She Always was An Unusual Girl

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Alexis Texas

She always was an unusual girl. She refused to cry for her first day of life, which had the doctors (as well as her mother and I) quite worried, but she was fine, just determined to be different.

Her mother, Anna, always thought there was something odd about her, and often refused to hold her. I pencilled it in to post-natal depression, but she refused to get over it, and her interactions with our little Madeline were always a little strained. I guess I tried to make up for this lack of parental support by heaping more attention and love on our little girl, which put a bit of a strain on our relationship.

Madeline didn’t speak until she was three. We had her tested for hearing impairments, learning difficulties and a variety of other possible causes. We needn’t have worried, as she suddenly, without warning, one day said, “Daddy, how come Uncle Joey only visits when you are not here?”

Unsurprisingly, this opened up a huge can of worms. Anna cried and started throwing blame every which way. I tried to get her to talk it through, but she said she didn’t love me anymore, and couldn’t stand her daughter, who always looks at her strangely and acts so strangely.

So, I got sole custody of Madeline, and we watched Anna pack her things, get into ‘Uncle Joey’s’ car and drive off, not once looking at us. I stood there at a loss, wondering how this could have happened, and a small hand snuck into my own. I looked down at my daughter, a smile lit up her bright green eyes, and she said, “Don’t be sad, daddy. I will still be here to look after you.” She was completely unfazed with her mother leaving.

As she grew up, she continued to do odd things. She had an invisible friend, who apparently liked to stack things, which lead to odd piles of books, often 6 feet high (I never worked out how she managed this). I would wake, and she would be standing by the bed, staring at me, her face inches from my own. She would say that she was ‘protecting my sleep’, whatever that meant. Her drawings would be unbelievably detailed, even from a young age, and would be things like evil princesses kidnapping poor monsters, or strange amalgamations of different animals, which she each gave names and a detailed backstory to.

As she got older she was always a bit of a loner. This wasn’t because she had trouble making friends, she just never seemed to want to, or even see the point of them. One day she did make a friend, and they became really close for a time, only for Madeline to call the friendship off, as it had only been an ‘experiment’.

She grew older still, and still remained odd. She always seemed not quite there, as if she lived in her own little world. She wore oversized baggy clothes that hid her body, even in summer, and wore her pretty blonde hair way back in a ponytail. She wore large glasses all the time, even though she only really needed them for reading.

Even though I could see she was odd, I still loved her. She would tell me everything about her days, and we would work on the car together, or watch movies, and she became a friend as much as a daughter. She also enjoyed sitting in the corner during my fortnightly poker games with my friends, just listening to us joke around. Looking back, I think that was where the big problem may have begun.

Big Al was a big of a braggart, and liked to make fun of us all, in a good natured way. He also had just taken a large hand off of me, throwing down a full house over my three two’s.

“Damn, Harry,” he said, “What is with you today? Did you forget to charge your poker brain before the game? I am taking everything form you!”

“Give it a rest, Al,” I replied, feeling grumpy about the loss. “Not in the mood.”

“Everything okay, Harry?” asked Little Al. Little Al was very short, barely reaching 5 feet tall. He is quiet and sensitive, and a real friend to have around.

“He’s alright, just having a bad run of it, right, mate?” added Chuck, our fourth player, and one of my closest friends.

“I’ll say, a bad run in everything, including the ladies!” laughed Big Al. “That’s what you need, Harry, a nice, warm pussy to take away all your stress!”

“You could do with getting out, and finding someone,” put in Chuck. “You might be a bit happier with a new lass, despite how much I hate agreeing with Al.”

“Not a new lass! Pussy! PUSSY! It will kill all of that stress, and you will find your life a happier, calmer place, and it will even chase off heart disease. Hell, that is why a guy my size still hasn’t kicked the bucket!”

We all laughed, until I caught sight of Madeline off to the amatör porno side, still silent, with one of those thoughtful expressions on her face.

“Cool it guys, don’t forget we have an audience.”

“Oops, sorry Mads, forgot you were there. I guess you are the closest thing to a girl your dad’s ever gonna get, huh?”


Our lives continued, and Madeline continued to go her odd way. She started going to a local college, going for a degree in advanced science, but stayed living with me. Her eighteenth birthday came and we celebrated with a nice bottle of red wine, talking for aged. Afterwards I felt exhausted, so staggered back to bed and collapsed on to it, asleep before my head hit the pillow.

When I woke, I saw Madeline standing next to my bed staring at me she was wearing her over-large white robe, but her hair was still dry in her ponytail, so she hadn’t just gotten out of the shower. I struggled back to awakedness, suddenly struck by how pretty she had become. Her skin was flawless, her face finely shaped, and her eyes those amazing pools of green. With a start I saw she was wearing make-up, which I had never seen her bother with before.

“Wha…” I began, as I tried to sit up, but found my arms had limited movement. Still a little groggy, I looked up to see that I had been handcuffed to the bed with a pair of fluffy handcuffs. I struggled a bit, and found that my ankles had been attached to the bedposts with a couple of my ties. I began to panic a little.

“What’s going on? Let me up right now!”

