Shades of Grey Girl

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I go to my local big store, once a week to buy my food and groceries. Its quite an upmarket store compared to most food supermarkets. Two big brands merged and became known as Assco. Not advertising for them, I will let you work out for yourselves which two supermarkets merged together and merged their name as well. Its prices are higher than most other supermarkets. But it does sell high quality items and lovely tasting food. All staff wear black uniforms; men trousers and shirts; for women its short black skirts, black stockings and a black blouse.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a ready meal and it slipped out my hand on to the hard floor and splattered everywhere down the aisle.

Just then an attractive member of staff was walking past, so I mentioned what had happened. Now in life I have seen plenty of shop workers who have long faces when things like this occur. But not this lady, she smiled at me and said:

“No problem let me sort that out for you.”

I looked at her beautiful face and bright red luscious lips. She smiled at me again with a demeanour that instantly warmed up my entire body. She instantly changed my mood and woke up my sex tool. it expanded in my trousers.

“Wow” I thought to myself as the girl bent over and started cleaning up. Her tight black skirt revealed two perfect bum cheeks. A lovely waist and perfect size breasts for her physique. But her most beautiful and standout feature was her hair. Not a natural blond or white hair but a toned grey, from near white to dark grey. Her hair was straight down to her shoulders; had vertical striped tones, switching from light to dark grey, which made her look gorgeous and ageless. It was impossible after getting a quick look at her face and figure to determine how old she might be.

She got up, smiled at me again, and headed off into the shop’s storage area, before quickly reappearing with a “Danger” yellow slip A-board “hazard” sign and a kitchen paper roll to clean up the last of the now very unready meal off the floor.

As she cleaned the grease off the floor, I now watched her boobs sway side to side and back and forth as she slid her arms to and fro’. I looked at her face again she had to be over thirty but not over forty. Her hair made her standout from members of the public. It was lovely, I had seen no-one with hair like hers before.

“Sorry, about making you have to clean that up.” I said as she finished off cleaning.

“Oh, that’s ok” she said as she pushed open the large twin rubber doors that led into the back storage area of the supermarket.

I watched the doors open and close as colleagues pulled out cages on wheels full of products to restock shelves. I could see my grey beauty standing up whilst typing onto a wall based computer system. Her head turned and looked at me again. As she watched me watching her, a big smile appeared on her face, but the those black annoying rubber doors closed. I didn’t manage to see her again that day, unfortunately.

However, I continued my weekly shopping and whenever I saw my grey haired girl we made lovely eye contact and she smiled gorgeously at me. But being at work and being allowed no time for breaks and on minimum wage, she was always off on to her next task. A large, unhealthy, miserable looking woman in everyday clothes, walked around the store, doing nothing but watching staff dressed in black uniforms.

It turns out that she was the store manager who was making sure everyone did their jobs, unless helping a member of the public, she was on their case instantly. What a pain in the arse she was.

Next week I was in Assco I spotted my favourite shop assistant up by the Trifle section. I quickly scooted up with my trolley. As I got closer to her, she said to me,

“I’ve been here for three minutes already? Where have you been?”

As I had never spoke to her before I was dumbstruck and mumbled “Erm, Hello.”

“Awwwh! Hurry up we don’t have long!” she said “Quick drop your trousers. Quick come on.”

I didn’t move “Oh for Gosh sake we are not on CCTV here. Who steals trifles!” She whispered to me.

So reluctantly I drop my trousers and underpants in one.

“Nice!” She says while looking at my packet. “You can take me out for dinner too!” She says.

“Come ‘ere!” She commands.

I walk up to her in the style of a penguin as my trousers are round my ankles. As I am looking at my now dust covered trousers, something warm engulfs my knob.

“Oh Trifle, Trifle and custard! Custard!!” Flies out of my mouth as her grey haired head bobs back and forth on my knob. I was about to groan out another and final “Custard” when she stops sucking my cock.

“Ok, over here now big bollocks.” She says as she turns around 180 degrees and grips the cooler’s shelf. With one hand she lifts escort kartal the back of her skirt.

