Shower with a Friend

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It was really cool having our best friends over for a visit. We did a lot of things together, but this time we went to the extreme. Billy and I were working in the yard getting it cleaned up. When we finished, we came in to the house to take a shower. I got in the shower first, finished, got dressed, and then Billy got in next. When I came out, Sue asked if I would take her to Walmart so she could pick up a few things. I told Michele that Sue and I were going to Walmart for a few things as we left. Michele was in the bedroom, still in her blue shortie nightgown, fixing the bed when we took off.

Michele could hear the shower start when she finished making the bed and she realized that Billy would need a towel and washcloth for his shower. She listened at the door and could hear him get in the shower. She cracked the door open and asked if he had a washcloth in there. When he answered no, she told him she was coming in to get him one and also a towel. He told her to come on in. Michele went in and went over to the closet to get him a washcloth and towel. She put the towel on the sink counter near the shower door, and walked to the shower door to hand him the washcloth over the top. He got the washcloth from her and they started to talk. Michele told him she was going to put her makeup on as she walked over to her sink.

A few minutes passed when Michele was just about finished and went to the shower door to ask if he needed anything else. Billy told her jokingly that she could wash his back for him. Michele laughed and told him that more things might happen if he was serious about getting his back washed. They started to joke back and forth about what else they could do in a shower, when all of a sudden Michele walked right in front of the shower door, reached down and pulled the front of her nightgown up exposing her front. She pressed her tits up against the glass of the shower door and told Billy what he really only wanted was to see them. Billy looked at the glass and saw her tits and nipples pressed up against the door. He also saw her white panties. He watched as she rubbed her tits back and forth, then push them firmly against the door so he could really see them. He half jokingly told her to take her pajamas completely off and come on in to wash his back. He told her that she would see something also. He really didn’t expect her to do so, but he said it anyway.

Michele went back to her sink area, removed her glasses, pulled her nightgown over her head and off. Then she pulled her panties down and off, then walked back to the shower door. She pressed her tits against the door, and put her hands on the top of the door. Billy saw her tits again, and this time saw her hands. He knew she had pulled her nightgown off because she wasn’t using her hands to hold it up. She asked him if he really wanted her to wash his back. I heard her tell him she could if she wanted to, but he wasn’t responsible if anything else happened. I then saw Michele reach for the handle of the shower door, grab it, and pull it open. Billy had his back to her, so she stepped into the shower behind him and closed the door. He turned to his right so he was facing the shower. Michele got behind him and reached over him to get the soap from the soap dish. When she did this, her tits pressed up against his back. She grabbed the soap, got her hands wet, lathered them up, bahis firmaları and put the soap back in the soap dish.

She started to wash his back up and down. She used her fingernails to stimulate his skin and help clean any oil and dirt from the pores. She washed his back for a few minutes. I could tell Billy was getting excited and wanted her to hurry up and finish so he could turn, rinse off, and show her how excited he was. When Michele finished, she reached around him, rinsed her hands off, and told him he could turn and rinse off his back. When he turned, he looked right at Michele’s tits and the hair on her pubic area. Michele looked down and saw that his dick was hard and sticking straight up. She asked if he wanted anything else washed. He told her that she could wash anything she wanted. She stepped forward and reached over him to get the soap again. His dick pressed up between him and her tits pressed against his chest. She lathered up her hands, put the soap back in the soap dish, then stepped back.

She then wrapped her hands around his dick and started to wash it and his balls. She could feel him getting harder and the feel of his balls getting fuller. She stroked him up and down, cupped his balls in her hands, and washed them also. Billy reached up and started to play with her tits. He squeezed them, massaged them, and pinched her now rock hard nipples. Michele groaned, told him that he was making her tingle, and she was getting so wet. She finished washing his dick, turned him around, and helped him rinse it off as well as his balls. She took her time by stroking his dick and massaging his balls while they were being rinsed off. When they were rinsed off, he turned around to face Michele. She stepped forward and asked him if he was clean enough now. He pulled her into his arms and they kissed. His hard dick now was pressing into her stomach area. She moaned into his mouth. He pulled back from the kiss. Michele looked up at him and asked him what should they do now. Billy reached up, put his hands on her shoulders, and then turned her around so her back was to him.

He pushed on the top of her back, so she bent over. He told her to spread her legs for him. She slid her right foot over so her legs were now spread. I watched as her hands slid back behind her to spread her pussy lips. Billy stepped forward and put the head of his dick into her. Michele then dropped her hands and put them on the wall in front of her. She told Billy that she really wanted him to fuck her now. She said she had wanted this for a long time. I watched as Billy slid into her all the way. I heard Michele scream from the feel of his dick sliding into her. I heard the sound of his pelvic area hitting hers. Michele then moaned loudly and told him to fuck her. She told him that she wanted to have him fuck her ever since they were in Flagstaff. Billy then started to slide in and out of her at a very fast pace. He then slowed down and slid his dick in and out of her so she could feel every inch.

Michele started cumming and shook as she called out his name Oh Billy, Oh Billy several times. He continued to slide in and out of Michele, and at the same time, reached around her and started to play with her titties. He squeezed them in both hands, rubbed them, and pinched her nipples. Michele came again from the feel of his dick sliding in and out of her kaçak iddaa and the feel of his hands on her tits and nipples. She told him to pinch her nipples hard so she could cum again. He did as she told him to, and she came again hard. She shook violently from her orgasm, and all I could hear coming from her mouth was a long low moan. Billy then slid his hands down to her hips, and started to slam in and out of her as fast as he could. Michele started to beg him to cum in her. She told him to shoot his sperm deep inside her pussy. She said she needed to feel his cum spray in her to help her cum again.