“Shhh, daddy, I am here to help you,” she replied, putting a finger to my lips (nail polish too!).

“What do you mean? Let me up!”

“I’ve been thinking, and Big Al was right. You really need to have some sexual stimulation. You haven’t been out with a single woman since mom left! No wonder you have been so grumpy and stressed lately. But I know just the thing that will help you!”

I suddenly had visions of her hiring a prostitute, or talking some girl into coming over and giving me a mercy fuck. What was she thinking? “Hon, I don’t know what you have planned, but…” The words died in my throat as she calmly slipped the robe off her shoulders, staring me directly in the eyes the whole time. Underneath she was wearing some very nice lingerie, all pink satin trimmed with dark lace. Her bra cupped an amazing pair of breasts, lifting them into a great, deep cleavage I never knew was hidden under those baggy clothes. My eyes, acting on their own with no input for my brain, travelled down over her slender frame, which was beautifully toned. When she had been going out late in secret, I numbly thought, she must have been going to the gym. She was wearing a matching pair of pink and black panties, and dark pantyhose held up with lacy suspenders.

“Madeline, what do you think you…”

“I know you like it, daddy. I have been going through your porn folder, and I know what you like.” She saw my shocked and rather panicky expression, so she stepped in and placed her hand on my cheek, looking me deep in the eyes. “Daddy, I know that you need a woman to fix those urges, so you can be happy. But all women come with some sort of attachment, so this is the best option. I love you daddy, and I think this is important for you, so just lie back and relax.” This made some sense in her twisted logical way. Other women I would feel indebted to, if I were to sleep with them, but still, this is wrong.

“Madeline, let me up. We can’t do this. I am your father, and we can’t do anything like… this. Please, honey.”

She responded by reaching out and pulling off the sheet covering me. At some stage during the night she had got me totally naked, and I was embarrassed to see I had a partial erection. For my daughter!

“Please, no Madeline!”

“You need this, daddy. I know you will eventually realise this.”

She reached out and took hold of my cock in her small hand. Her fingers felt cool and dry as she gently ran them up and down my length. Her fingers were far from expert, but still, I hadn’t had anyone touch me there for a hell of a long time but me, and a traitorous part of my mind registered how wonderful it felt.

“Does it feel nice, daddy? I have been preparing for ages for this. I have watched all the videos you have watched, so I can be the best I can for you.”

“Madeline, please, you can’t do this, I don’t…” And all my hopes that this may only be a quick hand-job died, when my sweet young girl leant down and licked the length of my cock, which reared up in response. anal porno I pressed my head back hard into the pillow and strained against my restraints, no longer able to think of something to say that could stop something so wrong, despite it feeling so wonderful at the same time.

She kept working the shaft as she licked around the head. I looked down to see her tiny pink tongue darting out of her mouth over my sensitive skin as she had a look of concentration on her face. She then moved up slightly, and sucked the head of my cock over her tongue, and deep inside her inviting mouth. It felt as incredible as it did wrong. I had forgotten how much better this had felt than my own hand.

“Oh, Christ,” I exclaimed, as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock with much more enthusiasm than skill. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, hear the blood rushing through my ears, crying out as she plunged her mouth down suddenly, taking my entire length down her throat. I couldn’t last very long, the feeling of her mouth plunging down over and over on my cock became too much, and I cried out, “Madeline, please, I am going to cum!” This was meant as a warning so I didn’t cum into my daughter’s mouth, but she just started speeding up, beginning to use her hand to pump it hard as she sucked it hard like a vacuum.

The feeling felt like a freight train coming from a million miles away, and the orgasm felt like the train had hit me, it was so intense. I strained at my restraints, letting out a cry half of ecstasy, half of anguish, as I spurted wave after wave of cum down her throat. Madeline held her mouth clamped over my cock, pumping slowly with her hand, drinking in my cum, swallowing every drop. Finally I collapsed back onto the now sweaty sheets, and my daughter finally released me from her warm, wet mouth.

She wiped her mouth with a handkerchief which she had thoughtfully kept handy, smearing her lipstick some more. She had a triumphant, pleased look on her face, any trace of conflicted guilt nowhere to be seen.

“I have been practicing on some vegetables to get that deep. Although I did underestimate you size a little!” She suddenly moved in close, one hand on my chest, sitting on the side of her bed with an eager look on her face. “Did it work, daddy? Are you feeling any more calm or relaxed?”

While my daughter had no guilt over what had just happened, I did not have that luxury. “No, honey, at the moment I feeling very stressed. What we did was so wrong…”

“Oh,” she said, standing up. “Well, I guess it’s on to plan B then.”

With that she started sliding her underpants down her legs, only to have to undo her suspenders to get them off. While she was doing that, my panic started to rise again afresh.

“Madeline! No! You… We… This is not right! Release me at once!”

She leaned over and gave me a chaste peck on the cheek. “Don’t worry, daddy. I have already broken my hymen with a dildo a couple of months back. And I have been on the pill for quite a while now. I told you, I have been planning this a while now.”

