Seducing My Cousin

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This is the true story of how I have come to partake in a long distance relationship with my married cousin. We have become very close, and I love her very much.


I grew up without having much of a relationship with my cousin. When I was maybe five years old, she had moved with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, I did not live that far away, being that I was living in Phoenix, Arizona, although my mother was not much for traveling. Eventually, we moved to a small town in Illinois, and we were much farther apart even.

Eventually, we were able to reconnect, though unfortunately it was when I traveled back to Phoenix to attend her father’s funeral. We had not seen each other in about 18 years. She was fairly short, and thick. After having a couple kids, she had put on a little weight, but that was all I really noticed given the situation at the time. During that day though, I found out that she was online gamer just like I was. It was nice to know there was actually someone in my family that I had that in common with. We didn’t talk much more that day. Unfortunately, our time to talk was cut short because our other cousin had forgot to leave his keys at work in case the person filling in for him needed them, so I rode with him to take them to that person.

Maybe a month or so, she had found me and added me on Facebook. There, we would begin talking in earnest about video games. We each played a different one and would regularly debate which one was better. One day, she initiated a conversation with me submissive cuckolds porno about this yet again, though it just so happened that I was very horny that day. I started looking through her pictures and for the first time I was noticing her beautiful blue eyes, her lips looked incredibly soft, her hair seemed rather silky and she had really nice skin. My mind wandered to thoughts of what her body had looked like. She had put on weight, but she carried it pretty well. She had a nice, thick, round ass and large breasts. She did not know it, but while we were talking, I was working my swollen dick furiously and she was my motivation. I eventually exploded with a thick, hot load of cum all over myself just before she had to go. It felt amazing.

As the months went on, I did not bring myself to tell her how I was feeling. I was falling for her, and I was regularly servicing myself with her as my sole motivation. Then one day, she told me she was getting rid of her Facebook because she did not like that they were implementing the timeline feature on her profile. I gave her my cell number, but I did not get one back from her. As it turns out, she tried to give me her number, but for some reason it failed to send it to me. I did not hear from her for a maybe two months, and it was making me sad. One day, I suddenly got a text from her bringing up our usual debate. In fairly short order though I confessed that I was attracted to her, and she felt it was odd. She did not stop talking to me though. If anything, we sex parties porno started to get closer.

Perhaps five days had passed when I finally went for the first real step. I began to talk to her about sex. She revealed information about her past experiences, her love for oral and admitted that she watches porn every night, and that she was while we were talking. This got me very worked up, and I began to masturbate, though I messaged back and forth with her about it. She would not touch herself, but she was open to talking me through it. I came harder than I ever had before.

A few days after this, she was becoming more open to the idea. We were talking, and we had been talking a lot more. She asked me if I wanted to see a picture of her tattoo. It was a small butterfly on her chest just above her left breast. She was topless in the picture, but I couldn’t really see much. I teased her that she could have sent me a naughtier pic. She sent me one after that. She would not send an actual nude, but she did send me one that had her face and both breasts, but cut off just above the nipples. This of course got me masturbating. I asked her to call me, and she agreed to. She would not talk dirty though. We small talked a little, but clearly the focus of the call was that I was masturbating. The closer I got, the less we talked. She just listened to me breathing heavily and moaning. I did not talk dirty, but it was still an amazing cum shot.

The next night, we were talking again, and the conversation inevitably spankbang porno got sexual again. When I was masturbating, she again called me. She would not talk dirty still, but she was definitely happy to hear me talk dirty to her. I was moaning her name, telling her about how I was stroking my dick and talking about how much I wanted her. I got to stroking it so hard that she could hear my hand slapping against my skin, and she let me know she could. I came so hard that I was exhausted when it was done, and we hung up shortly after.

The next night, she was having a few drinks and was home alone while her husband was at work. I finally took her up on her offer of joining her and some of her friends on Ventrilo. I was surprised when I did that she announced me to her friends, whom knew her husband, as her cousin the sexy beast. She then went into detail about how she would fuck me if she was not married. I eventually laid down for bed, but I was still thinking about her. I soon started masturbating when my phone rang. It was her. Her friends had went to bed and she was horny. She then stated that she would not go to bed until she heard me get off.

I happily began masturbating for her, though this time it was different. She was masturbating with me. Soon, she was begging to suck my dick and for me to fuck her. I was begging to eat her pussy, play her large tits and to fuck her in every position we could think of. We worked ourselves up for what felt like an hour until we both finally exploded. I literally came all over my legs, my balls, my stomach and my chest. She matched me with her pleasure as she squirted for the first time. She would then follow that one up with another one, also squirting.

We have not gotten together in person yet, but I cannot wait to. I love her so much, and she seems to want me just as bad as I want her. I am happy to have her in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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