Right then Billy slammed into her, strained forward with his hips, and pulled back on hers. Michele felt him strain forward and told him over and over to cum in her. I heard Billy tell her that he was going to cum and he shifted her hips so he could get as deep as he could into her. Suddenly I heard Michele scream out that she could feel his cum being shot deep in her. She told him she was cumming again, and told him to keep hitting that spot in her pussy with his cum. She told him she could feel the head of his dick rubbing a tickle area in her, and it was making her cum hard. Michele shook again, and Billy kept cumming inside her. Michele kept pushing back against him to keep him inside her so he would keep hitting her tickle spot. She felt his cum stop spurting and knew he was finished for now.

She quit pressing against him and let him slip out of her. She then stood up and told him to move out of the way so she could rinse out. She stepped around him, grabbed the showerhead, pulled it down, adjusted the head so it was the center stream, and put moved it down towards the opening of her pussy. She opened her legs and pointed the stream at her pussy lips. She used her other hand to part her lips so the water could go up inside her. She sprayed the water inside her and I could see him cum coming out of her along with the water. She finished rinsing, put the shower head back up, grabbed the soap and washed her pubic hair and between her legs. She rinsed herself, and then she turned and washed off Billy’s dick and balls. She saw that he was hard again. Michele chuckled and asked if he was ready to go again. Billy looked down at his now hard dick and asked her to look at it and make her own decision. Michele looked down and saw that it was as hard as it was before. She told him that she didn’t want to fuck in the shower again, but wanted him to fuck her in bed.

She said that Sue and I were gone to Walmart and wouldn’t be back for awhile, so they could if they hurried. Billy reached around her and turned off the shower. Michele stepped out of the shower followed by Billy. She grabbed the towel on the sink, dried herself off halfway, then turned and dried off Billy. She dropped the towel, opened up the bathroom door, went to the bedroom door and closed it. Billy had already got into her side of the bed and was waiting for her to join him. Michele turned and walked to my side of the bed. She then got in and pulled the covers over her. Billy turned on his left side, grabbed Michele and pulled her over to him. They started to kiss. Billy was squeezing her tits with his hands, then slid his lips down to suck on them He sucked on her nipples one at a time. He sucked on them till they were rock hard, then trailed his lips down till they were at her kaçak bahis stomach. He kissed her stomach and used his hands to part her legs.

When her legs were parted wide. He trailed his lips down to her pussy and started to lick the lips. Michele started to moan and groan. She used her hands to push his face into her pussy and told him to lick her right there. She reached orgasm and pussy juice went all over his face and lips. He then trailed his lips up from her pussy, nibbled on her nipples then up to kiss her again. He shifted himself so he was now in between her legs. As soon as his hips got between her legs, Michele slid her feet up so her knees were up. Billy lifted his hips up so his dick was now in line with the opening to her pussy. He pushed his hips forward till the head of his dick made contact with her wet puffy lips. Michele reached down between her legs and helped guide the head of his dick into her. When it was inside her, Billy slid forward and pushed his entire dick into her.

Michele moaned out loud again from the pleasure of feeling his dick go deep into her. Billy the raised up on his arms and started a rhythm of sliding in and out of Michele. He looked down on her and saw her eyes were closed and she was rolling her head from side to side as she started to breathe really hard. She was telling Billy to fuck her and cum in her again. She told him to hurry. She then opened her eyes and looked up at him. She told him to kiss her. They kissed for awhile, and then she told him to hurry and cum since they didn’t know how long before Sue and I came back. Billy raised himself up on his hands and started to slam in and out of Michele. She was pushing her hips up to meet his downward thrust. Little did they know but Sue and I arrived back at the house right about then.

We opened the front door and walked on in. Michele and Billy didn’t hear us enter because they were too involved in fucking. Billy was slamming in and out of Michele so fast and so hard that you could hear the smacking of their pelvis together when he slammed all the way into her. When I closed the front door, Sue motioned for me to come into the living room. She said that she could hear something going on in my bedroom. Michele was grunting with each push of Billy’s dick into her. She started to plead with him to cum in her. She moaned that she wanted to feel his sperm being shot into her again. Meanwhile, Sue and I walked to the bedroom door and put our ears against it. We could hear the sound of smacking as Michele and Billy kissed, and the sound of him slamming in and out of her. I reached down and grabbed the doorknob. I turned it and slowly opened the door just a crack.

We both looked in and saw Billy on his hands and knees between Michele’s open legs. The covers had long come off, and we saw Michele’s legs pushed way back, her thighs over Billy’s arms, and Billy’s dick slamming in and out of her pussy. We heard Michele beg Billy to shoot his cum into her again. We saw Billy slam his hips forward and push hard into Michele. We saw him lock into place and heard him gasp to Michele that he was cumming. She screamed out that she could feel his cum shooting deep inside her. Billy bent down and kissed her. Michele was moaning into his mouth. We then saw her hands slide around and pull his butt in tighter to her. She pulled away from the kiss to tell him to cum more into her. Billy groaned from the release of his cum and told her that he loved fucking her. About that time, Sue looked at me and asked if I wanted to join them so she could get fucked by me. I smiled and nodded yes.

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