Sensitive Tentacles

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It was my first day on the alien planet, and I was giddy to explore. I entered the cave, which looked like a huge vagina. It really did, it had a lovely, soft, flower-like opening, and as I walked along the ribbed corridor the space became increasingly dark, gooshy, and confined. Then, it was too dark for me to see at all.

I sensed danger, and my heart reacted right away with a pounding bass line. My heart beat fast and primal. I reached in my belt for my flashlight, but then I regretted it. Something snaked around my ankle and snapped me into the air, making me lose my grip on the flashlight. I drew my lazer pistol pointlessly, since I couldn’t see, but I fired at the darkness below me. It struck nothing, there was no alien monster below me. Just empty space and long, thin tentacles that were starting to surround me.

My regulation intergalactic space police uniform was a skirt, something I never understood. Why do I have to wear a miniskirt just because I don’t have something that can dangle below the edge of it? Under my skirt a warm limb reached, and snaked under there… under my underwear. I felt it brush past my labia with radiating heat, as it pulled my panties down. I felt the elastic fabric of my panties slide down my bare thighs, my sensations heightened thanks to my lack of sight. I couldn’t believe it, did I really have to encounter this kind of monster?

Suspended in midair, I grabbed at the tentacles that squirmed to enter my vagina. I batted the warm, thick limbs away, which felt like soft, muscular worms. Two more limbs grabbed my arms, holding me spreadeagled in the air. Helpless and immobile, I felt a thick member enter me.

I was terrified, waiting for my last horrible moments of life. The seconds stretched as it entered me, and I waited for it to reach up into my chest cavity and grab my heart. I was warned about monsters that would enter a space officer through any orifice, just to get at the delicious, iron-rich human heart.

However, I was very wrong. Instead of continuing into my body, the member rammed against my cervix, and then it withdrew. It moved slowly, drawing in and then coming out again. I had never been warned about anything like this.

I felt multiple tentacles enter my vagina, each of them pleasuring themselves inside of me. They squirmed against the walls of my vagina. I felt a limb lift my skirt up to show my peachy butt cheeks, and a couple limbs pulled them apart. I wondered how many limbs xvideos porno this thing really had. A soft wormy appendage entered my anus, and I felt the weird violation of anal sex. I’ve never had anal sex before, and the surprise made me nervous. However, the moving of the tentacles began to feel oh so good. In fact, I felt my vagina start spasming. The limbs didn’t stop for a second, even when I squirmed and thrashed, and the violation was making me wet. It disregarded anything I said, seeking the pleasure of my body.

Then, for the first time, I heard the voice of the thing. A rumbling vibration when down the length of the limbs, as the thing moaned or growled, I don’t know what. Then I met a new kind of appendage: a mouth! Tongues licked me as suction cup mouths fixed themselves to my body. They licked the smooth skin of my stomach, feeling around the bare space of my back and chest. Then, under my shirt, it discovered my nipple. A mouth fixed itself to the hard little pink candy, and I felt the sweet stimulation.

“Oooh,” the thing said. Then there was a ha ha ha vibration through the limbs. My metal fiber clothes were easily torn from me, showing the strength of the phantom limbs. I counted maybe ten mouths on me, little round suction cups rimmed with teeth on the end of snake-like, warm limbs. The teeth touched me gently, not causing any pain. Three more mouths licked around my vagina, where the members continued to pound inside me. They didn’t stop for anything. Actually, sometimes they did. I felt the collection of tentacles in my vagina pick up speed, and they started to feverishly pound inside me as a single unit, like a twisted piece of rope. Warm, sticky liquid filled my hole and started pouring out of me, so much that I felt like I was peeing. The tentacles drew out of me in a slippery way, and more came and took their place. They entered me one at a time, so I could feel each one of them shiver into my tight space. The tentacle in my ass moved thickly and slowly, heightening the pressure in my pelvis, and making the pleasure all the more beautiful.

A mouth latched on to my clitoris, pulling on it with vacuum force and licking with a soft, wet tongue. I moaned, and started to orgasm. The tentacles didn’t let up, continuing in a steady rhythm as I came. The thing made deep rumbling noises again, and started picking up speed. More tentacles spewed inside me, and slithered out to be replaced. Tentacle mouths licked my yerli porno nipples, and some licked up my neck. One mouth sloppily licked my face, slicking it with sweet smelling saliva.