“Quick get that bear beast in my cave! Before Maureen the moron manager gets off her break!”

She says.

Without thinking I close in on her naked arse, her hand grabs my cock and pulls me forward so I plunge into her orifice. As she grips me with her vagina I moan;

“Oh Heysus!” Trying to not say the Lord’s name in vain.

Her arse rocks back and forth as my tool slides in and out of her soaking fanny! Gosh, she knows what she wants exactly. I see one hand of hers underneath her pussy and her fingers working her clit. Then I hear;


Come out of her mouth and her ass stops moving, but her fanny muscle squeeze and grip my dick in a ripple effect. I feel my spunk being pulled out the end of my cock by her muscles.

To blow off and orgasm myself I selfishly decide to power my cock up and down her chute. Its hard work pulling and pushing against her mighty minge muscles but after 3 shoves, I power right in and hold my cock as deep as possible while it twitches up and down while I pump my cream up to the top her Trifle flange.

She slides off my knob and pulls her skirt down.

“Very nice” she says “You will do, definitely” she continues speaking as she walks off.

I fall forward against my trolley, total exhausted and emptied of all spunk. Eventually I get my pants up and walking like Yule Brinner in a 1960’s western, I walk out of the store.

I don’t know if she just wanted a quickie or if that was the only way we could get it on. She didn’t have a wedding ring on but maybe has a boyfriend? Was that the reason for impromptu sex. Could I take her out on a date? I was told not to go out with a girl who puts out on a first date by my Dad. Was that a first date! Oh I was confused. I did not know what to say if I saw her again. Should I even go back to the same shop.

I decided I would try to get to know her better. But I didn’t know what to say if I saw the grey shaded hair girl. I figured out that as we had already had sex, I would have to break the ice personality wise, somehow. I decided to ask a food type question to my shades of gray girl so that I could get beyond the eye contact, smiles and orgasm which was as far as I had got with her so far. I guess I wanted to spend more time with her. But not be caught in the friend zone. With how things worked in the Trifle zone I was sure that would not happen.

So I racked my brains how to break the ice between us. I figured out what I wanted to ask. Which was

“What is the difference between Shepard’s and a Cottage Pie?”

Kind of funny but could also be considered a serious (type of meat) question. Or so I thought.

But now I was prepared and ready to chat to her, I didn’t see her again for weeks; we moved into November time and the shop became very busy. People began planning, buying and stocking up for Christmas much earlier now, because most products these days, are sold out in December. Shops become rammed and packed out, not enough car parking spaces exist and tills have huge queues. Due to online shopping destroying most public shopping areas those that remain get inundated at Christmas time.

Unknown to me, business’s alter their staff rotas to cover the huge increase in customers, sales and work, over the holidays period.

Then some bad news came my way. An aunt on my Dad’s side passed away. I had to attend the funeral and wake as she was an elderly relative of mine. I was given the day off work to be present. But by 1.45pm on the Tuesday I had attended the funeral and wake where I met everyone in the family and on passed on my kind sentiments and showed empathy to those upset by her passing. I too was upset and as a consequence decided to leave early to try to cheer up.

Sad and feeling low, it occurred to me to go to the Supermarket to lift my spirits and by going today on a Tuesday, it would free up some time on Saturday when I usually went shopping. I had forgotten about the grey haired girl as it was a month since I had seen her.

To cheer myself up I played the Disney version of Jungle Book in the car.

“The simple bare necessities of life…”

Was the song I sang along to. This always cheers me up. It occurred to me that when someone dies it is called a Funeral. Why is the word FUN in funeral. It is not a fun time at all. English language is such as mismatch of grammar and words.

I am off work on a Saturday, and that’s why I go shopping on that day, making it my favourite day of the week. But in Saturday is the word TURD. Why would turd meaning shit, be in the name Saturday? Crazy, but there we go, everyone in the world needs to understand English and its bizarre vocabulary it seems.

Anyway maltepe escort humming to myself I enter Assco;

“I am the king of the swingers,

The Jungle VIP.

I’ve reached the top and had to stop,

That’s what worries me!”

