Dannielle must have been a fool not to worship this beautiful piece of man meat at her every opportunity.

Getting to the task at hand, Azia flicked her tongue to the underside of his helmet. Tasting the bitter/sweet tones of pre-cum that had seeped from his dick. She savored it as it mixed with her own saliva. Gently, she began to work her hand up and down the shaft as she took the head into her mouth.

Steven gasped as his cousin took the first length of his cock into her mouth. “Oh my God…Ahhhhhh.” He moaned. Azia began to suck his cock at a slow pace. Showing her skill at cunnilingus by simultaneously working her spit into a glorious hand job.

To Steven’s ultimate surprise, Azia was a very proficient lover. She missed no part of his cock with her tongue and mouth. She licked his entire shaft, cupped and suckled his balls, and even paid close attention to flick her tongue over the tip of his hole. tricky masseur He was in heaven. The longer he allowed her to worship his cock, the closer he could feel his orgasm rise. A powerful charge of cum beckoning to explode at any moment. He had to stop her.

Steven grabbed the sides of Azia’s face, pulling her back up for a breather. Their lips met, and he took in her scent. The mixture of her shampoo and regular body odor intoxicated him. He felt the tips of her nipples grazing his chest.

When their lips parted, Stephen asked; “Not that I’m complaining, but what’s with the sudden change?”

Azia looked her cousin in his dark brown eyes, lust emanating from hers: “I’m so sorry about that Stephen, I hope you can forgive me. But the alcohol had me feeling some kind of way. Had me thinking of things I shouldn’t have. My feelings went allover the place. Believe me Stephen, I wanted you so much earlier. But I didn’t want to be drunk and have regrets in the morning. Do you understand?”

Stephen answered by passionately kissing her lips, his hands rubbing her ass. Azia couldn’t take anymore stimulation. She needed his massive cock inside her now. Sitting up, Azia straddled Stephen’s lap, placing his head at the entrance to her love canal. But when she tried to sit on it, reality struck. The years of neglect had tightened her hole to the point that even though she was slightly wet, his rock-hard penis was too big to fit comfortably.

“OW!! Shit!! Wait…wait…wait.”

Azia hopped off and rubbed her pussy. Not since the night she lost her virginity has this ever been a problem.

“Don’t worry about it.” Replied Stephen.

Laying Azia on her back, he trailed soft kisses down her trunk. Flicking his tongue over each nipple on his way down. Kissing all around the lips of her pussy, sucking gently on the folds. Azia took in a deep breath through her teeth. Her cousin wasn’t playing fair…but she certainly didn’t mind.

“Oooohhhhh shit Stephen…damn.”

Stephen pressed forward. Leaning in, he took in her musky scent. The aroma of her arousal was intoxicating. Shooting his tongue forward, Stephen lapped at her hole. Licking all the way up to Azia’s engorged clit. She responded with an all over body shudder that forced her to clutch the sheets in her fists.

“OH MY GOD!! SHIT!!” Azia stressed through her teeth. She had forgotten how good it felt having her pussy paid attention to. Especially with someone as skilled as her cousin was displaying. Stephen continued his assault by licking circles all over her opening.

Soon, Azia was bucking and squirming from Stephen’s lingual lashing. Stephen’s next move was to slowly insert a finger into her core. As like his cock, it met some initial resistance, but by eating her pussy first, her natural lubricants relaxed her Kegels. With a little extra effort, his finger slid in without further protest. Curling his finger upwards, he found the rough, spongy top of her walls. The most sensitive area of her insides. Azia shrieked! Grabbing a pillow, she let the sounds of her ecstasy (and her mini orgasm) become muffled by the material.

Stephen wrapped his free arm around her waist and held her in place. Her squirming trying desperately to extricate herself from his skilled attack. But his strength won the struggle. With no other options left to her, Azia grabbed the back of his head, forcing his lips and tongue to press deeper into her clit. Grinding her hips into his chin. With every pump of her hips, her unstoppable orgasm crept closer. Then Stephen did it…he inserted first a second, then a third finger into her tight hole. Rubbing her walls in and out. Making sure to pay attention to her G-spot.

That was it. She couldn’t take anymore. Azia came harder than she ever had in her life. Her muscles tensed, her breath caught in her throat, her eyes rolled back. Then the shudders came. Wave upon wave of full body convulsions that sent her into nirvana. Her pussy dribbled juices all over Stephen’s chin. His fingers scooping her musky lubricant out with every stroke. Once again, the pillow became her best friend, her security blanket. It stifled her cries as she shook and sobbed her rapture.

Once her body stopped betraying her lust, she reached down and grabbed her lover’s face. Bringing him in for a wet passionate kiss. As their tongues jockeyed for position, she tasted her own arousal. The slightly tart, sweet flavor made her swimming senses spin even more.

“Please…I need you inside me.” Azia pleaded. “Let me do this.”

Again, she took a sitting position over Stephen’s hard cock. This time, though there was minimal resistance, she was able to slide his thick rod into her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh…” As she took in his cock inch by inch, her walls stretched to accommodate his thickness. She felt absolutely delirious.

“Fuck Azia…you’re so tight.”

Azia began a slow grind. Moving her hips back and forth, letting her pussy become accustomed to the size of the object impaling her. Stephen grabbed her ass, lifting her hips off his pelvis, creating space for her to land back down. A minor shockwave rippling through her as her clit found purchase on his skin. Over and over, Azia’s body rocked back and forth, taking the cock all the way down. Letting Stephen fill her up. His penis hitting all her spots.

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