Sibling Rivalry?

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Dear Dr. Jocelyn,

I never thought my sister and I had much of a sibling rivalry. And to this day, I still don’t understand people who resent their brothers and sisters. For me, there wasn’t much to compete about. Roxanne and I are three years apart. We are both intelligent, educated women, who happen to have a lot in common; without stepping on each others toes.

I was proud to be her sister, who wouldn’t. She was the most popular girl in our town, and made high school very easy for me. My freshman year, was her senior year, and I was allowed in to her circle of friends. Although I was shy, I became popular amongst my peers because I was perceived as being well beyond my years. Perhaps that is why I felt some guilt towards her for a time- for the bad thing I did.

Before I get to that, perhaps I should explain why my sister was so popular. Roxanne is nearly 5’10 with long black hair, and the most beautiful features a girl could desire. She has been this way since the day she was born. Our family members affectionately referred to her as “The Natural.”

Then at about age 15 it happened. Roxanne started to develop, and it seemingly never stopped. While I was busy playing in her room one day, I noticed my sister had five bras on her bed. When I picked them up I was stunned by their size…34D. It got to the point that my girlfriends and I would have fun at sleepovers, by checking up on the various increases in the of my sisters bras. Boys would call the house constantly, causing my mother to shake her head, and my father to screen her calls.

I looked at pictures of celebrities and actresses, and soon realized that I had someone of equal caliber living under the same roof. As for my sister, she could hardly care less. She treated the boys as if they were no different from her buddies, which made them want her even more. The girls thought she was so down to earth and smart, that they didn’t see her as a treat.

I, on the other hand, took a different path. Although we both excelled in academics, I also turned to athletics. Roxanne decided to do some modeling in college, and I became a bit of a tomboy, excelling in gymnastics and tennis.

And the event that challenged my relationship with my sister was likely the result of my constant tennis play. I was on scholarship to a university about an hour from my our hometown. Roxanne was a senior in college in upstate New York. My classes were complete and I was home for the summer. It was then that my mom started to make the comments.

“You must be playing lots of tennis these days, your legs look tan as frech fries.” she said when I got out of my car, laundry in hand.

My dad asked me what I had done different with my hair. I told them that is was just a quick highlight, and he hugged me and told me I just looked as if I had a “new look”.

I guess I hadn’t paid attention to what I considered normal behavior. I picked up my intensity of workouts, and a girlfriend in the dorm had gave me some hair and makeup pointers. My strawberry blond hair looked a bit different with the highlights, but that different? Hmmm..who cares, I was just going to spend my summer sitting around the pool and playing tennis at the club.

The next day Mom and I went to the grocery store. I had just spent the better bahis firmaları part of the moring hitting balls, and a trip in town sounded just right.

“Julie, you are going to drive these boys crazy by the end of the summer” my Mother joked as we walked out to the car with our cart.

“What do you mean mom” I asked.

“The boys, the high school boys that work here.”

“What about them?” I asked naively.

“Well honey, they only followed us around the entire store, and Betty Stewart’s son and that Reynolds kid nearly ran into the sliding doors trying to get a look at you” she said.

I turned back and saw the guys standing outside the store, watching us as we put the groceries in the trunk. They were whispering to each other, and started smiling adn waving when I caught them looking.

“Make sure you wear that tennis outfit to lunch, maybe the waiter will give us a discount” Mom said.

I guess she found this whole thing amusing. My sister was the sexpot of the family, and I was just supposed to be Julie the Jock.

When we finally got home, I ran up to my room. I pulled out my yearbook from my senior year, and looked at all my pictures. I also took off my clothes to shower, and looked at myself in the full length mirror in my room. There was a change it seemed. I guess I had my share of dates in college, but I thought that was what everyone did at school. Oh well.

It was Friday, and my parents were headed upstate to pick up Roxanne from school. She thought a car was too much a burden in the heavy snow, and Mom and Dad were more than happy to get the chance to return to their alma mater to get their daughter. I had practice in the morning, and had just got ready to take a shower when the doorbell ring.

“Hey Julie, welcome back” said the handsome face at the door. It was Bruce, a guy my sister had dated for about a year. He wasn’t the brightest in the bunch, but he was sure good looking.

“Hi Brucie, Roxanne isn’t here right now, Mom and Dad went to pick her up” I told him. “Maybe in an hour and a half”

“Oh, I was going to surprise her. I know your parents like to pick her up and all, go back to where your grandparent went” he said.

“You mean where they went” I corrected.

“Uh, yea, what did I say?” he asked.

“That’s ok” I said, ignoring his ignorance.”You can wait here if you’d like, you can watch the tv or something.”

We went to the living room and made smalltalk. I didn’t think it would be proper to take a shower with my sister’s boyfriend downstairs.

He asked about school and guys. I asked about his school. He had been going to welding classes, but dropped out and worked contstrution for the last six months. Judging by his body, he worked pretty well.

I handed him the remote and he started flipping channels. Sports, videos, sports highlighs…this guy was not exactly what I had in mind for my smart older sister. And then he came across The Young and The Restless.

“No, don’t go by that” I exclaimed.

“Go by what?” Bruce asked.

“Y and R, I forgot to set my VCR”

“Y and R, is that some sort of soap opera junk” he said.

“Yes Brucie, and I didn’t tape it, you have to go back” I demanded. “I have to see what happeded to my favorite character”

“I’m not kaçak iddaa going back to the crap” he laughed.

“Your as bad as your sister with that garbage” he said.

“Go back Bruce” I pleaded.

He just laughed, and laughed harder.