So thinking positively to lift my spirits after the funeral, thinking that we have to enjoy life while we are here, I went shopping for some sugary food, milkshakes (my favourite) and chocolate.

Thoughts of my aunt who had spent lots of time with me as a child flowed through my head as I wandered around the shop.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and pulled backwards. I fell onto my back on the shop floor, banged the back of my head, as a loud crash occurred just in front of me.

A pyramid of tins, taller than most people at 6½ feet tall, of baked beans collapsed when a toddler pulled a tin out near the bottom of the stack. As he waddled back to his Momma with the tin in hand, he just about escaped being crushed by a ton of baked bean. Cans clattered all around him. But as he moved forward he escaped luckily unharmed.

Unlike me. I opened my eyes, tins of beans were all around me. A big lump swelled up on my forehead, bruises appeared on my legs and arms. My eyes closed as I heard shoppers panic and shouting. After a minute I opened my eyes again and found looking at me with a big smile on her face was my, Shades of Grey hair girl.

“Ah, hello.” I said. “I’ve wanted to talk to you for ages” A big grin appears on her face.

“I’ve wanted to talk to you too.” She said quietly. “Are you ok?”

Suddenly my mind went blank just as I was looking at her beauty.

“Why do Shepard’s live in Cottages and eat pies?”

Came out of my mouth. “Oh dear.” I thought that’s not right. I felt my mind becoming very confused.

“Sausages and Satsumas” I heard myself say.

“Madge call an ambulance this guy is confused and has a big lump on his head.”

Said the Shades of Grey Haired girl.

I lay on the floor with her kneeling next to me, I looked at her hair. There was blond mixed in with the shades of grey. She was younger than I thought. I looked down at her chest covered by a tight black blouse. I studied the outline of her left tit. I could see the outline of her bra, I looked at the gap between her big tits and how it narrowed as I looked lower further down and stopped by a button closing her blouse. I could see a nipple protruding, rising a little maybe caused by the shock or excitement of what happened. Just to the side of the protruding nipple was a cream plastic badge. It was a badge saying Assco, “Always on Hand” with the assistants name underneath the blurb.


“Can you hear me? Please say your name? Please, please…plea…” Was the last thing I heard spoken by Sophie, as everything went black.

In my dream state everything was black, for a long time. As I waddled around my own head I began to try to remember who I was. I didn’t know. Vague sounds echoed around me.

“I work in the supermarket.”

I heard a voice say very quietly through the darkness before all sound was muffled out, and the loneliness re-appeared. Thoughts gradually started to flow around my head. I felt someone touch my tool. A thought entered my head; that feels nice. A hand rubbed my tool up and down to get a bit of size, then a tube was pushed down my urethra tube. I felt my eyes twitch with the discomfort. With hindsight it was a Catheter going in.

All went black again, the pain in my cock knocked me back, into the blackness. Eventually the words;

“I work at the supermarket.”

Popped back in my head. This time a shopping trolley appeared in the black space in my mind. Then a tiny white light in the distance. I grabbed the trolley and began to push towards the light. It took a long time. Eventually I could see a girl outlined by the light. As I got closer she resembled one of those figures painted on the side of a World War 2 bomber. Bent legs, big arse in tiny knickers, naked massive tits, red lipstick lips, gorgeous face and big hair. I had spent lots of time pouring over aircraft books as a child and this image must have stayed on my head.

As I got closer the girl got bigger, clothes appeared on her tits, she was stood up not bending over, she was not on the side of a plane but by the side of a hospital bed, her hair was grey in shades with streaks, her face changed from World War two artwork to a present day beauty. As I reached the light the shopping trolley disappeared and gorgeous Sophie appeared.

I opened my eyes and saw a sad face looking at me. Tears appeared from her eyes.

“Hello.” she said.

“Oh its you!” I replied and zonked out again but squeezed her hand before I went asleep.

I woke up from sleep an hour later. Sophie pendik escort bayan was still there at my side. “Oh Al, its good to see you have woke up.” She leaned across me and put her arms around me.

“Your Mum and Dad have just gone to the restaurant downstairs. We have sat with you all week.”