Madeline climbed onto the bed and straddled me. My limp cock twitched as her pussy came into contact with it. With a shock I saw that she had shaved herself bald, probably due to the influence of my porn. She began to work herself back and forth along my length, my cock sliding along her pussy lips. It felt amazing, and it wasn’t long before I was rock hard again. Madeline suddenly frowned.

“Nuts, I have forgotten the lube.” She glanced towards the door, biting her hip, obviously debating as to whether or not to go get it, then looked back at me. “Ah well, I guess we will have to make do.” With that she raised herself onto one knee, lifting my cock up and straight, pointing straight at her sex.

I was able to let out a single, “No…,” before she pressed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She was a little moist, but not exceptionally wet, as she slowly worked her pussy lips back and forth over my cock, only letting the head in. This continued for a couple of minutes, and began to drive me crazy, it was making my cock head super-sensitive to be toyed with in this way. It was obviously having an effect on her, too. Her breathing became shallower, and small red spots appeared on her cheeks. Every now and then she let out a little. “Oh!” as the head tickled her clitoris.

She put her other knee down and began to work my cock deeper and deeper, taking more of me in each time she thrust downwards. She let out little moans as she reached the bottom of her thrust, and her fingers anal breakers porno curled on my hairy chest. Her pussy walls seemed to suck me in deeper, demanding me to try to thrust upwards as she came down. Suddenly she dropped, and my entire length was buried in her warm, inviting, forbidden pussy.

It felt wonderful.

It felt terrifying.

She smiled at me, saying, “Wow, daddy, your cock is filling me up. It feels soooooo much smoother than my dildo!” I think I would have cum there and then, daughter or not, if it weren’t for the fact I had cum so recently before.

Without giving me time to reply she began to ride me. Our sexes made a squelching sound as she pumped her hips up and down over my cock, pulling almost all the way off of me, before dropping back down to engulf me once more. She rode me with enthusiasm, a look of extreme concentration on her face, also a look of sexual pleasure and hunger, looking so out of place on my daughter’s face, with her usual ponytail and glasses, which she had not thought to take off.

I didn’t want to enjoy it, I really didn’t. my brain kept warning me that this was my daughter whom I was fucking, but another part of my brain overwhelmed that thought with how amazing this felt after so much time. My eyes travelled along her body, appreciating its sexiness as I was unable to before. She still wore her bra, and I began to wish my hands were free so I could feel them against my palms.

As if reading my thoughts, Madeline lifted one of her hands digging into my chest and started squeezing her left breast. We both groaned at that, and she began to grind herself harder on top of me. I lost myself to the feeling.

I could not honestly say how long she and I continued thrusting against each other, on one hand it felt like forever, on the other only a couple of minutes. But no matter how long had passed, I could feel my second orgasm rising. I resisted it, unsure if I was doing so to try and avoid cumming in my daughter, or whether to prolong this glorious feeling. I managed to keep it back for some time, a minute or two, when suddenly Madeline’s nail dug painfully into my chest, her other hand squeezing her breast as it popped from her bra, exposing her tiny nipple. Her back arched, and a little chocked squeal escaped her, and she had her first orgasm of her life. It must have been a good one, as he who body was rigid, and shook for what seemed like an age, her pussy squeezing my cock in the throes of her passion.

I couldn’t hold on through the feeling of this, and the sight of my daughter writhing in ecstasy on top of me, and I yelled a deep primal scream as I emptied a second massive load into my daughter for the day. I saw stars before my eyes, the orgasm was so intense. I took ages to breathe again, and Madeline collapsed onto my chest, mashing her breasts against me. She was obviously having the same issues, as her breaths came in short gasps, and her entire body was trembling.

Eventually she lifted herself up, and looked me in the face, through the strands of hair that had escaped their bonds. A gentle expression of curiosity lit up her face.

“I was meant to be making you feel good. That was very unexpected.” I was a slab of meat below her, trying to sort out my thoughts. “Daddy, are you relaxed now? Are you happy?”

Learning my lesson from last time (I was not sure if I wanted to know what ‘Plan C’ was), I said, “Yes, honey, I am very happy and relaxed, that felt great.” I was surprised at how much conviction there was in my voice. I had actually meant it, I suddenly felt better than I had in years.

She gave me another peck on the cheek, not as a lover, just as a daughter to her father, which felt surreal as I was still buried deep inside of her.

We gasped as she lifted herself off of me, separating us with a wet sound. She busied herself cleaning us up with more handkerchiefs as I watched her, still locked to the bed. I looked admiringly over her body until she put her robe back on (was that disappointment I felt?) and began to work on my bonds, starting with my ankles. She covered me with a sheet, undid my cuffs and lay next to me, cuddling in as she used to.

I rubbed my wrists, not knowing what to say. “You are a very naughty girl, Madeline.”

“I know, daddy, but I knew you would never let me do what was needed.” She stood up, retrieved her discarded panties and went to walk out. She stopped at the door, looked back at me with a bright, strangely innocent smile.

“Daddy, you really should get yourself a girlfriend, I can’t do this too often, you know! But if you do feel stressed, don’t hesitate to ask for some help, alright?” With that she bounced happily from the room, pleased at a job well done.

Ask her for more of this? I couldn’t do that, she is my daughter, this time was bad enough.

Could I?

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