“Go back Bruce, Friday is always the best day” I pleaded once again.

He laughed even harder. “You chicks are nuts, there is no best day for a soap opera”

I stood up. I was really frustrated by now. I started stomping my foot.

“Why are guys such assholes with the remote in their hand? I have to see what happens today”

“Well I have the remote” he said with a smug look.

“Fuck you Bruce” I yelled. “I want to watch it.”

And with that, Bruce gripped the remote and held it above his head. Without thinking I dove on top of him and grabbed his arm. I’m only 5’5 and barely 119 pounds. I was no match for this big guy.

“What are you doing Julie?” he said mocking me.

“Give me that fucking remote you bastard” I yelled.

What ensued was a wrestling match. Me trying to wrestle the remote for Bruce, and him constantly raising it and laughing. I was diving wildly and losing breath with each try. But I was also not unaware of a tension that builit up from this playful act.

What was I thinking? Here I was alone in the house with my sisters boyfriend, wearing a tennis skirt and top, sweating, and wrestling around on a couch, with this stud who outweighed me my one hundred pounds atleast.

By the time I caught my breath, we had made it on the floor with Bruce between my legs, my skirt around my waist, and my top and come loose, so my bare stomach was showing. My long hair had somehow come loose from the scrunchie, and flowed all over the carpet. And yes, my pussy was weet.

We both stopped and looked in each others eyes. My heart was pouding as this gorgeous guy looked down at me.

“You look so fucking good” he gasped.

I could feel his cock harden as he leaned down towards my face. I opened my mouth as he leaned down to kiss me. His long tongue explored my mouth and I felt a surge through my body that made me shake. And then I did something that made me ashamed at the time. I started to grind my panty covered cunt up against the bulge in his pants…my own sisters boyfriend. I wanted to get fucked, and I didn’t care if he knew at that point.

Bruce needed to futher encouragement. He reached back for my zipper and undid my top. He unsnapped my bra, anticpating my breasts.

“Oh those tanlines are hot” he exclaimed. “You loook so fucking good.” was all he could say. I brimmed with lust as he kept repeating it.

Before I knew it he yanked my skirt down, along with my moist panites. Meanwhile, I was yanking on his shirt. It wouldn’t go fast enough, and I ended up tearing it, in an effort to get it off. When he was bare chested, there were muscles everywhere. His arms, chest and abs looked like steel. I was excited beyond my wildest fantasies. He went to unbutton his jeans, and I used my feet help push them off.

When they came down, his fat cock bounced to his belly and precum leaked from the tip. I stuck my hand around his cock, massaging the precum around his head. Any allegiance and respect from my sister was gone by this time.

Without so much as a hint of kaçak bahis foreplay, I grasped his big dick, spread my legs as far as I could, and pulled in to my wet pussy. I then wrapped my sock-covered feet on his hard ass, and pushed him deep inside me. He couldn’t have thrust more than ten times before I came, screaming how much I loved his big cock.

Bruce took over, pounding that cock in to me over and over again, sweat dripping from his forehead, down on me. It was hard, wet sex, and I was yelling the entire time. Bruce took this as encouragement, and began backing up, and taking the longest strokes I could imagine.

He then lifted me off the floor with his massive arms, and we landed on the couch again. He sat back and looked at me as I rode his prick. Bruce grabbed my butt, adn attempted to guide me on his cock. I don’t know what hit me, but I lost hit. I grabbed his hands from around my waist, and pinned them back on the couch. I then proceed to bounce up and down on his dick, screaming for him to come to entire time. I couldn’t believe a man could last so long. I then went in to overdrive, telling him how his dick felt so good.

My body started to convulse and jerk over and over again, one orgasm, two…and now a series of small ones. I lost it- my head was bouncing around now and my long hair was flying all over the place, in circles, around my face…all over Bruce.

“Ohhh fuck” he cried out, battering my pussy with his cum.

“Cum in me baby, give it to me” I yelled as I had a continuous orgasm of my own.

I collapsed on Bruce in a heap of sweat and hair.

He was breathing heavy and trying to regain his composure. Just then the phone ring. I was too drained to disengage. Than answering machine could get it.

“Honey, this is Mom, we decided to stop for a bit at this little cafe your sister suggested, There is some pasta in the refridgerator you can heat up in the microwave. Love you, see you in a few hours”.

Bruce and I left our scattered clothes in the living room. We went in the shower where I sucked his dick hard, got fucked doggy style and watched as he pulled out and sprayed my tits with his cum.

We fucked on my bed, my floor, and at the top of the staircase , before we finally made it downstairs. He was putting on his clothes and started shaking his head. I thought guilt had set in.

“That was the best sex I ever had. You are”…..he trailed off.

“Damn that was hot” he continued.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. How big his dick was. Everything he knew how to do. And most of all, I couldn’t believe I betrayed my sister by fucking her man. And he was so good. No man had ever done that to me.

My sister and parents finally made it home. I was happy to see her, but something just felt weird. Deep inside I feared Roxy would find out I fucked her boyfriend.

Bruce would come over and try to get me alone. I didn’t want to be tempted by him and he wouldn’t stop looking at me. One time he cornered me when Roxanne and my parents were out on the porch. He told me how he coulndn’t think about anything but me. How when he and my sister did it, he kept thinking of our night of hot sex. I was guilt ridden. The things I did with him, in the house my sister and I were raised in, and did those things repeatedly.

Of course the inevitable happened. Roxanne and Bruce broke up. She said that he started to act awful strange and that he just wasn’t himself around her. I knew what it was, but what could I say?

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