A hard thing stuck into my mouth, wedging my teeth open. From inside the sheath of the “hard thing” a member extended, and it flapped around in my mouth. I felt the thing with my tongue, and it was like a worm with an orifice on the end. There was no way I could bite down on it, because of the sheath. However…I caressed the little member with my tongue, and the thing rumbled like a big pleasure machine. As I came again, I was starting to like this thing.

“Oooh,” I cried wetly around the member in my mouth. It flapped and rubbed intently against the ridged roof of my mouth, and I rubbed it with my tongue. The unrelenting members in my vagina suddenly starting pumping way too intensely, and I started to cry out. It was way too much now.

“Stop!” I said with my throat, because my lips could not move. “Aaah!”

The tentacles pounded against the walls of my vagina like they wanted entrance to my body. It was a hard force, filling my vagina and hitting every inch of me. My anus stretched with the force, causing me a very, very weird feeling. The tentacle mouths that had been so kind before suddenly latched on to me, and I felt the round ring of teeth go into my skin. On the insides of my thighs, on my chest and on my neck I suddenly had some gaping holes, and I felt my warm blood drip down my skin. Then it was sucked down the hose of the tentacle, leaving my skin cold where the blood used to be. They moved down my chest and legs, leaving trails of bites that were just a little painful. The tongues licked my salty fluid, their tentacle stalks shaking with delight. I was starting to get dizzy, and I thought my head might explode. Then, it seemed like my premonition came true! My mouth exploded with sticky liquid and I felt a shower of it come from my lower half.

The tentacles became slow and languid. I felt them start to move me, drawing me in. Then, they placed me onto a wet, rough surface. It was a big tongue, as big as me! The monster that had been violating me sounded like it was purring now, and I held onto its tongue. The tentacles withdrew from my orifices, and suddenly I could speak again. Shivering and dizzy with the intensity of the experience, I clung to the thing’s tongue like a big warm pillow. I felt the world go horizontal as the youjizz porno thing laid down on the gooshy cave floor.

I felt a warm, membranous thing fold over me: something stretched across thin bones. They were massive bat wings, I was pretty sure. The thing purred, and beyond the edges of the massive tongue I felt warm, scratchy fur. I couldn’t fathom what the thing looked like, but I felt so placid that I wanted to take a nap on it. I rubbed against it’s tongue, and felt my clitoris being stimulated again.

The thing stood, and tossed me onto it’s hairy shoulders, which must have been eight feet off the ground! It started to walk, and I realized I was being given a ride. It’s head was between my legs, and I groped it to get an idea of what the alien looked like. But before I could visualize anything, a stub of a tentacle appeared from the back of his neck, right where my soft, swollen lips were. It stuck in me and moved up and down, in and out. I humped the back of his head, trying to come as the member inside me swelled to a size that stretched my vagina.

A large, hairy hand settled itself on my back. The thing did have a hand! The hand had claws like swords, but they did not hurt me as they pressed themselves firmly to my back. It pressed me against him, so I could not move away from the tentacle that squirmed in and out of me. His furry head, between my legs, rubbed against my clitoris, and I started to come again.

The hand moved away from my back, and I started to lean backwards in exhaustion. I fell off of his shoulders into thin air, but it didn’t matter. A network of tentacles held me in the air, like I had the ability to float.

The monster was still walking, and I saw a light up ahead. Were we reaching the entrance to the cave? No, we’d gone much deeper, to the inner sanctum. We entered a room that was full of a golden light, and was pink and soft like a living thing. Was this cave just part of a huge living thing? I did not know, but if it was I would bet it was the part the species used for fucking. The tentacles lowered me onto a round pink thing, and it squished like a bean bag chair. I looked around me and found that there were trees growing the mysterious meat-fruit that was native to this planet. It was sweet and savory, truly delicious. Maybe I could hang out here for a while…I wasn’t due back to the academy for a year or so. Sure I was supposed to visit the rest of this belt of planets, but that could wait. My mysterious lover waited in the shadows, as though it were afraid to show me it’s form. Did it have an emotion like that? Did it have shame? Did it care what I thought? I would find out, as I beaconed it closer, and it emerged into the glowing warm room to keep me company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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