“What?” I said.

“Well you have been in a coma for a week.” said Sophie.

“Really!” I said. “Good Grief”

I said as the severity of being in a coma for a week sank in.

“A week? Really?” I said.

I looked around the room I didn’t recognise anything. I really must have been brought in here when I was out of it.

I looked at Sophie with her lovely hair but dark rings under her eyes.

“Have you not slept Sophie?” I asked her.

“I’ve had some sleep.” She answered. “But not much.”

“Your Mom and Pop have been spending their days with you and I spend the night talking to you. Hoping that you would wake up. I cant believe what happened.” Sophie said.

“I remember a pyramid of baked beans collapsed on me. Was that what happened?” I said.

“Sorry Al, I am afraid that I tried to pull you away from the collapsing tins, which I sort of did. But you got hit by quite a few, some on your head causing damage to your frontal lobe. But also when you fell backwards, the back of your head hit the floor hard, very hard in fact. Which caused a swelling and blood clot so part of your skull had to be removed to prevent you dying. I am so sorry about this.”

Sophie’s eyes continued to run tears down her cheeks.

“Hey Sophie thank you so much for saving me, spending time with me and helping me wake up from the coma. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you.”

Sophie climbs on the hospital bed next to me and hugs me. Then she talks to me;

“I knew from the first time I saw you, that we would be a unit. I could not get to see you as I have so much going on and baggage in my life. But I wanted you, badly. Hence the “thing” in the Trifle aisle in Assco. I realise it might seem a little odd to make love in public like that. But I needed you to know I wasn’t messing about or at half measures with you. By giving out love or sex or whatever you want to call it, I was letting you know I am serious about you and am for the long term!”

“Then this accident happened. I was so sad it was 50 / 50 if you were going to live or die. Hence all my tears. I am so glad you got through all that and are back in the real world an out of that coma.”

“Thank You” I said. “The Trifle incident was bizarre or bazaar but I knew I was really deeply affected and it made me so very much into you. Although that was very serious event at such early doors in our relationship! It had been love at first sight for me.”

I coughed as I intended to laugh which causes sophisticated Sophie to snigger too. “It was love at first sight for me too!”

Sophie continued talking.

“You have been resting for a week so your head is all healed up. I think you might still have a catheter in your sexy piece. I will just take it out now you are awake. You can go the loo by yourself now.”

Her head disappeared under the blankets. I felt tape being pulled off my skin by her tongue and mouth. Finally the tube in my Urethra was gripped by her teeth and began to be slowly to be pulled and eased out of my cock. Once out she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth and encircled it with her mouth.

As my parents entered the room I tapped Sophie on her shoulder.

“Oh! Hi Mum, Hi Dad! Thanks for spending time with me and Sophie, whilst I have been in hospital.”

“We are so pleased you are out of that coma. It was very scary, son.”

My Mum said.

Sophie hadn’t got my warning and her head under the blankets popped up and down sucking on my rod.

“What is she doing son??” Dad asked me discretely.

As I felt a weeks worth of cum, beginning to softly fly out the end of my knob. I managed to say;

“Ah Sophie is Ahhh, just getting my Catheter out.”

“Well she seems very talented!” My Dad said. “Is she a nurse?”

“Erm! No Dad.” I answered as Sophie’s lovely grey haired head came back out from under the covers. She had a mouthful of white creamy substance which she instantly swallowed when she saw my parents present.

My Dad was talking to himself;

“Vert talented indeed.” He muttered as Mum led him out of the hospital room.

Mum said “Sorry son, we timed that wrong! We will come back a bit later. Maybe when Sophie has had enough to eat.”

Mum smiled while Sophie was not looking she put her tongue in the side of her mouth and pressed several times pushing her cheek in and out imitating a knob in her mouth. She smiled then she left.

“I like your folks.” Sophie said.

A few weeks later I was allowed to go home. A lovely girl with Shades of Grey Hair had decided to stay with me forever taking care of me and my “needs.” She continued to surprise me with her knowledge of positions, places and a damn good sex life. I could not be a happier man.

The End.

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